Roy D. Smith III Memorial Bridge; designating as Island Ford Road bridge over Shenandoah River. (HB506)

Introduced By

Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Roy D. Smith, III Memorial Bridge.  Names the Island Ford Road bridge over the Shenandoah River in the City of Harrisonburg the Roy D. Smith, III Memorial Bridge." Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/12/2010Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/13/10 10103860D
01/12/2010Referred to Committee on Transportation
01/15/2010Assigned Transportation sub: #3
01/20/2010Impact statement from VDOT (HB506)
02/02/2010Subcommittee recommends laying on the table
02/16/2010Left in Transportation


Lois S. Workman writes:

I am sorry for the death of this 17 year old, but the family has already erected many crosses and his name were it happened, not even near our bridge where I have lived for almost 80 years and own property and pay taxes. Please consider this historical site as it is and leave it be Island Ford Bridge.

Roy D. Smith, Jr. writes:

I wish the committee would concider my request, this is only to honor my son for the sacrifice he gave in service of his community. The Island Ford Bridge will always be the same, just wish to memorialize the bridge for my son. The Bridge can hold the name "Island Ford Road/Roy D. Smith, III Memorial Bridge". I have also stated that if passed I would handle any cost for the signage.

Yolanda Waggy Everidge writes:

I think that this is a great idea.

April Bickers writes:

I think the proposed bill a good comes at a great loss to the family of Roy Smith III but i think that this would be a great way to honor his name. It will not change the events that took place and the grief brought to the family but would be a great gesture for the hours of service he gave to his community. I think it is a great idea and will give the family some kind of peace and knowing their son will be gravely missed by his entire community...I think the change should be made, its not like the bridge will change any it will just have a different name that will have a deeper and more memorable meaning..

Phyllis Dean writes:

As "Island Ford Road/Roy D. Smith, III Memorial Bridge" it would serve as a remembrance to Roy Smith, III and honor those who sacrificed their lives in the ultimate act of selfless heroism, our fightfighters. Please consider this request.

Dale Thompson writes:

I think it is a great way for the community to honor the sacrifice of a young man who gave his life in the service of his community. Renaming the bridge is small gesture for the price he paid helping others. This country could use a lot more youth like him.

Don Sutherland writes:

I feel that this is a great idea. Roy was a good friend of mine and a hero to many people, including myself. On November 7, 2008, when Roy left this world to go on to his Heavenly Home, he left it in doing what he loved, and this was helping others. I feel that in having the bridge named for him would be a wonderful tribute to him.
Please consider this request.
Thank you.
Donald R. Sutherland

chester bolyard jr writes:

I think renaming the bridge is the LEAST the town,the county,the state,and the nation can do for one of its brave youths.Especially one whoose life was cut short doin his civic duty for the people in this country.Its not like its gonna be a disgrace for the coumty,it should be a priveledge to do this for this person and his family and I dont understand why there is any discussion over this it should be a honour for this to be done out of respect for one of our fallen children.After all if this didnt happen you could only guess how far he would have went in this community and this nation !!!

Emily Cave writes:

I believe that naming Island Ford Bridge in memory of Roy is a wonderful idea. Roy passed away as a hero to many people and honoring this bridge for him is a subtle way to show our thanks and appreciation to him, as well a reminder to others to be careful on the roads.

Josette writes:

I believe that naming Island Ford Bridge in memory of a true hero, Roy Dale Smith lll is beyond a wonderful idea! He deserves this, because he gave to his community, and never asked anything in exchange. He saved so many people from losing their lives. He touched so many lives in just 17 years, this is only one of many way he can be showed how much he meant to those around him! I agree with Emily Cave, it would be a true reminder to others to be careful on Island Ford Road.Please take consider this request.

Adaira writes:

i believe that roy was a hero and he really deserves some consideration he got killed on his way to save other lifes he was never selfish and he was a very respected boy. it would be a reminder to be careful on that road and to buckle up

Suzanne writes:

I think it would be great thing.He was trying to take care of the community.Do it for Roy!

malissa jenkins writes:

i think that this will be a great idea. i hope that it passes you have my 100% vote

Tina Brown writes:

I think its a great thing to honor Little Roy for all he has done for the community and at such a young age, he was out there risking his life to save others, and how quickly his life got taken because he was trying to go and help save someones home and possibly people inside. I agree with his dad, the bridge could still have Island Ford left on it, but include Roy Smith III also to it. The history will never be changed just a heroic name/tribute will be added.

yourfriends writes:

i think its a great idea everyone loves roy he made so many people smile and he was always there for you roy misss ya man