SJ237: Commending Inova Mount Vernon Hospital on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

Offered February 16, 2006
Commending Inova Mount Vernon Hospital on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.
Patrons-- Puller, O'Brien and Ticer; Delegates: Amundson, Englin and Sickles

WHEREAS, after the Fairfax Hospital Association opened Fairfax Hospital in 1961, it was widely accepted that two or more closely associated hospitals would be built to serve other areas of Fairfax County, and the concept of a countywide hospital system was strengthened by discussions and decisions among community leaders and governance groups; and

WHEREAS, in 1967, voters overwhelmingly passed a $32 million health bond referendum to finance a hospital in southeastern Fairfax County; and

WHEREAS, as a result, the Mount Vernon Hospital was built and opened its doors to the first patients in the historic Mount Vernon community in 1976; and

WHEREAS, the 235-bed, acute care, general hospital performed its first surgery four days after opening and, like its sister facility, Fairfax Hospital, Mount Vernon Hospital was established to provide care for all of the citizens of the area, regardless of financial circumstances, and no patient has ever been turned away; and

WHEREAS, over the next 10 years, the physical medicine and rehabilitation services at Mount Vernon Hospital were expanded, and a new cardiac care center was added; and

WHEREAS, in 1982, the hospital became one of the first workplaces in the nation to open an on-site child care center for employees; and

WHEREAS, the first inpatient unit of the Rehabilitation Center at Mount Vernon Hospital opened with 28 beds in 1983, and the BRIDGE Program, which offers day treatment for patients recovering from medical procedures, was added the following year; and

WHEREAS, in 1997, Mount Vernon Hospital was renamed Inova Mount Vernon Hospital to reflect its place in the not-for-profit Inova Health System; and

WHEREAS, in addition to a wide range of services, including medical, surgical, critical care, psychiatric, and emergency care, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital is home to the nationally recognized Inova Rehabilitation Center and Inova Joint Replacement Center; and

WHEREAS, specialized programs offered at the hospital complex include the region’s only Wound Healing Center and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit; and

WHEREAS, despite its growth in services and stature, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital has never lost sight of its original and abiding mission: “to improve the health of the diverse community we serve through excellence in patient care, education and research”; it is this mission that ensures all members of the Mount Vernon community continue to receive the high quality health care they need and deserve; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend and congratulate Inova Mount Vernon Hospital on the occasion of its 30th anniversary; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the Senate prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Inova Mount Vernon Hospital as an expression of the General Assembly's gratitude for its dedication to the well-being of the citizens of the Mount Vernon community.