Public schools; cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators. (HB2028)

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Del. Mark Dudenhefer (R-Stafford) with support from 7 copatrons, whose average partisan position is:

Those copatrons are Del. Dickie Bell (R-Staunton), Del. Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg), Del. Bill Howell (R-Fredericksburg), Del. Mark Keam (D-Vienna), Del. John O'Bannon (R-Richmond), Del. Chris Stolle (R-Virginia Beach), Del. Joseph Yost (R-Blacksburg)


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Public schools; cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators. Allows school boards to require current certification or training in emergency first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for bus drivers, increases required school personnel with such training per school, and requires such training for those seeking initial teacher licensure, renewal of a license to teach, or a provisional teaching license with a waiver for disabilities. For students, beginning with first-time ninth grade students in the 2014-2015 school year, the bill adds a requirement that recipients of the standard and advanced diplomas must receive training in emergency first aid, CPR, and the use of AEDs with a waiver for students with disabilities. The bill also requires an AED in every school by the 2014-2015 school year and schoolwide cardiopulmonary resuscitation drills. Read the Bill »


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01/09/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13103531D
01/09/2013Referred to Committee on Education
01/15/2013Assigned Education sub: Teachers and Admin. Action
01/28/2013Subcommittee recommends reporting with amendment(s) (9-Y 0-N)
01/30/2013Reported from Education with substitute (20-Y 1-N) (see vote tally)
01/30/2013Committee substitute printed 13104661D-H1
01/31/2013Read first time
02/01/2013Read second time
02/01/2013Committee substitute agreed to 13104661D-H1
02/01/2013Engrossed by House - committee substitute HB2028H1
02/04/2013Read third time and passed House (93-Y 7-N)
02/04/2013VOTE: PASSAGE (93-Y 7-N) (see vote tally)
02/05/2013Constitutional reading dispensed
02/05/2013Referred to Committee on Education and Health
02/14/2013Reported from Education and Health (10-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)
02/15/2013Constitutional reading dispensed (40-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)
02/18/2013Read third time
02/18/2013Passed Senate (40-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)
02/21/2013Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB2028ER)
02/21/2013Impact statement from DPB (HB2028ER)
02/21/2013Signed by Speaker
02/22/2013Signed by President
03/18/2013G Approved by Governor-Chapter 498 (effective 7/1/13)
03/18/2013G Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0498)


This bill was discussed on the floor of the General Assembly. Below is all of the video that we have of that discussion, 1 clip in all, totaling 25 seconds.


Susan Hulsey writes:

This is so important! It can save the life of a child or a school worker. AED's have been placed in some of our schools, yet, no training has been given to the staff on how to use the equipment or how to access it quickly in the time of an emergency.

CPR and use of an AED training is easy to learn and a life skill we should all have, but especially those who are in care of our most precious resources, our kids.

Sally moore writes:

Every child deserves a chance and empowering those who work with children with life saving tools is essential.
Gwyneth deserves to leave a legacy of safety for all children.

Linda Griffin writes:

The scary reality is that stories like Gwyneth's happen way to often, with seemingly healthy student-athletes collapsing, and they don't always have happy outcomes. About 2,000 kids a year in the U.S. have a cardiac arrest and pass away on athletic fields. We cannot continue to be by-standers any longer. Action must take place to protect our children. CPR along AED training and usage in the school system is the right choice. Choose life. Vote for this bill. Lead the nation in protecting our children.

Lisa Johnson writes:

This bill must pass. We lost such a beautiful treasure that horrible day in June.
I still cannot believe she is gone. It was the most heartbreaking experience in my life not to mention her family's lives, Joel, Jennifer and Ainsley.
She was the most precious little girl and I miss her terribly. NOT one day goes by that I don't think of her and wish she had been saved that day....We need this bill passed to protect our children. I sincerely believe had someone helped this beautiful little lady immediately that horrible day she could still be here with us.

Jessica writes:

Please pass this bill. Like many parents I was under the impression that a lot of what is mentioned in this bill was already the standard, this is not the case. I find that very concerning and strongly believe that with this bill we can change these standards to what they need to be.

It would be a shame to be aware of the changes that need to be made and not take this opportunity to correct them. Everyday that goes by with lack of CPR/AED training and lack of AED's in all schools puts our children and teachers lives at risk. It is an unfair and unacceptable risk for our innocent children. Please see the importance of this bill, it can be life saving for all students, staff and the benefits outweigh any costs.

Ooh Lalaz writes:

There should be NO hesitation to pass this bill to save children's lives. This should be mandatory in all schools period!

Mary Salisbury writes:

This bill is long past due. Anyone who knew Gwyneth knew how full of life she was. She was an amazing young lady. I believe that if this bill had been in place, she would still be with us today. PLEASE do not let this happen to any child, it can be prevented by simply training all school personnel and staff - even children are being trained in CPR/First Aid and AED classes. We lost a beautiful light when Gwyneth left ths world, please do not make her death be in vain. This bill needs to be Passed into Law NOW......

Wendy Lay writes:

At this time there is a great deal of discussion as to how to keep our students safe from external threats. Knowing that student safety is paramount, it only makes sense to prepare for a medical emergency as well. Gwyneth's death was a tragic event that starkly illustrates the need to revise current policy to prevent a recurrence.

Ben Sargent writes:

Being prepared for situations and scenarios is the most important idea in this bill. You hope and pray nothing like this happens, but in reality it does. Getting this passed would be a step in the right direction for helping teachers, students, and the schools be more prepared and better equipped to respond when they do.

Julie Taylor writes:

I respectfully request your endorsement of the bill being put before you in hope that you see the value of arming our teachers and students with the ability to save lives in unexpected situations. By offering life saving training measures it will help more people to face the emergency situations which are becoming a prevalent need in today's society when and where it is least expected, especially our schools. What a wonderful legacy this would be for you to pass on to the future.

Adrian De Luna writes:

Why are we even voting on this? This should be required. PERIOD. One life lost is already one too many.

Anthony Dantzler writes:

Being the father of a young child, I am very sad and upset that this isn't requirement of all schools. Please pass legislation on this before another tradegy like this happens again. I work in a government where AEDs are commonplace and they should be in our schools.

Lisa Reiter writes:

This bill is a great one to be passed I came from a school that had the AED device in house and all the parents supported this to protect our children it should be a MUST at every school and REQUIRED BY LAW.

Duree Eddins writes:

This bill will help all teachers, students and schools be better prepared for cardiac related emergencies. It should be passed ASAP to help prevent other families from having to deal with the loss of a child.

Riley Burzynski writes:

Please vote for Gwyneth's Bill. Gwyneth was my best friend, and I would want anything to be done for her. She was so full of life, as I know for the past 6 years we have been best friends. She will always be full of life, and I want every child in the world to be full of life just like she was. Tragic things can happen anytime, anywhere. Just like what happened to one of the most important things in my life, another sister to me. I think that there should definately be AED's in every school, and CPR training for every child in school. We can make a change if u vote for this bill. This should be required. PERIOD. This can help the school system so much. Every school will be prepared for cardiac related emergencies, if it was to happen. This has to be passed for Gwyneth, and every child who has passed from this situation. So pass it on, and vote this bill.

Debra Griffin writes:

Bad things happen so fast but we have to live through them slow. My precious grand-daughter Gwyneth is lost to us but this law can and will save others. Pass this law for Gwyneth. Pass this law to prevent future injured students from having the outcome that our famly has had to endure. Pass this law because it is necessary. Pass this law because it is the right thing to do.

Stacey Loflin writes:

It's insane to think that this is even a up for a bill - it's a no brainer. Every public school should be equipped with AED's and teachers (every teacher including subs) should have passed a CPR class. Please pass this bill.

Timothy Schoenbeck writes:

A one day course could save so many lives! AED's should be in all public buildings and staff taught how to use them! Please put this bill into motion!

Joe the Plumber writes:

If I worked for the school, I'd wait for emergency responders to arrive before putting my hands on someone else's kid. No way in hell is someone going to slap a lawsuit on my ass.

Nancy Rhodes writes:

HR2028 must be passed into law! All school personnel (teachers, administrators, bus drivers, etc.) should be trained in First Aid and CPR. All schools must be equipped with AED's. The lives of children (as well as our teachers and staff) should never be put in jeopardy.

Sherri writes:

I believe in this with all my heart. I teach CPR, ACLS and PALS and know the importance of learning how to save someones life. You never know when/where you may need to use this skill. Our children are our future, so having the knowledge and equipment to help save a life, is a no brainer. Vote this bill into law!

Waldo Jaquith writes:

If I worked for the school, I'd wait for emergency responders to arrive before putting my hands on someone else's kid. No way in hell is someone going to slap a lawsuit on my ass.

Virginia—like most states—has a "good Samaritan" law—§ 8.01-225, which holds that anybody who in good faith renders emergency medical care is immune from lawsuits arising from that medical care. The law exists for precisely this reason, although it probably makes no difference to a person so reprehensible that they would allow a child to die in order to avoid getting in trouble.

Patricia Breland writes:

This bill will save lives! As a Stafford County school teacher, I believe CPR / AED training is needed for everyone working with children. Supporting this bill will make our schools/community safer, and clearly state how much we value our children.

Jacqueline Mott writes:

As a parent of two children who attend Stafford County schools, their safety is my number one priority. I sincerely request that this bill be passed as it can and will save lives. Please do not hesitate. Our children are counting on you.

Ron Newcomb writes:

I grew up in VA and just assumed this was all ready the case. This is an obvious must have. Let's get behind this law and ensure it happens.

Amy Ratliff writes:

As a teacher, and a parent of school-aged children in the Stafford County Public school system, I fully support this bill and pray that it becomes law. Currently, the Virginia Department of Social Services requires CPR and 1st Aid training for licensed child care. This makes sense to me. I have often wondered why schoolteachers do not have the same requirement, where teacher:student ratios are so much larger in scale. Teachers are in the business of taking care of their students, in all capacities. I cannot imagine that there is a teacher around who would not support this bill. CPR training hours DO count towards VA teacher recertification. We need this law to protect our children. Please allow Gwyneth's memory, and message of safety, carry on through this very important and necessary legislation.

Patrick McGrath writes:

As Gwyneth's Irish dance teacher this bill has my full support, and at a time when the media is talking about gun violence and protection for our kids in schools, I can only look at this bill and blink... "Why hadn't this been addressed years ago?"
I have every faith that it will be passed with minimal debate. Ensuring that public school instructors and future students in the commonwealth receive CPR training is a monumental step towards truly protecting children in school. No cost can compare with the life savings this emergency training will provide. I just wish this had been in place years ago, so that we may not have lost such a wonderful young girl.

Laura Valero writes:

We knew Gwyneth through Girl Scouts, and support this bill 200%. This will save adults as well as our precious children!

Christinne Rodriguez writes:

Please pass this bill into law. All the equipment in the world won't help if we don't ensure the people in the building know how to use it. If a school has only one or two staff members who know how to administer CPR and an AED, if necessary, it isn't enough. It wasn't enough for Gwyneth, and we can do better. Pass this bill.

Chris Garcia writes:

I support this bill 100%! As a health care worker, and a person who has extensive experience with working with children, it is SO important to be prepared for a life or death emergency. Unfortunately with Gwyneth's situation, hindsight is 20/20, but now that we know, we have the responsibility to do everything in our power to prevent such a devastating loss from ever happening again.

Sherry Petri writes:

I would like to encourage each lawmaker who has the opportunity to vote on this bill to support its passage and rally your fellow lawmakers to do the same. This should not be political but simply an action to show the value placed on the lives of Virginia's children. Virginia should be a leader in the effort to ensure that every individual responsible for the education and care of Americas children be equally prepared to save the life of those children in their care. If you ask any parent in the state of Virginia which is most important, whether their child's teacher can teach them to advance an SOL or begin life saving measures until medical professionals arrive, you will find that parents overwhelmingly choose their child's life above their education. There should be no debate. This law should be passed without opposition.

Diane dodge writes:

I am a Stafford County educator. This bill is vital to ensure that all our teachers have the life saving knowledge of CPR in case the need ever arises. I was the second grade teacher of Gwyneth Griffin. My heart breaks every day when I Think about her and what her family has been through. Knowing CPR should be mandated as a law and thought of as one of our "best practices". We owe it to our students to have the knowledge of CPR and the ability to spring into action.

Laruen Sharp writes:

I wish to urge the lawmakers of the Virginia to swiftly pass HB 2028. Our children are our most valuable resource; the actions of the Common Wealth should reflect this. The education, safety and security of our children should be of our highest priority. The lack of training and medical equipment available to the teachers, to protect and safeguard our children is unconscionable.

The initial and annual training, the medical equipment required for teachers to respond, the assignment of law enforcement and/or EMS at our schools is one of the few things for which I am willing to pay more taxes for.

If we will not protect our children with some simple actions, then why do we bother with the Sheriffs and Fire department? 4 minutes, we don’t always have time to wait for the perfect solution

The events of last summer at A.G. Wright and in December in Connecticut should make us all realize how important our children are and what we must do to protect them.