Mopeds and motorized skateboards and scooters; licensure and age requirements of operators. (SB1007)

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Sen. Jeff McWaters (R-Virginia Beach)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Licensure and age requirements of operators of mopeds and motorized skateboards and scooters. Requires that operators of mopeds to have a valid driver's license, have completed a special examination, and wear a helmet. The bill also disallows having more than one passenger on a moped and increases the penalty for violating the section on operation of a moped from $50 to $250. The bill has a delayed effective date of July 1, 2015. Read the Bill »


01/23/2013: Failed to Pass in Committee


01/08/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13100442D
01/08/2013Referred to Committee on Transportation
01/23/2013Impact statement from DPB (SB1007)
01/23/2013Passed by indefinitely in Transportation with letter (14-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)


Scoot Richmond, LLLC, tracking this bill in Photosynthesis, notes:

Fail. There is already an age requirement in the current statute, and the identification problems would be handled by HB1984. Requiring a moped specific license is an unnecessary expense at this time, and it will be impossible to gauge the necessity levels vs the cost of implementation without knowing how many mopeds are on the road. That will not be known until HB1984 goes through.

Jade Smith writes:

This bill is ridiculous. It would essentially make ALL scooters "motorcycles". If someone has a valid license, can afford the time and money to: take a special certification, title, registration, and insurance, they should just buy a motorcycle or 150/250cc scooter (considered a motorcycle). I can see the point of scooters needing title and plate, but not requiring a license for 50cc scooters, especially a special certification. There are already age and speed/performance requirements. I hope this ridiculous bill will not pass.

theodore l conley III writes:

I have been riding a moped since I was 15 I am 54 now.I have never had wreck I have a vision problem that keeps me from getting a driver’s license by 20 points on a vision test. if they require moped riders to have a driver’s license it will put me off the road completely! We do not own any other vehicles no one in my home drive’s but me on the moped. What are poor people like us soppiest to do? we don’t have money to pay some one (if you can find some one) to take us were we need to go! Like to buy food and to go to the doctor or out to pay our bills! is the state going to provide transportation for us I doubt it!

paul endicott writes:

i understand that you think since scooter's and mopeds are vehicles or used for travel anyway that they should be insured and licensed like other vehicles,(cars,trucks,motorcycles) but what i think your not understanding is the point of why they are now more popularly on the roadways then ever before,for one its the rising prices in gas that everyones having trouble paying,and for two its that there easily owed and operated for people who cant afford buying brand new or used vehicle's,alot people in this country are poor as you should know,and alot of people have many different reasons as to why they cant own and operate a motor vehicle,scooters and mopeds have been around for many decades now and theres never been a problem with them nor has this issue ever arised,if people could afford and were able to get license,registration,tags,insurance,pay taxes with stickering the vehicles why would they ride them to begin with? wouldnt they own a car or drive one? wouldnt they just as well ride a motorcycle? its because there not able to to start with.everyone needs transportation and these vehicle provide that,taking away these peoples rights to drive them puts them back to walking everywhere trying to provide for there familys and keep jobs,i think theres already enough struggle in this country for americans just trying to stay a float and keep food on the table,this issue shouldnt even be one,theres far worse things to worry about then the poor man who cant afford buying a vehicle or the person with health problems not being able to obtain a license or license suspencions any other causes that keep them from owning and operating a vehicle for this to even be adressed,the last thing we need is more poverty and job loss here,these arent kids playing with toys senator,these are mature working adults with no other means.this is stupid.