Public employment; prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, etc. (HB1116)

Introduced By

Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) with support from 48 copatrons, whose average partisan position is:

Those copatrons are Del. Watkins Abbitt (I-Appomattox), Del. Robin Abbott (D-Newport News), Del. Ward Armstrong (D-Martinsville), Del. Mamye BaCote (D-Newport News), Del. William Barlow (D-Smithfield), Del. Bob Brink (D-Arlington), Del. David Bulova (D-Fairfax), Del. Betsy Carr (D-Richmond), Del. David Englin (D-Alexandria), Del. Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria), Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), Del. Algie Howell (D-Norfolk), Del. Matthew James (D-Portsmouth), Del. Mark Keam (D-Vienna), Del. Kaye Kory (D-Falls Church), Del. Delores McQuinn (D-Richmond), Del. Paula Miller (D-Norfolk), Del. Ken Plum (D-Reston), Del. Albert Pollard (D-Lively), Del. Tom Rust (R-Herndon), Del. Jim Scott (D-Merrifield), Del. Jim Shuler (D-Blacksburg), Del. Mark Sickles (D-Alexandria), Del. Luke Torian (D-Woodbridge), Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville), Del. Roslyn Tyler (D-Jarratt), Del. Jeion Ward (D-Hampton), Del. Lee Ware (R-Powhatan), Del. Onzlee Ware (D-Roanoke), Del. Vivian Watts (D-Annandale), Sen. Kenneth Alexander (D-Norfolk), Sen. George Barker (D-Alexandria), Sen. Roz Dance (D-Petersburg), Sen. John Edwards (D-Roanoke), Sen. Mark Herring (D-Leesburg), Sen. Janet Howell (D-Reston), Sen. Lynwood Lewis (D-Accomac), Sen. Mamie Locke (D-Hampton), Sen. Dave Marsden (D-Burke), Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond), Sen. Don McEachin (D-Richmond), Sen. John Miller (D-Newport News), Sen. Joe Morrissey (D-Richmond), Sen. Dick Saslaw (D-Springfield), Sen. Lionell Spruill (D-Chesapeake), Sen. Scott Surovell (D-Mount Vernon), Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-Alexandria), Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple (D-Arlington)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
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Public employment; nondiscrimination.  Prohibits discrimination in public employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or status as a veteran. The bill defines "sexual orientation" as a person's actual or perceived heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, or gender identity or expression. The bill expressly provides that "sexual orientation" shall not include any person's attraction towards persons with whom sexual conduct would be illegal due to the age of the parties. The bill contains technical amendments. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/13/2010Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/13/10 10100749D
01/13/2010Referred to Committee on General Laws
01/18/2010Impact statement from DPB (HB1116)
02/09/2010Assigned GL sub: #4 Professions/Occupations and Administrative Process
02/09/2010Subcommittee recommends passing by indefinitely (5-Y 3-N)
02/16/2010Left in General Laws


VACOLAO, tracking this bill in Photosynthesis, notes:

VACOLAO supports this nondiscrimination legislation that would, for the first time, codify as statewide policy a prohibition against discrimination based on national orientation (and other protected categories) in state and local workplaces.

Equality Virginia, tracking this bill in Photosynthesis, notes:

Equality Virginia strongly supports this legislation that codifies for the first time a statewide policy against discrimination in public employment by state and local government agencies,authorities, constitional officers, colleges and schools. Protected classes include sex, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, veterans' status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Dr. Anya Hawthorn writes:

I am very much in favor of this bill. My partner recently lost her (health care) job when she was 'outed' as a lesbian by a client who recognised a sticker on her car. She had always received very good reviews, and been highly thought of at work, but once her supervisor discovered she was gay, she was no longer welcome. This was not due to any 'inappropriate' behavior; it was simply that she had a rainbow sticker on her car and did not lie when questioned about it.

Clarence H Hinnant writes:

I support this bill in particular as it pertains to Veterans.

Patrick Graydon writes:

Prohibiting employers from discriminating on the basis of characteristics that do not affect job performance and have long been the subject of invidious bias is a no-brainer. The only questions left to ask are: a) why this legislation wasn't passed years ago; and b) why it applies only to public employment and not to all Virginia employers.

claudia ellis writes:

It is time to protect all Virginians employed. It is already tough enough to stay employed because of the economy.

Benjamin L. Lewis writes:

Please support measures that seek to end ALL discrimination in employment. In this modern era, it is uncontainable that any employer would insist upon being free to discriminate against individuals for anything else other than their ability to perform their job. That's wrong, and every lawmaker knows it. It's time for our legislators to step up and vote on the right side of history, even if that means confronting your phobias and discomfort, reforming long-held irrational positions, and disappointing some sanctimonious constituents.

god-fearer writes:

per Mr Graydon's perfectly phrased question:

The reason(s) why this reasonable policy and legislation - already supported by most businesses. and by a majority of Virginians - is not passed by legislators, is lust for power by politicians, and the deceits, manipulations, and hypocrisies they use to maintain greedy power.

The early Christian writers who knew Jesus tell us:
1John.4.1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
1John.4.12 No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.
1John.4.20 If anyone says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

For, Cuccinelli, and McDonnell, like so many other queen-come-lately Republicans bludgeon gay people for the sake of votes, in order to distract the public from their own sins, they speak hateful words about others to gain votes. And, Democrats have been guilty, too, for falling into this trap of dishonesty and fear-mongering.

We see from the Christian scriptures that speaking hate about our neighbors - who they can see - while claiming to love God - who they cannot see -is a ‘test’ that the Christian tell us to employ: speaking gay-hatred show they those politicians, and pastors, and other leaders, are actually false prophets and liars.

Until some leaders are able to step outside this evil circle of hypocrisy, this discrimination may continue. And, this evil circle will expand ... bringing abuse and harm to many innocents.

But that is not the end of the story: since those who perpetuate this evil circle or greed, deceit and fear, must eventually stand before the Judgement Seat of the Holy One.

Karen Solon writes:

Years ago, when the Fairfax Board of Supervisors first began to request permission to end discrimination in Fairfax County, our local gay republicans (at that time) said they could not support the effort because it was too broad, but said they could support banning discrimination by PUBLIC employers, only. NOW IS THE TIME for such republicans and democrats alike to come together. Making GOVERNMENT discrimination illegal is COMMON GROUND!

Alexa Mavroidis writes:

Very much in favor of this. All forms of discrimination are wrong and should be prohibited.