Child welfare; placement of children. (SB702)

Introduced By

Sen. Dave Marsden (D-Burke)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Child welfare; placement of children.  Provides that the Department of Social Services shall consider residential placement of children when reunification with the family is not in the best interests of the child. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/22/2010Presented and ordered printed 10104289D
01/22/2010Referred to Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services
01/28/2010Impact statement from DPB (SB702)
02/12/2010Continued to 2011 in Rehabilitation and Social Services (8-Y 6-N) (see vote tally)


Jennifer writes:

Residential treatment facilities should ONLY be considered as a very, VERY last resort when every other possibility has been thoroughly explored. Further, it should be a very temporary placement designed to prepare children to live with a family. We cannot afford to go back to the days of institutionalizing children who have been abused and neglected. This idea is unconscionable. Children need families and we must do all we can to provide homes for children. All efforts should be toward finding homes for children.

If you are not concerned for children and are only concerned about helping RTCs make money, please note that residential facilities are by far the most expensive placement. At a time when Virginia is needing to cut back on expenses, why promote such an expensive program?

Please reconsider this horrible idea.

Susan Lawrence writes:

I'm sure PSI/Psychiatric Solutions Inc. and their lobbyist had nothing to do with this bill. Does anyone really understand that PSI is the Goliath of residential services in Virginia and the United States?

Meanwhile, PSI facilities are not effective at helping children or keeping them safe, they are having problems all over the country and especially in Virginia. Whisper Ridge, Charlottesville; Liberty Point, Staunton (they fractured my recently adopted son's ankle with a compound fracture and then broke out his front teeth); The Pines, Portsmouth, to name a few. Cumberland Hospitals had a death only a few years ago. Children are dying and assaulted, but Virginia keeps looking the other way and presenting bills like this one. But as long as PSI and their lobbyist keep the payments coming, that is how things will be.
This is a ridiculous bill that should be withdrawn. Sen. Marsden should be ashamed.

Jack Ford writes:

In Illinois they actually shut down a PSI facility and in some other states but never in Virginia. Children are not safe in PSI institutions but somehow they never lose their license even when cited or suspended. How can politicians take money (and not much at that) to sell out the most vulnerable children?

Mary writes:

WHY would the Department of Social Services consider residential placement outside a child's community rather than placing the child with a loving foster-care family? Does anyone in the General Assembly understand these residential centers charge over $4,000.00 PER WEEK for each child? Other contributors have said better that I what happens to a child when they stay in these places. Did the sponsor of this bill do any research on this subject or does he care? Maybe those who will be voting need to consider the old adage...."follow the money" and then VOTE "NO"!!!

Susan Lawrence writes: