Nursing homes & assisted living facilities; required to provide info. about family councils, etc. (HB2388)

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Del. Luke Torian (D-Woodbridge) with support from co-patrons Del. Onzlee Ware (D-Roanoke), and Del. Vivian Watts (D-Annandale)


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Nursing homes and assisted living facilities; family groups.  Requires nursing homes, certified nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities to provide notice of and information about family councils, provide private space in which family councils may meet, and to convey information to and receive information from family councils. Read the Bill »


01/27/2011: Merged into HB1818


01/14/2011Presented and ordered printed 11102701D
01/14/2011Referred to Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions
01/25/2011Assigned HWI sub: #3
01/25/2011Subcommittee recommends incorporating (HB1818-Hope) (6-Y 0-N)
01/27/2011Incorporated by Health, Welfare and Institutions (HB1818-Hope)


Frank writes:

I do hope all legislatures know the difference in nursing homes.Even though regulations have made us a close cousin of a nursing home ,assisted living is not sonsidered a medical facility.In fact in our description by the department of social services specifically states we are not a medical facility.
Our administrators are licensed by the long term care board,but assisted living is not considered a long term care facility.
Last but not least Medicare/Medicaid rate for nursing home is $3500-$4000 monthly.Medicare/ Medicaid does not participate in reimbersment for assisted living in Virgrinia.Virginia has a auxiliary grant program funded out of the general fund.This fund allows $1112 monthly.A huge difference in funding,sometimes little difference in care.Do the Senate and House know the difference?

Bubberella writes:

I don't think it matters much for the purpose of this bill.