Nuclear power; joint subcommittee to study power within State. (SJ100)

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Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax) with support from co-patrons Sen. Steve Newman (R-Forest), and Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach)


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Study; nuclear power; report. Establishes a joint subcommittee to study nuclear power within the Commonwealth. The joint subcommittee shall (i) address all aspects of the production of nuclear power, including the mining of uranium the impact of the new nuclear plants on electricity rates; (ii) examine the economic development potential of nuclear power; (iii) consider whether the General Assembly should take action to support the development of additional nuclear power facilities in the Commonwealth; and (v) examine the advisability of permitting the mining of uranium in Virginia. Read the Bill »


02/01/2008: Merged into SB69


01/09/2008Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/08 088753216
01/09/2008Referred to Committee on Rules
02/01/2008Incorporated by Rules (SJ133-McEachin)


This bill mentions Coles Hill, Lynchburg, North Anna.


Star Womanspirit writes:

The alleged "free" market gave up on nuclear power long ago...they deemed it not profitable and too risky. IN these times it's even riskier.

Of course, Haliburton and the big oil companies want nuclear energy (as long as the taxpayers take on the risk and they take the profits)....alternative energy, solar and wind are now at the point they can start replacing coal and nuclear...This is where we need to invest our tax dollars...B/C without tax money there will be no nuclear...the same can't be said of alternative energy like solar and wind.

IN addition, wind and solar energy DECENTRALIZE energy and empowers communities and when will our legislators represent "OUR" interests instead of the special interests of the corporate elite?

elany p Aj writes:

There are better alternatives. I agree with star. Just look at how Cheney pushed nuclear power in 2001. it is all centered around greed. We are replacing one problem with another. The risks and enviromental destruction are immeasurable. I think the state should give people incentives to add other energy sources to their neighborhoods and homes.

Brian writes:

K, I'm not following this. How exactly are Haliburton and the "big oil companies" going to profit from the availability of nuclear energy...? Do you some basis for this or have you just become accustomed to blaming those eeeeevil oil companies for every social ill and frustration you encounter?

If the risks and imminent environmental destruction are so obvious and immeasurable why would you oppose a STUDY to ascertain that once and for all?