Delegate Al Eisenberg (D-Arlington)

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47: County of Arlington (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2004
Left Office
January 2010
Copatroning Habits
80% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 86% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 60% of them are Democrats.
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Arlington Native Helms 'Ready for Hillary' in Rosslyn |

December 23, 2013
Growing up in Arlington, Parkhomenko, now 28, said it was impossible not to get involved in politics “since there's an election every year.” He was best friends with the son of former Del. Al Eisenberg (D-47) and, when he was ...

“My desire is greater than my fear” – Veritas-Bridgewater College

September 13, 2012
As a result of the publicity of the article, Delegate Al Eisenberg, representing Arlington County in the State Senate and former teacher, supported Alison's aspiration. With the help of Eisenberg, Alison's law was passed ...

X Curmudgeon: Miles Grant In 47th

May 27, 2009
field for the Democratic nomination in the 47th district, which covers most of central Arlington. Let us start by saying that all five candidates to succeed retiring delegate Al Eisenberg are good Democrats. We suspect that any of ...

47th House of Delegates Debate: Photos and Highlights

April 21, 2009
... to the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) debate tonight in the 47th House of Delegates district, I took a photo (click to "embiggen") of the 5 candidates in the race to succeed Del. Al Eisenberg. From left to right, they are: Patrick Hope, Miles Grant, Andres Tobar, Adam Parkhomenko, and Alan Howze. ... Patrick Hope said that some day, Parkhomenko will settle down, buy a house, and his life will change so that he can't afford to be a full-time delegate.

Blue Virginia Archive: A Few House of Delegates Races to Watch

April 16, 2009
District 47: The race to succeed Del. Al Eisenberg (D) is basially and all-Democratic affair in this solid-blue district. Right now, it's a ... District 51: Va Blogger at Too Conservative makes a compelling case why we should keep an eye on this race ( Democratic Del. Paul Nichols vs. Republican Richard ... Shouldn't every candidate who is not a sitting delegate or statewide official have outraised one who is during the first quarter? After all, incumbents were barred from ...

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These are all of the video clips of Al Eisenberg’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 1 video clips in all.



  • HB310: Absentee voting; persons with a disability or illness may vote absentee.
  • HB2482: Prescription donation; clarifies hospital and clinic may redispense donation medication to indigent.
  • HB2483: Indoor Clean Air Act; prohibit presence of minors in all indoor restaurants and bar, etc., in State.
  • HB306: Animal control officers; training.
  • HB307: Crime victims and witnesses; immigration status.
  • HB308: License plates, special; eliminates fee to family of persons who have died in military service.
  • HB309: Absentee voting; qualified voters may vote absentee without providing a reason.
  • HB310: Absentee voting; persons with a disability or illness may vote absentee.
  • HB606: Juvenile defendants; electronic recording of interrogations.
  • HB607: Credit reports; authorizes consumer to freeze access thereto.
  • HB608: Protective orders; possession of firearms.
  • HB609: Wireless telecommunications device; prohibits use of text messaging while driving certain vehicles.
  • HB610: Hate crimes; adds homeless persons to categories of acts.
  • HB1168: Temporary detention order; prohibits purchasing firearms if agrees to mental health treatment.
  • HB1473: Animal Identification System, National; Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services not to support.
  • HB1474: Citizenship Assistance Initiative Program; established.
  • HB1475: Central Criminal Records Exchange; clarifies orders for mental health treatment forwarded by court.
  • HJ65: Celebrating the life of William Littleton Winston.
  • HB1651: Minimum wage; increase per hour.
  • HB1693: Interrogations of juveniles; statements thereby to be electronically recorded.
  • HB1721: Home accessibility features for disabled; broadens current tax credit.
  • HB2083: Victims of domestic violence; post office box address to be shown on list of registered voters.
  • HB2084: Law-enforcement escorts; shall be considered emergency vehicles & exempt from obeying regulations.
  • HB2085: Petroleum Storage Tank Fund; reports submitted by professionally certified engineer, geologist, etc.
  • HB2086: Radio Frequency Identification Disclosure Act; created.
  • HB2987: Tobacco products; use thereof around foster care children .
  • HB3064: Suicidal students; higher educational institutions to develop policies to identify.
  • HB1158: Sick leave; local school boards to adopt policies for up to 12 weeks of leave without pay.
  • HB1159: High-speed pursuit; law-enforcement agency to adopt written policy on how to conduct.
  • HB1160: Income tax, corporate; insurance premiums tax & employer-provided commuting expenses tax credit.
  • HB1161: State employees; telecom. connectivity adds budget items heads of state agencies must include.
  • HB1162: Congregate Housing Services Pilot Program; created, reports.
  • HB1163: False license; unlawful sale thereof, penalty.
  • HB1164: Speed limits; reduces maximum on any public highway.
  • HB1165: Domestic violence victims; procedures to keep personal documents confidential.
  • HB1166: Registration lists and applications; victims of domestic violence may provide P.O. box address.
  • HB1167: Victims of domestic violence; use of alternative contact information by health care providers, etc.
  • HB1168: Pounds, shelters, and pet stores; State Veterinarian to inspect annually.
  • HB1169: Electronic recordings; statements made by juv. def. presumed inadmissible unless reliably recorded.
  • HB1466: Bus rapid transit operators; use of HOT lanes in Washington-Fredericksburg Corridor.
  • HB1583: Identity theft; protection of incapacitated people thereof.
  • HJ324: Commending Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School.
  • HJ429: Celebrating the life of Alison Yowell Pazmino.
  • HJ508: Commending Odell Roy Tolliver on being a fiddle legend.