Delegate Shannon Valentine (D-Lynchburg)

Photo of Shannon Valentine
23: County of Amherst (part); City of Lynchburg [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Left Office
January 2010
Copatroning Habits
58% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 74% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 55% of them are Democrats.
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The show will conclude its two-part interview with Shannon Valentine, a former Lynchburg state delegate and current member of the Commonwealth Transportation Board. "Conversations" is aired on Dish, Cox, DirecTV, Comcast and Shentel. Contact Alicia ...and more »

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In 1787, he was a delegate from Massachusetts to the Constitutional Convention but refused to sign the Constitution because it didn't contain a Bill of Rights. When he was elected to the First Congress, he was key to pushing for the drafting of a Bill ...

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July 31, 2014
Shannon Valentine, a former delegate from Lynchburg who is spearheading the foundation's effort, said voters should watch for a California-style petition drive calling for redistricting reform. Even though Virginians can't get referendum questions on a ...

These are all of the video clips of Shannon Valentine’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 15 video clips in all.


  • HB687: Campaign telephone calls; disclosure requirements.
  • HB1684: Retirement System; retirees may be hired as nurses without interrupting retirement benefits.
  • HB1685: Bipartisan Redistricting Commission; created.
  • HB1735: Arts and cultural districts; grants statewide authority for creation thereof.
  • HB2234: State agencies; prohibit companies that have certain business operations in Sudan from bidding.
  • HB2235: Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Grant Fund; created.
  • HB2236: Security officer, private; changed from private security guard.
  • HB2237: Contracts; improper use of payment device numbers, penalty.
  • HB2238: Hazardous materials; extends disqualification for violation of out-of-service order.
  • HB2239: Compulsory training standards; persons designated to provide courthouse security.
  • HB2240: Economic Development Partnership Authority; board of directors authority to appoint thereto.
  • HB2241: Detector canine handler & examiner; Dept. of Criminal Justice Service to provide partial exemption.
  • HB2542: Move-over law; motorists must, if safe, move left when approaching stationary emergency vehicles.
  • HB2543: Campaign fundraising; requires contributions over $500 received by statewide officials be reported.
  • HB2664: Access management; Transportation Commissioner to take measures to develop local corridor plans.
  • HJ714: Passenger and freight rail transportation programs; JLARC to study long-term funding needs of State.
  • HJ992: Commending the Lynchburg Life Saving and First Aid Crew, Inc., on its 75th anniversary.
  • HB556: Retirement System; investments related to Sudan.
  • HB557: Witnesses; provisions applicable to those in criminal as well as civil cases.
  • HB558: Driving while intoxicated; elimination of requirement that intoxicant be self-administered.
  • HB687: Campaign telephone calls; disclosure requirements.
  • HB688: Claims; Anthony Fields.
  • HB689: Combined Sewer Overflow Fund; designating funds to be deposited therein for use by certain cities.
  • HB1198: Driver's license, commercial; State law conformance with federal requirements.
  • HB1199: Wines; ABC Board to sell in stores magazines, etc. whose purpose is to educate consumers.
  • HB1200: Contracts; improper use of payment device numbers.
  • HJ105: Autism services; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study.
  • HJ106: Fluorescent light bulbs; Recycling Markets Development Council to study costs and benefits of recy.
  • HJ570: Commending ABC 13 WSET.
  • HB1731: Retirement System; retirees hired as nurses.
  • HB1828: Retirement System; investments related to Sudan.
  • HB2163: Incident management; VDOT vehicles are exempt from certain provisions.
  • HB2164: TransDominion Express Commission; created.
  • HB2165: Monacan Parkway; designating as portion of Route 29 within Town of Amherst and Campbell County.
  • HB3102: City of Lynchburg Combined Sewer Overflow Fund; created.
  • HB1491: Absentee voting & ballots; procedures for returning to electoral board.
  • HB1492: Driving while intoxicated; penalty for driving commercial motor vehicle.
  • HB1608: Comprehensive plan; recreational & sports opportunities to be considered as factors by localities.
  • HJ386: Celebrating the life of Ronald V. Dolan.
  • HR39: Commending Heritage High School boys' track team.
  • HR40: Commending E. C. Glass boys' track team.