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The 2018 Virginia General Assembly session began on January 9, 2019, and will continue for 45 days. Here you can track the bills that are proposed, voted on, and the few that will ultimately become law.

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Driving while intoxicated or operating watercraft while intoxicated; maiming, etc., of another.
Marjorie Frazier writes: Would just like to say like so many other bills, don't wait until it happens to YOU and YOUR family, do something today to STOP these senseless acts of violence. There is no punishment for DUI's as you have it now - they go on with their life as if nothing has happened while the lives and families change FOREVER from these senseless, unlawful, acts. Please find it in the law books to make a difference. Please pass this bill and make a difference-IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU, YOUR CHILD, YOUR GRANDCHILD, MOTHER, FATHER, BROTHER, SISTER, ETC... STOP THESE PEOPLE TODAY, MAKE THEM THINK A LITTLE MORE BEFORE THEY GET BEHIND A WHEEL INTOXICATED. PLEASE... Thank you for this consideration, Marjorie-MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER of 2 beautiful girls injured but survived..... email: bigmama926@aol.com
Place of religious worship; carrying dangerous weapon.
Maryam writes: I think that this bill is a bad idea. Passing this bill would mean that people would be allowed to bring concealed weapons into places of religious worship! More guns ≠ Less violence
Public schools; electives on the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament and the New Testament.
Jeffrey Cartwright writes: This bill clearly breaches the separation between church and state. It has no place in our laws and will most likely be vetoed by the governor. I had hoped that the days of pushing legislation like this through the legislature just to make points with political preachers were gone. Let them teach Sunday school, not invade our schools.
DOE; pilot program, placement transition of certain students.
Karen Stein writes: Please consider that this is a pilot to study what services, staffing, and items are necessary to provide more children of our Commonwealth with a education with their siblings and neighbors. Research already shows that children with disabilities and those without benefit from including these children in classes together. Learning whatever these students need to receive an education in what is truly the most appropriate setting through this inexpensive pilot, limited scope study. . Finally, the expense to educate the children this bill targets, who's schools currently pay for them to attend private, often specialty is quite high. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this bill, in conjunction with the JLARC study into CSA and special education, demonstrates that the home school education for children currently not being served there is feasible will save the Commonwealth the large difference in cost between these two schooling settings multiplied by the number of students currently served in private school settings. . Therefore, you are considering a bill to authorize an inexpensive pilot program with the potential for large ongoing savings. Please pass SB 1576 so the Budget conferees have the opportunity to review the financial request.
Sanctuary policies; policies prohibited that restrict enforcement of federal immigration laws.
Phil Storey writes: The exceptionally broad language of this bill is an invitation to localities and their personnel at all levels to engage in racial and ethnic profiling and a wide array of discriminatory practices. Employers, including municipalities, restrict their employees' activities consistent with their authority and professional scope, and for good reason. This bill would apparently give every employee of a municipality the right to use their own judgment about when to call ICE and report someone they suspect of being undocumented, regardless of its effect on the higher priorities the locality's leaders might give to public safety, criminal investigations, public health, etc. No undocumented or 'foreign-looking' victim of or witness to a criminal act could confidently cooperate with the police without great risk of being reported to ICE. It is hard to see any rational justification for this. It seems clearly based on prejudice and xenophobia. Please reject this bill.
Public schools; electives on the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament and the New Testament.
robert legge writes: I do not favor this. But at the least, this is not something that that General Assembly should be demanding schools do.