Parole; earned sentence credits. (HB1989)

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Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Corrections; parole; earned sentence credits. Allows a maximum of 15 sentence credits to be earned for each 30 days served for non-violent prisoners under the abolition of parole law (post January 1, 1995). Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/09/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13102492D
01/09/2013Referred to Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety
01/15/2013Assigned MPPS sub: #2
01/16/2013Impact statement from DPB (HB1989)
01/17/2013Subcommittee recommends laying on the table
02/06/2013Left in Militia, Police and Public Safety


stephen writes:

This is a Good bill.

Carolyn Meares writes:

I KNOW ALL OF YOU ARE BUSY. MY E-MAIL IS VERY LONG. DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF BY N0T READING THE WHOLE E-MAIL. I am a very responsible citizen. I owned my own company..a start up that was very successful. I was on the Board of Leadership Metro Richmond, The Chamber of Commerce of Greater Richmond, Massey Cancer Center Advisory Board; the Richmond Chapter of the American Red Cross; THE Women's Resource Center at the University of Richmond, a bank board, etc...........and please know that I am a very responsible citizen. The statement that I am making is very important for you and me.........we are all TAX PAYERS. WE ALL ALSO NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT OUR PRISON SYSTEM PRODUCES REFORMED AND EDUCATED EX-PRISONERS WHO CAN AND WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO GO OUT INTO THE WORLD AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. WE PARTICULARLY NEED TO CURTAIL THE PRISON SENTENCE WITH AT LEAST A 50% PAROLE OPPORTUNITY FOR NON-VIOLENT FELONS. WE NEED TO CURTAIL OUR TAX DOLLARS WITH THIS ABUSIVE AND WASTEFUL INSTITUTION........THE DEPPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS.



Some of these non-violent criminals are brilliant and talented. With good management from THE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, they could improve the lives of many of their fellow inmates by teaching classes on many subjects that would allow these people to re-enter society with some sense of confidence and some knowedge that would give them the ability to get a job and reintegrate into society. The present repressive system is an is about man's inhumanity to man.........just look at the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Corrections.....surely you do not have to go to China or is right here on your back door step. Better yet, look at the JAIL is so overcrowded. THE RICHMOND JAIL IS A JUNGLE. IF YOU WANT TO READ, YOU HAVE TO SLEEP ALL DAY SO THAT WHEN IT IS A LITTLE QUIETER, YOU CAN READ. AND THEN WHO MADE THE STUPID DECISION THAT ONE CAN ONLY HAVE 5 BOOKS PER month. My good friend, Drew Massengill, is in the Richmond Jail right now..........he can read 5 books per week and he is also a writer and poet. He reads classics like Tolstoy,Plato, and many of the classic authors. DREW COULD BE A GREAT TEACHER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SO MANY FELLOW INMATES' LIVES. Drew made one mistake in his life......he has already learned his lesson. He is only 22 years old. He many other prisoners......a whole life ahead of him. HE NEEDS TO CONTINUE HS EDUCATION. Education seems to be very low profile in importance unless one needs a GED. How about the smart prisoners. On-line education is prolific..........there are so many opportunities. Is there a way that a computer room could be set up in each and every prison so that these SMART individuals can continue their education AND RECEIVE CLASS CREIDTS and possibly a degree.

AS A TAXPAYER, I want these non-violent criiminals out of prison as soon as possible. How many are in because of marijuana which is far less debilitating than cigarettes and alcohol.( I know it is agaist the law and I am a law abiding citizen. And no, I do not smoke pot.) If these are smart and non-violent offenders, give them a chance to get their lives back...........knowing that a second offense would curb their future opportunities.

Off the subject..........why would the bill to allow non-violent felons to be able to declined. These are people who have learned a lesson and they need to re-enter the Commonwealth of Virginia as law abiding citizens who can vote. I am more disappointed than THE GOVERNOR. WHO IS or WHO ARE THE SENATORS AND/OR HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES WHO DEFEATED THIS BILL. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO IS SO INHUMANE. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THOSE NAMES.


Many thanks for giving deep thought, compassion and consideration before you make your decision. HOWEVER, if you have a soul, you will pass Bill # 1989. If you have a brilliant and left brain decision making process, YOU WILL PASS BILL are a taxpayer........most left brain people make a lot of money....and you can help curtail the taxes.......the vast taxes.........that go into the Department of Corrections...........and if you have a little bit of soul, you can try to understand the sadness and financial costs of the fellon's family.........many of these fellons are from very outstanding homes where education, good values, morality, love, caring are IMPORTANT. These are the people who are the heart and soul of our country....our Commonweath of Virginia. These are people who do not have the money to pay bribes..........and trust me, this is what damages the system so incredibly......and trust me, I know that this goes on. THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY OUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IS SO OUT OF WHACK. How do we stop the corruption on the TOP?
Carolyn Meares
please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss..........804-241-6400.

Charity writes:

Please pass this bill. This is very important to more people than you realize. Do not be corrupt. The system is not working and harder more strict sentences on non-violent offenders are just making the recidivism rate increase instead of making them productive members of society. If you all want to continue to increase the number of inmates by ten fold every year, you are surely wasting taxpayers money and peoples lives who do not belong in prison, which usually are rotting away in a sorry excuse for a jail, like Richmond City Jail...yes, I know you are building a new one( more money), but it is a year till it opens and is already overcrowded by more than 500 inmates when the new one is complete. If this so called system you all have in place for 85% time served stays in place you will for sure be overcrowded in Richmond City's new jail by more than a 1000 inmates...and that is just one jail that is a DOC holding facility because the system is so overcrowded everywhere. People are dying in jail and do not get adequate care. I wish you all would not be crooked and use bribery and really look at the issue at hand. compare to other states you have hardly anyone on probation. increase peoples chances of having a life and rehabilitation. Not all crimes or mistakes should be punished to the extent your laws take it to. I am disgusted by the whole process. This bill needs to pass. You need to save the taxpayers money and quit wasting it increasing your inmate population and building more prisons that you end up closing down. Why don't you try to educate these inmates and train them? You say you have programs at the DOC for that, but hardly any of them ever make it there as they are left in local jails because the system is so overcrowded with inmates that are stuck with stiff sentences for non-violent offenses. And let me not even begin to talk about how you treat people from other throw the book at them. And the fact that you use dismissed cases from peoples past to convict them is a disgrace. If it is dismissed, no matter what state it is from, that mens that they were not convicted and that means it should not be used against them jn a court of law. What happened until innocent until proven guilty? What happened to the justice system? You all have No is built on betrayal and lies....convict the innocent and prosecution that gets the Grand Jury to place more charges on people just so they can make them take a plea, even if they are innocent, because you have stacked up so much on them that they feel they have no choice but to say they are guilty of a crime they didn't commit because they know how you mall will treat them if they go to a jury trial...and not to mention that it is the easy way out for prosecution to secure a victory without doing their Damn Job! I am disgruntled and appalled at the actions of the Justice system and Legislation. The Governor is smart in trying to pass this bill and he is time that you all get on board and realize the savings to taxpayers...not to mention the chance for productive citizens and an increase in jobs for probation officers, as well as helping non violent offenders families because the cost they accrue as a loved one is In jail is ridiculous as they could make it cheaper out here providing for their families. I should know...I have a loved one in there for a non violent offense that didn't even commit the offense...and I know because I was there. They have tortured my family and I have seen how many others have been in this same situation. It is time for is time for change...if legislation had a family member in there, I bet they would really see what it is like and finally understand, but since the system is corrupt they won't because they will just bribe their family members out of is time for change and it needs to happen now! PASS HB1989 to make the Commonwealth a better place for all and start working on these ancient laws in affect...there is a reason there are only four commonwealths left in the USA...and your system just doesn't is retime for you to make this move and do the right thing for all involved before you cause more debt and trouble than you may dig yourself out of. Guess you already are well on your way to doing time to PASS HB1984..NOW, we cannot wait any longer!

Charity writes:

HB1989, excuse me for the last typo... I am just so upset..Pass the bill...HB1989.

Kristin Cassen writes:

I served two years in the Virginia prison system. I was a 43 year old soccer mom of four teenagers....No record.....but I made the wrong city official angry and it spun out of control....they launched several charges at me....nolle prossed most just prior to trial time.....then despite physical evidence, contracts, documented proof that I was not guilty of anything. I was found guilty of "attempted perjury of another" sentencing guidelines were Probation/no incarceration...because of the 43 years I lived without so much as a speeding ticket. Yet the judge sentenced me to 5 years with 3 suspended. I can tell you that while enduring this nightmare, I was stunned to discover I am not the only "fluke" in the system. There were educated, articulate, intelligent women in Virginia's prison system that have NO BUSINESS being there. As a taxpayer, I only considered the vast expense of our prison systems as a necessary evil. Put in place to sequester the TRUE threats to society. That is not the case in Virginia. Even the staff there will tell you that "prison is big business".....contracts are in place from the vendors of the Department of Corrections that go way back. A system of political back scratching that cannot easily be disrupted. Thus, I would estimate that as many as 2/3 of the women that are currently caged like animals...with full time guards, bars, and concrete are serving time for: probation violations stemming from a long ago, drug or juvenile offense, shoplifting, traffic violations, one girl was a new citizen that had no money and spoke no English. The boy she went to the movies with put a screwdriver in her purse when they got to the movies....turns out he had broken into a house with that screwdriver. She was arrested and charged with accessory and Burglury tools......she is serving SIX years. I heard that they estimate the tax payer pays $42k per inmate per year to keep them incarcerated. Why? When we could easily put these women on ankle monitoring? On the ankle monitor they inmate must PAY the DOC for the privilege....they can work immediately and begin paying restitution....instead of a $42k debt to the taxpayer per year they bring a $1200/year profit to the state....oh, and nsf checks? The vast majority of states simply fine 2 and 3 times the amount to the offender and block their drivers license until paid....only if those actions fail does it get criminally charged....again, MAKE THE STATE SOME MONEY instead of spending it housing NON-VIOLENT offenders. Also, lets not delude ourselves....these non-violent women....are sleeping in open dorms a mere 3 feet away from true VIOLENT, convicted murderers. Really Virginia? We can't do better than this? If this bill would begin the winds of change....please consider it.

ShaKirah Nieves writes:

I agree this bill will save families heartache and keep taxpayers money in their pocket. My husband is servibg a seven month sentence basically because his P.O wants him to go back to prison. He had two jobs and was going to school. He will be home in October but our family has suffered and he disnt deserve this time. We were beating the case until the day of the trial. His Probation Officer told the lawyer he had 4 felonies against him. The only thing she could come up with is a plea and in the plea those felonies could not be served. We don't beleive that he ever had any other charges but knowing that we would beat the case this was his way to make something happen. I hate the system its designes for failure and to be a lifelong moneymaker for the state. Our daughter beleives that he is away training for a job and this is the plan until he comea home but if this bill was passed he would come home in August.