Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); restrictions on use of cash assistance. (HB1307)

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Del. Riley Ingram (R-Hopewell) with support from co-patron Del. Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


TANF; restrictions on use of cash assistance. Prohibits the use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash assistance paid to an eligible recipient (i) for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or lottery tickets or (ii) in any transaction in any government store established for the sale of alcoholic beverages, establishment in which pari-mutuel wagering or charitable gaming is conducted, or adult entertainment establishment in which performers appear nude or partially nude. Read the Bill »


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08/30/2012Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13100179D
08/30/2012Referred to Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions
01/15/2013Assigned HWI sub: #3
01/17/2013Subcommittee recommends incorporating (HB1577-Wilt)
01/18/2013Impact statement from DPB (HB1307)
02/05/2013Left in Health, Welfare and Institutions


Piscedof Royallie writes:

In just reading the proposed House Bill # 1307 I am compelled - to say the least- to add my two cents into this pot . As I type this my head is still going back and forth in disbelief.

Unfortunately I had become very familiar with the TANF benefit and the process on how to apply for benefits i.e. money for food, from our government. The same government we have supported our entire working lives. This same government which over the course of 35 years has received thousands and thousands and well, maybe thousands of dollars from just my husband and I alone. I held my breath, my pride and ego way past the comfort stage where it left me no where to turn for assistance. I'm strictly talking only about food. You know the stuff you can get at the grocery store to sustain yourself? Sadly, there had become a very difficult period where all of my options and back ups were gone and I too had to look into and actually applied for TANF assistance.

I really thought that there were uniform guidelines already in place for using TANF assistance? Shopping retail many times I have observed those using TANF benefit cards, sort of like a debit card checking out and paying their bill. All along I thought that as each item is scanned, whatever items that fall under the above, would not be able to be purchased with the TANF money. Certainly, you can't rely on the operator to "remember" what people can or cannot buy with these cards so having it monitored via bar-code is the only way to do so. I am sure I have observed a few situations that once at a check out, a person was told they were not able to purchase "that" product whether is was verbal or scanned. Was I just assuming this? Has it always been just by memory and relied upon a check out operator? Can't be! That's ridiculous if it is, so please say it isn't so!

Hey, here's a concept - have those that have had the TANF benefit REFUND all the monies used that were not directly used for its purpose. Don't know how? Baloney (yes I know, supposed to be Balogna) just go with it. Everything bought is SCANNED. The TANF benefit card is SCANNED. If they bought cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets, or a lap dance- it was SCANNED. You have all of the information you need. Name address, rank and serial number. Don't give me any of this "well we are going to see to it that from now on anyone who applies and uses these benefits, will no longer be able to use it for blah blah blah" crap. Don't penalize the persons who really need some food. Hold accountable those who have taken advantage of the government. What? Does that happen? I've seen it in my own family. One person worked the system so much, she received a ton of benefits, lied on her applications each time, worked full time, and stole from her family on top of it. It was reported to the government agency. Family or not, I reported her sorry ass. Nothing was done about it. Again, no accountability.

And no, I did not receive any TANF assistance or any other assistance applied for, as I applied for it all. I was (big loud rubber stamp coming down now) DENIED. Regardless of having no income, for too long, no health insurance, one of us is self employed and being able to draw a paycheck when you are self employed in times like these isn't easy or not even possible. We provided the most recent paycheck to the government agency and at that time the pay check was two months prior to the month we were in. In the documentation received from the local government agency assistance our application, we were denied help because we could not provide a current pay stub that was more suitable than the one given.

We want to keep our home as long as we can. I can't say how long that will be now.
So we don't eat well or much like we used to. I think being in the middle of our countries recession, inflation, and lastly possession -pried my eyes wide open to "the system" and issues at hand.
We will never again look for help from the government. It killed me to even get to a point that I did.
I am hopeful. Always have been. Some day I will again have enough funds to visit the fresh produce department (what I could do for some red grapefruit mmm...) and fresh veggies and happily place them in my cart and at the check out, pay with my own earned cash.

It is amazing sometimes what you can get for two cents.

Thanks for the space.

Sarah Williams writes:

One question: Why would a government agency use cash at all for assistance?


Certainly makes you WONDER where all that moolah you GIFTED to the Corporation mirroring the national government of this nation went - eh?
I was denied too.
Even the free clinic denied me female care, because I exercised my right to NOT PROVIDE a FEIN SS Acount #...(the federal Corps IMF account)...I still cannot believe Americans actually think its got anything to do with social security...The Human IS the Security for the Socialist regime...duh..YOUR labors in exchange for Their Enslavement.