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The 2018 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 9, 2019, and will continue for 45 days. Here you can track the bills that are proposed, voted on, and the few that will ultimately become law.

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Educators; Board of Education to establish code of ethics and professional responsibility.
Barbara Ettner writes: This bill is absolutely necessary to preserve the integrity, neutrality and professionalism of educators in k-12 schools in Virginia. I do not any good reason why any professional educator would not welcome adhering to a code of ethics that is a straightforward as this one proposed in HJ 841. I fully support LaRock's resolution and hope he will introduce a bill for a code of ethics in the 2020 GA session.
Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
Stanley Hines writes: How on Gods blue earth can I take little Johnny and little Suzie to them big golden arches of McDonald's to get them a happy meal for being so so good in school this week on a ridiculous $7.25/hr. That is INSANE!! Pull it together Republicans!!
Cruelty to animals; increases penalty.
Kathryn writes: Now is the time to sign this bill! We will not stand by while innocent pets are tortured. We are their voice and need you to take the necessary step to show that we are serious about intolerance to animal abuse. Please sign it now
Place of religious worship; carrying dangerous weapon.
Mark writes: Too bad this bill didn't pass. People are sitting ducks in places to worship, without any means to protect themselves. Good law abiding citizens should be allowed to church. I do think that the "without any good or sufficient reason" should be changed to "defense."
Coal combustion residuals impoundment; closure of certain CCR units.
Judy Hinch writes: I would like to know when the Governor passes this bill and also any progress such as when the work is to begin, if there is anyone in the Governor's office who will oversee the enforcement, especially the priority to give local workers the jobs and also local water quality monitoring, etc.
Constitutional amendment; personal property tax exemption for motor vehicle of a disabled veteran.
Waldo Jaquith writes: It won't go to the governor for signature, Nathan — constitutional amendments don't require the governor's signature. But there's every reason why you would believe so: the "Progress" checkboxes up top there say so! I've opened a bug report (I maintain this website, and this mistake is mine), and I'll get it fixed. Thanks for calling it up!