SB881: Manion, Kevin Carder; parents awarded handgun for his service to Department of State Police.

Offered January 10, 2007
Prefiled January 8, 2007
A BILL to award a service handgun to the parents of Trooper Kevin Carder Manion.
Patron-- Deeds

Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  § 1. That William K. and Frances Carder Manion, the parents of Trooper Kevin Carder Manion, be, and hereby are, vested with title to, and authorized to possess and retain as their own, Trooper Kevin Carder Manion's service handgun, which he used as a member of the Virginia Department of State Police. This transfer is made as a visible and express token of the appreciation of the General Assembly for the professionalism, devotion, and dedication of Trooper Kevin Carder Manion.