Right to Farm Act; expands definition of agricultural operations, etc. (HB1430)

Introduced By

Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Woodbridge) with support from 9 copatrons, whose average partisan position is:

Those copatrons are Del. Rich Anderson (R-Woodbridge), Del. Rob Bell (R-Charlottesville), Del. Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg), Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock), Del. Gordon Helsel (R-Poquoson), Del. Keith Hodges (R-Urbanna), Del. Bob Marshall (R-Manassas), Sen. Dick Black (R-Leesburg), Sen. Richard Stuart (R-Westmoreland)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Right to Farm Act. Expands the definition of agricultural operations to include the commerce of farm-to-business and farm-to-consumer sales. The commerce and sale of certain items, such as art, literature, artifacts, furniture, food, beverages, and other items that are incidental to the agricultural operation, and constitute less than a majority amount of production or sales, or less than a majority of annual revenues from such sales, are defined as part of the agricultural operation. The bill gives persons engaged in agricultural operations a cause of action against the county or any official or employee of the county for violations of the Right to Farm Act. Two provisions of the bill are retroactively effective to the original enactment of the Right to Farm Act on July 1, 1981. The first is expansion of the definition of agricultural operation; the second asserts that any ordinance directed at persons, property, or activity on land that is zoned agricultural or silvicultural that seeks to restrict free speech or the right to assembly, among other rights, is null and void.

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02/14/2013: Failed to Pass in Committee


12/20/2012Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13101109D
12/20/2012Referred to Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources
01/14/2013Assigned ACNRsub: Agriculture
01/15/2013Impact statement from DPB (HB1430)
01/28/2013Subcommittee recommends reporting with amendment(s) (6-Y 1-N)
01/30/2013Reported from Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources with substitute (21-Y 1-N) (see vote tally)
01/30/2013Committee substitute printed 13104491D-H1
01/31/2013Read first time
02/01/2013Read second time
02/01/2013Committee substitute agreed to 13104491D-H1
02/01/2013Engrossed by House - committee substitute HB1430H1
02/04/2013Read third time and passed House (77-Y 22-N 1-A)
02/04/2013VOTE: PASSAGE (77-Y 22-N 1-A) (see vote tally)
02/05/2013Constitutional reading dispensed
02/05/2013Referred to Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
02/14/2013Passed by indefinitely in Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources (11-Y 4-N) (see vote tally)


Dana Kee writes:

Focus to strengthen rural communities and local food systems throughout the state.

Robert Michael writes:

What^^ said

Rebecca Lyons writes:

This is America .Home of free.We were all farmers ,don't take that away from us.This woman should be commended not criminalized .

Shinanne Shisana writes:

This needs to pass, A BIG Yes!!!!

Paula writes:

This is just common sense, it's unbelievable that it has come to this, our freedoms ares
Slipping away in every part of our lives.

Sheila mayberry writes:

The government needs to stay out of farmers lives. To shut down this farm is insane. WHY? Just because they can is the only reason I see.

Nina Moore writes:

This is yet another thing that should not be happening!!! Leave the very few and ever decreasing farmers that we have left ALONE!!!!

Lucia Roda writes:

In the age of more government and more regulation, once again it is shown that overweaning control is often as illogical as it is down right moronic. This country was built on the small farmer and it is outrageous that a person just doing what is right is harassed at this level.

Common sense needs to prevail. Stay out of the small farm.

Michael Collin Theis writes:

Farmers have the God-given right to grow and trade their products without such government interference.

Justice will be done. Pass this bill.

Karen Butler writes:

Time to oust any politician who would take away someone's right to care for animals & share grace & bounty with their neighbors & friends, especially on their own property.

Mark Phillips writes:

This is a prime example of how Big Corporations influence local, state and federal legislatures into harassing and limiting the American Farmer all in the name of profits.

Our God given right to make a living and feed our families is threatened more each day by companies like Monsanto and their in pocket politicians who receive huge campaign contributions to manipulate the system.

This MUST STOP and laws sponsored by Public Servants who truly care for the American People MUST BE SUPPORTED. America was once great due in part to hard working Farm families who gave their children and blood to protect our liberties and this American is ashamed that Corporate Profits are destroying out country and the great American Farm and Land Owners...

Jacque Hitchcock writes:

Our farmers are our grass roots. They are the core of this country and we need to do whatever we can do to support them.
I love my farm, Fields of Athenry, they supply my family a healthy alternative and allow me to eat the food I ate as a child. Please
Government , stay out of farming!!!!!!

jeremy krebs writes:

pass it!

Bill writes:

Crony legislation at its best. Way to go lingamfelter.

carter writes:

For some reason people have forgotten the purpose of zoning. What would stop a farmer from selling furniture on his farm or since farmers can now sell non agricultural products; how about computers and or cell phones.

jim oneill writes:

Oh my - the poor farmers! This is not about freedom to farm. This is purely another attempt to overturn zoning regulations. How about this for these poor farmers in fauquier--if they want to be retail operations maybe they should forfeit land use tax breaks. As for the inane comment "govt stay out of farming"that sure works for me. $25 billion reduction in the budget; close the ag schools at universities and let farmers do their own r#d; tax the farm land the same way manufacturers buildings and equipment are taxed, etc. Before you tell me i dont know anything about farming, have you ever bucked bales for 12 hrs a day in 95 degree heat or ever cut and combined fields from 5am til 11pm 6 days a week..i sure have!

Gregg Jones writes:

I want the option to buy from the local farmers. After all the Federal State laws for FDA that and this, its not working. We witness every year numbers of people hurt by food poisoning, contamination, etc. I want an option to buy from the farmer.

Zoning is abused by Big Corporations for FRACING, Land Lines, etc. Every inch between Prince William, Fairfax and Arlington is a battle lost by a framer to a developer.

Most of us don't trust our food products. That's why we seek alternatives such as "organic" and I want my option to buy eggs, veggies, etc. from the farmer down the road. I trust them better than the FDA.

Gregg writes:

Is it just me, or has Lingamfelter lost some credibility by hitching his wagon to this group? I have talked to many conservatives in fauquier and elsewhere in virginia and no one seems to be too thrilled with this fringe group.

Alex Thompson writes:

Dear Delegates:

PLEASE PASS HB1430. This is about property rights, economic freedom and saving our small family farms.

It is an absolute TRAGEDY what happened in Fauquier County. IF we are not fighting zealously and passionately for our property rights, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we will see them disappear in our life time.

My parents were Virginia farmers. They raised all of us and to make extra money, we would bake breads and make Christmas tree ornaments to sell at the farm. We were not rich at all, but the extra money from baking and making things on the farm was the difference between losing our farm, our home and our dreams.

I am ashamed that any county in the great Commonwealth of virginia would ever deprive an American citizen of their rights like they have done in Fauquier with the wineries and the farmers - it scars me and it scares our citizens all over Virginia.

We are in tough times now and the worst is coming. I have grown children with college educations that can't find jobs. They are hardworking and would do anything to make a living. If we still had our family farm, my children would be employed and contributing to Virginia's #1 income producing trade - AGRICULTURE.

I BEG the Deligates on behalf of my family, our small family farmers and all Virginia citizens to PLEASE PLEASE pass this Bill. Please give us hope in our future and faith in our government to do the right thing for the people.

I know there are special interest groups like the Piedmont Environmental Council that continues to disgrace our great state, but I beg you to not let these wolves in sheeps clothing continue to deprive the Commonwealth of Virginia of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We must emancipate the small family farmers and free them from the chains of enslavement by local county over reaching governments.

May God Bless You and May you Serve the People with Dignity and Honor

Kimberly Hartke writes:

Many farmers have to work jobs off the farm to make ends meet. Virginia even has farmers taking government assistance! Allowing farmers the freedom to sell ancillary items or even the products of neighboring farms seems to be a great way to help them stay on the farm and be more productive.

And the person who objects to a farmer selling cell phones, who cares what a farmer sells? How about a farmer getting into Tupperware, Pampered Chef or other home-based businesses to supplement farming income? Some of those companies sell pre-paid phone cards and cell phones. So what! What in the world is wrong with letting people prosper?

To see neighbors trying to control what their neighbors can do to make a living is the most repugnant thing I have ever witnessed in this state. And, using public servants to hold power over your neighbors is despicable.

Public servants that have stripped farmers and property owners of their rights need to go! Pass HB 1430!

Cameron Jones writes:

To Jim Oneill,

And get the hands of the PEC out of the pockets of the taxpayers and property owners of Fauquier too.

We are tired of subsidizing your large estates and tax exemptions for "Donating" land through Conservation easements to create your own private Preserves in our county, while dictating everything we can or cannot do on OUR property.

Zoning in Fauquier is the ultimate infringement of Property Rights in America. The Zoning Ordinance starts off telling you that you can do NOTHING on or with your property unless the FC Government (read PEC) tells you you can.

Then it goes down hill from there.

Martha Boneta is being persecuted because she had the audacity to actually farm, something that does not happen in Paris.

As far as selling other things on farms, let's not get ridiculous. The county cited her on hearsay and what they perceived as "attempts to have events". It's all in the public record, but hey don't bother to read that.

Law breakers in Fauquier beware; Citizens are uniting.

Follow the truth on FAUQUIERFREECITIZEN.COM or read the PEC viewpoint on their website or in the Fauquier Times Democrat.

Alice Ray writes:

Recall the zoning board, pass your farming bill & "emancipate the small family farmers and free them from the chains of enslavement by local county over reaching governments."

This is not just a Virginia problem, as government units try to overstep what is written that they can do in their constitutions/charters everywhere.

Disgusted fauquier citizen writes:

Cameron jones hates zoning but some of his fellow fccfff founders sure loved it when a Muslim society tried to get approval from the zoning board - and they spoke against it. The board approved but after the ruckus, the group decided to back out, leaving the poor lady that owned the building without a tenant. She basically lost several months rent. What do you say about her property rights mr. Jones? And what about freedom of religion, did your cronies misread that part of the constitution? Or were the people that wanted to worship there too different for you?

The bill is what it is, I could support it but what is scary is that our elected officials are rubbing elbows with the likes of you mr. Jones. You talk about all the bully county officials BUT YOU ARE THE BULLY! Lingamfelter commented at the press conference how at the end of the day, it is not about bills or laws but how we treat one another. People need to remember that. I don't condone any part of the controversy but don't be fooled people, because much of the mud has been coming from jones and his crew.

Cameron Jones writes:

Seriously Dfc? (Duffus?)

I'm not the one hiding behind a bunch of slander, vitriol, unfounded accusations, and a fake name.

The things I have to say have been out there for everyone to hear and read; please feel free to quote me on all these things you say I have said and done, or quit lying… Liar.

I see nothing in the comment I have posted, or anything I have said or written that ever said I hate zoning; what I hate is lawbreakers in government who use zoning to control one group of citizens for the benefit of another.

Perhaps whatever side you're on, (spelled P.E.C. I’m sure. You people come out of the woodwork when you feel threatened), just isn't real happy that the Citizens of Fauquier are no longer complacent.

We can’t have the peasants standing up for their rights, now can we?

Perhaps you should speak with the Zoning Administrator and the BZA if you are upset about your friend (?, Or you?, or who knows?).

My experience is that the ZA, BZA, PEC, CFFC, VOF and several other organizations are the ones running Fauquier County and making these decisions.

Surely you jest when you state that "My Crew" as you call it, (not sure who you think I am; a gangsta’ crew chief?), are not exactly on the Christmas card lists of the elected officials in Fauquier county.

In case you haven't noticed, they are not very happy with us in "The Jones Crew" (whoever you think we think we are); read the Fauquier Times Democrat; NO on second thought, read…


Cameron Jones writes:

P.S. Duffus,

They call me Don Carleone Jones.

Show some respect!


JP. Timmerman writes:

Dear VA Delegates:

Please pass HB 1430.

Currently I am living overseas because of my husband's military service. When we return to VA I want to resume buying my meat and produce from VA family farms. Much of the meat my family ate came from Polyface. My vegetables came from a variety of small VA farms.

If you do not support our own family farmers, and they disappear, consumers like myself will take our purchasing dollars to other states. This means lost tax revenue to the state of VA.

Please, I want quality, affordable food for my family, and it's not available in a grocery store. Support VA family farms!

Farmer John writes:

Opponents of H.B. 1430, the Boneta Bill, with its protections of constitutional, property and commerce rights of farmers, join and sing:

United Forever in Friendship and Labour,
Our mighty Republics will ever endure.
The Great Soviet Union will Live through the Ages.
The Dream of a People their fortress secure.

Long Live our Soviet Motherland,
Built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire.
Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.

Through Days dark and stormy where Great Lenin Lead us
Our Eyes saw the Bright Sun of Freedom above
and Stalin our Leader with Faith in the People,
Inspired us to Build up the Land that we Love.

Long Live our Soviet Motherland,
Built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire.
Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.

We fought for the Future, destroyed the invaders,
and Brought to our Homeland the Laurels of Fame.
Our Glory will live in the Memory of Nations
and All Generations will Honour Her Name.

Long Live our Soviet Motherland,
Built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire.
Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.

Joshua A. Robertson writes:

Dear Governor McDonnell, Delegates and Senators:

HB 1430 is the American Dream. On behalf of all Virginians, we beg you to Pass this Bill. It is hearbreaking that this Bill is even necessary, but sadly we the people have witnessed our property rights disappear.

We ask you to please Pass HR 1430 so that we may have faith in our government again and hope in our future.

We are confused as to why any elected official would not support this bill as it is fundamental to our Constitutional rights as American citizens.

We are perplexed as to why the most profound cornerstone of our very civilization is not being protected by Virginia.

This is about property rights and dignity to the small family farmer. I am a consumer (not a farmer) and I cherish the memories of taking my children to our small farms and YES, I want our farms to be viable. I want to be able to buy a tshirt of the farm, a postcard or a small token of the farm other than what the farms themselves produce.

We the people are confused as to what the problem is with permitting a farmer to sell these small ancillary value-added goods? Doesn't the Virginia Right to Farm Act already permit farmers to sell these goods. Why are our farms being over regulated? Why does a farmer need a permit to sell an alapca doll not made from the alpaca farm?

Most of all why can't my children take a workshop that teaches them how to farm on a FARM? We live in suburbia and I believe our children need to learn about all farming -experiences they do not receive in a classroom.

It is offensive that our small farmers are being stiffled by requiring permits, administrive fees, etc. just to do what farmers have done since the begining of time.

Please consider the impact denying the passage of Bill 1430 will have on Virginians and what it will mean to our very culture and heritage.

For the first time in a very long time, we are are proud of our government for introducing a bill - HB1430.

This is about not just the farmers, but also about the consumers. I have a right to go to my local farms and buy not only what they produce but the byproduct of their crops. Why can't I buy herb tea from a farmer that grows herbs? Why can't my children take a workshop to learn how to make goat's soap without the hardworking farmers having to get permitted and pay fees?

We urge the Virginia elected Officials to PASS THIS BILL. We will not support any of our leaders that do not support the fundamental rights of our local farms.

Thank you for serving people and hearing our prayers.

Kevin McGrath writes:

I am a farmer, I am a Virginian, and I am an American. I have learned how hard it is to make any money at farming and I work in my vineyard from 7 am till 7 pm on hot 100 degree days in July with no shade. I do the work by myself. I have learned the commitment it takes to grow and produce results from the fruit of my labor. I invite anyone who would show their bold face to speak out against H.B 1430 come spend one single day with me working my vineyard. Perhaps you wouldn't even survive for one day, especially if you think PEC has any credibility when it comes to actually farming our land. It is HARD work!

The Boneta Bill is an attempt to restore rights to our farmers that are continually being attacked and subverted by a small group of wealthy entitled landowners in Fauquier County backing groups like the PEC and the Board of Supervisors, and the Zoning Board.

Fauquier County, Leave the farmers alone! Does it really matter that our personal prosperity from the farm practices we love should cause taxpayer dollars to be squandered by people who didn't even bother to visit the farm in question? Find something better to do with your time than pick on a small farmer who had no intention of becoming a massive conglomerate generating billions of dollars like Monsanto. Are you afraid of farmers spinning their yarn, or selling their honey, or a bottle of water to someone on a summer's day? Wow. Little thinkers grow little petunias.

Please support House Bill 1430!

John Grigsby writes:

Fauquier County is a satrapy of the Peidmont Environment Council, whose elite donors miss the days of old, when serfs knew their places.

Please get the fox hunter boots of the PEC off Martha's neck. I thank Scott Lingamfelter for leading the charge. It's the right thing, and its awfully smart politically. This is the sort of "damn straight" issue that fires up the grassroots.

Bill Navarre writes:

Jamie Radtke said it best. "Once you stop respecting
Life it is easy to not respect Property and just a
matter of time before you have no Freedom."

Phillip Clarkson writes:

We ask you to please Pass HR 1430 so that we may have faith in our government again and hope in our future.

We are confused as to why any elected official would not support this bill as it is fundamental to our Constitutional rights as American citizens.


Give me freedom or give me death!

L.Thomson, Fauquier Citizen writes:

Dear Delegates, Governor and Senators of Virginia:

I am a resident of Fauquier County, Virginia. I am begging you for help. I have witnessed first hand this county deprive our citizens of property rights, privacy and freedom.

At the rate Fauquier COunty is crushing our citizens, we will have no rights, our property values will sink to nothing and our children will have no hope.

It is sad that I feal I must beg for my Constitutional rights, but we have been so deprived of freedom in this county that I have been reduced to pleading for the very most profound rights that all American's should have to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for my family.

I am not politically active, frankly I like the PEC (BUT, but but - they are extremists without a doubt, and have gone way way way beyond any rational reasonable understanding on why a FARMER can't sell farm related goods they don't produce on the farm without a permit-- ABSURD!!! Bye-Bye farm animal toys for my 5 year old at the local pick-you own, peach pie at a peach orchard or a postcard of a cow...farewell freedom)

I am embarrased for my county that I love by the actions they have taken to drive our wineries and farmers out of business. We are called the "FOOTLOOSE COUNTY" because our BOS and Zoning have demanded that our wineries close down at 6PM and that our citizens call 911 if we have a complaint about a winery!!! We have but 5 sheriffs in our county and yet our county government wants us to call 911 over a neighbor dispute! Shame on our government! We hang our heads in disgrace.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP US! WE are being suffocated by our county. Why does a farmer need a permit to sell me a bottle of water when I go to visit a FARM or to teach me how to take care of a goat?

Do I really have to move my family to another state? I thought Virginia was home of the free?

Lauren Kurilchik writes:

I support passage of HR1430. In fact, I believe this bill should be far more expansive in its language than it is. Private property rights are enshrined in our laws because it is understood that to own and control one's property and assets is the bedrock of liberty. That this isn't obvious to all and we must pass such bills in order to preserve what was understood by every previous generation, is evidence of the sorry state of things here.

Patricia K. writes:

AMEN! YES PASS this Bill!! Since when does a farmer need a permit to sell a bottle of water out of a barn on a 70 acre farm zoned RA in an agricultural district in a Right to Farm State?

Why in the world would a FARMER need a permit or have to pay a fee to give me or my children a tour and teach us about farming practices or how to make a bar of goat's milk soap on a 70 acre farm zoned RA in an agricultural district in a Right to Farm State????????

Taking workshops and tours at our wonderful Virginia farms seems as a American as applie pie to me. What is the problem here? Aren't these right already in the Right to Farm Act???

Why are counties requiring permits for workshops about FARMING? or to sell the community farm related artifacts regardless if they are made on the same farm or on another farm or in a factory?

Change the law, Free the farmers!

Tricia Stall writes:

Regionalism is NOT about Regional "Cooperation" (sent to VA legislators)
Regionalism (Term added to VA Constitution by then Gov. Godwin)
There are two different types of regionalism. One is Global created by the United Nations. The other is Federal created by presidential executive order. I will discuss Global briefly and go into more detail in Federal.

The goal of Global Regionalism is one world governance. There is a distinction between one world governance and one world government.

Governance - means "control by rules, restrictions and regulations. That's a far cry from our elective, representative form of government where laws are to be passed only by elected officials – legislators – and only in pursuance of the Constitution.

Regional Governance is a ‘layer’ – or layers – of government run by nameless, faceless and usually ruthless appointed bureaucrats who are insulated from the election process, and therefore accountable only to those who appoint them. And they will not bite the hand that feeds them. The rules and regulations being promulgated via regional governance are mandates trickled up from self-selected world policy makers at the United Nations to the federal, state and local levels.

Regional Governance is the method whereby would-be world rulers intend to control every aspect of our lives.
The following statement should remove any doubts about the intentions of the United Nations. It is from a book published in
October of 1995 – in celebration of the UN’s 50th Anniversary – titled Our Global Neighborhood. It states that:

The UN must prepare for a time when regionalism becomes more prevalent worldwide, and even help the process along. The Secretary-General has called repeatedly for a strengthening of regionalism in global governance.

The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet, . . . we are convinced that it is time for the world to move on from the designs evolved over the centuries and given new form in the establishment of the United Nations nearly fifty years ago.

This is all I will say about Global Regionalism. Please do your own research on it. Now I would like to talk briefly about Federal Regionalism.

It is defined as the consolidation of local and state governments into large regional units and it centralizes power in bureaucratic authorities, boards, and commissions whose primary function is to administer plans and programs dictated by Washington.

On March 27th, 1968 President Nixon signed Executive Order No. 11647, dividing the United States into ten federal regions to be run by "Federal Regional Councils." A capital was established for each region.

Each Council was composed of the directors of the regional offices of the Departments of Labor, Health, Education, and Welfare, and Housing and Urban Development, the Secretarial Representative of the Department of Transportation, and the directors of the regional offices of the Office of Economic Opportunity, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. The government in the ten federal regions would be administered by federal appointed bureaucrats accountable only to Washington, D.C. The President did not obtain the consent of all the State Legislatures concerned, nor of Congress.

It stands to reason that if there is no constitutional jurisdiction for the federal government to legislate for a local government in a Union state, there is also no jurisdiction for a federal bureaucracy to legislate for a local government in a Union state. As example: the EPA, the DEA, the IRS and the FBI, etc., have no Constitutional authority to legislate in a Union State. These are agencies of the Federal government, having jurisdiction only on federal territory. This is something the government doesn't want you to know.
Demeaning the authority of elected officials and replacement of these officials by appointed Federal "administrators" is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to representative government posed by Federal Regional Government.
President Reagan’s Executive Order #12407 on February 22, 1983 dismantled the ten regional capitols.
However, grant making agencies of the ten Federal Regions remain in place assuring continuity of control over all Americans and their elected representatives by the central government.
Federal grants to state government are the fuel, which make the Regional engines "go." The individual Union States are blackmailed, through the withholding of federal funds, if federal legislation is not enacted into State law,
The purpose regional government is to place all power in the hands of the federal government and to turn State, county, and city governments into administrative Councils of Government in one big bureaucratic machine.
It is the accumulation of power in as few hands as possible—federally appointed, unelected bureaucrats beyond the recall of the electorate.

It's policies and programs, goals and methods, appear in a variety of forms designed to deal with varying State and local laws.

But the basic strategy involves merging and consolidation of local governments into a larger area government—which is in lock step with the 10 federal regions established by Nixon’s Executive Order, and controlled by Washington, D.C.

It moves local government into the collective whole. This is accomplished by the merging of city and county, county and district, and then State with other States, into a federal region. This establishes only two levels of government—federal and regional.

Regional ruling bodies are non-representative because regional officers do not represent the citizenry. Regional officers are appointed… there are no regional elections, no regional voters.
Consider how centralized power in Washington could come into play in the current environment in our country today. In the event of any type of attack or other types of disturbance considered a threat by the president, he can declare a national emergency, which allows regional council members to control all food supply, money and credit transactions, communications, public utilities, hospitals, and other essential facets of human existence.

We should be aware that any type of Regional Government is a threat to our Constitutional rights.

Listed below is an excellent video, which will help you understand Regionalism and Agenda 21 and how they are being implemented to destroy our sovereignty. The speaker is Rosa Kolre. She is a liberal Democrat but on this one issue she is spot on and explains this issue in a way the average unaware citizen can understand it. It is very long but it should be watched in its entirety. Let everyone you know be aware that this information is available and must be understood if we are to overcome the forces that are destroying us.



Albert Family writes:








Family farms represent values that we cherish as Americans. The joy, peace, health and excitedment of children all over Virginia rests on the passing of HB1430.

LET OUR SMALL FAMILY FARMS practice farming with dignity and honor.


We pray to you our Lord as spirit filled children of Christ to guide our leaders, our delegates and the General Assembly to pass HB1430. May the Governor be blessed with the wisdom to understand the importance our small family farms, property rights and economic viability have to Virginians and the American people. We praise you in Christ. Amen.

Virginia Small Family Farm writes:


ALL DELEGATES MUST LISTEN and watch THIS VDEO BELOW from a Virginia small farm family URGE the Passing of HB1430.

This VIDEO MUST BE A REQUIRED VIEWING OF ALL Virginia Delegates (simply cut and paste in to you browser to view):

Virginia Small Family Farm writes:


ALL DELEGATES MUST LISTEN and watch THIS VDEO BELOW from a Virginia small farm family URGE the Passing of HB1430.

This VIDEO MUST BE A REQUIRED VIEWING OF ALL Virginia Delegates (simply cut and paste in to you browser to view):

Goochland County Supervisor Supports Bill:


Virginia Small Family Farm writes:





Virginia Small Family Farm writes:





Virginia Small Family Farm writes:





G.K.Francais writes:

YES YES! Please pass HB1430

Bill 1430 is such a simple decision folks - everything in this Bill is ALREADY permitted on Family Farms. This is just an amendment so that poor small family farms that are stuggling to make it have the protection necessary to stay viable. The rest of the excitement is just "crazy talk" about farms turning in to Pier One Importants - that is impossible and no farm could ever turn in to Pier One Imports. There are built in safe guard. The bill only seeks 50% of agriculture goods no produced on the farm. Frankly, it should be more like 80%. What happens in the dead of winter when the crops can't be harvested?? What's wrong with a small farm selling some home-made chocolate chip cookies or some herb tea or some postcards of a barn? What a beautiful thing to help support and keep things local at our farms.

Way to go introducing HB1430!! What a wonderful thing and certainly a great way to start the year out for all.

G.K.Francais writes:

PS: This is a bipartisan issue folks. Who doesn't want to help our local farmers?

Way to go HB1430! My children are learning about it in school already and they are super excited about it.

When will this Bill be heard? We would like to bring the entire classroom to come see our great delegates discuss it and teach the kids about it? I can't find it anywhere online.

Could someone please post so we can make arrangements for a field trip to come and hear about HB1430 Freedom to Farm without Fear Bill?

Bruce A LaPorte writes:

The great error during the modification of the Declaration of Independence was the change to "Life,Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" from "Life, Liberty and Property".

Property is wealth, any erosion of property rights is an attempt to reduce the wealth of free people within the nation. There is no "wealth of a nation" but there is wealth within a nation, wealth of individuals who have the dreams, plans and desire to make their mark, build their dreams and fulfill their destinies.

A free people must stand for property rights, gun rights, as these are human rights.

Earle Edwards writes:

We need to protect our foundational rights that made America Great! Hard work, free enterprise, freedom, and Godly principles made America great, more government!! A Florida farmer. Support the Boneta Bill!

George P. Richardson writes:

YES yes yes!!! HB1430 MUST pass!! Not sure what all the fuss is about? Of course HB1430 should pass. Rational minds could not possibly not pass this Bill. common sense. RTF already permits ancillary value added sales on farms now. This bill is necessary to protect our small family farms and to provide clarity.

This Bill is necessary and important to all Virginians and is bipartisan.

I am a life long democrat but support and applaud Lingamfelter on introducing Bill 1430.

Mary S. writes:

This country was founded and flourished by the labors of the individual farmer. It is a God given right, protected by the Constitution of this great land to sell the products the farmers produce by the fruits of their labor. Our elected officials have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect our rights.
Pass HB1430. The government has no right to harrass and threaten the individual farmer in earning a living and providing healthy goods to the community. It is a sad time when a bill has to be passed to protect a God given right.

Kevin McGrath writes:

Heavenly Father, what is it about the American Indian and the farmer who glorified your work in your soil here on earth, that the efforts of a very few would seek to destroy? The power hungry, would take away from those that glorify your beautiful creation....We pray that you would find resolution to those who love your planet more than the detractors.......

Ethan George writes:

HECK YES! PASS HB1430!!! Farm Bureau is evil! I am a member of Farm Bureau but now that Farm Bureau is opposing this Bill to help support the small family farmer, time to cancel my membership and my Farm Bureau INSURANCE that I have had for nearly 20 years! What is wrong with Farm Bureau??? Obviously farm Bureau is NO friend of the family farmer!!!

Hear my battle cry Virginia- fellow Virginians, small family farmers and citizens- send Virginia Farm Bureau a message and CANCEL ALL Of your Farm Bureau policies immediately - you can get better insurance that is less expensive anyway for your farms!!! Farm Bureau is a disgrace and no friend of the small family farmer that is struggling to survive in Virginia!

This Bill is to save our familyfarms from extinction not about turning them into Walmart! It is unfathomablethst farm Bureau is creating such hypocritical fear mongering amongst our delegates and farm communities! Even worse the delegates are drinking their poisoned KOOLAID!!

If your county sends out a resolution to not support this Bill, you need kick your elected officials out of office immediately. The end result will be riots in the streets over not letting a small family farmer sell a sheep doll, an alpaca scarf, herb tea, a handmade birdhouse or a bar of goat's milk soap. Madness and pure lunacy at its best.

Lets hand cuff and arrest and fine our small family farms for such heinous acts as selling apple pie at an apple orchard, a tshirt of a goat at a goat farm or a postcard of a barn at FARM!!! Get the patty wagons ready because they are going to be filled with poor farmers trying to survive but they can't even sell a bottle of water or lemonaid on a hot summer day or even a Christmas tree Stand at a CHRISTMAS tree farm!!!

Disgraceful. SHAME ON YOU FARM BUREAU!!! I am ashamed to be a Virginian!!!

Kienan Family writes:

CALL 911!! Arrest Old Farmer Joe! Bring in the National Guard and Homeland Security! Fire up the troops -- FARMER JOE is selling some dried herb tea, a handmade birdhouse and a pumpkin pie!

Bill 1430 is the "Emancipate the Farmers Bill" from government enslavement!

I am confused and perplexed by a SOUL that would oppose this bill???

Welcome to Crazy Town, USA aka Virginia - NO FARMS NO FOOD NO FREEDOM.

HURRY! Buy all the home-made alpaca, sheep and llama mittens and scarves before they are ILLEGAL at your local small family farm. QUICK - buy as many postcards of pigs, sheep, ducks and chickens from your mom and pop farmer before they get handcuffed and thrown in jail or fined thousands of dollars!

Sound the alarms! The tomato farmer is getting arrested for giving a tour about how to grow tomatoes!! Really??? Is this what Virginia has come to? Give me a break.

Do we really have to have a Top Secret Underground Farm Black Market so the small family farmer can survive? Really??? ABSURD.

Hurry HIDE! The "Handcuff Farmer Joe Drones" are coming to a farm near you!

Is Virginia really going to start arresting mom and pop farmers for selling a postcard of a pig or a bottle of water at an orchard?

We are not talking about turning our small family farms in to mini-malls folks or brothels. We are talking about what farmers have done forever.

For the love of God, what are our Virginia governments thinking?

FREE the Potatos, Leeks, kale and Old Farmer Joe!

Kienan Family writes:

I want to know the name of every delegate that opposes the "Emanicipate Virginia Farmers from Enslavement Bill" so I can publish their names and pictures of them all over the Comonwealth of Virginia.

So when these delegates that oppose HB1430 go anywhere in Virginia, moms and dads can point to them and say:

"See son and daughter...see that elected official...that is the face of a politician that destroyed our small family farms and drove them in to extinction, destroyed the American Dream and took away our freedom!"

Confused and Perplexed writes:

COnfused. Why would ANY rational politician ever oppose this Bill? We are not talking about farm-brothels or farm-malls at all - this hysterical spin that Farm Bureau is putting out there is nothing more than fear mongering insanity. THere are built in safe-guards to protect against anything of the sort. No farmer is asking to sell microwaves or cell phones. Farmers are asking to sell what they have been historically selling since the begining of time - FARM RELATED GOODS. That is all. Nothing more. Can't get much more American than that....

What's the big deal about a farmer selling a Christmas tree stand with a Christmas Tree or a toy goat at a goat farm or a book about farming at a FARM????????

I expect the county control freaks to be upset about the language holding them liable - no surprise there...but that part can be changed or removed. The bottom line is that Counties should have a duty to (1) investigate any complaints and (2) the same county that is trying to shut down the wineries at 6PM is the same county that charged the Paris Farmer for selling what she produces on her farm!!! Same county that has been caught bold face lying in press releases and doing a cover up now to save face! (3) Not engage in selective enforcement and treat ALL FARMS equally. There is a huge problem when county governments are forcing our farms in to bankruptsy or to shut down. Disgusting! Outrageous!!!

But what I don't understand and am losing sleep over is what in the world is the problem with selling something that is a value-added ancillary item of what the farm is producing? Why can't I buy a postcard of a cow at a dairy? Why can't I buy a calendar of farm animals at a farm?

Why are counties making farms zoned agriculture jump through so many hoops?

Absolutely HB1430 MUST PASS!

Anita Long writes:

Please support HB1430

Gabe P. writes:

Disgusted citizen above almost had it right. It is not Cameron Jones in the lead, it is mark fitzgibbons. Cameron and Buchanan and the rest of the fauquier "free" citizens are just his henchmen. Nary a one knows anything about farming, or freedom for that matter. And there is nothing objective about that website. They only report one side, never talked to anybody at fauquier county except a couple of the board members and I doubt they even talk to them anymore. Sad that people are getting fleeced by that small group of cowards. I doubt fitzgibbons has even attended a board meeting - shows you how much they know. The only credible people that have written there on that site are John Green and Madge Eicher. They actually get their hands dirty and into the community as true activists.

I support certain elements of the bill but knowing that it has possibly dubious origins from the so called fauquier "land use activists" it should be thoroughly vetted.

Cameron Jones writes:


Now you disappoint me.

I have went from the head of the crew to a mere henchman?

And you sir, (if you are a sir); what are you; PEC lackey?

You call us cowards, but yet you know us by our names and our convictions.
Why don't you let us know you by your name and what you stand for?

The PEC allies have been running Fauquier County for way too long, and now they fear that the people are actually standing up for their rights.

Out of the woodwork come the cockroaches once the fire starts.

We have spoken repeatedly to all of the elected and unelected officials in FC to no avail.

We offer them equal time, but they will not take it; why?

You support nothing in this bill I am sure, so why don't you please just explain what it is you object to? Actual Property rights for actual farmers?

Until you can be a man(?), state your name proudly, and explain what it is you disagree with, why don't you just quit the name calling and lying...Liar.

Rick Buchanan writes:

Next time you are at a Board of Supervisors meeting or a School Board meeting, why don't you come over and introduce yourself. That is if you attend them. I look just like the picture used in the Fauquier Times Democrat where I wrote for Walsh's Point-Counterpoint on the opinion page. Madge and John and I attend many of these meetings and, if you had been paying attention, you would know I have written consistently on the issues I feel are of import here in Fauquier. In fact, if I had not attended Martha's BZA meeting I would have not known about her issues with the lazy, corrupt ZA and her search engine minions.
So humble yourself and come down to ground level where I am and introduce yourself. We might even go for coffee afterwards to have an honest discussion of some of what is really going on here in Fauquier. We might learn some things from each other.

Free the farmers from Enslavement writes:

First they came for THE FARMERS!!!! Protest the House of Delegates and bring pigs and goats and sheep and chickens to the Richmond streets if this Bill does not pass! Send a message to Va Farm Bureau and any elected official that does not support HB1430. Let freedom ring in Virginia! This is communism! Tread on the property rights and economic freedom of one Virginian and you tread on us all! Pass HB1430 and emancipate the small family farmers from enslavement! Farm Bureau is the devil!!!!!

Leave our small Virginia farms alone!!! It is illegal in Fauquier County to sell a postcard of a pig on Pig farm or a bag of fiber from an alpaca farm!!! Welcome to the Soviet Union!!!

Free Virginia!!! Free our people from BULLY GOVERNMENT!!!


Hear the battle cry- Small Farm Civil Disobedience!

We the consumers and small family farmers will be fined, arrested and jailed for the FREEDOM to buy the following farm contraband purchased at FARMS: a home-made choclate chip cookie, a postcard of a pig at a pig farm, a bag of sheep fiber at a sheep farm, alpaca mittens at an alpaca farm, a bar of goat's milk soap at a goat farm, homemade dog treats and for taking a FARM TOUR at a FARM!

WE the people of the COmmonwealth of Virginia REFUSE to be forced in to an "Underground Farm Black Market" by local county dead-hand control of our freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We refuse to let the government strangle our local small family farms or deprive them of property rights.

With pitchfork in hand, we PROTEST the HOLOCAUST of our small local family farms by the hands of local county government.

WE DEMAND FREEDOM TO FARM WITHOUT FEAR! WE DEMAND that our local county government STOP BULLYING our small family farmers.

Let Freedom Ring in Virginia!


FARM BROTHELS coming to RA Zoned FARMS in Agricultural Districts!!!!

If you listen to VA Farm Bureau (VFB) or the local county, one would think this was really called.....the "Farm Brothel Bill"

VFB wants you to believe that the good hardworking small family farmers of Virginia want to turn trix in thier barns and sell "lap dances" along with some squash, zuchini and tomatos. Yup. All those poor family farmers barely making ends meat are just waiting for the HB1430 to pass so they can turn those livestock stalls in to "Virginia's Rural Redlight District". Brings new meaning to "Viewshed".

Really?!!As lalaland loony as it sounds...VFB is desperately trying to block this bill and will stop at nothing to poison pill this freedom bill. Shame on you VFB and shame on any elected official that drinks VFB's Poisoned Koolaid.

PLEASE PASS HB1430 - NO Brothels, Just Broccoli please!!

Concerned Virginians for Family Farms writes:

"See son and daughter...see that elected official...that is the face of a politician that destroyed our small family farms and drove them in to extinction, destroyed the American Dream and took away our freedom!"

Enough Said. PASS HB 1430 - Freedom to Farm without Fear

This is a bipartisan issue and is vital to the future of Virginia and our nation.

TOILET PERMIT Required writes:

Pass HB1430. It is a sad day when a small family farmer can't even sell a picture of a pig at a pig farm or an Alpaca children's coloring book at an Alpaca farm or give a tour about sheep and goats or on how to grow tomatos.

Next they will tell us we need to kiss the county ring and beg for the priviledge of using the latrine with a special exception permit, site plan and administrative permit AND pay a Fee just to get permission from the county to use the latrine, BUT IF it is granted there will be restrictions such as we can only flush once a day, maximum load capacity of 3 visits a day, if you leave the seat up there are fines, penalties and jail time. There will be farm toilet inspections from county officials demanding to look inside our toilets and inspect our toilet paper to make sure we haven't exceeded the one sheet per visit new ordinance. They will send armed deputies to handcuff and arrest mom and pop farmers for exceeding the ONE FLUSH A DAY rule.

Think the above scenario couldn't happen? It already is in Fauquier County.

Brothel Broccoli Farm writes:

Please Pass HB1430! NO BROTHELS. Just Broccoli Please!

Small family farmers have no desire to turn their barns or silos into Walmart, Farm Brothels or "Virginia's Rural Redlight District".

They just want to be left alone from county harrassment, to be able to sell a peach cobbler or a calendar of barn animals or maybe some alpaca mittens or lavender sachets. That's it folks.

STOP all the drama Farm Bureau and stand up for the little guy mom and pop farmer for the Love of God. Does a small farmer earning under $20k a year really have to pay $150 permit to sell lemonaide at an orchard? Why do they need a permit at all? Can't my kids take a tour of a llama farm - do you know how many children have never even seen a llama? Why does a small llama farm have to have a permit for my kid to learn about llamas on a LLAMA FARM??

Has everyone gone nuts in Richmond?

Ex-Farm Bureau Member writes:

I cannot believe the Farm Bureau, that claims to look out for farmers, that is composed primarily of family farmers, would come out in opposition to this bill.

The Farm Bureau no longer represents the interest of family farmers anymore, in my opinion.

I strongly urge Farm Bureau members to contact VA Farm Bureau via their website or Facebook to notify their leadership that you will cease to support FB if they do not support this bill.

Farm Bureau needs to support the majority of their members, not politicians, environmental groups, and big Ag.

Do not let them get away with undercutting your rights.

BOYCOTT Va Farm Bureau writes:


HEAR THE BATTLE CRY - BOYCOTT Virginia Farm Bureau for blocking HB1430!

Virginia Farm Bureau is SOVIET ANTI-Amerian, Anti-Small family farmer.

BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT Virginia Farm Bureau!!!

HB1430 helps the little small family farmer and VFB wants to crush and destroy them. What a disgrace!

BOYCOTT VFB!Save our small family farmers!

Meredith writes:

Don't allow the deterioration of our small farms!

OCCUPY RICHMOND on Monday writes:


On MOnday January 21, 2013 at 5PM BILL1430 is being heard.

CALL TO ACTION! OCCUPY the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. We will have pitchforks with the face of ALL THE DELEGATES that sit on the AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE on the pitchforks distributed at 4PM on Monday.

WE URGE Every Farmer, Consumer and American to fill the streets of Richmond and flood the halls of the General Assembly and PROTEST the HOLOCAUST of the small family farmer!

Go To your local county governments and demand that they emancipate the local small family farmers from slavery.

FB is spreading fear mongering HOGWASH all over the place! IT is pure Make believe...farmers all over the commonwealth are currently selling everything from birdhouses to wheelbarrows without permits and without getting fined and without problem. THERE MUST BE SOME BASIC protection so the small family farmer is not arrested and hauled off to jail for selling a slice of pie.


Waldo Jaquith writes:

Despite the prior comment, Occupy Richmond's website, Occupy Richmond's Twitter feed, and Occupy Richmond's Facebook page. make no mention of this bill. The Facebook page even addresses specific legislation, but says nothing about this.

Richmond Class Discrimination Warfare writes:

Ummm..has everybody lost their mind? What is the big deal about my local mom and pop peach orchard farmer selling a pie slice or a picture of a pig? Am I missing something here? What rogue counties are charging farmers for selling a birdhouse or a tshirt of a goat on a farm and then hauling off and arresting farmer Joe?

By law wineries are permitted to sell all kinds of stuff from tshirt a, baseball caps, wine glasses, coasters, jewelry and more - none of it is produced on site. So I'm confused!! If a winery can sell all of this value added ancillary stuff that was not produced on site, why can't a tomato farmer or a llama farmer or the apple orchard?

Seems like discrimination against a class of farmer.

Seems like a regulatory taking too. So let me get this straight - I can go to a winery that sells alcohol in the form of wine and buy postcards, books, art, tshirts, caps, glasses, coasters, carafes, pitchers, jewelry, aprons and more and finish it of with a pizza and some pasta - none are produced on site at the farm winery and I can get drunk while I'm at the winery and purchase all these things---- BUT I can't go to the peach farmer or tomato farmer next door where NO ALCOHOL is sold and I can't buy the same stuff? Absolutely absurd.

How is that equitable??? How is that not discrimation?

THIS IS Insanity! Pass HB1430 - all farmers should be given the same rights and no class of farmer for should be treated differently!!

Rick Buchanan writes:

Guess you have not seen the new Fauquier County winery ordinance. They do the wineries just like they do to farmers, over-regulate. All the things you site they can sell are illegal in Fauquier Wineries. Plus they now regulate the hours they can stay open. Of course, you apply for a special permit, pay the fees and pass through the Zoning Administrator's gauntlet. Free enterprise? Not so much. All in the name of the favorite catch-all for local governments - public safety.

Richmond Class Discrimination Warfare writes:

I never thought I would see this happen in Virginia! Our wineries are vital to Virginia's economy. Virginia produces some of the best wine in the world!
Even the Governor's wife is producing wine from her grapes at the Governor's mansion. Plus Virginia wine is pumping millions and millions of dollars back in to Virginia and JOBS!! Wineries should be given great latitude for the good they bring Virginia.

Vineyard and wineries are farmers just like the peach orchard or the cattleman. All Virginia farmers MUST BE PROTECTED not just BIG Agribusiness. There is a fatal flaw here - I looked up this Fauquier County and they have nearly 20 lawsuits against them!! 14 wineries have sued them, 3 small family farmers and the remaining are small businesses.

Apparently this county is run by nazis.

How dare any county tell a winery what time they have to shut down? Or that they can't have personal private gatherings.

Is this Fauquier County imodeled after communism? What a disgrace to Virginia and to our nation.

What Anti-American Soviets are running this county?

Kimberly Hartke writes:

I would like to confirm the rally on Monday. Whoever is in charge, can you comment with all details on this blog post?


Shout Out to Farm Bureau writes:

Yoooohoooooo Farm Bureau! Please Come Back to Reality! Please come back to earth from where ever it is you are in way outer space. We adore you Farm Bureau and we miss you. We miss the old Farm Bureau that would fight to protect the little mom and pop small family farmer.

Please please beem back to earth because we want to celebrate Farm Bureau as supporting all farmers even the little guys that just want to do what they have always done SEASONALLY - you know lemonaide, home baked pie, maybe some peach jam and a calendar of farm animals or a tour of an apiary or a llama farm. Can't we go back to the old days when things weren't so complicated? Frankly, we all thought farmers were permitted to do these things all along. What changed?

Anyhoo - please come back Farm Bureau. Can't you all just agree on a list of stuff that is historically acceptable at our local mom and pop farms without farmer joe being fined and jailed over a slice of pie or a postcard of a duck? Just saying. Seems like a lot of craziness over an alpaca scarf and a handmade wooden birdhouse. Just saying.

Maybe we can all kiss and makeup? Or does that not pay the big lobbyist fees or create enough drama for y'all in Richmond.

Seems kinda silly if you ask me to not let a small farmer sell a pig postcard or sheep's wool socks. But heck, what do I know I'm just a dumb small family farmer that can't be trusted like BIG AGRIBUSINESS CAN! Helllooooooo Monsanto!

Kick Fauquier in the Rear writes:

How many innocent family farmers are going to be forced off the land before Richmond does something to stop Fauquier County dictatorship?

There is an email trail a mile long of the Fauquier Board of Supervisors engaging in the crime of conspiracy to kick farmers off the land! Fauquier even tried to purchase a private farm's mortgage, have the same farm's insurance cancelled and engaged in a series of activities to acquire a farm unlawfully, unethically and with the intent to maliciously and viciously harrass. Don't believe it?

Ask why Peter Schwartz was strategically engaging in conspiracy to acquire the mortgage of a farm all documented in email? Ask why there is an email trail of targeted attempts to deprive a farmer of privacy and to fabricate violations to force a farmer off of the land? Why has Fauquier been hiding documents? Ask Peter Schwartz why he is on audio tape talking about a private citizen's IRS tax audit?

The reason this Bill is so important to all Virginians is because if it can happen to one Virginian it can happen to us all. It is CRAZY that a farmer was cited for a birthday party on private property for 8 little girls, carving a pumpkin and for selling AGRICULTURAL GOODS like alpaca socks, goat's milk soap, postcard of a cow and vegetables and herb tea on a FARM zoned RA. Judge, jury and executioner with not even one onsite visit to determine validity.

The anger and hostility should be placed appropriately on Fauquier County. Fauquier County is currently being sued by 14 wineries and several farmers and small businesses - very unusual for a county of this size. The County boldly says "We don't care if we get sued. That's what insurance is for and besides even if the county loses, we can just change the laws to get our way." Let them eat cake!

The Fauquier "NO GROWTH" Dictatorship is destroying the farming community and is a national embarrassment.

GOVERNOR and the General Assembly - PLEASE send Fauquier a message! Tell Fauquier that Richmond has zero tolerance for depriving any Virginian of property rights or freedom or using Gestapo tactics to maliciously force a citizen off of the land.

The Citizens of Fauquier are being stepped on and abused by local county government. How can Virginia just turn a blind eye to what is happening?

Tom Jackson writes:

Please pass HB1430. What's the big deal? Just let the farmer sell a pie slice and pig post card.

Jasmine Turner writes:

Please please do not "occupy Richmond" on Monday, put heads of politicians on sticks, start a revolution or boycott!! Please have faith in our leaders to do the right thing for farmers. We have to trust in our government. I know it is hard to have faith when bad things happen but we have to have hope that rational minds will prevail. It is what makes us the land of the free. We can be peaceful in reaching resolution with out a revolution or revolting. Please keep the faith and don't give up on our American values that honor peaceful assembly. I think we can all agree that we need to protect our small family farmers. Please trust in our leaders to make things right. Thank you.

Farmer John writes:

The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) is quietly opposing H.B. 1430, the Boneta Bill, out of the public’s sight. VACo’s anti-property rights agenda was on display when it opposed Proposition 1, the eminent domain amendment that passed with 75% approval.

Fauquier Free Citizen has obtained VACo’s talking points against the Boneta Bill. Once again, VACo is wrong. This addresses and refutes their talking points about the Boneta Bill.

1. HB 1430 weakens the authority of counties to plan and regulate land use. Counties are in the most suitable position to reconcile claims among their residents over conflicting rights pertaining to land use.

False. HB 1430 does nothing to impede the zoning or enforcement authority of counties. It merely protects traditional, centuries-old forms of farming commerce and constitutional rights on farm lands. In response to the Boneta Bill and the egregious actions of Fauquier County, there have been suggestions that the legislature should actually write an agricultural zoning law for all counties. HB 1430 does not do that. It leaves county zoning authority intact, but simply protects rights of farmers.

2. HB 1430 creates a more permissive zoning scheme in agricultural areas that may lead to land use conflicts with neighboring properties. By increasing the potential for such conflicts, HB 1430 undermines the original intent of the Right to Farm Act, which was to protect and preserve bona fide agricultural operations from the encroachment of more intense land uses.

False. Protecting rights does not impede agricultural zoning, and to suggest otherwise indicates a major flaw with the goals of VACo. HB 1430 protects farmers and agricultural operations from unlawful encroachments by counties. Counties are still free to prohibit trespasses by farmers on their neighbors’ rights of quiet enjoyment, and HB 1430 does nothing to increase potential conflicts.

3. HB 1430 allows any farm to sell items not produced on the property. Those items could be from a neighboring locality, a nearby state or even a foreign county.
So? The wife of one of Fauquier County supervisor advertises and runs a massage therapy business out of his farm, and sells oils made in Europe. Farmers often run into periods where their produce is sold out, or is affected by winter, drought and other conditions beyond their control. Historically, farmers have been resourceful, but government regulation supported by VACo harms farmers and their economic ability to survive and actually preserve farm lands.

4. HB 1430 increases the likelihood that items, such as artifacts, furniture, food beverages, will be manufactured or processed in an agricultural district, further increasing the potential for land use conflicts.

Huh? Does VACo know that farms already use tractors and other large, loud equipment? HB 1430 caps the sale of items incidental to farming such as art (which farm families or local artists may create), books and pamphlets on farming that farmers may even author themselves, hand-painted furniture, and old farm artifacts. The United States Department of Agriculture goes even further than the Boneta Bill in its recommendations of goods and services that small farmers should sell as part of their agricultural operations.

5. By imposing very strong penalties on local officials enforcing ordinances and regulations developed by consensus with residents, HB 1430 undermines the doctrine of sovereign immunity, which results in a chilling effect for local government employees endeavoring to perform their duties in good faith.

Strong penalties? HB 1430 is expressly limited to violations of the Virginia Right to Farm Act — nothing more — and limits the fines to exactly what counties may impose on farmers plus attorney’s fees.

Counties already have litigation insurance. Frivolous lawsuits will be quickly dismissed, unlike county administrative actions against farmers that are not subject to rules of evidence and often violate due process rights, and can close down agricultural operations as happened to Martha Boneta.

Sovereign immunity. This is the doctrine that “the King can do no wrong.” Is VACo saying that county officials can do no wrong? Ask Martha Boneta.

Sovereign immunity is itself limited to good faith violations of law and mistakes, not intentional acts, and may be limited by the legislature at any time. Not long ago the Virginia legislature limited sovereign immunity under the Virginia Tort Claims Act, § 8.01-195.3.

Police departments are subject to lawsuits, damages and attorney’s fees under 42 U.S.C. 1983 and 1988 for violating constitutional rights under color of state law, yet this does nothing to impede legal enforcement of the law. Clerks of Virginia county courts have personal liability for certain acts. Counties already have insurance for their good faith mistakes in law.

This provision of the Boneta Bill may be the most popular of all. County officials should be required to do what is expected of all citizens, which is to respect and follow the law. In fact, Boneta Bill supporters would welcome VACo to a very high-profile public debate about its opposition to the Boneta Bill instead of hiding in dark corners of Richmond.

Boneta Bill supporters, which include county officials, stand with all county officials who are our friends, neighbors, church members, etc. who respect and follow the law, and who do not overreach and bully their communities. They are safe under the Boneta Bill, and we will ensure that.

Leave the Farm Bureau writes:

For once, we are ahead of the game! We left Farm Bureau 2 years ago for a company called Farm Family Insurance. They have much lower rates and better coverage. WE saved 30% after years of paying HIGHER premiums for LESS coverage. They aren't well known but they are doing a lot of business in Loudoun/Fauq. We couldn't be happier!

Check them out www.farmfamily.com

Chairman of Mathews Republican Party writes:

At the First District Republican Committee meeting today, January 19th, we passed a resolution supporting HB 1430. We represent thousands of activists in 19 counties and 3 cities. All were appalled by the details of what led up to the drafting of this bill. Our government has turned into a power grabbing Leviathan. Unbelievable that the Farm Bureau would oppose this bill. My small farm, equipment, tractors and autos are insured by the Farm Bureau. It remains to be seen how much longer they will be!

Get busy Farm Bureau. Reevaluate your position and motives on HB 1430 and show some common sense. Do the honorable thing.

David Davis
Mathews County Republican Committee

Governor says "Let them Eat cake"!!! writes:

Governor- your silence on this property rights and economic freedom issue, can only be interpreted as "Let the poor family farmers EAT CAKE!!" Disgusted at your silence. I am a native Virginian, raised 7 children on farmland that was purchased by my grandfather. In nearly 200 years, we have sold everything from hand knit sheep's wool booties and blankets, farm animal calendars, lemonaide, ice tea, baked goods, birdhouses, dried herbs, cow coloring books, cow toys, water bottles, baseball caps with our farm logo, hot coco, hot cider, give tours and more. We have never ever had any individual get aick or injured on our farm in nearly 200 years years! In fact, I am honored that 4 generations currently work and run our farm. We have NEVER had a permit of ANY KIND and have never been required to obtain one. Of the thousands of acres of farmland in my county- NONE of the small family farmers have EVER been forced to pay fines, get permits or be forced to close for practices that have been done for centuries on Virginia small family farms.

My family is Disgusted with you Governor. I donated my family's hard earned money to your campaigns over the years and voted for you and in return, what do you do for the small family farmer??? NOTHING. Makes me sick.

I was driving to Pennsylvania and stopped by the farm in Paris, Virginia in Fauquier County. We were stunned to see such a beautiful farm with such a lovely, gracious and humble farmer. We learned that this farm was only open 7 hours a week and only seasonally before It was forced to shut down. We saw that the farm is surrounded by large farms of several hundred acres much like our farm. I called a friend with a dairy in this Fauquier County to find out more information and he confirmed that the county is destroying the small family farmers and wineries and imposing barbaric and unreasonable restrictions. He said several of the wineries were for sale or went bancrupt because of the lunatic county restrictions as well.

We have a picture with you Governor in our house. I showed it to my grand daughter and I said "See this man. This is the governor of Virginia. He will be remembered for killing off the small family farmer!"

Hail Communist Virginia! writes:

What kind of an idiot nazi county government fines a farmer on farmland in an agricultural district for selling crafts of farm goods or for giving a farm tour of a FARM?? I don't care if the farmer made the alpaca hat and crafts or where they came from! When I go to a cow farm I want to have the right to buy my kid a cow picture! My God, what has happened to my beloved Virginia? Do you government control freak Hitlers have to destroy even the simple family pleasures in life?

Welcome to Soviet occupied Virginia- the death of freedom, liberty and the American Dream.

Another post said it best- Cuba is starting to look good!

Dirty County Secret writes:

This is exactly why this Bill is so important to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening. In the case of the Paris farmer, it is even worse as the Paris Farmer had a valid Fauquier County BUSINESS License for a "RETAIL FARMSTORE" that according to Fauquier's own website zoning had to approve all applications before issuance Of a business license (there is an alpaca farm down the road from the Paris farm that sells and advertises alpaca goods from PERU, wine and other goods and the county EVEN ADVERTISES for this "Full Moon Alpaca farm" on just 4 acres in a residential community and yet the Full Moon Alpaca farm has not been cited or fined). Even worse, the Paris farmer on 70 acres surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland, zoned RA even in writing listed everything the paris farmer would be doing on the farm and a county representative approved all activity in writing - all available by FOIA for review and part of the record in the case. A copy of the active business license when county cited the farmer as well as the county email communications approving all the activity is online for viewing.

The question is WHY IS A COUNTY charging a farmer with a valid BUSINESS LICENSE for doing exactly what the business license permitted that required zoning approval to even have the license issued??????? Why is the county advertising for Full Moon Alpaca farm that sells alpaca products from PERU and not citing that farm or requiring permitting or fees for that farm? Why is the county BOS engaging in a calculated strategy to acquire the Paris farmer's property (- all documented)? ????

So don't be angry at our Governor becauase of what this Soviet, unethical county has done!!! give him time to do something about it!!

What Will Fauquier BoS Try Next writes:

Bring In the Clowns

It is the one-year anniversary of the birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls at Paris Barns that Fauquier County claimed was illegal because it lacked a permit.

The same little girls planned to have a sleepover birthday party this year. Word was put out that Martha Boneta would need a permit for such a sleepover. We hear that one little girl cried upon hearing of the trouble.

This may be just an attempt by Fauquier County to draw an overreaction, because nothing appears to be in writing. If so, it is psychological warfare against Martha Boneta using little girls. Either way, this is disgusting.

If I were advising Fauquier County, I’d recommend that Kim Johnson herself bake a birthday cake for the little girls.

The county supervisors could dress up as clowns for the party’s entertainment, but the way they have been acting lately, that would not be much of a costume.

FFC welcomes a response from the county. We hope that this is simply misinformation.

Joseph Alpen writes:

Ummmm.... Where do I sign up to buy some of those tomatoes from the Paris Farm brothel? Pass HB1430!

Fauquier is Hell on Earth writes:

Pssst! Shhhh!!! Don't tell!! I have some black market farm contraband!!! Hurry and buy all the pig postcards, chicken and cow calendars, alpaca mittens and birdhouses you can get your hands on before old farmer Joe gets hand cuffed, fined and thrown in jail for selling FARM goods on a 70 acre FARM!!! Hurry!! Homeland security, swat teams and llama drones with the Anti-Farm Bureau are coming to inspect farmer Joe's barn to make sure he isn't selling a bees wax candle or a bag of sheep fiber!!!! Insane. What kind of communist wackos are running this town?? Why hasn't the governor done anything about this terrible county? What a Terrible place to live!!

Fauquier county is the worst place to live in Virginia: and possibly the nation! The county citizens are beaten down by over regulation. Please PASS 1430!! Yes, we the people are ANGRY and demand that our: elected officials make sure this county is held accountable for their evil ways!!

Give me freedom or give me death!!

Ex-Farm Bureau Member writes:

Why the Remedies in the Boneta Bill Are Fair,

Appropriate and Needed

The Boneta Bill, H.B. 1430, amends the Virginia Right to Farm Act. It includes remedies that add “teeth” to protecting farmers’ rights. The remedies are no more than the amount of fines that counties may impose on farmers plus attorneys’ fees if the counties (1) are sued by farmers, which is not likely, and (2) are found to have violated the Right to Farm Act. If anything, the remedies in the Boneta Bill are not strong enough.

Martha Boneta was threatened by Fauquier County with fines of $5,000 per violation under charges that she held a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls without a permit and a “site plan,” advertised one wine tasting, sold postcards with pictures of her rescued farm animals, sold wool fiber products from her sheep and alpacas, and sold organic tea from herbs grown in her garden even though she had a business license. She paid $500 to appeal these unjust administrative charges and threats. The county zoning administrator said at her hearing that Martha was “out of line” for appealing these charges. Martha’s farm store that was open just seven hours per week is now closed because of the uncertain, unlawful and unscrupulous actions of the county.

1. Counties have litigation liability insurance; farmers do not. County officials will not go out of pocket on legal fees when they violate farmers’ rights. Farmers go out of pocket on legal fees to defend against overreaching and unlawful actions by county officials against them.

2. Frivolous lawsuits against counties will be quickly dismissed. Bureaucratic administrative zoning actions against small farmers do not follow rules of evidence, can violate farmers’ rights without due process, and can shut down lawful farm activities.

3. Sovereign immunity. This is the doctrine that “the King can do no wrong.” Ask Martha Boneta whether county officials can do no wrong.

The doctrine of sovereign immunity is itself limited to good faith violations of law and mistakes, not intentional acts beyond the duties of government officials, and may be limited by the legislature at any time. Not long ago the Virginia legislature limited sovereign immunity under the Virginia Tort Claims Act, § 8.01-195.3.

Police departments are subject to lawsuits, damages and attorney’s fees under 42 U.S.C. 1983 and 1988 for violating constitutional rights under color of state law, yet this does nothing to impede strong enforcement of the law. Clerks of Virginia county courts have personal liability for certain acts, such as violations of fiduciary duties for funds and wrongful discharge (VanBuren v. Grubb).

This provision of the Boneta Bill may be the most popular of all. County officials should be required to do what is expected of all citizens, which is to respect and follow the law. The remedies provision is a prophylactic way to help prevent violations of rights and the Right to Farm Act, and will not impede good and lawful enforcement.

The Boneta Bill remedies provision:

3.2-302.1. Remedies

A. Any county that violates any provision of this chapter shall be liable to aggrieved persons in the amounts equal to the fines and penalties that the county seeks to impose on such aggrieved persons, plus attorney fees.

B. Any official or employee of a county who violates any provision of this chapter, or whose interpretation or enforcement of duties operates contrary to this chapter, shall be personally liable to aggrieved persons in the amount equal to the fines and penalties that such county official or employee seeks to impose on such aggrieved persons, plus attorney fees, and shall otherwise be subject to the penalties that the official or employee seeks to impose, whether civil or criminal. Such official or employee shall not be protected by sovereign immunity for causes of action in trespass or tort.

Pass the Boneta Bill! writes:

PASS HB1430! Stop the Genocide of the Small Family Farmer! Does anybody realize what will happen if this bill does not pass? Riots in the streets, picketing, hatred distrust and anger toward government officials. Citizens will be spitting at politicians and civil disobedience will be everywhere. This is not a threat - rather, this is the reality of what happens when the people CRY OUT for relief and the government does NOTHING.

This is not about one farmer or one county. Frankly we would like to see the focus on what this is really about -- the Genocide of the Virginia Small Family Farmer.

There is NOTHING more personal or more vital and protected to Virginians than our property rights. Now when you have an issue that strips a small family farmer of property rights and economic freedom...well now you have a tsunami of epic proportions.

This is not Novel Legislation. Rather this is being enacted all over the country in case law and new laws to PROTECT THE SMALL FAMILY FARMER FROM GOVERNMENT ABUSE OF AUTHORITY. Do some research - you will find that there is new case law and legislation emancipating the small family farmer all over the country.

All of this maddness over some sheep's wool, a postcard of a cow and a children's coloring book about goats. Disgusting.

Pass the Boneta Bill! writes:

PS- I do not condone anarchy. I am NOT suggesting that Virginians spit on elected officials or boo and hiss when they enter a room or throw eggs and rotten tomatos at them. Rather, I am simply pointing out that if this Bill does not give relief to the small family farmer a tsunami reaction will result because this has reached a boiling point.

Allison Jackson writes:

Please Pass HB1430! Thank you!

Nan Blissett writes:

Please do the right thing and support Virginia's farmers and farms from unnecessary regulation and economic suppression. Allow them the freedom to do what they do best and provide local sources to ever increasingly aware real food consumers. Thank you.

Debra Booze writes:

Please vote on this bill to say yes. My husband and I live on a small farm. We can everything we can and make all of our jellies, pickles, salsa's and ect. We hunt the land for our meat. It would be a b;lessing to be able to sell our goods. We both work full time jobs. If we could sell our merchandise without the goverment telling us how to run it and cutting us off at the knees. Please it is your duty to vote yes on this bill.

thomas conway writes:

I support this bill wholeheartedly - please pass it. It is whats best for Virginia and in line with out traditions and liberty.

Jim Smith writes:

How does the pro sludge Farm Bureau weigh in on this Bill?

Please Pass HB1430 writes:

STOP THE GENOCIDE OF The Virginia Small Family Farmer being starved out PEC enviro-nazis!! STOP ROGUE governments from stepping on the little mom and pop farmers!


Jason Myers writes:

Cockroaches coming out of the closets to kill off the small family farmer. What do you have against the small family farmer selling a slice of apple pie or a pig postcard? Really? Sick.

This issue has reached a boiling point in Virginia. The enviro-nazis that hide behind the veil of "Buy Fresh Buy Local" in reality want to STARVE out the small family farmer and force them to put their land in to blood sucking fraudulant conservation easments.

IT is absolutely CRIMINAL that there is no Virginia OVERSIGHT Committee to closely monitor the billions of dollars of our tax dollars being pilfered away by the likes of PEC, Sierra and the other "Land Trust Gestapos" destroying Virginia and our country. These cockroaches are all in bed together as a part of AGENDA 21 initiatives to destroy our country and make us dependent on China.

I do not believe in starting a Revolution, but when the Virginia people demand property rights and economic freedom for the small family farmer and our elected officials SPIT in the face of the people...

it is time to start a freedom to farm revolution.

Ex-Farm Bureau Member writes:

VA Farm Bureau is against this bill.

One has to ask why if you are a small farmer.

Farm Family Insurance company is an alternative to FB.
They are A rated, and are cheaper for many.

I have no dog in that fight, but if I were still a FB member, I would be leaving (and letting them know why) and looking at FFI.

Jacque Hitchcock writes:

Please bot YES on HB 1430. Bring back America

Alice Myers writes:


Linda West writes:

PLEASE PASS HB1430! Our family loves small local produce. We have to consume local for health reasons, mine and my child's. Food is our medicine. Without your support, local farms will face unsustainable looses.

George Myers writes:

Please pass HB1430! What's the big deal? I don't get it. Why can't a farmer on a farm sell an apple pie slice or a picture of a pig? Has Virgnia gone crazy? I guess our government wants to take away all the simple pleasures in life. So much for land of the free!

Kevin McGrath writes:

It is time to know that our earth cries out to the farmer, the tiller, the organic producer. What is left if we can't be free to farm? Grow your tomatoes and have your friends birthday parties without the power mongers, the jealous freedom killers, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, the short-sighted Zoning Board, and anyone who would pose opposition to House Bill 1430. Last chance, Folks! Please hold on to a small piece of the Last Frontier....it is not Alaska. It is Virginia...and please support Hose Bill 1430!!!

Rick Buchanan writes:

All of you who have written in and are concerned, please take a stand for LIBERTY by making your presence known:



MONDAY, JANUARY 28TH, 3:30 p.m.

9th and Franklin Streets – Bell Tower Grounds

There will be a press conference @ 4:00 PM and the Subcommittee meeting is at 5:00 PM

Your attendance is vital for us to be heard over the Big-Agra special interest groups

Bonnie Burkhardt writes:

My grandparents homesteaded this great land of ours. He and his neighbors sold their products at grain elevators, milk to creamery milk trucks, eggs to neighbors, meats to the butcher, and products at roadside stands. When I was a young child I joined the neighbor kids picking potatoes by hand in the fields and apples from the apple trees, with every kid taking home several "thank you for your labor" bags of their pickings for their families. My wedding reception was at our farm, with the dance held in a cleaned and decorated quonset where we had a live band and served alcohol that we had purchased to our guests. When our dear neighbor's daughter got married, she used our family's quonset for her wedding dance, also with a live band and serving alcohol that they had purchased. The fact that these basic founding principles of earning a living and having fellowship with your close friends are now being outlawed is outrageous.

Ex-Farm Bureau Member writes:



What bill: HB 1430 – Farm Bill

Committee: Agricultural Subcommittee of the House ACNR Committee

When: 5:00 PM

Where: General Assembly Building – 5th Floor East Conference Room

Please contact these Delegates and urge them to SUPPORT HB 1430 which gives farmers the right to engage in commerce for the sale of agricultural products and byproducts without interference and over-regulation by local government. Call, write, and attend the meeting! If you are a constituent of any of these members, please tell them that when you contact them.

Subcommittee Members:

Marshall, D.W. (Chairman) (804) 698-1014, Orrock (804) 698-1054, Poindexter (804) 698-1009, Knight (804) 698-1081, Morefield (804) 698-1003, James (804) 698-1080, Sickles (804) 698-1043

Email all (copy and paste): [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

Kim Austin writes:

We operate a small farm on our property and are really optomistic about the "Right to Farm Bill" being considered and proposed by Del. Scott Lingamfelter. Due to our current financial conditition we feel very restricted by local zoning requirements that cost alot of money to comply with and tie our hands from being free to expand, promote and benefit from the land we have. I ask you to help in getting the HB-1430 passed.
Thank you

Kim Austin writes:

We have also been active in the Virginia Agritourism Symposiums. Check www.facebook.com/2pondfarm

Catherine Slater writes:

Please pass this bill and give us our God given rights back!!!!!

Gwen Nelson writes:

Please pass this bill. This is so important to our farmers and to all those who benefit from what the grow and sell.

Lyman ward writes:

I support this bill. To be able to buy produce in bulk from others and use this as a supplement with my own vegetables would help me get through the slower season on my end. Pass this bill!


PLEASE PLEASE PASS HB1430!!! NO BULLIES, MORE BARNS PLEASE!!! I attended the hearing last night. First, I ask that all Virginians take it down a notch because I am VERY concerned about a revolution with the height of emotion. I have never seen an entire State so passionate about a Bill! It shows how much we believe in property rights and wantto save our small farms. BUT please please calm down people.

The hearing last night was an eye opener and As much as we all like to bash government involvement, the ag committee did a compromise. That's okay folks.... I'm not happy about it, but folks lay down your pitchforks and lets just focus on helping the small family farmer and enough of the hate and viciousness.

I was stunned to see Chairman & Supervisor Holder Trumbo - an electric official from Fauquier County - maliciously attack Del. Lingamfelter on Facebook. It sets the tone for everything and such hatefulness has no place on Faebook from an elected official! I witnessed again from both Fauquier County supervisors at the hearing last night. Tpgether with Supervisor Lee Sherbeyn from the same county- both behaved in a shameful unprofessional and disrespectful manner by personally attacking the farmer in the hearing.

Both Fauquier representatives refused to focus on the fact that we were all there about the BILL and not whatever personal agenda these shamedul elected officials had to destroy this farmer's life over a postcard of a pig and an alpaca hat or a pumpkin pie slice.

Very sad day in Virginia when our elected officials resort to Facebook to bully other elected officials and destroy the credibility of our citizens.


PLEASE PASS HB1430! This is CRAZY that we have to go to all this trouble so a small family farmer can sell a chocolate chip cookie or a christmas tree stand at a Christmas Tree Farm! DISGUSTING! Welcome to COMMUNIST VIRGINIA!!! I moved here all the way from NYC because I thought Virginia was the land of the free! Guess it is time to move to Russia!

mario pena writes:

yes good


WHy are we BEGGING for our property rights in Virginia?
I say, if these elected politicans are killing off the small family farmers with hyper-regulation, then our future is doomed. We need YOUNG farmers. WHY would my children EVER EVER want to be a small family farmer in Virginia under these over regulated conditions?? WHat hope do any of us have?

Listen up Delegates - you can't have it BOTH WAYS! If we can't support Virginia's family farmers on our FARMs because you are starving us off the land - then you give us no choice then to say BRING ON THE STRIP MALLS, FRACKING, URANIUM MINING and anything else we can do to feed our families.

Since when does a farmer on farmland need permission to sell some farming chachkis like a moo cow toy or a picture of a pig at a pig farm. Lord have MERCY!This is Control Freak, USA.

PASS HB1430 or Virginia has no future.

Lois Sturm writes:

This is crazy. Democracy is strengthened by citizen farmers. Albert Howard noted that the fall of the Roman Empire was linked with loss of small landholder farms and increasing aggregation of land into industrial farms.

Sound familiar?

The small business person is at the core of a healthy, sustainable economy. The local business person is accountable.

Most of our problems with food contamination and other toxic exposures, whether toys or chemicals or radiation, come from large, distant organizations.

Why is it legal for a person to dump toxins into groundwater (the usual lawn maintenance with herbicides) but not legal for a person to grow food on a front lawn?

Why do we challenge a small businessperson bringing value to the community while we do not challenge the regular dumping of toxins into our air, water and soil?

Yngwie Nguyen writes:

Did the bill pass the committee hearing today? Any updates? I hope it passed. Our economic freedom depends on the small farmer. Without things like scrapple, corn and pig postcards, freedom will never ring over ol' virginny!! FREEDOM! PIG STATIONARY FOR ALL!!

Waldo Jaquith writes:

The bill did pass committee today, though they passed this substantially weakened text. The expanded definition of an agricultural operation is still there ("food, beverages, furniture..."), but now all of the strong language about enforcement, the constitution, etc. is gone, replaced with this paragraph:

The engagement in agricultural operations on property zoned agricultural in a locality where such zoning exists, or on unzoned property in a locality where no zoning ordinance has been adopted, shall create a rebuttable presumption that an operation is in compliance with local zoning ordinances.

Kevin McGrath writes:

Amazing that well more than 98% of the comments on this page were in in favor of the Boneta Bill, and yet it dropped to 86% when the Bill was presented to committee! So the naysayers, PEC, Fauquier County BOS, Zoning Board administrators and their staffs spent the past two days overloading their computers with the no vote....but no comments? To ashamed to comment? Nothing constructive to add? You have no viable rebuttal! Your only vehicle is a negative vote....Pathetic...You can't govern, legislate, or enact any semblance of fair policy so you just keep hitting the no vote....Wow...maybe move to the former Russia? Duh, where's that?

Lyman ward writes:

Mr. McGrath, your comment suggests that one can only vote if they comment. You have commented here more than once...

Bring on the URANIUM MINING writes:


Some of the most profound dialogue yet on this site:

"Listen up Delegates - you can't have it BOTH WAYS! If we can't support Virginia's family farmers on our FARMs because you are starving us off the land - then you give us no choice then to say BRING ON THE STRIP MALLS, FRACKING, URANIUM MINING and anything else we can do to feed our families."

That's right -- I am going there...oh yes I am...YOU CAN"T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS GOVERNOR...STARVE THE SMALL FAMILY FARMER OFF OF OUR LAND over historic farm practices like making it illegal to sell Christmas tree stands on Christmas tree farms!!!

WE HAVE A RIGHT to use agriculturally zoned land for agricultural purposes but if you aren't going to let us do that --- then LOOK OUT VIRGINIA.

CALL TO ACTION -- SMALL FAMILY FARMERS UNITE! TIME TO TURN OUR LAND IN TO STRIP MALLS and start bull dozing it all up and start FRACKING AND MINING and otherwise destroying the "VIEWSHED"!!!

All of this over a FARMER selling AGRICULTURAL GOODS on a FARM in VIRGINIA!

Next they will tell us we can't have a birthday parties for little girls !! OH WAIT -- THEY ALREADY DID THAT! Sick.

PASS HB1430 writes:

Thank you Thank you for passing HB1430.

I AM SO PROUD OF OUR GOVERNMENT TODAY! Thank you for caring about the little guy small family farmer that just wants to make ends meat and does NOT want to become WALMART.

When government answers the prayers of the people - it gives HOPE and inspires the masses.

WELL DONE! May this bring hope for a better future in Virginia. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Alice H writes:

There is not much to be proud of here. What they passed is a gutted bill AND a requirement that it has to be reenacted again in 2014 before it can take effect.

So what they achieved is just what they wanted - people will believe it passed and not read the darn thing to see what it says. You have to work at this folks and learn how your government works. They count on you being uninformed.

And guess what - they REALLY do not care about the little guy until the little guy has them pinned to the wall and we are a long ways from that.

PASS HB1430 writes:

Virginia needs HB1430. We need hope. We care about property rights and saving our small family farms!

Delegate Orrock has disappointed all of his constituents by his actions in doing everything possible to try to kill this bill. Ironically, Orrock has lost the support of the very people that helped get him elected because does not seem to care at all about the small family farmer.

Very sad.

Joseph Civitas writes:

The bill is not dead yet; Delegate Lingamfelter is advancing the bill through the process knowing that he can withdraw the bill if it loses the intent in the process.

I urge everyone to continue to call their Delegates and Senators, Farm Bureau, and VaCo as well, and tell them to pass this bill without the re-enactment language.

You can monitor latest news about the bill by subscribing to "Fauquier Free Citizen" at fauquierfreecitizen.com the home of the property rights movement in Fauquier County, and the birth place of the Boneta Bill, HB 1430.


Joe Civitas, Editor, FFC

PASS HB1430 writes:

DONE WITH FARM BUREAU!!!! Done with ORROCK for good!

Why is Virginia LAST to help the small family farmer. HB1430 is NOT NOVEL Legislation FOLKS:

In fact - The North Dakota Feeding Families Committee says it has gathered the required signatures to get a right- to-farm constitutional amendment on North Dakota's November general election ballot.
The proposed constitutional amendment reads: "The right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state. No law shall be enacted which abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production and ranching practices.




Joseph Civitas writes:

If you are a family farmer and a Virginia Farm Bureau Member, we would like to correspond with you.

We have some questions about the actions of Farm Bureau in relation to this bill, HB 1430, from the members perspective.

Please contact: [email protected]

Please Pass HB1430 writes:

These Old Timer Men on the Agriculture Committee just don't get it, do they? Take Your "Centrum Silver" Old Person Vitamins and Wake Up elected officials!

Is this the Twilight Zone? What has happened to Virginia? Now a small family farmer can't sell a postcard of their own pigs on their own farmland? All together now say "Soviet Union"!

Please pass HB1430. Virginia's elected officials are way too old to understand the needs of TODAY's small family farmer. Time to elect new officials to office that aren't beholden to FARM BUREAU, VACO, VDACS or BIG AG - just remember these weenies don't get you elected! We the people get you elected and our vote is much LOUDER and we far out number a few VACO control freaks.

Please Pass HB1430 writes:

The Senior Citizen Politicans need to Double up on those "Centrum Silver" vitamins and throw in an extra 1000 mg of GINKO so they can remember who votes to get them elected in the first place! Hint - it is not VACO or Farm Bureau!

The Virginia people remember very well how elected officials vote on PROPERTY RIGHTS.

Virginia needs to be encouraging young people to be small family farmers. Not scaring them far far far away because of over regulation.

John Pillar writes:


Orrock Koolaid writes:

Really Orrock? He has definately been drinking the Farm Bureau-VACO Koolaid for far too long.

What a disappointment. ORROCK is definatley way to old to be making decisions about the small family farmer in Virginia today. His views are archaic and so out of touch with reality on the small family farm TODAY. Things have changed a lot Orrock since the 1800's!

Orrock you need to retire from public office so a real (in tune with reality as it exists TODAY) public servant that represents ALL the people can protect and fight for property rights and the small family farmer in Virginia!

Go do one of your Orrock talk shows about how you drove the small family farmer in to extinction in Virginia! Shame on You!

Discrimination Virginia writes:

Time for a Revolution of epic proportions Virginia! REVOLT! Civil Disobedience!!

In Soviet Virginia, a WINERY can sell hats, tshirts, wine glasses, coasters, jewelry, art, crafts and other stuff made in China, but it is illegal for a TOMATO or lavender or goat FARMER to sell a postcard of a PIG or a goat on the producer's own farm!!!???

Have you elected officials gone insane? Forget the Old Man Vitamins, these elected officials need to get a lobotomy and daily electric shock treatments.

RICHMOND HAS GONE CRAZY LOONY TUNES! Seems rather evil that a winery serving alcohol can sell chachkis made in China but a small family farmer breaking his back to feed his family working the land can't even sell a sheep's wool hat! Disgraceful. Shame on you politicians! REVOLUTION TIME.

Bobby Orrock Exposed writes:

Read this article about Del. Bobby Orrock:


Good luck getting reelected Orrock! You will need it

Joseph Civitas writes:

Orrock's views on HB 1430 and HB 1839


Interesting insight into his donors as well.

Make sure to let him know your thoughts on HB 1430.

Joe Civitas, Editor FFC

Waldo Jaquith writes:


Are you calling for people to take up arms and forcibly overthrow the government?

Discrimination Virginia writes:

Not at all. Ofcourse not!! NO ARMS NO GUNS...but rather, I am suggesting that consumers take their families to local farms and buy whatever chachkis, hand made crafts, pig postcards, pie slices and anything else they can buy to support the small family farmer. I am also suggesting that the small family farmer engage in civil disobedience and get arrested if necessary to sell the fruit of their labor!!

I am also urging the citizens of Virginia to "Just Say No" to local county abusive practices designed to force the small family farmer off their land.

In the history of time, there have been many "revolutions". In fact, currently there is a "local food revolution" that has been going on for a long time now. Unfortunately, Richmond doesn't seem to have known about it until now.

Discrimination Virginia writes:

Unfortunately Waldo you have sensationalized my statement and neglected to include the language "CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE":

Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. Civil disobedience is defined as being nonviolent resistance. It is one form of civil resistance. In one view (in India, known as ahinsa or satyagraha) it could be said that it is compassion in the form of respectful disagreement.

Gandhi was a figure known worldwide for advocating non-violent civil disobedience.

Discrimination Virginia writes:

More than 30,000 people from 100+ countries participated in the Food Revolution Summit - a global peaceful effort supporting local healthy foods. Nobody "took up arms or forcibly overthrew the government" Waldo. Instead, people from all over the globe have engaged in a "Food Revolution" to promote local food sheds that are healthy for the community and the environment. If a small family farmer can't make a living, then they will be forced off the land and gone forever.

As a community there can be a revolt against absurd laws that prevent a small family farmer from making a living and keeping the farm viable. An example would be for the citizens of Virginia, to create "Small Farmer Chachki Black Markets" and sneak around in the dark of night to buy Farmer Joe's alpaca gloves and pig postcards! Virginians could create a barter system and exchange goods for such dangerous things as a painting of a barn at a farm! There can be all kinds of ridiculous loop holes to be able to support the small family farmers all over the state to save them from over regulation. I could go on and on with examples of how absolutely ridiculous it is that local governments are over regulating small family farmers.

Waldo Jaquith writes:

I haven't sensationalized anything. You wrote "REVOLUTION TIME," I asked you what you meant, you explained. Relax.

Say Yes writes:

This Bill is great!!! This is a way to save our small farmer!!!!

Pass HB1430 writes:

2013 is supposed to be the year of the farmer but NOT IN VIRGINIA!



The Senate Ag Committee is hearing HB1430 -
Freedom to Farm without Fear!!!!

WHEN: THURSDAY, February 14, 2013

WHERE: Senate Room B

Time: 1/2 hour after adjournment(maybe early as 1:00 PM)


[email protected]

We are expecting over 400 Virginians with pitchforks (well buttons, not the real ones folks)

On February 14, 2013, both HB 1430 and HB 1852 will go before the Senate Agriculture Committee in Richmond.




... As always, the bus is free to liberty! Come join hundreds of citizens from all over Virginia as we journey to Richmond for freedom!

WHEN: This THursday, February 14th, 2013

~~BUS LEAVES THE WARRENTON COMMUTER LOT at 10AM and will be making stops along the Property Rights Freedom Trail to Richmond.

Don't have to ride on the Liberty Bus, just SHoW UP in Richmond:

Senate Ag Comittee Hearing on HB1430:

Senate Room B
Time: 1/2 hour after adjournment
(may be as early as 1:00 PM)


Liberty Bus to Richmond writes:


Over 400 farmers and families are making a pilgrimage to Richmond to Save Virginia's small family farmers!!!

For more information go to www.fauquierfreecitizen.com

PASS HB1430! SAVE Virginia's Small Family farmers from local county abuse!


Cameron Jones writes:


As a citizen of the Commonwealth, I implore you to pass HB 1430 and furthermore, remove the re-enactment language that will doom this bill to a rehash of the Right to Farm Act by special interest groups over the next year, which is bound to further weaken the RTFA.

Special interest groups such as the Piedmont Environmental Council, VaCO, and the Farm Bureau are lobbying hard against this bill and you should ask yourself why.
Why are they so afraid of small family farmers making a living doing traditional farming activities?

Farmers have always been first and foremost entrepreneurs. They have the right to sell items incidental to agriculture, and that is all this bill allows despite the allegations of Piedmont Environmental Council, Farm Bureau (which by the way should be in FAVOR of this bill), VaCO and governmental entities such as our own Fauquier County Board of Supervisors.

Your vote against this bill, or a vote to pass with the re-enactment language will be viewed by the citizens of Virginia as a vote for special interests, and I for one vow insure that everyone who votes against this common sense bill, and for the special interest groups, is exposed to their constituents, and then we shall let the voters decide whether you represent their best interests.

Respectfully and Resolutely,

Cameron Jones
Catlett, Fauquier County

Cameron Jones writes:



Dear Friends, Farmers, Family of Farmers, Food Freedom Lovers, Defenders of Property Rights, Freedom & Liberty:

A) CUT and paste the following all of the following emails addresses in the “to” section of your email and put in the subject line “PASS HB1430 BONETA BILL WITHOUT RE-ENACTMENT CLAUSE”:

"Emmett Hanger" , "Dick Black" , "Harry Blevins" , "Adam Ebbin" , "Dave Marsden" , "Joe May" , "Don McEachin" , "John Miller" , "Ralph Northam" , "Mark Obenshain" , "Ken Plum" , "Phil Puckett" , "Bob Purkey" , "Bill Stanley" "John Watkins"

Cameron Jones writes:

If you are following this bill, please visit Fauquier Free Citizen for the latest on HB 1430.


Shout out to the Governor! PASS HB1430 writes:

Yoooo hoooooo Governor!

We find it interesting that the Governor has remained silent on HB1430 designed to protect the Virginia Farmer in 2013 - Designated "THE YEAR OF THE AMERICAN FARMER"....but not in Virginia?????

Virginians are coming to Richmond from all over the Commonwealth tomorrow. 55 person passenger buses are packed with families, farmers, concerned citizens and property rights activists begging for RELIEF.

WHY do we have to BEG for our property rights? WHY? Why is the poor family farmer being starved off the land?

Governor - WHY IS VIRGINIA spitting in the face of the small family farmer?

SOMETHING MUST BE DONE to save the small family farmer!
FREE THE SMALL FAMILY FARMER from enslavement. EMANCIPATE VIRGINIA's small family farmer.

Hold elected officials accountable that do not support HB1430! The names of all elected officials that do not support the small family farmer will be published and made known.

SAY YES to BONETA Today writes:

Richmond Times Dispatch TOP NEWS TODAY! "YES TO BONETA"

“Opponents of the bill have floated a number of red herrings, including the possibility of countless ‘mini-Walmarts’ popping up along every rural route in the commonwealth. That’s absurd. If anything, small farmers’ shops — where local residents can buy local goods from local producers — represent an antidote to Walmart’s increasing presence in small-town America.


RICHMOND or BUST today! writes:


Over 400 farmers and families are making a pilgrimage to Richmond to Save Virginia's small family farmers!!!

For more information go to www.fauquierfreecitizen.com

PASS HB1430! SAVE Virginia's Small Family farmers from local county abuse!



BAD MEN Senators writes:

SPINELESS AARP bafoons!2013 is supposed to be the year of the American Farmer but NOT in Virginia where Government is killing off the small family farmer.

SAD DAY TO BE A VIRGINIAN YESTERDAY! I have never seen a more pathetic Un-American bunch of old men as I did yesterday.

With the exception of these FOUR GREAT Americans that fought to protect the property rights of Virginians: Obenshain, Stuart, Stanley and Black - the rest of those idiotic Soviet Spineless dictators are an embarassment to Virginia and the nation.

These men are too old with dementia to understand how archaic their good ole boy way of doing things is HURTING VIRGINIA and the small family farmer.

What a disgrace. Watkins really needs to find a new job because he has no idea what REALITY is for small family farmers and wants them all to be hearded to farmer's markets. WHAT A DISGRACE!

Joseph Civitas writes:


HB 1430 went down to defeat in the Senate committee yesterday afternoon, after having passed the house a few days earlier with an overwhelming majority.

Clearly our lawmakers are aware of the grassroots support for this amendment, but several chose to kill it, instead of having to deal with the powerful lobbying groups that were fighting hard against it.

One Senate committee member vote No on the voice vote, but then changed his vote to Yes when a roll call vote was called. Clearly he understands his constituents support the bill, and although he opposed it, did not want to go on record voting against it.

One lawmaker said they had not seen this much opposition by lobbying groups to a bill, since Disney tried to build in northern VA years ago.

One of the primary groups opposing this bill as they did then is the Piedmont Environmental Council which also runs Fauquier County via the Board of Supervisors.

This battle is not over by any means. Read Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s message here:


Information Central for this ongoing battle will remain Fauquier Free Citizen:


Read about the way forward here:


We need to continue to build our network of supporters, so if you wish to keep abreast of developments and keep in touch with this movement, please send your name and email address with subject line: "Property Rights" to:

[email protected]

We will email you updates.

Joseph Civitas
Editor, FFC

BAD MEN Senators writes:

Hey Senator Watkins - you say "small family farmers should deal with their local county governments" Really? Say that too all of the wineries and small family farmers that are being starved off of the land by over regulation government thugs in places like Faquier County. Get a new job Watkins - you are too old and your views too archaic to understand the struggles of today's small family farmer.

Senator Watkins, you may think you look like Lincoln, but YOU are NO Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln emancipated the slaves. YOU Senator Watkins continue to perpetuate the enslavement of Virginia's small family farmers that live day to day in FEAR because of government abusive regulations that shackle and handcuff them in to starvation.

See for yourself what this AARP beurocrat RINO that spits in the face of the small family farmer on this video interview has to say:


Time for Watkins to retire. Maybe he can find a new job in theatrical performances as Abe Lincoln. He certainly put on a good show yesterday. Bravo!

Kangaroo Court writes:

Despite the kangaroo court on February 14th, 2013 that killed the property rights and economic freedom of small family farmers throughout Virginia, we must reward those elected officials that are not afraid to stand up for property rigths of the little guy - the small mom and pop farmers with the boots of abusive tyranical local county governments on their necks destroying the small American farmer in Virginia.

Send these great Virginians letters of gratitude and REWARD them for fighting to protect property rights in Virginia and the small family farmers that are being driven off the land:


Del. Scott Lingamfelter - May he be our next Lt. Gov.
Sen Bill Stanley - this man is a hero.
Sen Mark Obenshain - Let us pray this man becomes our AG
Sen DICK BLACK - voice of all the people
Sen Richard H. Stuart - fearless warrior. Vote for him in to any office he wants.

As to the spineless AARP elected officials that have forgotten the integrity and honor these men are supposed to uphold in their capactiy to represent all the people (and not just special interest lobbysts) so too, we must never forget these men at election time.

REMEMBER THESE NAMES and make sure they do not have the power to control the future of Virginia small family farmers EVER AGAIN. Send a message that says, WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND PROPERTY RIGHTS PROTECTIONS for ALL VIRGINIANS - even the most humble and treasured small family farmers:

Flunky AARP Spineless Footmen:

Senator Hanger (Chairman)-self proclaimed "Lincoln" NOT
Senator Watkins - "let them eat cake"
Senator Puckett -"noisy & stink-You're not a real farmer"

Senate Comedy Show writes:


Virginia Senate Committee REJECTS "Farmers RIGHTS TO BREATHE Legislation"


2013 is "THE YEAR OF THE AMERICAN FARMER" but NOT in Virginia.


Virginia Senate Agriculture Committee Cat Fat as seen here on saving the small family farmers:



Debra Kurre writes:

Why place monetary caps on sales? With the economic issues that our nation faces, let alone our state, why hobble the farmer?

YOU are FIRED Senator RUFF writes:

Wow! Check this out. The corruption in Richmond is EVIL.

Obviously Senator Ruff is bought and paid for and is nothing more than a puppet.

Get a NEW job Ruff. Your shinanigans have gone TOO FAR!


Ruff Language, Ruffled Facts

Although not from Fauquier, Frank Ruff may earn FFC’s Clown of the Week award for his email about the Boneta Bill.

Senator Ruff has his facts and his power role wrong. He seems to think he’s a judge, not a legislator. And he obviously wouldn’t make a competent judge, judging from his email about the “Right to Farm” bill, which was never called that. It was the Boneta Bill amending the very flawed Right to Farm Act that Ruff helped pass many years ago.

His email and our comments follow.

Angry Ruffled Clown
“Or more appropriately the “fake right to farm” failed on Thursday.”

A “fake” might call it that, but the Boneta Bill addressed real rights.

“Opposition was the Farm Bureau and local government. Supporters were grassroots groups and individuals. Many emails and calls were in support. Many had no idea the bill’s effect; they had received a call asking them to call to protect small farms.”

People knew darn well the bill’s effect; Senator Ruff proves he did not. The bill would have amended the flawed Right to Farm Act . . . that left out actual rights. Senator Ruff chose special interests over the people.

“Before the committee some spoke of protecting their right to farm and sell the products from that farm directly to the public. A right they currently have under the existing ‘right to farm law’.”

False. Farmers have the right to sell products, but the Right to Farm Act does not expressly state that.

“It is reasonable and fair. It is balanced between the farm community and others that may live in rural areas. No one claimed the current law was not working in any county.”

The senator seems to be trying to defend the flawed legislation he helped pass many years ago, but thousands of people were ‘claiming’ the law was not working in several counties.

“It turns out that this was brought about because one woman in Northern Virginia was advertising that her farm was a location to have social events. Fauquier County sent a letter explaining she needed a permit to hold such events or that she could be fined.”

There he goes. The facts on which he relies were not before the committee, which may explain why he has them wrong. Martha Boneta was threatened with fines for selling her farm goods and hosting a birthday party. Even the county’s claim that she was in violation of law for “advertising” events shows the county broke the law. There is no law against advertising events, just for holding them without permits.

“Her right to have events is a zoning issue.”

The bill was about selling goods, not having events. The senator obviously voted against a bill that he did not read.

“This gives affected neighbors a chance to be heard in a permit process. That process would include such things as parking issues. If the rights of neighbors could be protected, most Boards of Supervisors in the state would approve this type of activity; but it is not a farming issue.”

The Right to Farm Act protects farms from, as was said at the hearing, lawsuits for “noise and stink” (and we in Fauquier love our farms’ noise and smells). Under his logic, people would need permits for many activities on their private property: weddings, barbeques, graduation parties, etc. The Boneta Bill was about the rights of farmers to engage in commerce. He claims that “is not a farming issue.” Ruff, ruff, ruff.

And, as is customary at FFC when we write about politicians, here is a list of Senator Ruff’s top contributors from Follow the Money:


TABLE 1: Top 20 Contributors
% of Total

See Records
Energy & Natural Resources
See Records
See Records
Energy & Natural Resources
See Records
See Records
Energy & Natural Resources
See Records
See Records
See Records
See Records
See Records
See Records
VERIZON $1,500
Communications & Electronics
See Records
Lawyers & Lobbyists
See Records
ENVIVA LP $1,500
See Records
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
See Records
See Records
Communications & Electronics
See Records
See Records
See Records
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
See Records

Dorsey Riley writes:

Who would vote against this bill? The old blue law GOP. They are against small farmers and Sunday hunters this is so sad.

Joe Patriot writes:

Does anyone think our ancestors prior to 1775 would have put up with anything like the government oppression we are swallowing daily in 2013? From all levels, even down to town and county level. I doubt it, and in fact, the evidence shows they reacted explosively to having to buy some extra stamps, pay some heavy taxes, provide housing for some soldiers, and some other issues. How much are we going to put up with, today? We are such wimps today, they would be ashamed of us, and about half our population is OK with all this oppressive legislation and bureaucrat-designed regulation.