Information Technology; governance in State, substantive and technical changes. (HB1035)

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Del. Kathy Byron (R-Lynchburg)


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Information Technology governance in the Commonwealth; the Chief Information Officer; the Information Technology Investment Board; the Department of Technology Management, established; the Information Technology Investment Council, established; and the Council on Technology Services, established.

The bill eliminates the Information Technology Investment Board (ITIB) and replaces it with the Information Technology Investment Council (ITIC), which is established as a policy council under the Governor with the power and duty to (i) approve the recommended technology investment projects report prepared by the Project Management Division; (ii) approve plans for the development, maintenance, and replacement of enterprise and multiagency applications developed by the Council on Technology Services (COTS); and (iii) advise the Secretary of Technology on the termination of major information technology projects. The ITIC is comprised of each Cabinet Secretary, the Directors of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees, and three nonlegislative citizen members, all of whom to be appointed by the Governor. The Governor's Chief of Staff serves on the ITIC as chairman.

The bill grants the Governor the power to appoint the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who shall serve as the head of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA). The CIO reports to the Secretary of Technology and is responsible, through his role as head of VITA, for planning, developing, and procuring enterprise applications and infrastructure services.    

The bill establishes the Department of Technology (DTM) with the power and duty to (i) develop regulations, standards, policies, and guidelines for management of information technology in the Commonwealth; (ii) oversee information technology security, procurements, projects, investments, planning, and budgeting; (iii) report on information technology status and trends in the Commonwealth; and (iv) in consultation with VITA, identify and plan for the information technology needs of the Commonwealth. The Department is led by a Director who is appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the General Assembly, and reports to the CIO. The Department includes the Project Management Division, the Virginia Geographic Information Network, and the Public Safety Communications Division, all of which were previously under the supervision and responsibility of VITA.

The bill establishes the Council on Technology Services (COTS) as a policy council under the Governor with the power and duty to (i) advise the CIO on the application and infrastructure services provided by VITA; (ii) advise the Director of DTM on the development of information technology regulations, standards, policies, and guidelines; the list of recommended technology investment projects and proposed uses of state funds resulting from agency budget reviews; and (iii) develop, for approval by the ITIC, plans for the development, maintenance, and replacement of enterprise and multiagency applications. COTS is comprised of agency representatives from each of the Cabinet Secretaries and the legislative and judicial branches of state government.

The bill creates a new requirement that the Secretary of Technology develop a comprehensive statewide two-year strategic plan for information technology that addresses application and infrastructure needs, the use of information technology across state government, and information security issues. The Secretary is also responsible for the newly created DTM and shall coordinate and resolve any conflicts between DTM and VITA.

The bill contains several enactment clauses, including the provision that no additional funds from the general appropriation act passed by the 2010 Session of the General Assembly shall be used to implement the provisions of this act. Any additional funding necessary to implement the provisions of this act shall be provided from internal service funds maintained by VITA. This bill contains other substantive provisions and includes numerous technical changes necessary to update obsolete references. Read the Bill »


02/03/2010: Merged into HB1034


01/13/2010Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/13/10 10102018D
01/13/2010Referred to Committee on Science and Technology
02/02/2010Impact statement from DPB (HB1035)
02/03/2010Incorporated by Science and Technology (HB1034-Byron)

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