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The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 8, and will continue for 60 days. Here you can read the bills that are proposed, follow them as they’re voted on, and learn about the few that ultimately become law.

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Motor vehicle safety inspection program; abolishes the state program.
betsie writes: I support this bill State inspection is nothing more than a tax.
Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact.
Jack R writes: This is the United States of America. We are a Republic. The Electoral College was implemented for a good reason. Why does a "public servant" propose a bill like this? Does he not like the system our founding fathers put in place? This bill is a disgrace and Sen. Adam Ebbin is a disgrace for proposing it.
Motor vehicle safety inspection program; abolishes the state program.
Clyde Fox writes: The cars on the road today are safer than they have ever been before. This program is antiquated, burdensome, and no longer appropriate for our state citizens. It should be abolished.
Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact.
Steve C writes: So our votes as Virginians will be valueless, as our electors will vote for the candidate someone else voted for. Disgusting!
Certified sexual assault nurse examiners; Secretary of HHR to study shortage.
Jess Plott writes: As a current Registered Nurse in a hospital setting, I support this bill. The facility I currently work for has previously had nurses go through the training process to become certified sexual assault nurse examiners. However, we currently do not have any nurses certified in this area. As a nurse who has worked in Women's Health during my entire nursing career, I have seen the need for women to be able to properly document sexual assault. As healthcare providers, we are failing women with this specific need with the Commonwealth's shortage of certified nurse examiners. This is an area that needs special attention dedicated to determining why the shortage exists and how to overcome this issue.
Estate tax; reinstatement.
Debbie Dear writes: THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE IDEA! NO ONE should have to pay death taxes any more. That was done way back to prevent a few rich families from controlling government in the early stages of our country's formation. This is another way to tax people and hurt EVERYONE! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!