HB768: Political contributions; prohibition during procurement process.

Offered January 13, 2010
Prefiled January 12, 2010
A BILL to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Chapter 9.3 of Title 24.2 a section numbered 24.2-945.3, relating to political contributions; prohibition during procurement process.
Patron-- Cleaveland

Committee Referral Pending

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding in Chapter 9.3 of Title 24.2 a section numbered 24.2-945.3 as follows:

§ 24.2-945.3. Contributions; prohibition during procurement process.

A. No bidder or offeror who has submitted a bid or proposal for the award of a public contract pursuant to the Virginia Public Procurement Act (§ 2.2-4300 et seq.), or any person acting on the behalf of a bidder or offeror, shall make, directly or indirectly, a contribution of money or other thing of value, or make an express or implied promise to make a contribution to any campaign committee, political action committee, or political party committee during the period between the submission of the bid or proposal and the award of the public contract. The provisions of this section shall only apply for public contracts where the expected value of such contract is $1 million or greater.

B. Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a civil penalty of up to two times the amount of the contribution. The attorney for the Commonwealth shall initiate civil proceedings to enforce the civil penalties. Any civil penalties collected shall be payable to the State Treasurer for deposit to the General Fund.