Marijuana; Governor requested to petition DEA for rescheduling from Schedule I to Schedule II. (HJ139)

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Del. David Englin (D-Alexandria)


Passed Committee
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Resolution; requesting the Governor to petition the DEA for rescheduling of marijuana; report.  Requests that the Governor petition the Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration to amend regulations governing the scheduling of drugs to move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, and provides that the Governor shall report on his progress in doing so no later than the first day of the 2013 Regular Session of the General Assembly. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/11/2012Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/12 12103198D
01/11/2012Referred to Committee on Rules
01/31/2012Tabled in Rules


Ed McCann writes:

This is a good bill. Virginia already has a medical marijuana law allowing use by people with cancer and glaucoma. Governor McDonnell should stand behind that law and science. Virginia NORML is a statewide group helping lobbying and push this bill forward.

Charles Kern writes:

This bill absolutely needs to be passed. This study would produce great amounts of revenue for Virginia, and I believe it would decrease the amount of criminal activity regarding drug deals. If someone really wants marijuana, they can find a way to get it pretty easily. Thus, I don't think that this study will necessarily increase marijuana usage. Rather, it would turn drug dealing money (and there is a lot of it) into money that pours into our economy and allows us to advance health care, education and other important areas of concern without raising taxes. I'm sure all Virginians and Americans would love to receive a better education and health care without having to reach deeper into their pockets. If you ask me, this is pretty much common sense to pass the bill. So do it.

Bebe Williams writes:

Asking the DEA to reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II is an honorable approach to fulfilling the needs of many Americans. It's wrong that marijuana is in the same category as heroin and cocaine. Oxycodone is considered a Schedule I drug and is so addictive it's not funny. Marijuana is not addictive.

This bill goes along with what Rob Bell said "rather than legislating, let's wait to see what comes down from the feds before we do anything." (he has voted against marijuana bills in the past because he wants to see if the Federal Government will reclassify the plant.)

Asking the feds is the best approach at this stage.

Virginia is the first state to have a medical marijuana passed....but they have never put the law in place because the state wants the Feds to be on the same page.