Senator Mark Herring (D-Leesburg)

Photo of Mark Herring
33: Fairfax County (Part), Loudoun County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
65% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 56% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 54% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
23.5% in 2013
Campaign Contributions
$229,180.18 cash on hand (May 2013 report)
Top 10 Donors
Mark Herring for State Senate Candidate Committee Leesburg $176,610

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Attorney General <b>Mark Herring</b> in Roanoke – stay tuned says a <b>senator</b>

June 10, 2014
Virginia's Attorney General Mark Herring made a stop at the Roanoke Country Club today for a luncheon put together by former Senator Granger MacFarlane. He covered his first six months in office and answered questions ...

Equality Virginia Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with <b>Senator</b> Mark <b>...</b>

April 7, 2014
A crowd of over 1,000 people – including distinguished guests Senator Mark Warner, Attorney General Mark Herring, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, U.S. Congressman Bobby Scott, and a number of state and local elected ...

GOP <b>Sen</b>. Mark Obenshain concedes in Virginia attorney general <b>...</b>

December 18, 2013
Virginia Republican state Sen. Mark Obenshain conceded the attorney general's race Wednesday afternoon, ushering Democrat Mark Herring into office and giving Democrats their first clean sweep of the top five statewide ...

Democrat <b>Mark Herring</b> certified as winner of Virginia attorney <b>...</b>

November 25, 2013
Portrait of state Sen. Mark Herring (D). Attorney General-elect Mark Herring (D). The Virginia State Board of Elections has certified Democrat Mark Herring as the winner in the state's ultra-tight contest for attorney general, giving him a 165-vote victory over Republican Mark Obenshain. That's just a one-vote change from two weeks ago, ... Senator Obama may become President Obama, and Michelle Obama might run for office. If your diary covers an election or elected ...

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: <b>Mark Herring</b> takes unofficial <b>...</b>

November 12, 2013
SC-Sen-A: Sen. Lindsey Graham can't be saved by the clown car because South Carolina requires runoffs if no one gets 50 percent in a primary election, but he might get a boost if the considerable pile of true believers hoping to unseat him remains split, preventing one challenger from consolidating the conservative vote. ... So is he more likely to draw support from low-information voters who fondly remember him from his days as a Republican senator? Or will ...

Recent Mentions in the Media

PBS NewsHour: Sharp black-white divide on perceptions of Ferguson as clashes continue

August 19, 2014
She will headline the annual Sen. Tom Harkin Steak Fry Sept. 14, the Des Moines Register reports. Husband and former President Bill Clinton will also be in tow. More pressing than 2016, though, for Democrats, is generating enthusiasm for Rep. Bruce ...and more »

KTTC: High court blocks same-sex unions in Virginia

August 20, 2014
Virginia voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2006 that banned gay marriage and prohibited the recognition of such marriages performed in other states. State Attorney General Mark Herring has said he will not defend the ban and believes the ...and more »

Washington Blade: Mark Herring petitions Supreme Court to hear Va. marriage case

August 8, 2014
Metro Weekly?Senator McEachin is pleased and appreciative of all the efforts our Attorney General has made to ensure that all Virginians receive equal opportunity, justice and fairness,? said Abbi Easter, a spokesperson for state Sen. A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico ...Utah gay couples ask Supreme Court to hear appealKATVall 374 news articles »

Roanoke Times: Herring warns new Virginia voter ID definition may be unconstitutional

August 5, 2014
RICHMOND ? Attorney General Mark Herring? has warned state election officials that their new definition of what constitutes a valid photo ID, as proposed by the State Board of Elections, would likely lead to unconstitutionally unequal treatment of voters.and more »

Carolinacoastonline: Senator: Plan in place to oust AG

August 8, 2014
Sen. Norm Sanderson, R-Pamlico and also representing Carteret County, said Thursday the top leadership in both GOP-controlled branches of the legislature are working to remove Mr. Cooper from office. ?Last year in the legislation we passed, was if both ...and more »

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  • SB224: Assault and battery; Class 1 misdemeanor against a family or household member.
  • SB225: License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: PEACE BEGINS AT HOME.
  • SB1061: Lethality assessment program; DCJS to establish for first responders.
  • SB1062: Elections; reforms to improve voter access to polls.
  • SB1063: Stalking; includes electronic transmissions that produce a visual or textual message.
  • SB1064: Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, Secretary of; powers and duties.
  • SB1065: Arts and cultural districts, local; tax incentives.
  • SB1083: Cannabinoids, research chemicals, synthetic; penalties.
  • SB1084: Health insurance; authorizes SCC to establish state plan management partnership exchange.
  • SB1114: Child sexual abuse cases; prior sex offenses against children admissible in evidence.
  • SB1115: Hospitals; classification of certain facilities in which abortions are performed.
  • SB1116: Hospitals; design & construction standards for certain facilities in which abortions are performed.
  • SB1239: Uniform Statewide Building Code; enforcement by towns.
  • SB1258: Elderly or incapacitated adults; financial exploitation, penalties.
  • SB1368: License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: PEACE BEGINS AT HOME.
  • SJ413: Commending the Virginia National Guard.
  • SJ414: Commending Richard K. Taube.
  • SB222: Financial exploitation of elderly or incapacitated adults; punishable as larceny, etc.
  • SB223: Cannabinoids, synthetic; amends provisions regarding criminalization.
  • SB224: Assault and battery; Class 1 misdemeanor against a family or household member.
  • SB225: License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: PEACE BEGINS AT HOME.
  • SB226: Income tax, state & corporate; extends subtraction for capital gains from investments in businesses.
  • SB227: Stormwater service district; allocation of revenues.
  • SB228: Vehicle and trailer immobilization; subject to removal for outstanding parking violations.
  • SB229: Zoning; civil penalties constitute liens on real property.
  • SB230: Highway projects; VDOT to provide for training and certification of local government employees.
  • SB231: Taxicabs; local regulation.
  • SB232: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes certain computer equipment and enabling software.
  • SB233: Proffered conditions; landowners may apply to governing body for amendments, etc., of conditions.
  • SB234: Charter; Town of Leesburg.
  • SB235: Insurance; employees of political subdivisions of State may receive from a locality.
  • SB238: Telework expenses tax credit; extended for employers through December 31, 2016.
  • SB284: Commercial space flight; funding and oversight.
  • SB285: Crimes against incapacitated or elder adults; penalty.
  • SB459: Strangulation of another; penalty.
  • SB579: Commonwealth Innovation Investment Fund; created.
  • SB628: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; limitation on certain contracts and leases by declarant.
  • SJ160: Celebrating the life of United States Army Specialist Douglas J. Green.
  • SJ161: Celebrating the life of James Warren Geurin.
  • SJ216: Commending Washington Dulles International Airport.
  • SJ240: Commending Inova Loudoun Hospital.
  • SB556: Crimes against incapacitated or elder adults; penalty.
  • SB745: Cannabinoids, synthetic; penalties for transport, possession, sale, or distribution, etc.
  • SB909: Town and county treasurers; reciprocal agreements.
  • SB910: Military parents; delegation of visitation rights.
  • SB911: Local grievance procedures; allows local government at its option to permit observer for each party.
  • SB1121: Local government; establishment and administration of personnel system.
  • SB1324: Incapacitated or elder adults; person who commits crimes against is guilty of misdemeanor.
  • SB1325: Financial exploitation of elderly or vulnerable adults; penalty.
  • SB1326: Income tax, state; research and development expenses tax credit.
  • SB1327: Common interest communities; court may enter default judgment against unit owner on sworn affidavit.
  • SB1328: Magistrates; ascertaining citizenship of arrested persons.
  • SB1329: Highway revenue sharing construction funds; removes $1 million cap.
  • SB1330: Medical malpractice action; plaintiff must provide defendant certification form within so many days.
  • SB1331: Speed limits; certain municipalities may increase or decrease on highways following investigation.
  • SB1332: Virginia Racing Commission; limited licenses, licensing of limited duration meetings.
  • SB1333: Virginia Racing Commission; powers and duties; allocation of retainage.
  • SB1334: State military laws; several technical changes and amendments.
  • SB1335: Income tax, corporate; telework expenses tax credit.
  • SB1336: Aerospace Advisory Council; membership.
  • SB1337: Freedom of Information Act; exempts Commercial Space Flight Authority from disclosure requirements.
  • SB1338: Governor; submission of financial plan to General Assembly.
  • SB1438: Virginia Racing Commission; authorizes wagering on historical horse racing.
  • SB1439: Tuition Assistance Grant Program; amends criteria for higher educational institutions.
  • SB1440: Commonwealth Innovation Investment Fund; created, report.
  • SB1475: Water and sewer services; fees & charges imposed by Town of Leesburg to out of town customers.
  • SJ377: Commending The George Washington Universitys Virginia Science and Technology Campus.
  • SJ378: Commending NASA on the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first flight of the Space Shuttle.
  • SJ405: Commending Loudoun Countys observance of Earth Day.
  • SJ420: Celebrating the life of Alan Watson Dutton.
  • SB423: Health care practitioners; exempt from liability when rendering services to patients of clinics.
  • SB424: Motor vehicle equity loans; establishes requirements, penalties.
  • SB425: Open-end credit plan loans; prohibits person extending credit from charging interest at higher rate.
  • SB426: Absentee voting; Board of Elections shall implement a system to accept ballot electronically.
  • SB427: Insurance policy limits; allows personal representative of estate of decedent to request disclosure.
  • SB428: Income tax, state; exemption for any income taxed as long-term capital gain for federal income tax.
  • SB429: Electric utilities; required to develop tariffs offering real-time rates.
  • SB430: State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act; disclosure of interest in real estate.
  • SB431: Auditor of Public Accounts; post certain information on its Internet website, a searchable database.
  • SB556: Crimes against incapacitated or elder adults; penalty.
  • SB557: Triennial census; eliminates three-year requirement, distribution of sales and use tax.
  • SB598: Vocational programs; definition.
  • SB619: Income tax, state; excludes from taxation benefits paid into Virginia Military Family Relief Fund.
  • SB655: Racing Commission; allocations from simulcast horse racing.
  • SB667: Dulles Access Highway; enforcement through use of photo-monitoring system in conjunction with usage.
  • SJ90: Community services boards; DBHDS to study funding formula used to distribute resources.
  • SJ99: Interstate safety rest areas; Virginia Transportation Research Council to study public funding.
  • SJ169: Celebrating the life of Frank Raflo.
  • SJ170: Celebrating the life of George William Titus.
  • SJ171: Celebrating the life of Carl F. Emswiller, Jr.
  • SJ172: Celebrating the life of Mervin Jackson.
  • SJ173: Celebrating the life of Alfred P. Dennis.
  • SJ174: Commending Peter A. Fulcer.
  • SJ175: Commending the Broad Run High School football team.
  • SJ180: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Carleton Penn II.
  • SJ196: Celebrating the accomplishments of the Virginia National Guard and the Virginia Defense Force in 200
  • SJ211: Commending the Loudoun County High School girls volleyball team.
  • SB185: Impact fees; grants authority to high-growth localities.
  • SB535: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; prohibited conduct for certain officers, etc.
  • SB751: Water and sewer rates; towns may charge higher rates for out of town customers.
  • SB752: Brownfields; public notice of voluntary remediation plans.
  • SB1095: Land development plans; adds Town of Leesburg to localities that may develop procedure for review.
  • SB1096: Design-Build Construction Management Review Board; authorized to make a one-time determination.
  • SB1097: Income tax, state; tax credit to employers for expenses incurred in allowing employees to telework.
  • SB1098: Income tax, state; tax credit to employers for employees who enter into flextime agreements.
  • SB1099: Incapacitated adults; financial exploitation thereof, penalty.
  • SB1100: Uniform Commercial Code; financing statements.
  • SB1101: Racing Commission; authorizes wagering on historical horse racing.
  • SB1102: Campaign finance disclosure; where and how to file candidate reports.
  • SB1103: Campaign finance disclosure; where and how to file candidate reports.
  • SB1297: Juvenile dispositions; juvenile who has previously been adjudicated delinquent of violent felony.
  • SB1298: Juvenile disposition; allows court to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor after deferring adjudication.
  • SB1338: Science and technology development and commercialization; promotion thereof in State.
  • SB1339: Electric utility regulation; directs SCC to require utilities to offer service under tariffs.
  • SB1340: School teachers as witnesses; party in any case involving custody of minor child may have subpoena.
  • SB1440: Electric utilities; include in integrated resource plan reduce customers' electricity consumption.
  • SB1490: Consumer Finance Act; open-end loan plans secured by motor vehicle titles.
  • SB1494: Spirits delivery permit; authorizes permittee to purchase spirit from Board and deliver to business.
  • SJ328: Voting equipment; joint subcommittee to study postelection audits.
  • SJ329: George Mason University; GMU, Loudoun County and Town of Leesburg to study permanent campus.
  • SJ455: Celebrating the accomplishments of the Virginia National Guard and Virginia Defense Force in 2008.
  • SJ508: Commending George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun County Public...
  • SB183: Illegal aliens; presumption against admission to bail for those charged with criminal offense.
  • SB184: Advertisement of plans; no person who received written notice may challenge validity of plan, etc.
  • SB185: Impact fees; grants authority to high-growth localities.
  • SB186: Statewide Transportation Plan; VDOT, etc. to include regional goals and performance measures.
  • SB187: Retirement System; average final compensation retirement multiplier for teachers.
  • SB188: Military Parents Equal Protection Act; created.
  • SB189: Highway construction; increases cost of project using state or local employees.
  • SB190: Registered voters; Board of Elections to furnish lists to school superintendents to conduct census.
  • SB191: Vehicle license fees, local; localities to exempt those owned by citizen support units.
  • SB192: Personal property tax; extends sunset provision for separate classification for tax purposes.
  • SB193: Income tax, corporate; telework expenses tax credit.
  • SB194: Income tax, state; toll payment tax credit.
  • SB195: Personal property tax; separate classification for low-speed vehicles.
  • SB196: Hazardous materials; localities to prohibit initiation of new storage in floodplains.
  • SB291: Automotive manufacturers; specialized registration & titling of company vehicles.
  • SB292: Optical scan tabulators; pilot programs for, audits thereof.
  • SB531: Zoning ordinances; certain disclosures of real parties in interest.
  • SB532: Land use proceedings; disclosures in Loudoun County.
  • SB533: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; disclosure of real estate interests.
  • SB534: Campaign finance disclosure; requires certain candidates to file reports electronically.
  • SB535: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; prohibited conduct for certain officers, etc.
  • SB751: Water and sewer rates; towns may charge higher rates for out of town customers.
  • SB752: Brownfields; public notice of voluntary remediation plans.
  • SB778: Tolls; State Corporation Commission authority to approve or revise rates charged.
  • SB787: Bioscience and Biotechnology, Commission on; created, report.
  • SJ143: Commending the Virginia National Guard.
  • SJ150: Commending Timothy Cocrane.
  • SJ162: Commending Dr. David T. Clark and the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation.
  • SJ163: Celebrating the life of Norma Bornarth.
  • SJ164: Commending the Town of Leesburg on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
  • SB740: Nursing facility services; extends sunset provision for certain certific. of public need.
  • SB1243: Composite index; ability to pay.
  • SB1244: Custody and visitation cases; locality may assess a fee in addition to filing fee charged.
  • SB1245: Overhead electrical transmission lines; SCC to conduct public hearing for approval of construction.
  • SB1246: Charter; Town of Leesburg.
  • SB1247: Assault and battery against family member; deferred finding.
  • SB1248: Juveniles; guilty of a violation driving without a license.
  • SB1249: Detoxification center programs; locality to assess fee following conviction of certain crimes.
  • SB1250: Public hearings; person shall be immune from civil liability for certain violations.
  • SB1251: Substance Abuse Services Council; review of state agency substance abuse treatment programs.
  • SB1252: Subdivision ordinance; alternative use of cash escrow.
  • SB1253: Alcoholic beverage control; equine sporting event licenses.
  • SB1254: Zoning ordinance; denying, etc. application for rezoning when transportation network is inadequate.
  • SB1255: Courthouse; posting of notices.
  • SB1256: Hazardous material; localities to prohibit initiation of new storage thereof in certain floodplains.
  • SB1257: Probate; representatives of a decedent's estate will need not provide written notice thereof.
  • SB1258: Limited liability companies; action authorized by consent of less than all members.
  • SB1259: VDOT; annual statistical report containing highway and arterial roadway levels of service.
  • SB1260: Urban and secondary highway systems; revises formulas for construction allocations.
  • SB1261: Income tax, state; tax credit for taxpayers making electronic toll collection payments.
  • SB1262: Driver's license; notice of revocation.
  • SB1263: Creditors of decedent's estate; debts and taxes owed to localities, etc., to be eighth in line.
  • SB1264: Descents; clarifies statue concerning course thereof.
  • SB1265: Real estate tax; relief for elderly and permanently and totally disabled.
  • SB1266: Income tax, corporate; telework expenses tax credit.
  • SB1267: Advertisement of plans; descriptive summary.
  • SB1268: Impact fees; high-growth localities may impose and collect.
  • SB1269: Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment of Minors Act; authorization of certain judges & special justices.
  • SB1270: Onsite sewage disposal system; certification of certain workers.
  • SB1376: Comprehensive plan; governing body desiring an amendment to prepare & submit to public hearing.
  • SB1377: Water & sewer rates; prohibits towns from charging for service to residents of adjacent county.
  • SB1421: Admission to bail; persons not lawfully present in United States.
  • SJ435: Celebrating the life of Trula Jalene Parsell Peach.
  • SJ459: Celebrating the life of Roy S. Smith.
  • SJ498: Commending Ashburn-Sterling Masonic Lodge No. 288 on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • SJ515: Commending the County of Loudoun on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
  • SR47: High voltage transmission lines; SCC encouraged to attend public hearings pertaining thereto.
  • SB730: Faith-based community services; Dept. of Social Services to coordinate offers of assistance.
  • SB731: Real estate reassessment; notice of change.
  • SB732: Public Procurement Act; design-build projects by local public bodies, methods of procurement.
  • SB5023: VDOT; required to prepare and disseminate annual statistical report.
  • SB5024: Income tax, state; provides a tax credit for taxpayers making electronic toll collection payments.
  • SJ206: Fire and rescue squad volunteers; Department of Fire Programs, et al., to study incentives therefor.