Cigarette and other tobacco products; increases tax rates. (HB160)

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Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Cigarette and other tobacco products; tax rates.  Increases the cigarette tax rate from 30 cents ($0.30) per pack to $1.45 per pack and increases the cigarette excise tax on roll-your-own tobacco from 10 percent to 50 percent. The bill also increases the tax rate on certain other tobacco products from 10 percent of the manufacturer's sales price to 50 percent. The additional revenue attributable to the increase in taxes is distributed as follows: (i) four percent to the Virginia Department of Health for the Virginia state tobacco quitline, (ii) four percent to the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to prevent tobacco use, and (iii) the remaining amount to increase appropriations to localities for car tax relief. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/06/2012Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/12 12103123D
01/06/2012Referred to Committee on Finance
01/12/2012Assigned Finance sub: Subcommittee #3
01/19/2012Impact statement from TAX (HB160)
01/20/2012Subcommittee recommends laying on the table
02/14/2012Left in Finance


J. Alexander writes:

Being employed in the tobacco industry, this news is very disturbing. I have faced one layoff, due to increases in excise taxes, that have been placed upon this industry. Bills of this nature have not helped stability within the field in which I am employed. The government continues to attack an industry in which has provided many jobs throughout the southeast. Absurd!! Suggestion; vote to have our politicians to take a pay cut. Let the people you represent vote on tax hikes. Better yet, layoff some of these overpaid town criers that do nothing to benefit the blue collar worker.

S. Power writes:

The government continues to attack an industry that provides materials which cause illness. They SHOULD be attacking such products. I am all for politicians taking a pay cut, but I would also support providing no government assistance to those whose health is adversely affected by smoking. Smoke, get lung cancer, end up in hospital--they pay!