Delegate Chris Head (R-Roanoke)

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17: Counties of Botetourt (part) and Roanoke (part); City of Roanoke (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2015
Finance, Health, Welfare and Institutions, Militia, Police and Public Safety
Copatroning Habits
86% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 94% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 73% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
21.1% in 2013
Campaign Contributions
$45,956.78 cash on hand (May 2013 report)
Top 10 Donors
Friends of Bill Cleaveland Political Roanoke $1,561
Dominion Leadership Trust Political Action Cmte Fredericksburg $1,203
Friends of Bill Cleaveland Political Roanoke $1,189
Virginia BankPac Political Action Committee Glen Allen $1,000
Virginia Realtors PAC Political Action Committee Glen Allen $750
Virginia Coal Association Political Action Cmte Richmond, VA 23219 $500
Virginia Cable Political Action Committee Political Action Committee Richmond $500
Alpha Natural Resources Coal Abingdon $500
Huntington Ingalls Industries Ship Building Newport News $500
Altira Food/Drink/Tobacco Richmond $500

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Recent Mentions in the Media

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily: Town Hall Events Prompt Delegates to Consider Business-Minded Legislation

October 19, 2014
One business owner brought up the business and professional occupational licenses tax at the Yorktown town hall, which BDC member Del. Chris Head (R-17) said then he had heard criticisms of at every town hall event so far. That tax, which is assessed ...

Roanoke Times: Goodlatte to be featured speaker at annual Botetourt Republican Ham Dinner on ...

September 18, 2014
The 48th Annual Botetourt Republican Ham Dinner will be held Saturday, Oct. 11, at 6 p.m. St. Mark's United Methodist Church has allowed the usage of their brand new family center building for the dinner. Congressman Bob Goodlatte will be the featured ...

These are all of the video clips of Chris Head’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2012. There are 28 video clips in all.


  • HB94: Business permits, etc.; assistance and documentation required from localities.
  • HB95: Legal notices; advertisement by locality on websites, radio, or television.
  • HB96: Reckless driving; causing death while driving with suspended license, guilty of Class 6 felony.
  • HB97: Elections; central absentee voter precincts.
  • HB365: Standards of Learning; assessments, revisions.
  • HB366: Virginia Tourism Authority; designating Blue Ridge Highlands region to enhance tourism development.
  • HB367: Community Action Act; duties of Secretary of Commerce and Trade.
  • HB368: Eye care coverage; requirement for carrier practices.
  • HB369: Parking management companies; expands powers of companies operating under contracts with localities.
  • HB370: Commercial credit reporting; establishes procedure enterprise may request access to report.
  • HB371: License tax, local; tax on net income of businesses.
  • HB372: Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; expedited evictions for nonremediable breaches.
  • HB454: Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE); DMAS to expand.
  • HB476: Home care organizations; inspections.
  • HB497: BPOL; appeal of business license tax classification.
  • HB602: Alcoholic beverages; providing alcohol to underage persons.
  • HB702: Uniform assessments; qualified assessors.
  • HB955: Administrative Process Act; exemption for certain regulations.
  • HB1002: Training, Committee on, within Department of Criminal Justice Services; increases membership.
  • HJ157: Celebrating the life of William Bruce Overstreet, Jr.
  • HJ379: Commending the Rotary Club of Roanoke.
  • HJ5184: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Manley Caldwell Butler.
  • HR15: Commending the Northside High School Football team.
  • HB219: Unemployment benefits; volunteer service requirement, report.
  • HB1138: Civil remedies; use of depositions.
  • HB1329: Local taxes; interest on refunds and delinquent taxes.
  • HB1372: Unemployment compensation; disqualification from benefits due to loss of license or certification.
  • HB1373: Legal notices; advertisement by locality.
  • HB1374: Summary judgment; use of depositions.
  • HB1445: Home care organizations; clarifies liability insurance coverage requirements.
  • HB1567: Suspended or revoked license; driving recklessly causing death of another person, penalty.
  • HB1720: Alcoholic beverages; person not requiring evidence of legal age guilty of Class 3 misdemeanor, etc.
  • HB1722: Facilities; assistance and documentation to person seeking business license, etc.
  • HB2082: Information Technology Advisory Council; Council to elect chairman and vice-chair from membership.
  • HB2283: Virginia Recreational Facilities Authority; designated as an agency in executive branch of state.
  • HB2284: Social Services, Commissioner of; submission of financial information, exemption from disclosure.
  • HB2290: Income tax, state and corporate; tax credit for hiring certain veterans with salary of $30,000.
  • HJ564: Constitutional amendment; powers of General Assembly, limitations (first reference).
  • HJ591: Celebrating the life of John Robert Slaughter, Sr.
  • HJ606: Celebrating the life of William B. Poff.
  • HR84: Commending the Roanoke Catholic High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HR142: Commending the Vinton Host Lions Club.
  • HB219: Unemployment benefits; volunteer service requirement, report.
  • HB220: Home care organizations; licensure.
  • HB221: VIEW; substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.
  • HB222: Legal notices; allows localities to meet notice requirements by utilizing their websites, etc.
  • HB1138: Civil remedies; use of depositions.
  • HB1163: Alcoholic beverage control; proof of legal age required.
  • HB1220: Industrial development authorities; allows Roanoke County and City of Norfolk to expand board.
  • HR564: Commending William B. Overstreet, Jr.