School bus stop locations; school boards to develop written plans prescribing procedure therefor. (HB291)

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Del. David Englin (D-Alexandria) with support from co-patrons Del. Kris Amundson (D-Mount Vernon), and Del. Brian Moran (D-Alexandria)


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Local school boards; duties. Requires local school boards to develop written plans prescribing a procedure for: (i) designating school bus stop locations; and (ii) ensuring that no school bus stops shall be located within 50 feet of the home of an individual required to be registered as a sex offender pursuant to 9.1-901. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/03/2008Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/08 088337500
01/03/2008Referred to Committee on Education
01/16/2008Impact statement from DPB (HB291)
02/12/2008Left in Education


L. Lawless writes:

What about not locating bus stops near convicted drug dealers or murderers or those with a history of assault or chronic alcoholics (they can testy if you wake them up too early) or those with mean dog convictions (they could get another one) or psychotic people or old ladies with Alzheimers (we used to have one who stood in her front yard and screamed at passing kids accusing them of being Nazis). Wow! This could really get out of hand!

Jeff Nelson writes:

This bill imposes more work on school administrators and provides no funds to support the work. The Va Dept. of Education should be able to write a report suggesting how to designate a bus stop and distribute it to all school boards.

Dave writes:

Where is the evidence that this in any way contributes to safety? All it does is perpetuate the "stranger danger" myth.

Julie writes:

I can't imagine the administrative nightmare this would impose on school administrators. Not only would they have to designate new stops initially for the school year, but change the stops each time a new offender moves into the area, notify all the parents of the change, and HOPE all the kids get the new information and aren't standing alone somewhere waiting for a bus that doesn't arrive!

Come on parents...where are YOU? Either I, or another adult, stayed with my kids until they got on the bus...wouldn't that solve the problem?

I'd much rather see the money spent in doing this going to increase a teacher's salary or buying much needed school supplies, or providing a music or art program--you know, something that will ensure my kids are getting a good education!

L. Lawless writes:

Indeed, Julie. My kids don't even have textbooks and we have to supply copy paper for the classrooms, yet we should waste some resources on this? 50'? It's just plain silly. Walk your kids to the bus stop, people, and teach them not to take candy from strangers ...

Mark Burnet writes:

..and yet there is no "Fiscal Impact" for this bill?
except to the locality from an unfunded mandate. Are all sexual offenders child predators? Are there people that are dangerous to children that are not sexual predators? To echo "Lawless", where does this end?
School Boards already have the flexibility to move a bus stop when there is a safety concern presented.