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The 2021 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 13, and continue until March 1. Here you can read the bills that were proposed.

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Constitutional amendment; felon disenfranchisement.
MARSHA MAINES writes: EXACTLY. AFTER a Man or Woman is jewstarred with a LABEL called "felony" - and has been CONVICTED BY A JURY OF THE CRIME, sentenced to "rehabilitation" and actually PAID their alleged "debt to the STATE" - and RE-Turned to the PRIVATE FROM THE PUBLIC SERVITUDE - the Man shall be DECLARED "REDEEMED" AND RE-STORE/ED TO FULL PRIVATE CAPACITY and his Own Beneficial RIGHTS to USE HIS OWN ASSIGNED PUBLIC - credentials - for HIM-SELF - without INFRINGEMENT BY OTHER PUBLIC - Flush the TOILET - Flush the CACHE.
Larceny; repeals punishment for conviction of second or subsequent misdemeanor.
Ron Quasebarth writes: This bill is a disaster waiting to happen. Does Ken Plum care about my home getting vandalized for under $999. What has the Democrat Party become?
Larceny; repeals punishment for conviction of second or subsequent misdemeanor.
BillTheThrill writes: So w hb2290 you can steal $999 repeatedly ! Brilliant Since #fairfaxcounty isn't prosecuting assault maybe you could punch someone in the face to speed the transaction. Smashing !
Municipal elections; shifting elections to November.
Gregory writes: Moving local elections to November is a dumb idea that will only serve to drown out local issues with overwhelming state and national issues. They are not the same. Having run for local office myself, I know how important it is for the comparatively mundane local issues to have their own spotlight for local people to focus on them. Our local elections are non-partisan, and that will be completely nullified if they are held simultaneously with the highly partisan state and national elections. Saving money isn't worth the negative effects that November local elections would cause. The whole idea smacks of breaking something that currently works.
Municipal elections; shifting elections to November.
james fleming writes: Absolutely move elections to November.
Wildlife corridors; various agencies to consider and incorporate.
Lisa Jones writes: I was very happy to see this passed and think that wildlife corridors should be part of all highway and development planning. I was very happy to see that my representative, Mike Webert, voted yes. I am also grateful to the Richmond Sunlight site.