Appalachian Cherokee Nation of Virginia; recognizes existence within State, etc. (SJ73)

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Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-Winchester)


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Recognition of the Appalachian Cherokee Nation.  Recognizes the existence of Appalachian Cherokee Nation within the Commonwealth and grants the Appalachian Cherokee Nation, Incorporated, representation on the Virginia Council on Indians. Read the Bill »


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01/11/2012Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/12 12100672D
01/11/2012Referred to Committee on Rules
02/03/2012Continued to 2013 in Rules
11/30/2012Left in Rules


This bill mentions Lee, Smyth, Wise, Nottoway, Winchester.


Gina Coker writes:

Vote Yes! It is only right that the Indian tribes get legal recognition since they were here first.

Thank you for your consideration.

RoHe is salee Evans writes:

The chief of this Tribe ( Marshal Couch) is a Decendant of Aaron Redbird Brock, one of the greatest Treaty signing chiefs in Virginia. Redbird, his uncles and brothers signed treaties that was life changing for the Cherokee Indian. He is listed in the National Archives in Washington, DC, yet his Great Grandson nor his tribe is recognized by the State of Virginia. People please vote and help us.

Rosalee Evans writes:

My name was misspelled in above post.

Brenda Logan writes:

Honorable Representatives:
Decendant of Aaron Redbird Brock, one of the greatest Treaty signing chiefs in Virginia are members of the Appalachian Cherokee Nation, Incorporated. Redbird's great grandson is the Principal Chief of the Appalachian Cherokee Nation Tribe. Please grants the Appalachian Cherokee Nation, Incorporated, representation on the Virginia Council on Indians by passing this bill. Your
consideration is appreciated.

Brenda Logan

Jim Dillard writes:

What some folks forget is the West Virginia, Kentucky States were one time called Virginia until the split by West Virginia in 1863 and Kentucky 1792. The Cherokee Indians were here before and still after the split between the States. We are still here and there were Treaties signed by the Cherokee Chief Red Bird Brock, his Uncles and Brothers.

For this fact alone this Tribe should be State Recognized

Lil Francis writes:

We stole everything they had. We should at least try to give back now.

Appalachian Cherokee, tracking this bill in Photosynthesis, notes:

Yes , This bill should pass Add your comments about this bill here—they’ll be listed on your
public portfolio and on the bill’s page. Should this pass or fail? Why?

Cheryl Feathers of Many Tears Robison writes:

This bill should pass! Our Appalachian Cherokee Elders need a safe place to live. We need a place to live in the state of Virginia. We were here before you were. We have much to offer you. Native American Pow Wows bring in revenue for the state as well as for the tribe. We want to be recognized. My family history dates back to the 17th century in Virginia, does yours?

Melvin Evans writes:

291 years, that is how long our chiefs family has date back too. HE IS FROM A FAMILY OF PROMINENT CHIEFS who signed various treaties. The state of Virginia just can not simply ignore these fact. State recognition is the only right thing to do for this tribe.

Marshall Couch writes:

My Great Great Great Grandfather was Chief Aaron Redbird Brock who had signed many Treaties while living in Virginia. We the Cherokee people have been in Virginia since 1500 AD. We are the only Cherokee Tribe still residing in the State of Virginia and has always lived and communicated with the Virginian communities.

I believe with the history of The Appalachian Cherokee Nation, the past Chiefs involvement in Treaty signing, we should be granted State Recognition.

kansas carroll writes:

I think that we should vote because I think that they have takeing away enught from us. it's time for them to start giveing back to us alittle. that's only fair don't you think?

Rosalee Evans writes:

I would like to elaborate further on what my chief is saying, the Cherokee Indians have been in Virginia since at least 15 A.D.and even signing treaties with the state department and as of today not one Cherokee Tribe in the state of Virginia has been granted State recognition. What a great injustice the state of Virginia has dealt to a proud race of people who have remained loyal to the state through all of this injustice. Virginia needs to extend some loyalty to the Cherokee. We have been ignored too long. We have had to fight to prove who we are for too long. Virginia we are still here and not going anywhere. Acknowledge that fact by granting the Cherokee Indian state recognition.
* Note - The American Indian, who was in the United States first is the only race of people who have to fight to prove their identity to the government. Why ? This sounds crazy because it is crazy.

Fletcher Wells writes:

I am a direct descendent of Chief Redbird and Chief Goldenhawk. My great great great grandmother was Chief Goldenhawk's daughter and her son, John Hoover, is my great, great grandfather. My mother is Flora Hoover-Wells. It is imperative that my rights, and those like me who are direct descendents, are restored. It would be a true injustice for our people to be denied recognition by the State of Virginia and the federal government.

Chief Whispering Wind writes:

I believe the Appalachian Cherokee Tribe of Virginia should be approved for State Recognition. The Cherokee Indians has been in the State of Virginia for a long time and before West Virginia and Kentucky split as individual States. The history of the present Principal Chief Marshall (Lone Wolf) Couch’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Aaron Redbird Brock his Brothers and Uncles who were instrumental in signing Treaties with the Commonwealth of Virginia and aided in Virginia’s development is proof of our existence in the State of Virginia. It should be known that we are still here and are continuing to making contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s communities.

Fletcher Wells writes:

Vote yes,keep the Cherokee Tribe of Virginia a part of the State's history alive!

Marsandria Ball writes:

Yes, this bill should pass! The first people to live in Virginia were Native Americans. The first Europeans to come to Virginia met Native Americans. These Native Americans had already lived in Virginia for thousands of years. Three different groups of Native Americans lived here. The largest group were the Cherokees. The Virginia Native Americans are known as "The First People". The first to be invaded and the first to be forgotten, but after 400 years (since Columbus came to Virginia) we are still here. We are the only race that has to prove our identity to the government.
I am a direct descendent of Chief Goldenhawk and Chief Redbird. Our tribe is made up of very strong people who have great pride in our Cherokee heritage, culture and still carry on the customs of our people. We deserve our rightful place in History. PLease grant us State recognition.

Don Herron writes:

Vote yes on this bill. Its the right thing to do. Native americans have been mis-treated long enough. Its time Va. recognizes there are still cherokee in Va. and are proud of it.

Jerry Skyles writes:

I feel by passing this bill will only enhance the rich heritage of the state of Virginia with it's long history and traditions in the formation of this country. And accepting one of the original tribes that inhabited this state with it's rich, colorful, and proud heritage. I feel the tribe, and the State would benefit from granting the Appalachian CHerokee Nation state recognition. So please pass this bill. Thank You!

Michael GrayHawk Parsons writes:

Osiyo, greetings. I urge the legislature of the great state of Virginia to do the right thing and pass this bill. The Tsalagi (Cherokee) people are dispersed throughout the Mid Atlantic area today but originally controlled the entire Appalachian Mountain area North to South. There is a very well documented history of not just our existence, but of our proliferation as a cohesive diaspora throughout this whole area both in terms of trade and peace treaties. None of us are looking for a handout! On the contrary! We are simply seeking official recognition and the endorsement of the state of Virginia so that we can more effectively promote the rich history of our ancestral culture and beauty of our home lands to all who seek that experience. This would be a clear Win/Win for Virginia's tourism industry as an additional historical attraction; and also as a spiritual blessing for a humble and deserving group who have persevered and who seek only to honor the sacrifice and memory of those who endured extreme hardship and passed before us. Wado, thank you.