2014 Bills by Topic

abc abortion absentee ballot absentee voting abuse aca accident accountant accreditation acre actual innocence admissions adoption advertising advisory board on genetic coun affordable care act agency agriculture airport alcohol alexandria ambulance amendment and animal annexation appeal appointment appropriation architect arena arrest asbestos assault assessment assisted living athletics atrisk students atrisk youth families court ju attorney attorney general auction auctioneer audit autism auto dealer autocycle automobile background check bail ballot bank banking baseball basketball battery beach bed registry beer beverage bicycle bill billboard bird birth control blackstone board board of education board of health board of supervisors board of visitors boat body bond bpol breastfeeding brewery bristol broadband budget building code bullying bus business cai calendar campaign finance campus campus police cancer candidates capital capital murder car car tax cat cemetery channel bass charity charter charter school chesapeake bay chesterfield child child abuse child care child neglect child support child welfare children china church cigarette cigarettes circuit court city city council civil rights clerk clerk of court climate change coal code college commendation commerce commission commission vscc study search committee communications community college community net metering community services board compensation comptroller computer comstock concealed concealed handgun concealed weapon concussion condemnation condo confederate confirmation conflict of interest congenital congress constitution constitutional amendment construction consumer contract convention conventions corrections county court court of appeals courts coyote crane credit credit report crime criminal criminal justice crowdfunding csb ctb custody dams database day day care daycare dbhds dcjs dcr death death penalty debt deed deer defense department of health deq development dextromethorphan dgif dgs diabetes dillon rule disability disabled discipline disclosure discriination discrimination distiller divorce dmas dmv doc docket doctor dog domestic domestic violence domestic violence pervention domestic violence prevention donation dot dpor dredging drivers license driving drug drugs dss dui dulles economic economic development economy education eduction efficiency elderly election elections electoral board electoral boards electric electricity electronic elizabeth river emergency eminent domain employee employees employer employment ems energy enterprise zone environment epinephrine equality era estate ethics evidence exemption expulsion expungement fair housing fairfax falls church families family farm farming federal federal government fee fees felon felony fiduciary finance fire firearam firearm firearms firefighter fishing flooding foia food football foreign forestry foster care fourth amendment fox fraud free speech freedom freedom of speech fsb fuel funding funds gambling gas gay gay marriage gem general assembly general district court genetic counselors gift gifts gold government governor grand jury grant grants grave gravel group homes guaranteed assistance program gun gun control guns hampton roads handgun harassment head start health health care health care providers health insurance healthcare hearing high school higher education highlands highway hiv hoa home home school homeowners hopewell horse hospital hound housekeeping housing hr human trafficking hunting hybrid hybrid car tax immigration immunity income income tax indian infant infrastructure injunction injury insanity inspection inspector general insurance insurance company insurer interlock international internet jail japan jlarc jobs judge judges judgment jury justice juvenile juvenile justice kindergarten king william korea lacrosse land land use landlord landscape langley larceny law enforcement lawsuit lawyer legislator legislature leo lgbt lgbt rights liability liberty library license license plate license tax licensing lien lieutenant governor life insurance light line of duty liquor livestock loan local local government locality long term care longwood lottery loudoun magistrate malpractice manassas mandates manufacturing marine marriage martinsville mass transit media medicaid medical medicare medicine menhaden mental mental health mental illness metal methane metro military minimum wage mining minor minors misdemeanor montgomery county moped mortgage motor motorcycle mrc mugshot murder mwaa name national guard natural gas nature navy neighborhood net metering newspaper nomination nonprofit norfolk northern virginia notary nurse nursing home nvta obamacare ocean offender sex crime minor child officer ombudsman open data open government oral parent park parking parole patent patent troll paving pay payday loan permission permit personal property pet petroleum pharmacy photo red physician physicians pittsylvania planning platinum police police chief police officer pornography portsmouth poultry poverty ppta prescription primaries primary prince william principal prison prisoner privacy private property probation procurement propaganda property property rights property tax protected class protected status protective order provisional ballot psychiatric bed public comment public transit raffle rail railroad rape real estate real estate tax reckless driving recycling red light camera redistricting registrar registration registry regulation religion religious religious freedom rent repeal report research resident resource restaurant retirement revenge porn revenue richmond rights risk management river rps safety sales sales tax salvage samesex marriage sand sbe scc schev school school board school bus school calendar schools science sea level search search warrant securities security seizure sentence sentencing sewage sewer sex sex offender sexual abuse sexual violence sexual violence prevention sheriff silver slavery small business smuggling smyth social service social services sol solar solar power soldier soq south korea space special education speech speed limit sport sports stalking state state fair state police stem stock storm water stormwater stormwater management program student study suicide sunday sunlight supreme court surveillance suspension swcb swcd taking tanf tanning tanning facility tax tax code tax commissioner tax credit tax cut tax deduction tax evasion tax refund taxes tazewell tdo teacher technology telecommunications telephone television tenant term limits test testimony testing textbook theft title tobacco toll tool tourism tow truck town town council trade traffic trafficking train training center transit transparency transportation transportation board trash treasury trial trooper truck trust tuition ultrasound unemployment unfunded mandate university use tax utility vccs vcpa vcsc vcsp vcu vdf vdot vedpa vehicle veteran veterinarian vhra victim victoria violence virginia beach virginia tech visitation vita vote voter id voter registration voting vppa vrc vrlta vrs vsmp vta vwcc warrant washington waste water water” wcc weapon weight limit welfare west point wetlands wildlife will wine winery witness women womens issues worker workers compensation writ of actual innocence youth zoning “storm 264