Delegate Jim Shuler (D-Blacksburg)

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12: Counties of Alleghany, Bath, Craig, Giles (part), and Montgomery (part); City of Covington [map]
Took Office
January 1994
Left Office
January 2012
Copatroning Habits
55% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 54% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 53% of them are Democrats.
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April 5, 2012
469 were Senator Puckett and Senator John Edwards. A separate House Joint Resolution initiated by former Delegates Dave Nutter and Jim Shuler, and Senator Ralph Smith, was patroned by Delegate Yost. You must be ...

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March 11, 2011
Del. Onzlee Ware studied uranium in France, and Del. Jim Shuler went to Taiwan. By Michael Sluss A corporation that hopes to mine uranium in Pittsylvania County spent more than $27,000 last year to fly three state ...

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February 14, 2011
Earlier this year, we blogged about the worst piece of legislation moving through the General Assembly- Delegate Chris Peace's bill to ban illegal immigrants from attending college in Virginia. There was a legitimate ... But the other nine Democrats who did support this bill deserve to be called out- including "Democratic leader" Ward Armstrong, Bill Barlow, Johnny Joannou, Joe Johnson, Lynwood Lewis, Paula Miller, Bud Phillips, Albert Pollard and Jim Shuler. What a ...

Privatized liquor sales a possibility - Collegiate Times : State

December 7, 2010
And right now, it stands at a little bit more than $50 million of lost revenue per year,” said Jim Shuler, state delegate for the 12th District. “The ABC is one of .... It's not really a core function of government,” said Del. Dave Shuler.

From On High: Time for a Good Laugh

September 11, 2010
Del. Shuler cites schools in letter. By Anna L. Mallory and Katelyn Polantz, The Roanoke Times At least five businesses could relocate because of ailing Montgomery County schools, a state delegate said this week. Fearing concerns that aging and damaged school facilities in Blacksburg and Riner could affect employee retention in the New River Valley, Del. Jim Shuler, D-Blacksburg, sent a letter last week to Gov. Bob McDonnell. The Montgomery County Board of ...

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Roanoke Times: Group wants to set new system for redistricting

April 20, 2014
?When districts are drawn for political purposes the results are often polarized districts, gridlock, little accountability and a remarkably low number of races in which the outcome is even in doubt,? former Lynchburg Del. Shannon Valentine, a Democrat ...

These are all of the video clips of Jim Shuler’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 55 video clips in all.


  • HB372: Minors; name change presumed to be in minor's best interest.
  • HB1768: Mold remediation; tenant shall be responsible for payment of rent, etc.
  • HB1769: Annexations; amends law to allow townships to use traditional process to seek to expand boundaries.
  • HB1770: Charter; City of Alleghany Highlands.
  • HB1771: Law-enforcement deputies; allocation to city sheriff in certain cities without a police force.
  • HB1772: Water and sewer charges; charges imposed by Town of Clifton Forge shall be lien on real estate.
  • HB370: Transient occupancy tax; adds Alleghany County to those that may impose.
  • HB371: Certificate of public need; establishment of psychiatric services.
  • HB372: Minors; name change presumed to be in minor's best interest.
  • HB373: Hunting, trapping, and fishing; courts may revoke license and privilege if convicted of violations.
  • HJ235: Commending Head Coach Frank Beamer and the Virginia Tech football team.
  • HJ238: Celebrating the life of Margaret Louise Lee Hahn.
  • HB1610: Elections; creates exceptions to prohibited activities at polls.
  • HB1611: Veterans Memorial Bridge; designating as Interstate Route 64 bridge near Town of Clifton.
  • HB1630: Voter registration; residence requirement for full-time students enrolled in higher ed. institution.
  • HB1736: Charter; Town of Blacksburg.
  • HB1947: Transient occupancy tax; Bath County to impose additional not to exceed two percent.
  • HB1948: Involuntary commitment; allow examination by licensed marriage and family therapists.
  • HB1949: Retirement System; teachers and administrative faculty of institutions of higher education.
  • HB1950: Hunting license; authorizes Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries to issue at no cost if active military.
  • HB1951: Dangerous Dog Registry; authorizes use of copies of all records, etc., associated therewith.
  • HJ814: Commending the Virginia Tech football team as Atlantic Coast Conference Champions.
  • HJ996: Celebrating the life of William Edward Lavery.
  • HB482: Higher educational institutions; optional retirement plan for certain employees.
  • HB483: Higher educational institutions; retirement plan for teachers and administrative faculty.
  • HB484: Retirement System; average final compensation retirement multiplier for teachers.
  • HB485: Carbon monoxide detectors; locality to require installation in certain buildings.
  • HB486: Blacksburg, Town of; authority to bring civil action for failure to provide adequate crowd control.
  • HB487: Communications sales and use tax; allows Bath County to receive percentage of revenues apportioned.
  • HB488: Escheat land; notice of sale.
  • HB489: Higher educational institutions; crisis and emergency management plans.
  • HJ375: Celebrating the life of Marvin Lee Nida.
  • HJ378: Commending Bill Aden.
  • HB444: Stem cell research; authorizes research involving derivation & use of human embryonic cells, etc.
  • HB1629: Redistricting advisory commission; establishment thereof, report.
  • HB1637: Retirement System; increases average final compensation retirement multiplier for teachers.
  • HB1766: Health insurance; increases credit for retired teachers.
  • HB1767: Blacksburg, Town of; establishing arts and cultural district.
  • HB1768: Stem cell research; authorizes research involving derivation & use of human embryonic cells, etc.
  • HB1972: Retirement system; teachers and administrative faculty of institutions of higher education.
  • HB1973: Retirement plan, optional; certain conditions for institutions of higher education.
  • HB2018: Hunting license fees; Board of Game & Inland Fisheries authority to revise nonresident license fees.
  • HB2019: Waterfowl blind licenses; allows for electronic transmission of applications therefor.
  • HB2020: National Forest Stamp; changes term thereof to one year from date of purchase.
  • HB2021: Crossbow license; adds to list of those covered by two combination licenses.
  • HJ2: Constitutional amendments; establishing Redestricting Commission (first reference).
  • HJ4: Constitutional amendment; General Assembly members' & Governor's terms of office (first reference).
  • HJ560: Constitutional amendment; Redistricting Commission, establishment thereof (first reference).
  • HJ783: Commending Arthur L. Eller, Jr.
  • HB3: Teachers; health insurance credit increased for those retired.
  • HB4: Retirement System; service retirement benefit allowance for teachers.
  • HB9: Redistricting advisory commission; establish thereof for redistricting process.
  • HB443: Health care provider; definition includes marriage and family therapists, & professional counselors.
  • HB444: Stem cell research; authorizes research involving derivation & use of human embryonic cells, etc.
  • HB445: Charter; Town of Iron Gate.
  • HB446: Interstate Route 81; diversion of truck traffic thereon.
  • HB474: Charter; Clifton Forge
  • HB475: Residential community programs; Dept. of Corrections to allow nonviolent prisoners to participate.
  • HB795: Child support; allows incarcerated persons to have their obligation adjusted during incarceration.
  • HB1532: Companion animals; abandonment, disposal, etc. thereof considered misdemeanor.
  • HJ2: Constitutional amendment; establishing Redestricting Commission (first reference).
  • HJ4: Constitutional amendment; General Assembly members' & Governor's terms of office (first reference).
  • HJ294: Commending Dr. Albert Gallatin Henry III.
  • HJ5033: Celebrating the life of Dr. Thomas Lynn Bibb.