School dropout prevention; joint subcommittee to study. (SJ331)

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Sen. Chuck Colgan (D-Manassas)


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Study; joint subcommittee on school dropout prevention; report. Establishes a joint subcommittee to study school dropout prevention in Virginia. In conducting the study, the joint subcommittee shall (i) identify the reasons for and issues attendant to the problem of school dropout in Virginia; (ii) determine, by school division, the number of students who drop out of school before the seventh grade and the reasons therefor, and the number of students who graduate annually; (iii) conduct a comprehensive assessment of the factors related to school dropout in and prevention efforts employed by each school division, including the academic achievement gap, school dropout prevention, retention, and retrieval initiatives, social and economic dynamics in the locality, family and community support systems, and how and the extent to which the criminal justice system, faith community, and business and industry are actively involved in addressing the problem; (iv) review the findings and recommendations of recent national and state studies and reports related to dropout prevention and increasing the high school graduation rates, and determine the appropriateness of adopting certain of the recommendations for use in Virginia; (v) develop appropriate strategies and an action plan that incorporates a multifaceted approach to address the problem of school dropout comprehensively and systemically throughout the Commonwealth; (vi) review all current state laws, regulations, appropriations, and public policies relative to and that affect the issues attendant to school dropout and recommend such policy, statutory, fiscal, or regulatory changes as the joint subcommittee deems necessary; and (vii) consider such other related matters as the joint subcommittee deems appropriate to assist it in satisfying the objectives of this study. The joint subcommittee must report its final findings and recommendations to the Governor and the 2011 Session of the General Assembly. Read the Bill »


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01/13/2009Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/14/09 098581212
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