Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; State Police shall publish on Internet database. (HB2225)

Introduced By

Sen. Dave Marsden (D-Burke)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry. Provides that the State Police shall publish on the publicly available Internet sex offender database and mail to all persons for whom registration is required the text of all general laws affecting such persons solely because of their inclusion in the Registry. The State Police shall publish and mail the text of all such laws upon their enactment, if such laws are emergency acts, or upon the adjournment of the reconvened session following the regular or special session at which such laws were enacted. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/14/2009Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/14/09 098460608
01/14/2009Referred to Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety
01/27/2009Assigned MPPS sub: #2
01/29/2009Subcommittee recommends no further action
02/10/2009Left in Militia, Police and Public Safety


Mary writes:

Delegates Cline, Athey, Poindexter, Gilbert and Shuler,

Good afternoon.

After this mornings meeting of the House Sub-Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety, I returned home to inform my husband (who had to leave early for work) of the outcome.

We’d like to know……. Is there no legal requirement for a witness/spokesperson in a sub-committee vote to be truthful?

I was appalled that the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Task Force Representative was at best idealistic and at worst an out and out liar.

We request that you have an aide check the Virginia State Police web-site today, for the information that the representative claimed is available on the site. Your aide will discover that none of the information regarding restrictions and regulations including the new 2008 laws is anywhere listed.

We also request that you have an aide visit two or more State Police barracks and ask for the registration handout; they will find there is no hand-out that informs the registrant to what they can and can not do.

We also request that you ask for a copy of the so-called letter that was mailed out in July 2008 to every offender in the state to inform them of the new laws, as we contest it does not exist.

In fact once you have verified that the State Police Sex Offender Task Force Representative mis-lead all of you when he stated that the much needed information is already on their web-site, that they have a hand-out for people registering and re-registering, that a hand-to is given during the home visits and that there was a mass letter sent out in July 2008, he should be relieved of his position.

He represents a Task Force that you rely on for factual information and he in fact is a completely unreliable source.

From the very beginning (May 2008) everything I have shared and asked of the Delegates and Senators of Virginia as a wife and now as the organizer of the RSOL of Virginia is the complete truth.
We believe that by supplying you with documented facts and only the truth, will the new laws and revisions to existing laws make this a just and safe state.

I also understand that by your definition of your job, you need to believe that everyone listed on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry is guilty by definition, but reality would dictate otherwise. Our system is not perfect.

I was offended by the committees multiple references to all registered sex offenders being predators who are continually looking for a new victim and are unable to ever be rehabilitated.

Those comments prove that you are not voting based on facts, but opinion.

We look forward to a bill in 2010 that will provide the necessary Dissemination of Information that HB2225 and HB2511 would have done.

Thank you.
RSOL of Virginia Organizers