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The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 8, and continued until March 12. Here you can read the bills that were proposed and learn about the few that ultimately become law.

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Death penalty; abolishes penalty, including those persons currently under a death sentence.
Marissa Goldsmith writes: +
Public schools; electives on the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament and the New Testament.
James Franks writes: This bill should have been passed, there is a force that don’t want the true biblical history revealed. That is why it was denied.
Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits.
Gloria Maldonado writes: I agree to have this bill passed. I agree that people with good behavior and first offensive that has made an honest mistake should be given a second chance after they have served at least a year or two.
Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits.
jennifer ward writes: i need for my husband to come home please pass this bill
Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits.
jennifer ward writes: hey i would love for this to pass because i can have my husband come home with this virus stuff it would be nice if i can cut his time in half and be able to bring him home.
Parole; application of statutes.
Kay S writes: I hope that this (SB91) and/or (HB1532-earned credit time) is passed. I and many others believe that mistakes were made and parole is one tool to use to determine if a prisoner deserve to be released early. Mistakes are made by everyone (criminal and personal). We hope to get another chance to fix it or wish to do it again. It is the way we learn a lesson. Example is the Governor accused for wear black face. I bet he learned from that mistake. With the recent spotlight on how injustice of sentencing/plea bargains the only way to correct it will be to allow the prisoners a "second chance" to prove themselves. I don't think anyone is asking to just open the doors and allow everyone out. I think the time to get parole should be subject to the crime and repeat offender. Right now, Virginia has taking all opportunity to better themselves. Most training has been discontinued or not offer in all prisons and the responsibility is for the family to pay for prisoner's college. Annual reviews can take the little earned time prisoner do earn away because they have not completed any programs. Parole would give them hope to want to live and give hope that they would be able to live a productive life. Have a family. Create bonds to their existing family. Support and assist love ones. There are so much good that the prisoner can do outside that cannot be done while they are in prison. Parole would give them hope that they can work towards. Currently, they are just waiting out their time because there is nothing else that can be done. The best time of their years...gone. Family relationship fade away and love one passing. When must get out they are old and now moved to government assistance. If they have a life to look forward to they can get out when they can gain mean-fully jobs and life. I would leave with this: Prisoners who doesn't want to earn they freedom...let them stay. But those who do and prove they desire a second chance should be given a chance.