Private road easements; maintenance and repairs. (HB1405)

Introduced By

Del. Dickie Bell (R-Staunton)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Private road easements; maintenance and repairs. Provides that all the property owners served by a private road or right-of-way that serves as the primary source of ingress and egress for the properties are jointly and equally responsible for the cost of maintaining and repairing the road or right-of-away unless the owners agree otherwise. Such costs include the cost of snow removal but do not include the cost of capital improvements to the road or right-of-way. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


12/17/2012Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13101587D
12/17/2012Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/07/2013Assigned Courts sub: #2 Civil
01/09/2013Subcommittee recommends laying on the table
02/05/2013Left in Courts of Justice


cary Nunnally writes:

This is not the wording of the bill. Which can be found here, http://lis (period) virginia (period) gov/cgi-bin/legp604 (period) exe?131+ful+HB1450

Why so secretive about the bill's real intent, Waldo?

Waldo Jaquith writes:

Uh. What? You're wildly paranoid if you think that I'm just randomly changing bill text.

The wording of the bill is exactly the wording that is here. Everything on Richmond Sunlight is automatically retrieved on an hourly basis from the legislature's website. There is a link to the bill—as there is with all bills—on the right-hand side of the page, where it says "View on the General Assembly's Site." On the rare occasions that there is in an error in the text here, it is almost always because the legislature's website briefly displayed inaccurate text, and that text was captured in the period in which it was inaccurate. On occasions that are rarer still, a bug in my software has caused inaccurate text to show up, but any such bugs have been fixed as soon as they've been spotted. As you can see, however, the text is entirely accurate in this instance.

cary Nunnally writes:

Wow, you are correct. I was thinking I was on HB 1450 and I was furious, too. So OK, sorry. I am wildly paranoid, but not without reason, as this monster keeps reappearing in different disguises.