Bills Introduced in Past 7 Days

61 bills found.

December 21, 2014

  • HB1395: Nursing, Board of; licensure of applicant with previous conviction.
  • HB1375: Voter identification; expiration date not considered.
  • HB1370: Improper driving; jury hearing case.
  • HB1369: Grand larceny; increases threshold.

December 19, 2014

  • SJ221: Commending Cliffview Church of God.
  • HB1414: Obtaining or renewing government-issued licenses, etc.; conscience clause.
  • HB1413: Hospital discharge procedures; designation of individual to receive information and instructions.
  • HB1412: Weighing exemptions for vehicles owned by a locality.
  • HJ529: Speaker of the House; legal counsel.
  • HB1411: Possession of concealed handguns; faculty members at public institutions of higher education.
  • HB1410: Motor fuels tax rate.

December 18, 2014

  • HR192: Speaker of the House; legal counsel.
  • HJ528: Study; JLARC; militarization of police; report.
  • HB1409: Public contracts; nondiscrimination; required provisions.
  • HB1408: Warrant requirement for certain telecommunications records; prohibition on collection law enforce.
  • HB1407: State secondary highways; allocation of funds.
  • SR54: Celebrating the life of Harvey Nathaniel Johnson, Jr.
  • HJ527: Virginia Caregivers Month.
  • HB1406: Driving on a suspended or revoked license; causing death of another person, penalty.
  • HB1405: Legal notices; advertisement by locality.
  • HB1404: Business permit, license,etc.; timely response by localities.
  • HB1403: Prisons; telephone systems within correctional facilities.
  • HJ526: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); charter schools.

December 17, 2014

  • HR191: Celebrating the life of John Sidney Davenport IV.
  • HB1402: Highway maintenance; payments to certain cities and towns.
  • SJ220: Appalachian Cherokee Nation, Incorporated.
  • SB800: Budget Bill.
  • SB744: Boards of zoning appeals; City of Portsmouth.
  • SB743: Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission; local representation.
  • SB742: Elections; run-off elections.
  • SB741: Coalfield employment enhancement; extends expiration date of tax credit.
  • SB740: Carbon dioxide emissions; regulations, General Assembly approval of state plan.
  • SB739: State Police, Department of; appointment of supervisory officers.
  • SB738: Virginia Sickness and Disability Program; open enrollment period for certain members of VRS.
  • SB737: Depository institutions; savings promotions.
  • SB736: Courthouse and courtroom security; increases assessment.
  • SB735: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; prohibited conduct related to travel.
  • SB734: Higher education; reporting of sexual assault, penalty.
  • HJ525: Commending the Patrick County Sheriff's Office.
  • HJ524: General Assembly; establishes 2016 Regular Session prefiling schedule.
  • HJ523: General Assembly; 2015 Session schedule.
  • HB1401: Designating the Trooper Jacqueline Vernon Memorial Bridge.
  • HB1399: Flood insurance; escrow accounts.
  • HB1400: Budget Bill.

December 16, 2014

  • HB1398: Highway's, bridges, and ferries; clarification of certain revisions to Title 33.
  • HB1397: Divorce; evidence by affidavit.
  • HB1396: Nursing homes and assisted living facilities; staffing standards.
  • HJ522: Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote, restoration of civil rights.
  • HB1394: Elections; absentee voting; no-excuse, in-person.
  • HB1393: License plates, special; STEM teachers and students.

December 15, 2014

  • SB733: Abortion; requirement for ultrasound.
  • SB732: Investigational drugs; expanded access.
  • HB1392: Emergency contact program; DMV may establish.
  • HB1391: Interstate Health Care Compact; established.
  • HB1390: State agencies or other entities; regulation of firearm prohibited.
  • HB1389: Higher educational institution; prohibition on regulating concealed handguns.
  • HB1388: Courthouse and courtroom security; increase of certain fee.
  • HB1387: Health insurance; coverage for renewals of Schedule IV prescription eyedrops.
  • HJ521: Virginia's Rail Heritage Region; designating certain areas in the Commonwealth.
  • HB1386: Disaster relief; assistance by out-of-state businesses and employees.
  • HB1385: Sexual orientation change efforts; prohibited.