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The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session will begin on January 8, and continue for 60 days. Here you can read the bills that are proposed, follow them as they’re voted on, and learn about the few that ultimately become law.

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Va. Alternative Energy & Coastal Protection Act; DEQ to implement final carbon trading regulation.
Ron Q writes: This is an all no bill without offering suggestions for real solution. Please look at the research, wind and solar farms greatly degrade the environment in many ways like cutting down hundreds of trees. The European solution of building modern generation nuclear power generators seems well worth pursuing here.
Campaign finance; audits of campaign finance reports for certain campaign committees.
Ron Q writes: This must be more clearly defined, and then I may support it.
United States Constitution; ratifies Equal Rights Amendment.
Ron Q writes: Definitely no, until the full legal ramifications are understood by all. Show where and how this law is really needed.
Health insurance; payment to out-of-network providers, emergency services.
Ron Q writes: Out of network providers may charge far out of line costs, this needs to be addressed to. But a good idea, still.
Gun Violence Awareness Day; designating as June 1, 2020, and each succeeding year thereafter.
Ron Q writes: How much more awareness do we need after this being talked at relentlessly for years. The big problem which is rarely addressed directly is illegal guns in impoverished areas. Please come with a solution for that, for that is what causes the most gun crimes.
Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for affordable housing (first reference).
Ron Q writes: Don't the overall income laws already in place provide a remedy for someone truly indigent to seek aid? No.