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The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session will begin on January 8, and continue for 60 days. Here you can read the bills that are proposed, follow them as they’re voted on, and learn about the few that ultimately become law.

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Sale of caskets; preneed arrangements for funeral services.
Larry Sell writes: This Bill Passed. This is the most ridiculous abusive decision I have ever heard of. How and or why would Virginia enact such a law? I certainly don't think the consumer was protected. Certainly affirms my decision to not have a casket.
Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.
Evan Baker writes: Thank God this bill failed, I can't believe democrats are going this far left that they're even not caring about the woman's health anymore, after reading this bill, I just want to cry that people can be so heartless that not only would they want to support killing the baby, but also killing the mother!
Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
Evan Baker writes: I honestly think they should've simply amended the bill to be just the raise to $9 or $10 in July of this year, and no other increase, because the rate of inflation isn't that high, that we should increase it another 3 - 5 dollars in such a short amount of time. On top of that, even though there are people who have minimum wage jobs, such as me, we work like crazy to get wage increases and promotions, I started at about $8 and am currently making closer to $12 right now at my "minimum wage" job from raises. Donna Anderson is absolutely right, and we just would end up with only mega-conglomerates such as Disney or McDonald's actually being able to afford these outrageous wages, and all the small businesses would go out of business entirely because they wouldn't be able to afford it, which would in fact result in millions of people losing their jobs, and not just the minimum wage jobs, the higher-up jobs, too. You have to think about the math, too, not just your "feelings" of what's "right" for the people, because believe it or not, if this bill passed, it would actually make it even worse for minimum wage workers, because the price of everything else would go up, including even McDonald's! I know, because I work there, and we had to raise our prices to almost double when Maryland raised their minimum wage! Things like "taking little Johnny and little Suzie to them big golden arches of McDonald's to get them a happy meal for being so so good in school" is a privilege, not a right, and you guys who are in favor of this bill need to actually work at your jobs to get promotions/raises, or look for a different job, because if you're responsible enough for a family, you're responsible enough to understand how math works and to have the energy and such to actually get a better job, or do better at your current job! If you're that desperate, there's even entrepeneurship, so stop faking it, liberals, we republicans know what we're doing, and we're trying to save your skins from hurting yourselves even worse! - Guy who went from totally jobless to minimum wage to promotion and crew trainer, to getting a second job as a highly paid waiter, and all of that without any references whatsoever, all while full time at school during the spring and fall
Confidentiality, nondisparagement, or nondisclosure provisions; communication with law-enforcement.
Crystal Briscoe writes: Senator Howell, In my opinion, nondisclosure provisions are understandably necessary to protect trade secrets/proprietary information/intellectual property, etc. Confidentiality provisions are also necessary but should be restricted to things identified as confidential. However, nondisparagement provisions clearly violate our first amendment rights, and communication with law enforcement agents in the event of a crime or suspected crime should always be protected. I would suggest that you revise the bill to only address nondisparagement provisions (except in cases where the person receipt a significant sum of money to keep quiet)and resubmit it, as anyone can see that this is a form of oppression and a violation of civil rights. Of course, communication with law enforcement should always be allowed.
Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.
Carol Jackson writes: Thank GOD for our government leaders with the understanding of the sanctity of life. Where would your contemporaries be if their mothers, with/without government “sanction,” had dismembered/burned/dissolved them in the womb/at birth? Perhaps they should think of what their lives would be like today had they or their wives aborted their own babies. Surely those children were not all “planned” and prepared for beforehand; all were/are not perfect. Which ones do they now wish they had murdered, killed, “aborted” before they had the right to live? The pro abortionists need to examine their own hearts aloud, verbally, in front of their own children and see if they can answer those questions in front of them.
Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
Donna Anderson writes: I understand the comments about raising minimum wage, and as a very small business owner I wish I could afford to pay $15. An hour. Currently I start my staff at $8. It's all I can afford. I did the numbers just this morning and I would have to increase my rates across the board 73% to meet a $15 an hour minimum wage. So what does that mean for my customers? A simple dog bath would go from $29 to $50. A day of daycare from $25 to $43 and a night of boarding from $39 to $67. That's just for my industry. Any service related industry would have to do the same. I can't automate my staff like the fast food restaurants are planning to do. I need every staff member I have. Customers will not tolerate the price increases like this. Remember only the minimum wage would increase., not the wages of employees already making over $15. In all likelyhood they would remain the same. Which means those folks would have to pay those inflated prices on generally the same wage they already make. It's a win loose situation. You would think that a raise to $15 an hour would allow those folks to have more purchasing power. I fear we will all be just treading water. Everything goes up with the wage increase. The only way it would work would be for a wage increase WITHOUT price increases. A pipe dream. Lots of businesses would fail I fear. I'm worried I will loose my business. ☹️