Motion picture production companies; expands tax incentives. (HB1393)

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Del. Jackson Miller (R-Manassas) with support from 7 copatrons, whose average partisan position is:

Those copatrons are Del. Frank Hall (D-Richmond), Del. Frank Hargrove (R-Glen Allen), Del. Charles Poindexter (R-Glade Hill), Del. Onzlee Ware (D-Roanoke), Sen. Roz Dance (D-Petersburg), Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond), Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (D-Martinsville)


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Passed House
Passed Senate
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Income, retail sales and use, and motor vehicle sales and use taxes; motion picture production company tax incentives. Provides for and expands a series of tax incentives for motion picture production companies that make films and episodic television series in the Commonwealth. The tax incentives include refundable income tax credits, retail sales and use tax exemptions, and motor vehicle sales tax exemptions. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/09/2008Presented and ordered printed 081910568
01/09/2008Referred to Committee on Finance
01/17/2008Assigned Finance sub: 3
01/28/2008Impact statement from TAX (HB1393)
02/04/2008Continued to 2009 in Finance

Duplicate Bills

The following bills are identical to this one: SB667.


Charlie T. writes:

Passage would help attract film production in Virginia with resulting economic benefits. This is an environmentally clean profession.

Marty T writes:

As a member and past chair of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the Virginia Production Alliance, an actress, and former talent agent who has been professionally involved in economic development, I
strongly urge passage of HB 1393. Virginia can meet
many of its financial needs by providing strong tax incentives to help attract and retain media production and personnel with tremendous economic and cultural benefits.

Marty T writes:

Virginia must act vigorously to protect and enhance its competitive stance in the film industry if it is to retain its creative work force and to enjoy the economic benefits now rapidly migrating to other states with strong incentive programs.

As a dedicated member of the Virginia Production
Alliance and the production community, I strongly
urge support of the Motion Picture Incentive Act
of 2008, SB 667.