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The 2023 Virginia General Assembly session will begin on January 11, and continue until mid-February. Here you can read the bills that are proposed.

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Common interest communities; authority of association to suspend right to use certain facilities.
POA Meister writes: Thank you for stopping this terrifying legislative bill as it was introduced in the House. POAs do not need more power, certainly not the power to "fine" without an affirmative basis in their declaration - the contract that is agreed to by all homeowners when they buy into a POA. While we want to believe that POA boards are run by reasonable, sensible adults who would not abuse their power, this is not always the case. Nor is it the case that all lawyers who practice in this area of law provide objective legal guidance for POA boards. There are news articles about some of the lawsuits brought against POAs in Virginia - Shadowood, Tvardek, Olde Belhaven, Manchester Oaks, Sainani - with interviews from homeowners that describe cringeworthy abuses of power by POA boards that led up to these lawsuits (all of which homeowners won). Like cockroaches, the few you see in the daylight tend to be indicative of a greater infestation. What POAs really need are training programs for their boards to be educated about their responsibilities, such as maintaining common amenities, roads and stormwater systems; legal requirements; board fiduciary standards; responsible handling of the POA's money and its other assets, such as its reputation. Responsible governance, not fines and force, is the best support for POA property values.
Health care providers and grocery store workers; employers to provide paid sick leave.
Dee Lane writes: This bill was directed at offering part time workers with sick leave. These workers are often kept part time just so employers can avoid sick leave and overtime/hearth benefits. Part time employees are always abused.
Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; universal license recognition.
Brenda Schoenherr writes: While this is a great opportunity it will not help with accessing services for those who have special needs children. It is terrible to move from out of state with a professional license and not be able to get services for 2 or 3 years!
Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; removal of name and identifying information.
Timothy Cooke writes: Is there a specific reason this bill was killed unanimously? Was there some technical reason or are our representatives just interested in making it harder for people to be removed from the registry? It seemed to be a very common-sense law proposed that would streamline removal. Now it will be more costly and difficult for registrants to be removed.
Petition for modification of sentence; eligibility, procedures.
Cherie Lent writes: I support SB842. Many offenders are locked up at a young age which has been shown to be before the mind has fully developed. This bill allows time for the offender to mature and to show a judge their growth and maturity. I trust that a judge is not going to set free a serial killer as some would have us believe. I think it’s time to let the judges do their jobs without being bound by mandatory legislations. Let’s stop throwing people away and warehousing them, let’s start rehabilitating them and giving them a future to work towards.
Petition for modification of sentence; eligibility, procedures.
Velnita Harmon writes: I support the bill. My brother has been incarcerated for over 20 years since he was 19. It was his first run in with the law. This bill would certainly help him. It would also help him to get back into the lives of his daughters and meet his grandchildren. Hold them and get to know them in person and not over the phone.