United Nations Agenda 21; General Assembly recognizes need to oppose. (HJ654)

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Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Woodbridge) with support from co-patrons Del. Keith Hodges (R-Urbanna), Del. Israel O'Quinn (R-Bristol), and Del. Chris Peace (R-Mechanicsville)


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Opposing United Nations Agenda 21. Recognizes the need to oppose United Nations Agenda 21 due to its radical plan of purported "sustainable development." The resolution states that the General Assembly recognizes the policy's infringement on the American way of life and individual freedoms and ability to erode American sovereignty. The resolution would be transmitted to the U.S. Secretary of State, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the Virginia Congressional Delegation in order that they may be apprised of the sense of the General Assembly of Virginia in this matter during their deliberations. Read the Bill »


02/14/2013: Failed to Pass in Committee


01/08/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13103255D
01/08/2013Referred to Committee on Rules
01/31/2013Reported from Rules (10-Y 3-N) (see vote tally)
02/04/2013Taken up
02/04/2013Engrossed by House
02/04/2013Agreed to by House (60-Y 33-N)
02/04/2013VOTE: ADOPTION (60-Y 33-N) (see vote tally)
02/05/2013Reading waived
02/05/2013Referred to Committee on Rules
02/14/2013Passed by indefinitely in Rules


This bill was discussed on the floor of the General Assembly. Below is all of the video that we have of that discussion, 1 clip in all, totaling 2 minutes.


Waldo Jaquith writes:

Oh, good Lord. This might be the dumbest bill of the session.

In 1994, the Virginia General Assembly established a sustainable development task force by unanimous vote. The following year they voted to continue that task force, again, by unanimous vote. These were the members of that task force.

Was that a "radical plan" that constituted "infringement on the American way of life and individual freedoms"? Eric Cantor voted for those bills. So did Bill Howell Bob Marshall. Are they radicals who threaten the American way of life?

This is pure foolishness.

Waldo Jaquith writes:

The bill's sponsor has a blog entry explaining this bill. It's worse than you thought.

Bill Gregory writes:

'Waldo', I know for a fact in Roanoke County, Virginia at least one of the five Board of Supervisors voted to join ICLEI in 2007 without much of a clue there was any downside to it. He tells the story that it sounded good to him at the time. Who wouldn't want to be 'green', etc. After we became aware of what was going on in 2011 we educated him and the rest of the Board about the downside to ICLEI membership for over a year at their regularly scheduled meetings every two weeks. He voted to end ICLEI membership in the County in short order. Of course, 3 of the 5 of that Board must be unwittingly blind to what is about to be switched on in the near future as some of them doubled down (as we expected), insisting on retaining the County's membership with ICLEI. I believe Cantor, Powell and Marshall likely thought those bills sounded good at the time. I'd talk to them now about what they know now that they didn't know then.

Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the Constitution states, "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

I believe Commonwealth localities are contributing to a violation of this clause. The law of this land is based on the US Constitution and not the United Nations (localities tossing aside the Constitution and voluntarily submitting to this United Nations Agenda).

For roughly five years now (+/-) localities in the Commonwealth have been / are voluntarily submitting to UN Agenda 21 through ICLEI membership under pressure from well known sustainablist organizations. ICLEI Global is an international (foriegn) organization. Additionally, Regional Commissions in the Commonwealth (an example in my region is the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission) are currently participating in UN Agenda 21-traceable communitarian schemes aimed at greatly curtailing property rights of land owners at a future date of their choosing. A specific example of this in my region is the development of the Livable Roanoke Valley Plan through an arm of the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission known as the Partnership For a Livable Roanoke Valley. Similar 'Livable' plans are being developed throughout the Commonwealth and across the Country at this time.

Do not be fooled by the voluntary nature of this United Nations scheme. It appears benign enough on the surface. However, this is an actual global agenda that has slowly and carefully drilled itself down into US localities across the Nation since the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio. Sometimes conspiracy realities actually exist, fooling even the smartest amongst us.

So, you don't believe UN Agenda 21 is voluntarily being implemented across the Commonwealth? I didn't either until I looked into it. Various localities across Virginia (and hundreds across the US) joined ICLEI in the past five +/- years. ICLEI is in the business of implementing UN Agenda 21. The UN Agenda 21 document can be found on the United Nations website. Research it. Bottom line is the Agenda threatens liberty, property rights and the sovereignty of the United States and its hidden in plain sight.

JCheckin writes:

I read the sponsors blog that gives reasons for the HJR:

"And I will not stand by while the UN—an organization with no legal authority over you and me..." CORRECT!

"And to protect our liberty, our prosperity, and our way of life in Virginia, I am seeking my party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor." Oh, announcement for office.

Sounds like a great grand stand bill to me.

Should be more concerned with lack of transparency of who gets paid what from whom in the VA general assembly. Now THAT is something all Virginia Citizens should be concerned about.