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The 2019 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 9, 2019, and continued for 45 days. Here you can read the bills that were proposed, voted on, and the few that ultimately become law.

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Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.
Carol Jackson writes: Thank GOD for our government leaders with the understanding of the sanctity of life. Where would your contemporaries be if their mothers, with/without government “sanction,” had dismembered/burned/dissolved them in the womb/at birth? Perhaps they should think of what their lives would be like today had they or their wives aborted their own babies. Surely those children were not all “planned” and prepared for beforehand; all were/are not perfect. Which ones do they now wish they had murdered, killed, “aborted” before they had the right to live? The pro abortionists need to examine their own hearts aloud, verbally, in front of their own children and see if they can answer those questions in front of them.
Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
Donna Anderson writes: I understand the comments about raising minimum wage, and as a very small business owner I wish I could afford to pay $15. An hour. Currently I start my staff at $8. It's all I can afford. I did the numbers just this morning and I would have to increase my rates across the board 73% to meet a $15 an hour minimum wage. So what does that mean for my customers? A simple dog bath would go from $29 to $50. A day of daycare from $25 to $43 and a night of boarding from $39 to $67. That's just for my industry. Any service related industry would have to do the same. I can't automate my staff like the fast food restaurants are planning to do. I need every staff member I have. Customers will not tolerate the price increases like this. Remember only the minimum wage would increase., not the wages of employees already making over $15. In all likelyhood they would remain the same. Which means those folks would have to pay those inflated prices on generally the same wage they already make. It's a win loose situation. You would think that a raise to $15 an hour would allow those folks to have more purchasing power. I fear we will all be just treading water. Everything goes up with the wage increase. The only way it would work would be for a wage increase WITHOUT price increases. A pipe dream. Lots of businesses would fail I fear. I'm worried I will loose my business. ☹️
Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
Jodi Androw writes: I have been voting Republican, but I will be voting Democrat from now on. How in the world do you expect anyone to make it without Govenment assistant on $7.25 an hour. Not going to happen. I earn $9.25 and hour at FoodLion and I still receive food stamps for just me, no children at home. Imagine if you will that it was 5 years ago when raising my Great Niece and Nephew on $7.25 an hour or even $9.25. I couldn’t do it. At that time I was earning much more as a CNA, I feel My education level could be higher , I also feel I am educated. So it’s not just those that didn’t completeiPlease Republicans think what it would be like if you had to raise your family on 7.25 an hour. Thank you, Jodi
Health insurance; nondiscrimination, gender identity or transgender status.
AJ writes: Thank you for using your "valuable time and energy" to work towards providing support and protection for the marginalized people in your constituency. They are PEOPLE, too. -Another tax-paying constituent
Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
Derrick Martin writes: They need too pass this bill nobody can live off of 7.25 I would like one of them to come and work for 7.25!!! It got too get done!!!
Motor vehicle safety inspections; increases maximum charge from $16 to $20.
John Mini writes: I am VERY PLEASED this bill has failed! Why would ANYONE vote for original inspect bill in the first place, let alone vote for an increase! The bill does NOTHING for safety....check your numbers and fax against states that have done away with the law. This bill is perpetrated by the automobile lobbyist. I drive a company vehicle, 2018 Chevy Impala. My shop forgot to "inspect" in and I didnt notice that the ticket had expired. I was pulled over on the interstate and given a ticket!! It's a brand new car and I don't own it!!! It didn't matter.I was put in more danger, being pulled over on the interstate, that that car could have ever caused me 10 years, let alone 1 year old. Shame on you Sen. Barker and anyone who supported it.