Transportation administration and funding; eliminating and replacing certain state fees and taxes. (HB6029)

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Del. Dave Albo (R-Springfield) with support from co-patrons Del. Joe May (R-Leesburg), and Del. Tom Rust (R-Herndon)


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Passed House
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Signed by Governor
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Transportation administration and funding. Eliminates or replaces with state fees and taxes certain fees and taxes for Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads authorized pursuant to Chapter 896 of the Acts of Assembly of 2007 that are within the ambit of the Supreme Court of Virginia's decision on February 29, 2008, that they are unconstitutional, and provides other state taxes in those regions for transportation projects in those areas. The bill replaces the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority by transferring its duties to other entities. The bill also establishes or increases certain statewide taxes for statewide maintenance of highways. Finally, the bill requires that a performance audit of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) be done by a private firm; that VDOT reduce its operations and administration expenditures by 5 percent within two years; and that VDOT set performance standards for its maintenance operations and privatize at least 80 percent of such operations no later than January 1, 2014. Read the Bill »


06/23/2008: Awaiting a Vote in the Rules Committee


06/23/2008Presented and ordered printed