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The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 8, and continued until March 12. Here you can read the bills that were proposed and learn about the few that ultimately become law.

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Marijuana; definitions, possession and consumption, civil penalties, report.
Scott writes: A responsible adult is a responsible adult no matter what the substance, liquid, vehicle they're driving, taxes paid, etc. Now, in the current pandemic with so many different focuses for law enforcement as well as risk of contamination and spread within the jail system, it makes sense to me to speed up this process, approval, etc. Let's focus on more important criminal activities, release those offenders with extremely minor charges, while also limiting the spread of the disease and freeing up taxpayer dollars by not having to support inmates that should not be imprisoned. Decriminalization really isn't enough. Like the lottery, this is also another revenue opportunity where the additional taxes can be used to improve our beautiful state.
Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits.
Lois Marie writes: I support this bill 100% I know there are a lot that got more time than they deserved , some got over 13 years that really deserve no time at all, right out of High school to lock up. Young life gone for 1 mistake that hurt no one . Please push to pass this bill 1532
Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits.
Lewayne writes: I support 1532 I wish our gov. would have pushed this, he seems so sincere and honest and I am disappointed that he didn't push for this. Our loves ones , the ones with medical issues and ones with autisum issues, that have caused no issues since being in prison and does not endanger anyone, this bill means everything for them and all their love ones. Really worried with this virus, our love ones are like sitting ducks, waiting for this to be brought in to them by employees and deliveries and other means, it is not just visitors they are worried about. Please push for hb1532 to pass.
Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits.
Kenneth crawford writes: 1532 should have been passed. I was told it would be passed in 2020. This state does not believe an individual can change. If it is not passed in 2021 vote a new group in to get the job done. They promise you a lot of things to get elected then turn their back on you and your family member who is incarcerated. Northam also did not push hard enough.
Hunting with dogs; retrieval & trespass, discharge of firearm on road, civil & criminal penalties.
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Commending the American Legion McLean Post 270.
Marshal J Hyman writes: On behalf of the McLean American Legion Post 270 I would like to thank Delegates Murphy and Sullivan and Senators Boysko and Favola for this honor. The Veterans of our Post appreciate your recognition of our many years of service to the community, state and nation. We hope to continue providing support through our various programs and donations for many years to come. As always we look forward to your visits to our Post home. Sincerely, Marshal Hyman Commander