SJ446: Korean American Day; designating as January 13, 2007, and each succeeding year thereafter.

Offered January 19, 2007
Designating January 13, in 2007 and in each succeeding year, as Korean American Day.
Patron-- Devolites Davis

Referred to Committee on Rules

WHEREAS, in December 1902, a group of 56 men, 21 women, and 25 children traveled from Korea across the Pacific Ocean, landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 13, 1903, marking the first entry of Korean immigrants to the United States territory; and

WHEREAS, over the past century, Korean Americans have demonstrated initiative, creativity, and an affinity for hard work that has made them a vital, successful, and growing part of American society; and

WHEREAS, the 2000 United States census reported that there were 1.3 million ethnic Koreans living in America and more than 135,000 American businesses, employing more than 330,000 people, owned by Korean Americans; and

WHEREAS, Korean Americans have made major contributions in all aspects of American life, notably succeeding in the fields of medicine, business, engineering, architecture, athletics, and the arts; and

WHEREAS, many Korean Americans were instrumental in attaining independence for their mother country, and generations of these freedom loving people have proudly served the United States with bravery and distinction in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War; and

WHEREAS, August 15 is celebrated in South Korea as their day of independence from Japan at the end of World War II and a sovereign Korean government was proclaimed three years later; and

WHEREAS, after a century of great success in the United States, Korean Americans continue to make vital contributions to the freedom, prosperity, and quality of life enjoyed by all Americans; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the General Assembly recognize January 13, in 2007 and in each succeeding year, as Korean American Day and encourage the citizens of the Commonwealth to reflect on the invaluable contributions of Virginia's Korean American community; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the Senate post the designation of January 13 as Korean American Day in Virginia on the General Assembly's website.