Public schools; textbooks approved by BOE to note that Sea of Japan is also referred to as East Sea. (SB15)

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Sen. Dick Black (R-Leesburg)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Public school textbooks; East Sea. Requires all textbooks approved by the Board of Education to note that the Sea of Japan is also referred to as the East Sea. Read the Bill »


01/16/2014: Merged into SB2


12/04/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/08/14 14100712D
12/04/2013Referred to Committee on Education and Health
01/08/2014Assigned Education sub: Public Education
01/16/2014Incorporated by Education and Health (SB2-Marsden) (12-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)
04/15/2014Impact statement from VCSC (SB15S2)


mihoko writes:

East sea for Korea but West sea for Japan.
East sea of what?
East sea of Korea That what they want to call.

KH writes:

Please refer to the comments made in the following bill (HB11) for a similar topic. The American (non-Korean) kids do not need this. If the Korean people want to teach their kids something about their culture or belief, they can do it, but it is irrelevant to the other kids.

Pakku Rareman writes:

American Continents should be called Pocahontas Continents if the Sea of Japan is to be called "East Sea."

Don't Open the Pandora's Box!!!

Please don't help create conflicts all over the world.

Korean activists are trying to rename the Sea of Japan into East Sea. This propaganda will create numerous conflicts all over the world. If the Sea of Japan have to be called East Sea, the North American Continent and the South American Continent may have to be called, for example, the North/South Pocahontas Continents.

Imagine how many people will become furious if a name of a sea that bear their country's/ethnic name was forced to be changed?

Beside the danger of conflict creation, the name of the Sea of Japan has nothing to do with the Imperial Japan.

The name was established by countries OTHER THAN JAPAN in as early as 19th Century well before the WWII. In 19th Century Japan was a closed country and Japan was internationally in-active and there was no way for Japan to influence the naming. Therefore, the claim that Korean says that the Imperial Japan forced to change the name of East Sea to Japan Sea is a total fabrication.

There are so many seas, lands, etc. that bear a country's name. If you support Korean propaganda, many other ethnic groups will raise their voices and demand the USA to change the names of seas, lands, rivers, etc. Shown below are some examples of names that have countries' names with them.

Please do not help harass Japan/Japanese.

Here is a link to an academic paper that explains the Japan's position to support the naming of the Sea of Japan.
At least you MUST read the paper before you cast a vote to be held responsible.


---Examples of names that have a country's name with it----

North America Continent
South America Continent
Korea Strait
Gulf of Oman
Persian Gulf (Gulf of Iran)
Taiwan Strait
Timor Sea
English Channel
East China Sea
South China Sea
Gulf of Mexico
Burma Sea
Arabian Sea
Celtic Sea
East Indian Archipelago
Great Australian Bight
Gulf of Finland
Gulf of Guinea
Gulf of Thailand
Iceland Sea
Indian Ocean
Ionian Sea
Irish Sea
Malacca and Singapore Straits
Norwegian Sea
Philippine Sea
Strait of Sicilia

Pakku Rareman writes:

A SOUTH Korean NPO/NGO called Volunteer Agency Network of Korea (VANK) that is
started a campaign called "Discount Japan" in 2005 to disgrace Japan internationally.

The Sea of Japan naming issue is one of Korean harassment package against Japan/Japanese.

Korean people hate Japanese too much.
Grudge called HAN in Korean is their inherent culture. Korean and Chinese tend to grudge people persistently. It is their culture that is difficult to understand for western people with the culture of forgiveness.

The country who brought the severest damage to Korea in history is China. But, Korean doesn't grudge China. Most recent damage was brought during the Korean War. South Korea fought against North Korea and China but they don’t grudge China at all.


That is partly because of Cinocentrism. China is #1 and tributary countries such as Korea are #2. Japan was not a tributary country to China for most of its history while Korea was. Then, Japan is a lower level country for China and Korea.

China and Korea cannot admit that a lower level country, Japan, once reigned over them. Then, grudge Japan/Japanese forever.

Please do not support Korean propaganda/harassment.

Jiro Mitsutani writes:

The right to live of the poisonous snake accepts it, but cannot live together.

Hidenori writes:

Korean,do you call east china sea, "West sea"?


My name is Jackie Lige and as a Virginia taxpayer I think that this possible bill call HB11 (Requires all textbooks approved by the Board of Education to note that the Sea of Japan is also referred to as the East Sea.) is a waste of my tax money . I am originally from Richmond now living in the Northern Va. on a job assignment and if my old memory serves me correctly, frankly speaking ,tax monies from the people of Virginia should be spent on Virginians and not on other countries philosophical psychological convictions . Lastly , I just hate it when Va. taxpayers funds are just foolishly wasted. I believe in what is good for VIRGINIANS and not what is good for the country of Korea. This is not a For or against, pro or con , left or right response for me. This is about what is right for Virginians and Virginians tax money being wasted over non Virginia Business.

AS writes:

What is this idiocy? Has the legislature just required the replacement of all textbooks listing the Sea of Japan because they don't also refer to it as the "East Sea"? Please don't waste any tax dollars on this unfunded mandate. I wonder if the real people behind this idiotic bill have requested its introduction because they are producing textbooks that already meet the requirement and will profit from its enforcement. Maybe they hope that textbook producers will simply drop the "Sea of Japan" label altogether. Which brings up the question of the value of a name and the damage that can be inflicted by some well meaning busybody trying to do the politically correct thing. Maybe the British should request the introduction of a bill that requires the Virginia State Board of Education only approve textbooks that also include the language "also known as a British Colony" when the name "Virginia" appears in the text.

tosio takagi writes:

Koreans do not require "Set the Yellow Sea to West Sea."
It is because China is dreadful.

Nihon Mamoru writes:

You all Virginian taxpayers should know that this idiocy is happening IN AN AMERICAN STATE of Virginia, your American state because Korea holds 1000-year grudge over Japan stemming from their false historical viewpoint on events that happened in the early 20th century in ASIA, which had nothing to do with any American interests.

You should note that the rumor says now that they are suggesting to rename the East Sea to Korean East Sea because they're just crazy and it's most likely that they will press hard on your state again to accept that with more lobbying.

I feel sorry for you guys of Virginia State because Korea is taking over your state with nothing but lies & lobbying based on their lies.

Now that your state decided to let this happen, there's more to come.

Good luck,

For your reference h ttp://