HB2314: Tolls; provides for imposition and collection thereof for use of any component of Interstate system.

Offered January 10, 2007
Prefiled January 9, 2007
A BILL to amend the Code of Virginia by adding a section numbered 33.1-23.03:10, relating to imposition and collection of tolls for use of certain Interstate Highway System components.
Patron-- Lingamfelter

Committee Referral Pending

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding a section numbered 33.1-23.03:10 as follows:

§ 33.1-23.03:10. Tolls for use of certain Interstate Highway System components.

A. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of this title and in accordance with all applicable federal statutes and requirements, the Commonwealth Transportation Board may impose and collect tolls in amounts established by the Board for the use of any component of the Interstate Highway System within the Commonwealth. Such funds so collected shall be deposited into the Transportation Trust Fund established pursuant to § 33.1-23.03:1, subject to allocation by the Board as provided in this section.

B. The toll facilities authorized by this section shall be distributed among the regions in the Commonwealth in such a manner that no more than two such toll facilities shall be located on any portion of Interstate Route 95, Interstate Route 64, and Interstate Route 81, and no more than one such toll facility shall be located on any portion of Interstate Route 66 or Interstate Route 85. The Department of Transportation shall evaluate and make recommendations to the Commonwealth Transportation Board relative to the proposed locations for such toll facilities and the potential revenues to be collected from each toll facility, prior to the Board's taking action to establish such toll facilities. The Board shall consider the traffic volumes relative to each such proposed toll facility, including the percentage of local traffic as compared to the out-of-state motorists using components of the Interstate Highway System in the Commonwealth. 

C. In order to mitigate traffic congestion in the vicinity of the toll facilities, no toll facility shall be operated without high-speed automated toll collection technology designed to allow motorists to travel through the toll facilities without stopping to make payments. The Board shall also consider traffic congestion and mitigation thereof and the impact on local traffic movement as factors in determining the location of the toll facilities authorized pursuant to this section.

D. Seventy-five percent of the revenues collected from each toll facility established pursuant to this section shall be used to finance transportation improvements in the highway construction district in which such toll facility is located. The remaining revenues shall be used to repair, expand, enlarge, construct, reconstruct, or renovate any of the transportation facilities in any highway construction district other than that within which the facility is located.