About Subscriptions

There are four types of data that can be subscribed to on Richmond Sunlight using an aggregator. Links to activate these subscriptions are embedded within the page—your RSS reader should detect them. (If not, you can provide your RSS reader with the website address for the page to which you want to subscribe—e.g., a bill’s page or a legislator’s page—and it’ll figure it out.)

Bills Individually

This provides notification of the progress made by an individual bill. Every time it advances, you’ll be notified.

It is not possible to subscribe to a bill that is dead, because what would be the point?

Bills By Tag

This provides notification of the progress mady on any bill that has been tagged with a particular word or phrase. Any time that any bill with that tag has any status change, that is reflected in the subscription. The page for every tag has a “Subscribe” box on the right-hand side, which is where that tag may be subscribed to.

It is not possible to subscribe to a tag that does not yet exist, that is, a word or phrase that no bills have yet been tagged with.

Bills By Legislator

This makes it possible to follow every bill introduced by a particular legislator. Every legislator’s page (e.g., Del. Rob Bell) has a “Subscribe” box on the righthand side that contains a link to subscribe to that legislator”s bills. This will provide a listing of every bill that has been introduced by the legislator in the current session. That listing will update whenever the status of any of that legislator’s bills changes.


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