Public schools; abortion services prohibited. (HB1538)

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Del. Brenda Pogge (R-Williamsburg)


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Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
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Public schools; abortion services prohibited. Prohibits school divisions and their employees from providing abortion services. The bill also prohibits any provider of abortion services from providing information or course materials related to human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases. Abortion services means (i) performing, inducing, or assisting in the performance or inducing of an abortion that is not necessary to save the life of the mother; (ii) encouraging a patient to have an abortion or referring a patient for an abortion that is not necessary to save the life of the mother; or (iii) developing or dispensing drugs, chemicals, or devices intended to be used to induce an abortion that is not necessary to save the life of the mother. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/18/2008Presented and ordered printed 088481548
01/18/2008Referred to Committee on Education
01/23/2008Impact statement from DPB (HB1538)
02/06/2008Continued to 2009 in Education

Duplicate Bills

The following bills are identical to this one: SB542.


Evelyn writes:

It is ok to have a nursery in Harrisonburg High School for the girls to bring their babies to school. It is not ok for the school nurse to provide information on sexually transmitted disease, birth control, or offer all alternatives? Isn't Education and educating what school divisions are suppose to be doing? Let the parent opt their son/daughter out if they oppose this.

DrMink writes:

Why don't you just say "Planned Parenthood" is prohibited from public schools. Also, is there the same prohibition against "right to life" groups advertising the same service, in the name of fairness?

I know the GOP depends on people staying ignorant, but really...?

Beth L. writes:

The statistics in this state for STDs, rape and teen preganacy are very high. There are a lot of young girls engaged in sex who have no idea how to protect themselves against pregnancy and STDs.
And the legislators think we need less education and information?