Delegate Tag Greason (R-Potomac Falls)

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32: County of Loudoun (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2010
Next Election
November 2015
Appropriations, Education, General Laws
Copatroning Habits
83% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 84% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 69% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
40% in 2014
Campaign Contributions
$70.00 cash on hand (May 2013 report)
Top 10 Donors
Thomas Littrell Dentist Galax $400

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Recent Mentions in the Media

Leesburg Today: Greason Bill Would Create Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plate

December 2, 2014
Del. Tag Greason (R-32) reads from a bill that he's introduced that would create a childhood cancer awareness license plate. The legislation was inspired by 13-year-old Mathias Giordano of Leesburg, who is battling bone cancer. At right is Mathias ...Parents of Va. boy with cancer seek special license plateW*USA 9all 3 news articles »

Loudoun Times-Mirror: Lawmakers and LCPS prepare for 2015 General Assembly with breakfast

December 8, 2014
Lawmakers were concerned about opening up charging for transportation, which Del. Randy Minchew (R-10) said is ?kind ... Del. Tag Greason (R-32) compared ideal assessment to a flashlight, illuminating true performance. ?Right now, my impression of the ...and more »

Inside NoVA: SOL panel releases proposals for improving student achievement

December 4, 2014
It is recommending some reforms in relation to the A-F grades that will be assigned to all Virginia public schools starting in 2017, part of new legislation drafted by Del. Tag Greason (R-Ashburn), who chairs the House Education Committee. The letter ...

Leesburg Today: State Panel Recommends More Flexibility, Funding To Assess Student Success

December 1, 2014
And Loudoun County has had a seat at the table with Terri Breeden, Loudoun public schools' assistant superintendent of instruction, and Del. Tag Greason (R-32), who represents Ashburn in the General Assembly, on the SOL Innovation Committee.

Loudoun Times-Mirror: Updated with arrangements announcement: Mathias Giordano dies at 13

December 10, 2014
Just weeks ago, local state Del. Tag Greason (R-32nd) pre-filed a bill in the General Assembly to create a ?childhood cancer awareness? license plate in Virginia, one of the initiatives of Roya Giordano and Team Mathias. An outpouring of support, well ...Inspirational In His Cancer Battle, Mathias Giordano DiesLeesburg Todayall 3 news articles »

These are all of the video clips of Tag Greason’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2010. There are 97 video clips in all.


  • HB1319: Special license plates; CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER.
  • HB331: First-time home buyer savings plans; established.
  • HB332: Common Interest Community Ombudsman; owners' bill of rights.
  • HB333: School calendar; local school boards responsbile for setting and determining opening day.
  • HB925: Driver education; community colleges shall have authority to offer courses to become instructor.
  • HB926: Behavior analyst; exceptions to licensure requirements, Advisory Board established.
  • HB927: Problem Gambling Treatment Fund; established.
  • HB929: Emergency vehicles; Virginia National Guard vehicles exempt from certain situations.
  • HB930: Standards of Learning; assessments, reform.
  • HB931: State Police, Department of; appointment of supervisory officers.
  • HB1003: Opportunity Educational Institution; funding.
  • HB1115: Virtual Virginia; DOE to increase online courses available to other school divisions through Program
  • HJ1: Teacher Career Ladder program; Department of Education to study feasibility of implementing.
  • HJ44: Constitutional amendment; aid for students attending nonprofit higher educational institutions, etc.
  • HJ230: Commending Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick III.
  • HR70: Commending the Children's Science Center.
  • HB1330: Admissions tax; adds Loudoun County to list of counties that are authorized to levy.
  • HB1425: Tenant's remedies; interrupted utility service.
  • HB1467: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting opening of school year, etc.
  • HB1468: Public schools; possession & administration of epinephrine by employees of local governing bodies.
  • HB1539: Motor vehicles; certain vehicle dealers not required to display license at wholesale auction.
  • HB1638: Military Affairs, Department of; providing of flag to next of kin.
  • HB1639: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; exempts correspondence of members of General Assembly & aides.
  • HB1640: Child care providers; background checks for eligibility for child care subsidy payments.
  • HB1868: First-time home buyer; savings accounts for purchase of single-family residences, tax exemption.
  • HB1999: Individual school performance; Board of Education shall approve student growth indicators, report.
  • HB2217: Pedestrians, etc; local government may adopt ordinances requiring to stop at marked crosswalks.
  • HB2232: Problem Gambling Treatment Fund; established.
  • HB2266: Wiretapping; authorization for monitoring by sheriff's office.
  • HB85: HOV lanes; extends sunset provision on use by vehicles with clean special fuel license plates.
  • HB86: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting and determining opening of school year.
  • HB156: Housing and Community Development, Board of; terms of certain members.
  • HB157: Party identification on ballots; requirement extends to local elections.
  • HB1104: Va. Fire Services Board and State Board of Juvenile Justice; powers & duties.
  • HB1105: Freedom of Information Act; electronic communication meetings.
  • HB1106: Behavior and assistant behavior analysts; licensure by Board of Medicine.
  • HB1107: Public schools; possession and administration of auto-injectable epinephrine.
  • HB1108: Career and technical education; industry certifications mandatory part of program.
  • HB1109: Problem Gambling Treatment Fund; established.
  • HB1110: Landlord and tenant laws; dwelling units.
  • HB1111: Statewide Fire Prevention Code & Uniform Statewide Building Code; fees for enforcement and appeals.
  • HJ9: Constitutional amendment; religious or theological education for military chaplains, etc.
  • HR75: Celebrating the life of Amarria Denise Johnson.
  • HB1432: HOV lanes; use by vehicle with clean special fuel license plates.
  • HB1433: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting & determining opening of school year.
  • HB1448: Juvenile court deferral and dismissal; cases ineligible for expungement of records.
  • HB1470: Real property tax; membership of boards of equalization.
  • HB1493: Career and technical education; industry certification is mandatory.
  • HB1525: Elections; form of ballots to be used in local elections in Loudoun County.
  • HB1526: Real property tax appeal; information regarding income and expenses of income-producing property.
  • HB1976: Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, Council on; membership.
  • HB1977: Problem Gambling Treatment Fund; established.
  • HB1978: Substitute judges; allows an assistant attorney for State to be appointed.
  • HB1979: ABC; exemption from payment of tax on wine and alcoholic beverages shipped out of state.
  • HB1980: Juveniles; transfer to circuit court for criminal trial.
  • HB1981: Traffic lights; motorcycle drivers, etc., in certain situations, to proceed through intersections.
  • HB2122: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for certain computer equipment and enabling software.
  • HB2467: Health insurance; mandated coverage for autism spectrum disorder.
  • HJ537: Commending The George Washington University's Virginia Science and Technology Campus.
  • HJ538: Commending Alvin Wyman.
  • HJ614: Constitutional amendment; aid for nonpublic higher education, religious or theological education.
  • HJ623: Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month; designating September 2011, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ629: Commending the Potomac Falls High School boys' basketball team.
  • HJ719: Patient Safety Day; recognizing as February 2, 2011.
  • HJ958: Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Virginia Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act.
  • HB214: HOV lanes; extends date for use by vehicle with clean special fuel license plates.
  • HB704: School board; may have staggered terms for members in Loudoun County.
  • HB752: Traffic lights; allows motorcycle, etc., to proceed through intersections showing steady red signal.
  • HB753: Alcoholic beverages; possession without a license, exemptions.
  • HB799: School calendar; local school boards responsible for determining opening of school year.
  • HB1252: Electronic communication service providers; obtaining records by law-enforcement officers.
  • HB1364: National Guard; eligibility for in-state tuition for members to allow for religious training, etc.