Delegate Kris Amundson (D-Mount Vernon)

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44: County of Fairfax (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2000
Left Office
January 2010
Copatroning Habits
75% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 91% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 63% of them are Democrats.
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Served as the Chairman of the Democratic House Campaign Committee. Education writer and consultant. Born in Brainerd, MN. Before being elected as a member of the General Assembly, she served for nearly a decade on the Fairfax County School Board, including two years as its chairman. She received a BA from Macalester College and an MA from the American University. The mother of one adult daughter.

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The Quick and the Ed » Do-over

August 29, 2012
Op eds appeared in major papers, written by a former member of the State Board of Education (Andy Rotherham) and a former Democratic state delegate (me). There will be lots to ponder in the days ahead – how did the Virginia application get ... Kris Amundson, Education Sector's director of strategic communications, has extensive experience both as a communicator and as a policymaker. On the Q&E, you'll often find her blogging about the politics of education, ...

The Dixie Pig: Announcing The Amundson Institute!

January 9, 2012
The official online newsletter for Del. Scott A. Surovell. The Dixie Pig ... In 2000, my predecessor Delegate Kris Amundson started her Young Leaders Program in partnership with Cox Communications. The program introduced ...

A Letter From <b>Delegate Kris Amundson</b> | Lee District Dems

June 24, 2009
June 24, 2009 Eighteen years ago, almost to the day, I was first appointed to the Fairfax County School Board. Since then, I have spent every day working for the people in our community. I have loved every minute of it. (Well ...

<b>Kris Amundson</b> to Retire; Scott Surovell for <b>Delegate</b>! - Blue Virginia <b>...</b>

June 24, 2009
Del. Kristen J. Amundson (D-Fairfax) announced today she was retiring after ten years in the House. Amundson, who has her own communications firm, said she was stepping down at the end of her term this year for financial ...

UPDATED: <b>Kris Amundson</b> Out, Scott Surovell In For The Dems <b>...</b>

June 24, 2009
Del. Kris Amundson is dropping her reelection bid and Fairfax Dem Chairman Scott Surovell will be her replacement. Yes, THAT Scott Surovell -- the one who blames Democrat inaction on improving Route 1 between the Capitol Beltway and Fort ... Kris Amundson (D-44) has decided not to seek re-election to the House of Delegates: “I want to thank Delegate Amundson for her many years of public service. She has represented Mt. Vernon for close to two decades, on

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These are all of the video clips of Kris Amundson’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 27 video clips in all.


  • HB618: Highway construction; power of Transportation Commissioner includes construction of sidewalks.
  • HB1068: Service of process; cost of return.
  • HB2333: P-16 Education Council; makes permanent advisory council within executive branch.
  • HB2334: Advance medical directives; physician determining patient is incapable of making informed decision.
  • HB2335: Standards of Quality; state average teacher salary not be less than national average.
  • HB2336: Governments, local; adoption of ordinances prohibiting delivery of unsolicited newspapers.
  • HB2337: Health insurance; mandated coverage for amino acid based elemental formulas.
  • HB2338: Birth control; definition.
  • HB2339: Safety belts; makes non-use of a primary offense.
  • HB2340: Child protective services differential response system report; repealed.
  • HB2341: Suspension of a student, short-term; pending principal, etc., decision on alternative education.
  • HB2342: Tuition assistance; member National Guard have minimum of 2 years remaining on service requirement.
  • HB2343: Livable home tax credit; increases limit from $500 annually to $1,000.
  • HB2344: Benchmarks for student reading achievement; Board of Education to establish in grades 6-12.
  • HB2504: Income tax, corporate; real estate investment trusts.
  • HB2541: Criminal records checks; required for licensure to practice as real estate licensees.
  • HJ120: Constitutional amendment; establishing Redistricting Commission (first reference).
  • HJ721: Waterfowl; joint subcommittee to study hunting in urban and suburban areas.
  • HJ765: Commending Woodlawn Baptist Church on the occasion of its 140th anniversary.
  • HJ804: Commending the Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing on its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ823: Adolescent Well Health visit; recognizing importance thereof for health and well-being.
  • HJ903: Commending mental health professionals in the public schools of the Commonwealth.
  • HR41: Adolescent well health visit; recognizing importance thereof for health and well-being.
  • HB490: Transportation funding; increases motor fuels tax and repeals certain abusive driver fees.
  • HB491: Indecent exposure; penalty.
  • HB492: Motor vehicles, used; prohibits displaying, parking, etc. for sale, penalty.
  • HB615: Health insurance; mandated coverage for medically necessary amino acid-based elemental formulas.
  • HB616: Malpractice actions; limitations.
  • HB617: Virginia Housing Trust Fund; creates dedicated source of funding via percentage of recordation tax.
  • HB618: Highway construction; power of Transportation Commissioner includes construction of sidewalks.
  • HB1058: Higher educational institutions; release of educational records.
  • HB1059: Emergency custody orders, temporary detention orders, and involuntary commitment; criteria.
  • HB1060: Higher educational institutions; tuition waiver for senior citizens.
  • HB1061: Zoning ordinances; may prescribe an appeal period of less than 30 days.
  • HB1065: Safety belts; makes non-use thereof primary offense.
  • HB1066: Public Procurement Act; methods of procurement.
  • HB1067: School employees; school board to develop policies to address complaints of sexual abuse thereby.
  • HB1068: Service of process; cost of return.
  • HB1071: Birth control; adds definition.
  • HB1501: Firefighters; task force to develop training standards, report.
  • HJ88: Students with disabilities; joint subcommittee to study transition process from school to work.
  • HJ120: Constitutional amendment; establishing Redistricting Commission (first reference).
  • HJ207: Health care professionals, licensed; Joint Commission on Health Care to study competence.
  • HJ284: Commending Jeffrey C. Dietze.
  • HJ369: Commending Tina H. Allman.
  • HJ501: Commending Brenda Brokaw.
  • HB605: License plates, special; issuance to spouses and parents of certain deceased military veterans.
  • HB1096: Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts; no declaration shall prohibit display of flags.
  • HB1489: Income tax, state; deduction for organ donation medical expenses.
  • HB1835: Registered voter; unlawful to knowingly communicate false information thereto.
  • HB1836: Condominium & Property Owners' Association Acts; no declaration to prohibit display of certain flag.
  • HB1837: Ginger Gold Apple; designating as official state fruit..
  • HB1971: Tuition, in-state; dependents of active duty military shall be eligible therefor.
  • HB2215: Urban county executive form of government; wage requirements for certain employees.
  • HB2216: Driver education programs; school boards that offer to assess surcharge to recover program costs.
  • HB2217: Labor and Industry, Commissioner of; reporting suspected employment misclassification and fraud.
  • HB2218: Charitable organizations; those engaged in food distribution to needy are exempt from regulations.
  • HB2219: Workers' compensation; alternative dispute resolution systems agreed to in certain agreements.
  • HB2220: Income tax, state; deduction for unreimbursed organ donation expenses.
  • HB2221: Birth control; definition thereof.
  • HB2837: George Washington's birthday; Department of Education to provide schools information thereon.
  • HB2838: Transportation infrastructure; VDOT to submit biennial report on maintenance and operation thereof.
  • HJ598: Commending John R. Byers.
  • HJ599: Commending the Woodlawn Junior All-Stars baseball team.
  • HJ620: Constitutional amendment; establishing Redistricting Commission (first reference).
  • HJ640: School boards; JLARC to study implications of granting fiscal autonomy to those elected.
  • HJ704: Long-term care; joint subcommittee to study prepaid program for citizens.
  • HJ705: Affordable workforce housing; Housing Commission to study availability thereof.
  • HB559: Income tax, state; extend statute of limitations for refunds.
  • HB560: Real estate tax; increases amount of exemptions for elderly or disabled in Northern Virginia.
  • HB561: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; commiting sex offense when not properly registered.
  • HB562: Absentee voting; eliminates present list of reasons entitling voter to cast absentee ballot.
  • HB603: Prisoners; assessment of those with infectious diseases to determine work and housing assignments.
  • HB604: High-occupancy lanes; extends sunset provision for vehicles bearing clean fuel license plates.
  • HB605: License plates, special; issuance to spouses and parents of certain deceased military veterans.
  • HB606: Certification of animal pedigree
  • HB607: Planning & Budget, Department of; removes requirement of school div. to pay cost efficiency review.
  • HB608: Child or spousal support; writing bad checks therefor, penalty.
  • HB1094: Post-Disaster Anti-Price Gouging Act; violators to pay civil penalties.
  • HB1095: Pounds, shelters, & pet stores; State Vet. to inspect annually, observance of euthanasia procedure.
  • HB1096: Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts; no declaration shall prohibit display of flags.
  • HB1313: Virginia Retirement System; certain Fairfax County employees.
  • HB1464: Prescription drugs; increased penalty for counterfeiting.
  • HB1489: Income tax, state; deduction for organ donation medical expenses.
  • HB1495: Firearms; possession thereof at school board meeting held at location other than on school property.
  • HJ66: Redistricting process; joint subcommittee to study.
  • HJ67: Sleep Awareness Week; designating the first Sunday in April 2006 and each succeeding year.
  • HJ117: Alternative fuels; Coal and Energy Commission to study ways to promote use thereof.
  • HJ351: Commending Inova Mount Vernon Hospital on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.
  • HJ418: Commending Pam L. Michell.
  • HJ457: Commending Mattie Palmore on being named a national finalist for "Project Confidence."
  • HJ5013: Celebrating the life of Randall Willing.
  • HJ5024: Commending the Mount Vernon Yacht Club on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ5068: Commending Christian Relief Services Charities on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.