Vital Records, Office of, et al.; development of alternative verification system. (SB492)

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Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Mount Solon)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Real ID; alternative verification system. Requires the Department of Health's Office of Vital Records, along with the Department of Motor Vehicles and other appropriate state and local agencies, to develop and implement a plan to provide Virginia resident verification, as an alternative to the requirements of the federal Real ID Act of 2005. The measure specifies that Virginia shall not comply with the unfunded mandates of the Real ID Act. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/09/2008Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/08
01/09/2008Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/08 084745232
01/09/2008Referred to Committee on General Laws and Technology
01/16/2008Rereferred from General Laws and Technology (14-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)
01/16/2008Rereferred to Transportation
01/24/2008Impact statement from DPB (SB492)
02/07/2008Continued to 2009 in Transportation (14-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)


frances roehm writes:

This is expensive, intrusive and one more step toward living like George Orwell's 1984

Tom writes:

Real ID is invasive, expensive, and there is little evidence it will do any good to protect us against terrorism. For more info

Tim Whitney writes:

Unfunded Federal Mandates are simply a federal tax on States and their citizens. Passports are the federal governments "Real ID." If passports are good enough for international travel - they should be good enough for boarding planes and entering federal buildings. It is time for Virginia to again tell Washington - thanks, but no thanks!

James Wahler writes:

This whole discussion in the Virginia Assembly is absurd at best, unknowing of the Constitution at worst.

The assembly should take a page from their Forefathers, and send a copy of the "Virginia Resolution of 1798" to the US Congress and the President of these united States. (They might want to substitute "Real ID Act, Patriot Act, and the Military Commissions Act" in place of the "Alien and Sedition Act".)

It wouldn't hurt to copy the US Supreme Court on this. They have also demonstrated their lack of understanding of THE CONSTITUTION lately.

PS; The AP seems to be the last Mainstream Media entity that has the guts to spread this action across the uS. So copy them as well.

Mike Eck writes:

James is absolutely right, but until we can elect someone who will follow the rule of law, the last sentence should read, "Virginia will not comply with the Real ID Act." Short, to the point, constitutional, respectful of individual freedom, etc.

James writes:

Need to tell your reps to Stop Real ID act from becomeing law here in VA befor its to late. Heres something most arent saying is deep buried in the bill is even if VA gets real id going and then decides to drop out or stop. The people who gave all there information up to the government, there info will be kept at the federal level for ever by FBI, in a database. Im sure few people already figured that though.
We need to stop what we are doing in life and think about the actions that we take by not watching and acting in government. These problems wouldnt be here if everyone for the last 75 yrs really paid attention to what our congress/senate and state governments were doing. Curruption is enbeded deep in our government now from the bottom to the top. I just hope we have enough time to stop it and bring back a constitutional government back to USA.

James writes:

I also think that the poll should just say do you support this bill. Because as of right now its kinda a loaded question, similiar to well you want try to prevent fraud dont you. I voted yes but in its current form I really dont like it because all it says is that we wont comply with Unfunded mandates, which leads me to believe if it werent for the money they would have already had it. Its not the lack of money that makes this wrong.

William Burges writes:

This is ot only intrusive and "big Brotherish", ut also will enable possible ID theft which will then leadto the under-the-skin RFID chip, which will be protested but will control all of your buying,traveling, selling, etc. actions and will no be wantedf by most, but by then may be matter how little it does to deter "terrorism"!