Senator Robert Hurt (R-Chatham)

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19: Campbell County (Part), Danville City (All), Franklin County (All), Pittsylvania County (All) [map]
Took Office
January 2007
Left Office
January 2011
Copatroning Habits
73% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 95% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 65% of them are Republicans.
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Sen. Hurt represented the 16th House District (which includes Henry, Pittsylvania, Martinsville) from 2002 until 2007, when he moved over to the senate.

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These are all of the video clips of Robert Hurt’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 24 video clips in all.


  • SB484: Local government investment pool; limitations.
  • SJ95: Constitutional amendment; forest harvesting & silvicultural activity equipment exempt from taxation.
  • SB455: One-stop small business permitting program; exemption of handling fee for veterans.
  • SB481: Major business facility job tax credit; reduces number of employees required in new jobs to qualify.
  • SB482: Absentee ballots; increase deadline to make available from 45 to 50 days prior to November election.
  • SB483: Wine and beer; licensee may ship through approved fulfillment warehouse.
  • SB484: Local government investment pool; limitations.
  • SB485: Enjoining violations of consumer laws; Attorney General to investigate.
  • SB486: Juvenile records; DJJ to provide information in an investigation of a criminal street gang.
  • SB487: Criminal street gangs; adds certain breaking and entering offenses and grand larceny to list.
  • SB488: Witnesses; State attorney to designate in felony cases a law-enforcement official in courtroom.
  • SB489: Juvenile court; allows State to appeal a suppression ruling to circuit court and Court of Appeals.
  • SB490: Bail; terms set by court on a capias to be honored by magistrate.
  • SB491: Sale of used building fixtures; recordkeeping requirements.
  • SB492: Search warrants, out-of-state; to be honored by State corporation or other entity.
  • SB493: Electronic communication service; foreign corporation to disclose record of subscriber to officer.
  • SB494: Electronic communication or remote computing service; providermay verify authenticity of reports.
  • SB495: DUI; definition of substantially similar laws for determining number of prior offenses.
  • SB496: Charter; Town of Chatham.
  • SB497: Charter; Town of Gretna.
  • SB498: School calendar; opening of school year in Pittsylvania County.
  • SB499: Conflict of Interests Act; certain relatives of school board member to be considered for employment.
  • SB500: Hunting and fishing licenses; allows any active member of military to obtain.
  • SJ95: Constitutional amendment; forest harvesting & silvicultural activity equipment exempt from taxation.
  • SJ96: Honor and Remember Flag; Congress urged to designate as national emblem of service and sacrifice.
  • SJ251: Commending the Chatham High School baseball team.
  • SJ252: Commending the Altavista High School softball team.
  • SJ253: Celebrating the life of Carolyn Moses Lusardi.
  • SJ254: Commending Michael A. Jones.
  • SJ255: Celebrating the life of Matthew Lyle Lacy III.
  • SB546: Correctional facilities, local; City of Danville & Pittsylvania County to enter into jail project.
  • SB551: Recordation tax; changes basis of calculation on transfer of real estate.
  • SB771: Extradition; sheriff/police chief of locality may hire private entity to perform on behalf of State.
  • SB777: Sewage systems; counties and towns may approve.
  • SB1300: Assault and battery of family or household member; court may order person to obtain certain service.
  • SB1301: Identity theft; penalty.
  • SB1302: Master Settlement Agreement; makes several changes to enhance criminal enforcement activities.
  • SB1303: Involuntary commitment; court may appoint counsel for a minor in proceedings seeking approval.
  • SB1304: Drug treatment courts; authorized for County of Franklin if funded through local sources.
  • SB1305: Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; exempts from public assistance fraud.
  • SB1306: Retirement benefits; City of Danville to provide for deputy sheriffs.
  • SB1307: Transport of prisoners; minimum standards therefor by persons other than law-enforcement officers.
  • SB1308: Planning or zoning matters; locality to require person applying therefor to post sign notifying.
  • SB1309: Recordation tax; expands exemption statewide.
  • SB1310: Altavista Armory; Governor to convey to Town of Altavista.
  • SB1311: Correctional facilities, local; Danville and Pittsylvania to enter into a regional jail project.
  • SB1312: Pittsylvania County; Department of Corrections to convey certain real property thereto.
  • SB1313: Charter; Town of Hurt.
  • SB1539: Line of Duty Act; investigation of claims by police departments and sheriffs offices.
  • SJ469: Celebrating the life of Frances Ellen Daly.
  • SJ470: Celebrating the life of Calvin Perrow Carter.
  • SJ471: Commending William H. Fuller III.
  • SJ472: Commending T. L. Neal.
  • SJ473: Commending the Gretna High School football team.
  • SJ503: Commending the Honorable J. Samuel Johnston, Jr.
  • SJ504: Celebrating the life of Herman Ginther.
  • SJ505: Commending Hargrave Military Academy on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • SJ506: Celebrating the life of Clyde L. Banks, Sr.
  • SJ507: Celebrating the life of Claude L. Emerson.
  • SB544: Master Settlement Agreement; makes several changes to enhance criminal enforcement activities.
  • SB545: Master Settlement Agreement; regulation of cigarette manufacturers.
  • SB546: Correctional facilities, local; City of Danville & Pittsylvania County to enter into jail project.
  • SB547: Criminal appeals; to appeal conviction defense counsel must certify there is legitimate issue.
  • SB548: Bail; presumption against thereof for person charged with failure to appear.
  • SB549: Identity theft & etc.; multijurisdictional grand jury may investigate.
  • SB550: Notarial certificates; removes requirement that wording appear on same page as signature.
  • SB551: Recordation tax; changes basis of calculation on transfer of real estate.
  • SB552: Fishing license; exemptions for persons assisting disabled persons.
  • SB553: Appointment of counsel; indigent defendants.
  • SB769: Commitment hearing; independent examiner or community services board member attending.
  • SB771: Extradition; sheriff or police chief may hire private entity to perform on behalf of State.
  • SB772: Conditions of bond; court may bar person in elected office from returning to constitutional office.
  • SB773: Identity theft; statute of limitations.
  • SB774: Property value assessments; Campbell County notice to include date and time of public hearing.
  • SB775: Drug Treatment Court Act; authorized drug treatment court, etc. for Franklin County.
  • SB776: Concealed weapons; attorney for Commonwealth may carry without a permit.
  • SB777: Sewage systems; counties and towns may approve.
  • SJ148: Celebrating the life of William B. Muse, Jr.
  • SJ201: Commending the Gretna High School football team.
  • SJ202: Commending Yuji Hairston, Jr.
  • SJ205: Celebrating the life of Private First Class Christopher Edward Murphy.
  • SJ206: Celebrating the life of Louise Towles English.
  • SJ212: Commending G. Harold Plaster.
  • SJ215: Commending Alice Sigmon Hall.
  • SJ216: Commending W. Q. Overton.
  • SJ217: Celebrating the life of James Edward Burton III.
  • SJ218: Celebrating the life of Jason Lee Saunders.
  • SJ6008: Celebrating the life of Shirley Ann Irby Patteson Simpson.
  • SJ6009: Celebrating the life of Thomas Keister Greer.
  • SJ6010: Commending the Faith Christian Academy softball team.
  • SJ6011: Commending the Faith Christian Academy on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
  • SJ6012: Commending the Faith Christian Academy varsity baseball team.
  • HB1018: Capital murder; includes premeditated killing of justice or judge.
  • HB1587: Criminal history record information check; required for those providing care to children, etc.
  • HB2749: Sex offender registration; offender to include any electronic mail address, etc. that he will use.
  • HB2750: Capital murder; premeditated killing of a judge or justice.
  • HB2751: Illegal aliens; possession of firearms.
  • HB2752: Amber Alert Program; use of certain technology.
  • HB2754: Illegal Substances Excise Tax Act; created.
  • HB2755: Sex Offender Registry; adds to list of those offenses requiring registration.
  • HB2756: Probation and suspended sentence; violations thereof considered misdemeanor charge.
  • HB2757: Contractors, Board for; exemptions for certain career and technical education projects.
  • HB2758: Freedom of Information Act; posting of meeting notices and minutes of public bodies.
  • HB2759: Search warrant affidavits; delivery in person or by mail.
  • HB2760: Marijuana; notice of right to receive full analysis.
  • HB2761: Running a red light; punishable as reckless driving.
  • HB2762: Stopping on highways; makes it illegal to stop in intersections in certain localities.
  • HB2763: Speeding; increases minimum fine if driving over 20 miles of speed limit.
  • HB2764: Local employees; right to receive certain benefit information in writing.
  • HB2765: Construction; slayer statute.
  • HB2766: Retirement benefits; exemption of certain from creditor process.
  • HB2767: Fiduciaries; presumption of prudence.
  • HB2768: Firearms; possession by persons under age 18.
  • HB2769: Pocket knives on school property; amends exception that allows person to carry.
  • HB2770: Public Records Act; disposition of public records.
  • HB2771: Larceny; charging of crime.
  • HB2772: Fraudulent credit card application; false statements to obtain property or credit.
  • HB2773: License plate or decal; unlawful possession thereof.
  • HB2774: Judges; early retirement.
  • HJ707: Law-enforcement officers; joint subcommittee to study establishment of protocols for those killed.
  • HJ709: State park along South Mayo and North Mayo Rivers; DCR to study feasibility in Henry County.
  • HJ876: Celebrating the life of Neal Ashworth.
  • HJ882: Commending the Dan River High School softball team.
  • HJ884: Commending Lance Corporal Thomas Surber.
  • HJ942: Commending C. Kinney Rorrer.
  • HJ961: Commending American of Martinsville on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HB1005: Registration and certificates of title; offences relating thereto, penalty.
  • HB1006: Manufactured homes, etc.; notice to counties, cities, and towns whenever title is surrendered.
  • HB1007: Child custody; reports to be furnished 15 days prior to hearing.
  • HB1008: Trusts; amends Uniform Trust Code to make applicable statues prospective.
  • HB1009: Check Clearing for 21st Evidence Act; created.
  • HB1010: Clifton Forge and South Boston, former Cities of; updates Code references.
  • HB1011: Brook Trout; redesignating as official fish of State.
  • HB1012: Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry; includes person who uses communication system.
  • HB1013: False identification cards; manufacture and sale thereof, penalty.
  • HB1014: Internet; payment for access to sexually explicit material thereon, penalty.
  • HB1015: Sex Offender Registry; modifies registration of a person convicted of murdering a child.
  • HB1016: Assault and battery; increases penalty if committed against judge, etc.
  • HB1017: Juveniles; clarifies the process where it is unnecessary to file petition for certain offenses.
  • HB1018: Capital murder; includes premeditated killing of justice or judge.
  • HB1019: Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission; Supreme Court to adopt rules governing discovery.
  • HB1020: Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission; membership.
  • HB1021: Zoning ordinances; findings of board of appeals on questions of fact are presumptively correct.
  • HB1022: Pretrial motions or objections; when defense may raise in circuit and district courts.
  • HB1023: Health care provider; certain documents prepared considered privileged.
  • HB1024: Emergency services and disasters; constitutional rights.
  • HB1025: Personal property; Sheriff's duty to remove pursuant to an ejectment proceeding.
  • HB1026: Noncharitable irrevocable trusts; modification or termination thereof.
  • HB1027: Traffic incidents; reimbursement of expenses incurred in responding to by volunteer fire, etc.
  • HB1028: Criminal procedure; determination of indigency; appointment of counsel.
  • HB1029: Motor vehicle dealer; excludes those who sell & distribute fire-fighting equipment & ambulances.
  • HB1030: Marijuana; field test for evidence at trial.
  • HB1031: Child pornography; persons under age 18 in sexually explicit visual material.
  • HB1032: Juveniles; unlawful to provide certain sexual material.
  • HB1033: Juvenile sentencing; jury's recommendation may be modified by court.
  • HB1034: Motor vehicle dealers; warranty obligations.
  • HB1587: Criminal history record information check; required for those providing care to children, etc.
  • HJ114: Law-enforcement officers; study establishment of protocols for those killed in the line of duty.
  • HJ410: Celebrating the life of Claude Vince Swanson, Sr.
  • HJ411: Celebrating the life of Rufus R. Toler.
  • HJ413: Celebrating the life of Dan S. Robertson.
  • HJ417: Commending the Tunstall High School baseball team.
  • HJ475: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Kenneth B. Gentry on the 15th anniversary of his death.
  • HJ5010: Commending the Patrick Henry Community College women's basketball team.
  • HJ5058: Commending Claudia Emerson.