Private property rights; prevent infringement of under United Nations Agenda 21. (HB2223)

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Del. Ben Cline (R-Amherst) with support from co-patrons Del. Dickie Bell (R-Staunton), Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock), Del. Steve Landes (R-Weyers Cave), and Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Woodbridge)


Passed Committee
Passed House
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Prevent infringement of private property rights under the United Nations Agenda 21. Precludes the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions from adopting or implementing policy recommendations as may be required by the United Nations' Agenda 21 that infringe upon or restrict private property rights without due process. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/11/2013Presented and ordered printed 13103763D
01/11/2013Referred to Committee on Rules
01/31/2013Tabled in Rules


Anne-louise Bonda writes:

Please vote in favor of this bill to prevent infringement of our private property rights. Agriculture is a large part of Virginia. Individualism and entrepreneurship are the backbone of the USA. Don't let government's future plan for the World restrict and break down the USA.

Delores Johnson writes:

Our founding fathers understood how important property rights were to the security of our freedom. Agenda 21 is an extremely dangerous attempt to take away those property rights. Please vote in favor of HB2223!

Bowman writes:

I strongly support this bill and it's passage. This bill is needed because there is a well coordinated and concerted effort by the Virginia Association Of Counties, spearheaded by it's director John Campbell and his surrogates to further diminish or usurp the private property rights of land owners and transfer those rights to the local governments in cities, county's and chrony capitalists throughout the state of Virginia.

This bill would not be required but for the fact that the VAco exists. VAco should be banished from the state of Virginia and prohibited from conducting business anywhere in the state,and any state funding of VAco should be immediately withdrawn from the current budget and all future budgets.

Rosanne Reddin writes:

Dear Delegate Kline and Committe Members,
Private Property is synonymous with freedom....agriculture is an important part of Virginia...entrepreneurship and individual endeavors should be rewarded, not punished...
Please, vote in favor of HB2223 and prevent infringement of our private property rights. THIS is a STATE RIGHT as well as a nationwide right and along with other of our Constitutional rights MUST be preserved. National sovereignty, furthermore, is in question too.
Also, since VACO 'pronouncements' and efforts continue to be detrimental to our private property rights and do NOT represent the best interests of our state IT SHOULD BE DEFUNDED and prohibited from existing.
Thank you for voting for HB2223. GOD BLESS AMERICA -- each and every state and its rights.

Sincerely and patriotically,
Rosanne Reddin


Keep off my property!

Kathleen Nardo-George writes: