Public schools; textbooks approved by BOE shall note Sea of Japan is also referred to as East Sea. (SB2)

Introduced By

Sen. Dave Marsden (D-Burke) with support from co-patron Sen. Janet Howell (D-Reston)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Public school textbooks; East Sea. Requires all textbooks approved by the Board of Education to note that the Sea of Japan is also referred to as the East Sea. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Passed


11/25/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/08/14 14100673D
11/25/2013Referred to Committee on Education and Health
12/03/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/08/14 14100673D
12/03/2013Referred to Committee on Education and Health
01/08/2014Assigned Education sub: Public Education
01/16/2014Committee substitute printed 14104081D-S1
01/16/2014Reported from Education and Health with substitute (9-Y 4-N) (see vote tally)
01/17/2014Constitutional reading dispensed (38-Y 0-N)
01/20/2014Read second time
01/20/2014Reading of substitute waived
01/20/2014Committee substitute agreed to 14104081D-S1
01/20/2014Passed by for the day
01/21/2014Passed by for the day
01/22/2014Passed by for the day
01/23/2014Read second time
01/23/2014Reading of amendment waived
01/23/2014Amendments by Senator McEachin rejected (4-Y 33-N)
01/23/2014Engrossed by Senate - committee substitute SB2S1
01/23/2014Constitutional reading dispensed (37-Y 0-N)
01/23/2014Passed Senate (31-Y 4-N)
01/23/2014Reconsideration of passage agreed to by Senate (36-Y 0-N)
01/23/2014Passed Senate (32-Y 4-N)
01/27/2014Placed on Calendar
01/27/2014Read first time
01/27/2014Referred to Committee on Education
02/26/2014Reported from Education (19-Y 3-N) (see vote tally)
02/27/2014Read second time
02/28/2014Passed by for the day
03/03/2014Passed by for the day
03/04/2014Passed by for the day
03/05/2014Read third time
03/05/2014Amendment by Delegate Landes withdrawn
03/05/2014Speaker ruled Amendment by Delegate McClellan not germane
03/05/2014Passed House (82-Y 16-N)
03/05/2014VOTE: PASSAGE (82-Y 16-N) (see vote tally)
03/07/2014Bill text as passed Senate and House (SB2ER)
03/07/2014Signed by Speaker
03/10/2014Signed by President
03/31/2014G Approved by Governor-Chapter 440 (effective 7/1/14)
03/31/2014G Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0440)


This bill was discussed on the floor of the General Assembly. Below is all of the video that we have of that discussion, 3 clips in all, totaling 9 minutes.


Yasuyuki Nagai writes:

The name "East Sea" would not proper name in this area. There is "East China Sea" near this region so people would confuse. The East Sea is which direction you are lookong at or based on? People have recognized " Sea of Japan" for a long time and I don't see any reasons to use another name in same area. Krean people just don't want to hear japanese influence on the maps.

Sonoma writes:

No, it will create nothing but confusion among kids.
I do believe East Sea should not be on the text book following reasons.

The first time The Sea of Japan appeared internationally on the map in 1602 made by Italian missionary. During this time Japan had closing policy of country, so the name was used mainly by Europians. Nothing to do with Japan's military expasion Korean people say.

In 2004 French national museum researched ancient maps. Out of 407 old maps, 249 had Sea of Japan on it. On the other hand there is no East Sea found any maps.

IHO(international hydrographic organization), United Nation, United Board on Geographic Names, US military and many other organizations clearly states the Sea of Japan is the official name.

Korean people can call that water whatever they want in Korea. Please do not bother the U.S. Kids for their blinded ethnic pride.

tosinori hirose writes:

Arnott of the 21 century!

Masami Yonemitsu writes:

Nihon kai(Japanes sea )is Japanes Sea !

Oorah! writes:

Stop Koreans' propaganda!

Oorah! writes:

If "Sea of Japan" is "East Sea", the Pacific Ocean is "East Ocean"...

dosho syaku writes:

this is Koreans' propaganda!

Seiya Arano writes:

Simply because the Korean's assertion has no historical evidence and/or facts.

flagkid writes:

Nippon-kai ha Nippon-kai yo. Sora sou yo.

???? writes:


Shin ichi Shimizu writes:


Sweatie writes:

This dispute shares the same root cause with the "comfort woman" statues in the US: distorted ethnic pride of Koreans. A lot of Japanese people are becoming fed up with all these nonsenses. Why use Americans to disseminate their overly ideological opinions? It's like Tom trying to convince Spike to beat Jerry on his behalf (from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series).

Kaoru Shibata writes:


yata crow writes:

You Americans do not have to understand this "Korean propaganda". You should believe your common sense. they Korean are not weak people.

Kobo Inamura writes:

Korean slanted propaganda should not be allowed as a bill of the State Assembly.
There is already official American government's view of the State Department that the Sea of Japan is called as it is and it is commonly accepted international naming without any prejudice.

iwasaki masao writes:


barbara writes:

not east sea.
the sea is "Sea of Japan".

【If "Sea of Japan" is "East Sea", the Pacific Ocean is "East Ocean"...】
so do i.
it's true!

Ethan Kaiunmanzoku writes:

Naming dispute of Sea of Japan is caused by Korean ethnocentrism.

We can find the words, 日本海 (the Sea of Japan) in 大韓地誌 (Daehanjiji), Korean national school textbook in 1899.1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905 and 1906. Korea herself had used the name of 日本海 "Sea of Japan" before the Annexation.

Davis writes:

We do not want any more ethnic conflicts in this country.

Aki writes:

Plz don't teach lies to children

Shigeru Suzuki writes:

Seeing from Japan, it is northwest. Why Korea insist to call it by seeing from only their location.

The East China Sea is located in the west of Korea. Why do they not call it "West Sea"?

If there were not the Japanese Islands, it's the Pacific ocean. As Japan is there, it's Sea of Japan.

World wide nautical charts have called it Sea of Japan since 19th century. I believe intelligent American politicians shall study the true history.

Best Regards,
S. Suzuki

KitamuraMasaaki writes:


Takayo writes writes:


araara writes:


Mayumin HS Nerima writes:

No! It is China's selfish opinion. China has bent and changed the fact like name of the sea, the territory of a foreign country and also pillage of a foreign country. The United States needs to collect information and Asia history correctly.

Atsuko B writes:


Nihon-kai(Japan Sea) has been NEVER called Tokai.

Sea of Japan is the proper name.
Don't get tricked by Korean propaganda.

Shanahan writes:

I am so sick of Koreans. They say "if u lied 100 times, it would be true" funny and so wrong.
Officially it is called "the sea of Japan" ....Don't bring it to the United States.

masatoshi uchida writes:

朝鮮人がロビイ活動して 国際的本来の表記を 変えようとするなどもってのほか
一日本人、同盟国の一員として 申し上げる。

M.N writes:

It was called "Sea of Japan" in the past, it is called "Sea of Japan" today, and it will be called "Sea of Japan" in the future.

Kazu Fuji writes:

Do We need to rewrite the name of the sea which are used all over the world?
Is there any inconvenience to call it the Sea of ​​Japan?
Do you rewrite textbooks by yourself?
Of course, South Korea does not pay the cost of rewriting them at all.
They break a promise often.

Truthseekercomfortwomen writes:

"U.S. Board on Geographic Names" previously announced its official statement that「Sea of Japan」is the sole officially-approved name for the sea.

This conflict between Japan and South Korea is based on the same reason as the comfort women issue. South Korea has/had so much domestic issues. The government needs to divert the dissatisfaction of the nationals. For that purpose, South Korea has been adopting anti-Japan principles to educate children at schools for 65 years. Anti-Japan is their national policy.

"Sea of Japan" issue also arose by their discounting Japan campaign. South Korea is highly enthusiastic to dis-honor Japan. That's it.

By using this opportunity, let me explain about comfort women issue. The U.S. military document that was prepared in 1944 clearly indicates that comfort women were professional prostitutes earning high salary in the battle field. It also shows that comfort women were not sex slaves at all. However, South Korea states that Japanese army abducted Koran girls and forced them into sex slaves.

South Korea tries to hide their issues of Korean comfort women for the U.S military personnels since 1945 to present.

Camp-town sex business earned 25% of South Korea GDP. Can you believe it? But it was true.

South Korea is exporting >100,000 prostitutes to the world, now!

Do you know massacre following mass-rape of Vietnamese women done by South Korean troops?

South Korea tries to scapegoat Japan for their many past and current crimes against human rights. The truth will definitely be known to the world sooner or later. When the moment comes, America would disgrace yourself if you stand on South Korea's side for their campaign to dishonor Japan. The U.S. should not get involved in the conflict between Japan and South Korea.


East sea =China East Sea
歴史をくつがえし、侵略国家 中国の手先である韓国の提言をアメリカの州が、受け入れることは、今なお侵略と弾圧、虐殺を繰り返す中国を認めることになります。
世界の子供達に健康と平和が あることをお祈り致します。
Thank you!

yayoi es writes:

It has been recognized as " Japan Sea " Why does it needs to be change all of sudden????

noriyuki writes:


Yoshimasa Toda writes:

Korean use the name of "Sea of Japan" before annexation of Korea.

Akira Suzuki writes:

"EastSea" cannot be a correct name according to International Hydrographic Organization、IHO.
China has registered "East Sea" as a local name of "East China Sea" already.

This act is nothing but a ridiculous idea.
It's a shame if you teach such thing.

By the way, you should know that Korean tell ridiculous lies always so that you aren't fooled by them.

Nao writes:


Yoshiaki Saito writes:

Japan Sea is Japan Sea from the ancient times.
East Sea exist everywhere in the world.
We don't know which one they insist.
Do not teach American kids false history and geographics.

yuki writes:

If the United States is required from South Korea, does it rewrite the name of a place written to the global map?
Shall we call the United States "the state from which indigenous people were expelled", and "the state which took out Japan to war by an ABCD encircling net and Hull Note", if such a thing is allowed?
Such an irrational thing is not allowed also internationally.
South Korea tends to do the very irrational thing.
It is not a problem in which the United States should intervene.

George writes:

South Korea speaks something between Japan-Korea problem, those are almost lie.

Aiko Shinzan writes:

Sea of ​​Japan is not the east sea.
YOU do not think ashamed of the lie Korean?
Global position of the United States, too fell in hell.


Sachiko writes:

The Sea of Japan is the Sea of Japan.
Korea is always selfish.
Only its thing is considered anywhere in the world.
People who consent to this are foolish.
Consider well what Korea is doing in the world.
A woman is the world and a prostitute.
A man is the world and sex crimes.
A child of mixed racial origins is countless.
it boasts of a slaughter in Vietnam -- it is foolish.
Korea is a country which cannot make a living without Japan.
Japan bashing cannot stop to a thing.
It is foolish to aid such Korea.
it approves -- people -- remember the Los Angeles Rebellion.
Korea did what.
Korea treated the black person how.
Korea is the beast which carried out people's form.

Chikako writes:

Please watch a map.
In the sea area facing "the Sea of Japan", most are Japan.
There are few seas of the Korean east side.
"Tokai" and the indication to make are abnormal.
It is the sea between China and Japan.
Seeing from where, I cannot say "Tokai".
Japan transcribes "the East China Sea", a Philippine side into "the South China Sea" in the sea in the Chinese east side. China recognizes it, too.
Only half of the Korean Peninsula "is Korea". For people who are within a small range, it is abnormal to assume Tokai. Because, seeing from Korea, the Sea of Japan which Korean people convey is the north side (some northeast).

Chikako writes:







S.Kitano writes:








Hitokoto Nushi writes:

Sea of Japan is "Japan Sea". Accepting their silly demand brings about their more silly one. The statue of sex slave who earned big money shows that. After all, they will require to call the State of Virginia New Seoul State.

Rie Shimizu writes:

South Korea speaks something between Japan-Korea problem, those are almost lie.

Nobukazu Taiko writes:

The sea of japan is correct. TONHE ( Korean say)is not correct.

Shin tanaka writes:

Japan Sea is Japan Sea from the ancient times.
East Sea exist everywhere in the world.
We don't know which one they insist.
Do not teach American kids false history and geographics.

kannzi?sakamoto writes:

The United States believes that it is a fair country!
Don't believe South Korea!

???? writes:

地名(海名?)が当事者でない影響力のある議会で決まる。おかしいです! 先進欧米諸国も世界中に欧米的地名が付いてますが、先住民(原住民)の議会なりで、先住民の地名に直すと言われたらどうですか?
まあ マドラス(私が若いころマドラスチェックなるシャツが流行った)がムンバイ??になったのは、英国の影響力の減少ですか? しかし 日本海は東海なんて半島特有のうそです。世界中の人も東海(どこの東の海??)では混乱します。

Norihiko TAKEUCHI writes:

This is one of Korean propagandas. They try to defame everything related with Japan. In order to prevent confusion, there should not be two names to one sea.


"Sea of Japan" issue also arose by their discounting Japan campaign. South Korea is highly enthusiastic to dis-honor Japan. That's it.

T Jpn writes:

Korean make billions lies.TONHE is also Lie.

You must know aciant Asian history.China is bigest.
Korea bilong Cina, Korea is not independent.

So Korean makes million original history. These are FAKES.

Korean makes lots of Crime & Korean Says I'am ZAPANEAS
in WW2 Korean rape lots of Korean girl but they say That was not Korean JPN did.

in Vietnam war Korean kills over 300thousands Vietnam civilian.and repa Vietnam girl and they makes LAI DAI HAN

also Korean kills lots of Korean
'Bodo League massacre'0.2~1.2million Korean killed by korean government


kotyan mungyon saisyuto- I don't know What say in English but korean government kills Korean

I heard 442 batallion got almost 18000 decorationan ordera medals in the USA
We JAPANESE hope to make frendship with USA as 442 batallion.

Korean says lie. Japanese don't use mouse, jsut use our life for the faith, Justis.
USE alredy knows



Yoshi K writes:

This is a hate crime against Japan and Japanese people by Koreans. I love America and Americans. Please understand this is a "Discount Japan Hate Crime".
This is like you call United States as "Southern Canada"!! Is this acceptable?

Yuji Mori writes:

South Korea tells a lie to forge the history.
The United States is deceived by South Korea .
The Sea of Japan is used globally from the early 19th century.
South Korea has begun to insist on writing sudden East Sea jointly on a map in 1992.
Is it not strange?
The United States must identify the truth well.
The United States must not be coaxed for lobbying of South Korea.

Taeko writes:


Michiko Hidaka writes:

昔から世界地図ではJapan seaと表記されていたのを気に入らないだけ。

Taka Takashi writes:

Korea has East, West, South Sea. Why only East Sea?
We should not cooperation to ANTI-JAPAN!

Mitsuhiro Kawamura writes:

It is a crime of the elders to the future of your children. Sea of Japan is the international standards and historically usedname,not East Sea. If you teach such sinful lies to your child,he will be laughed at in near future of America. US Gov. wont adimit such name ! :-)

Y.INADA writes:

Japan Sea is Japan Sea from the ancient times.

ran takeuchi writes:

South Korea always tells lies. The sea is Japan's.

Mihoko Yoshii writes:

i'm super tired of Korean action.always anti Japan.and it is like a stalker.

what if whole world request changing names of sea or land.
it's crazy.

Korea even says "Corea" instead of Korea.(i have never seen written Korea as Corea anywhere in my life. but crazy Koreans says No Korea!it is Corea! seems like they should get their a** back to school.)
they don't like their country name comes after Japan.
it is so silly.
their mind is very childish.and it's helpless.
and they will keep go on till they get whatever they is almost like getting stalked.

they have saying " lies 100 times make it is true"

they will keep saying even it become over 100 times! till they get whatever they want!

they shouldn't be spoiled anymore.

WE MUST SAY NO!! to Korean silly request!

Momoyo Oda writes:

No! No!! No!!!
Regarding with this issues, White House has responded as follows:

Sueno Ward writes:

Sea of Japan is so clear to understand the relative location compared to East Sea for everyone, except Korean people. So why change to make confusion, especially for young children.

tomotadara writes:

It will be whale sea if the name of the China Japan ancient times is adopted. If the Japanese Islands do not exist, that is the Pacific Ocean water area. Sea of Japan. Admiral Adam Johann von Krusenstern of an explorer. Naming person. I express respect for an admiral's distinguished services. Lobbying of a Korean group is Ethnocentrism and a Japanese name erasure impulse. Is carrying their appeal into U.S. education fertile imagination?

The name of a surrounding ocean area

Notation of the "Sea of Japan"
World ... Sea of Japan (each compatibility with language)
Japan ... Sea of Japan
China ... Sea of Japan
Taiwan ... Sea of Japan
S.Korea ... East Sea

Notation of the "Yellow Sea"
World ... Yellow Sea (each compatibility with language)
Japan ... Yellow Sea
China ... Yellow Sea
Taiwan ... Yellow Sea
S.Korea ... West Sea

Notation of the "East China Sea"
World ... East China Sea (each compatibility with language)
Japan ... East China Sea
China ... Tokai (the English notation is "East China Sea")
Taiwan ... Tokai (the English notation is "East China Sea")
S.Korea ... South Sea

Notation of the "Korea Strait"
World ... Korea Strait (each compatibility with language)
Japan ... Tsushima Strait (the English notation is Korea/Tsushima Strait")
China ... Korea Strait (the English notation is "Korea Strait")
Taiwan ... Korea Strait (the English notation is "Korea Strait")
S.Korea ... Korea channel (the English notation is "Korea Strait")

tomotadara writes:

Clerical error correction is carried out.

Notation of the "East China Sea"
World ... East China Sea (each compatibility with language)
Japan ... East China Sea
China ... East Sea (the English notation is "East China Sea")
Taiwan ... East Sea (the English notation is "East China Sea")
S.Korea ... South Sea

Tomita writes:

If you allow Koreans to do such a stupid matter this time, they continue again and in the near future they must do the same thing to the Americans. Consider well how sutupid Koreans are. They are lying always until their desire will become true.

Akira Torii writes:

Koreans are just monkeys without intelligence. I would even say that monkeys are far better.
Anyway, you must not take their claims, since once you take one, you will have tons of another.
They are just parasites or ugly worms on this earth. Let's just vanish them to clean this planet.

T. Nakano writes:

Why don't Koreans assert that Yellow Sea should be called "West Sea" while they inconsistently request that the Sea of Japan should be renamed "East Sea" ?
It's because Korea is nothing but China's servant.
There is no reason for Americans to be involved in such a ridiculous, offensive and mean proposal!

Nomura writes:

Do you know ? KOREAN said JESUS are korean, Einstain are korean, John Lennon
are Korean, All of famously popular people, things are made by from in KOREA.
Korean said that stupid assertion in seriously.
Now you know. All of the world are stand on KOREA!

Allowing to use ( EAST SEA ) is the evidence of approval that stupid assertion.

Michio Narita writes:

The Sea of Japan is not Japan's property; it should be referred to as "East Sea" too. The Indian Ocean is not India's. It is located to the east of Africa; so it should be called "the East Ocean" too .

S. B writes:

In the USA, your people comes from all over the world. What if every country's propaganda is spread in America? People will fight each other. The USA would be collapsed. I wasn't interested in the past war. Because people live now and for the future!!

But I fed up with South Koreans, I studied past war, then I found South Koreans are terrible race, you can not understand their humanity.

They believe history should be made up as they want, so they always tell a lot of lies! They say everything in Japan originate from Korea, and even soccer, English people(!) and Jesus Christ.!

Koreans were a dependency of China for about 300 years. You can find many terrible facts in South Korea in internet and books about old Korea written by American and European people.
Koreans couldn't built their country without Japanese help.
They want Japanese history, culture and money. And Koreans are racist.

I believe in the American justice.

Hwabyung: the construction of a Korean popular illness among Korean elderly immigrant women in the United States.

Pakku Rareman writes:

American Continents should be called Pocahontas Continents if the Sea of Japan is to be called "East Sea."

Don't Open the Pandora's Box!!!

Please don't help create conflicts all over the world.

Korean activists are trying to rename the Sea of Japan into East Sea. This propaganda will create numerous conflicts all over the world. If the Sea of Japan have to be called East Sea, the North American Continent and the South American Continent may have to be called, for example, the North/South Pocahontas Continents.

Imagine how many people will become furious if a name of a sea that bear their country's/ethnic name was forced to be changed?

Beside the danger of conflict creation, the name of the Sea of Japan has nothing to do with the Imperial Japan.

The name was established by countries OTHER THAN JAPAN in as early as 19th Century well before the WWII. In 19th Century Japan was a closed country and Japan was internationally in-active and there was no way for Japan to influence the naming. Therefore, the claim that Korean says that the Imperial Japan forced to change the name of East Sea to Japan Sea is a total fabrication.

There are so many seas, lands, etc. that bear a country's name. If you support Korean propaganda, many other ethnic groups will raise their voices and demand the USA to change the names of seas, lands, rivers, etc. Shown below are some examples of names that have countries' names with them.

Please do not help harass Japan/Japanese.

Here is a link to an academic paper that explains the Japan's position to support the naming of the Sea of Japan.
At least you MUST read the paper before you cast a vote to be held responsible.


---Examples of names that have a country's name with it----

North America Continent
South America Continent
Korea Strait
Gulf of Oman
Persian Gulf (Gulf of Iran)
Taiwan Strait
Timor Sea
English Channel
East China Sea
South China Sea
Gulf of Mexico
Burma Sea
Arabian Sea
Celtic Sea
East Indian Archipelago
Great Australian Bight
Gulf of Finland
Gulf of Guinea
Gulf of Thailand
Iceland Sea
Indian Ocean
Ionian Sea
Irish Sea
Malacca and Singapore Straits
Norwegian Sea
Philippine Sea
Strait of Sicilia

Shinichiro Mori writes:

Sonoma の意見を支持する。古くから「日本海」は呼称されてきた。海図にまである。韓国人は何でも自分のものにしたがる。その内、米国大陸は韓国人が発見したと言い出すに違いない。

Yoko writes:

Sea of Japan is sea of Japan from ancient time.
This name expresses location of the sea clearly.
East sea? Where it is??

itoshun writes:

I can't undrerstand why a existing name shoud be changed. There are many historical background on geogaphic names. However it's a history in the past. I don't believe that changing a geogaphic results in improvements of relashonships.

Pakku Rareman writes:

By the way, in an old Japanese map, the Pacific Sea was called Sea of Japan.

Will you change the mane of the Pacific Sea to Sea of Japan II or something??

You have to take this seriously if you want to call the Sea of Japan as East Sea.

Don't you think this demand is irrational????

This is practically what Koreans are trying to do.

kensei takahashi writes:


Ken Yamada writes:

Koreans' current accusations are following
*Japanese Rising-sun flag must be banned
*Comfort women were sex slaves of Japanese army
*Not Sea of Japan, but East Sea!
*The annexation treaty was invalid because it was forcibly concluded
Some people who don't know the history might believe in Koreans' claims and support them.
But everyone who knows the true history knows everything above is false accusations that were suddenly made up in the past one or two decades.
Until recently, even Koreans who had actually lived under Japanese occupation NEVER made above-mentioned accusations since 1945.

Masa writes:

East Sea named sea to the east of the Korean Peninsula,
Looking from other countries, it is not the sea to the east.
So, the name East Sea is not reasonable.

If the Japanese archipelago does not exist, the Sea of ​​Japan is the Pacific Ocean.
Simply because Japanese archipelago is exist, it's the name Sea of ​​Japan.

Therefore, even if an international perspective, the name Sea of ​​Japan is a reasonable,
and named East Sea is inappropriate.

Ken Yamada writes:

Michio Narita wrote
>The Sea of Japan is not Japan's property; it should be referred to as "East Sea" too.
>The Indian Ocean is not India's. It is located to the east of Africa; so it should be called "the East Ocean" too.

This is ridiculous.
Name is just a name. Nothing more. It's not what determines who owns the sea.
Africans don't complain about "Indian Ocean"
Americans don't complain about "Gulf of Mexico"
English people don't complain about "North Sea"
Germans don't complain about "Baltic Sea", even though they are calling it "Ostsee(East Sea)" in their country.
Japanese call the sea lying on the west side of Japan with the international name "China East Sea".
Koreans' action is very immature. They need to grow up.

Ken Yamada writes:

Sorry. Correction *East China Sea*

akiko writes:

Introducing an issue targeting a certain ethnic group with voting rights may be a quick and easy way to secure your status as a representative/senator. But I do hope Sen. Dave Marsden and Sen. Janet Howell will exercise a good judgement. Please don't pursue the issue just to be a crowd pleaser. Sea of Japan has always been called Sea of Japan.

Akihisa Inaba writes:

Sea of Japan lies the east side of Korea,however,it is located at the same time west side of Japan,and South of Russia.
Which country can call the sea "East sea" ?
It is only Korea in the world that can call the Sea of Japan EAST SEA.
It is so selfish for Koreans to claim renaming the historic name of the sea today.

Yasuhiro Nakata writes:

Sea of Japan is Sea of Japan historically by all means.
It is never commonly referred to East Sea.
For details please visit

It seems Korea wants to start a war against Japan.
Samsung, Korea's leading electronics company, is now
playing TV ads for Galaxy Note 10.1, and they completely erased Japan from thier map.

Korea is blaming Japan for comfort woman issue, calling them "sex slaves"
As you can see, the US Army report dated Oct 1, 1944 mentions "A comfort girl is nothing more than a prostitute or professional camp follower"
They earned 300 yen per month, 10 times more than a
Japanese sergent did.
There is a deposit slip of one comfort woman who saved 26,000 yen. 5000yen can afford a house in Tokyo back then.
If you believe in "sex slave" story, you do NOT believe
in US Government.

Pleaes investigate yourself to find out the truth.

seiko koyama writes:


yuki murata writes:

you have the right to call her the east sea.
then, you might be forced to accept their claim that jesus christ is korean.

sae writes:

Is NO! There will likely be a lot of accidents when the offspring became captain and pilot someday marking it does this stupid. This is the Sea of ​​Japan in accordance with international conventions. America also look for history lazily it?

tomotadara writes:

Since there was a description defect, I post.

Notation of the "Korea Strait"
World ... Korea Strait (each compatibility with language)
Japan ... Tsushima Strait (the English notation is Korea/Tsushima Strait")
China ... Korea Strait (the English notation is "Korea Strait")
Taiwan ... Korea Strait (the English notation is "Korea Strait")
S.Korea ... Great Korea Strait (the English notation is "Korea Strait")

The name of a place similar to Britain-Brittany does not exist in S.Korea.
Great is called for eulogistic name.

Masa Kina writes:

In Northern Europe a part of the Baltic sea is called East sea. It is only a regional name, so Koreans can call Sea of Japan as East sea in Korea but not in the United States neither other countries.

???? writes:


SFU writes:

Are you Korean or Chinesd-Americans insane?
If someone claims,"this is my house! The name plate should say so",
is that house becoming his property?
If such thing happenes, what is the meaning of law?
What a thief!
It you Koreans and Chinese who should be ashamed!
You motherfuckers are nothing different from a thief who is the dumbest and narrowest minded, shittiest of all the thieves!
And if you hate Japan so much, then we are fine.
We'll never give you even a penny, and stop trading.
We are totally fine and can survive without you, Koreans and Chinese.
So PISS OFF and never look at us!
We, Japanese aren't interested in you shitty LIARS!!!

yuka murayama writes:

That is not East Sea and not Korians,
That is ovbiously Sea of Japan.
Pls do not take Korian propaganda!!
Pls revise indication !!

Kouichi Ishida writes:

"Sea of Japan" is "Sea of Japan".

Kaz.Takayama writes:


Kei Eve writes:


nakamura,takumi writes:

The name "Sea of Japan " is because of existence of the chain of Japan islands. If not, this area is called as the Pacisfic Ocean. Therefore the name of the Sea of Japan is self-explanatory.

Robert writes:

There is no valid reason to change U.S. text on this issue. This is an issue of one ethnic group (Korean) using the U.S as s stage to pursue a standing grievance against another ethnic group (Japan) in order to gain domestic and international recognition/respect. People immigrate to the U.S. to participate in the Great American Experiment, which I am totally in favor of. And though I do not expect immigrants to disassociate themselves with their ethnic culture, I do expect them to make an effort to leave cultural baggage behind; especially when it comes to disagreements with third party ethnic groups. Domestically, Korean historically viewed this as the East Sea, and Japan historically viewed this as the West sea until western intervention in East Asia. It is a mute point to any American outside of the Korean/Japanese community. Korean domestic references are best left domestic and should not be forced upon the American public.

Masafumi Sato writes:


Katsuyuki Mimura writes:


Cliff Richards writes:


how much or what are you getting from the local Korean community in return for doing them a favor?

V/R submitted,

Cliff Richards

Japanese writes:


Takaki Fukasawa writes:


Satoshi Saiki writes:

Yes, I can agree for them to call Sea of Japan as East Sea and Yellow Sea as West Sea. But it is limited in South Korea.

We also call Sakhalin(Russia) as Karafuto sometimes and Kuril Islands as Chishima Islands, but they are always Sakhalin and Kuril even for us internationally.

Please remark that we call East China Sea as East China Sea and Sea of Okhotsk as Sea of Okhotsk even in Japan.

Takeshi Yanaba writes:


Masaya Ichikawa writes:

Historically, it has been called as "Sea of Japan". It is after 1991 that South Korea started insisting this. Also, no other country is requesting this.

Shun Ferguson writes:

I am wondering what will happen if US call that sea "Sea of Japan" and Korean call it "East sea" when they hold joint navy training.
US troops will say "Head to the Sea of Japan!" and then Korean say "Okay, we will head to East sea."
How stupid is that? It is dangerous.
Also Federal government officially announced that US maintain "SEA OF JAPAN" but they don't care what Korea call.

Koreans are historically liars.

When Japanese reach the age of discretion, 100% of Japanese are told "Don't tell a lie, telling a lie is same as a thief." "Even you see no one around you, god is always watching you. So don't do anything wrong at anywhere"

On the other hand, what the Korean learn when they reach the age of discretion,
"Don't be deceived" "if you are deceived, that's your fault."

This means when the children become adult, they turn into swindler's side and say "Haven't you learnt not to be deceived?" "Are you deceived? That's your fault!."
This is the reason why Japanese are trusted and Koreans are doubted.

Charlie D. writes:

In "Discount Japan" campaign, using bad images like holocaust conveniently, Koreans takes advantage of being "bullied nation".
It gives them a path to accuse Japan for its deed during WWII therefore to justify their murder, abduction, and invasion of Takeshima islands which has abundant of methane hydrate.

If US-Japan alliance is truly the cornerstone of US security interests in Asia and the Pacific and is fundamental to regional stability and prosperity, do NOT allow Koreans to deteriorate it. We strongly request US government and the representatives to act only based on truth and justice!

P.S. Don't forget, it not South Koreans. It is KOREANS.

Thank you.

Tommy Leaves writes:

Korea is very greedy nation who hate US yet the are trying to exploit US for their own Propaganda.

To the US citizens, please don't be fooled by those barbarians who beat up dogs before they eat because they believe that torturing the dogs before they die make the dog meat yummy.

MD writes:

Sea of Japan is Sea of Japan.



Ginjiro Yamazaki writes:

We Japaneses cant follow more over Korean illusion.
Japan sea is Japan sea.
If Koreans wants to make a some movie or novel, they can do it in their country.


The Issue of the Name of the Sea of Japan

Uesaki Kazuya writes:

The name "Sea of Japan" has a long tradition and this name is more suitable than "East Sea" because it locates around Japan Islands

Ogawa Satoshi writes:

Japan Sea「日本海」は世界の共通語です、別の名前は要りません。

いたずらに混乱を招くだけです。事実、韓国内でも「JAPAN SEA」「SEA OF JAPAN」で十分通じます。


最近、この旭日文様に韓国は法律で禁止したとか? 世界中の旭日文様を使用した商品やWEBサイトに文句をつけているようです。


Katsu Suzuki writes:

No way!!
The Japan Sea is the Japan sea!!
That's it.

Masaki Miyamoto writes:

Stop Koreans' propaganda!
The Japan Sea is the Japan sea!!

ama writes:

See of Japan!

Mascotshi Masuda writes:

Japan sea had been called among world wide.
What Korean say is just their point of view.
They were not invaded by Japan in WW2.
They also fought as Japanese solders not be forced.

Hajime Okazak writes:


kunio?kataoka writes:






Hidenori Imaishi writes:

Korean, you must require China to call East chinese sea “West sea”. If China should accept your abnormal proposal, we Japanese permit your foolish opinion.

??? writes:


sayaka aoki writes:

Sea of Japan is Sea of Japan

ichiro.sato writes:


Matt Shimazaki writes:

Japan sea has been called Japan Sea.
There is no need to change for Korean Propaganda.

Tomohiro Seki writes:

Sea of Japan!

Takeshi Takeuchi writes:


Nozomi Tsubota writes:


nana writes:


yoshiyuki muraki writes:




Hiroshi Miyazaki writes:

Both International Hydrographic Organisation and the government of the United States have already rejected South Korea’s assertion with reference to the transcription of “SEA OF JAPAN.” Since the state of Virginia has no authority to amend any name of open seas internationally endorsed and recognised, the state of Virginia should discard the bill approving dual naming on the “SEA OF JAPAN” in order to prevent further confusion.

mariko writes:


tasunori matsumoto writes:

You should take into account if there is a history that was called so actually in the world there were many, but there is no history of the Sea of ​​Japan was called Tokai internationally. Map is also very low.

Kazuya Kawamura writes:

I think the U.S.A is the U.S.A.,the U.S.A. is for the U.S.A.citzen,not for some Korean peaple.

Akira Suzuki writes:

Americans should know that Korean is waging a culture war against Japan.

Please watch what they are actually doing.

Mon-san writes:

Koreans, a nation of troglodytes civilized thanks to the Japanese, want to rewrite history and geography according to the current hypertrophy of their egos and their abnormal self esteem. They are free to do it at National level and to teach to their brainwashed children that the civilization was born in Korea, that they are the most perfect race of the World and neo-Nazi things like this. But, at International level, these pathetic things are useless, ridiculous and unacceptable.


WTF, STOP stupid Korean bullshits fantasy ruining American society.
KOREAN immigrants are a bunch of sneaky trouble maker.
The whole world recognizes and teach the sea as SEA OF JAPAN.
Get over your disease called ''Japan Complex".

What's next?
Hello Kitty is born in KOREA !!???
Mt. Fuji is Korean territory ???


Koreans, please get out of the U.S.A
1. Koreans are no.1 RACIST who cause troubles against any races, nations.
2. Korean towns in L.A, Texas, Minneapolis etc have black market of dog meat.
Many pet dogs are stolen near Korean town. FBI is invastigating.
3. Koreans export filthy whores and run illegal pimps all over the U.S.
4. Koreans are no.1 Asian criminal in the U.S arrested for RAPE and MURDER.
5. Koreans distort the history and spread their own propaganda like this.
6. U.S. knows how South Korean Army was the most cruel in Vietnam war, so
stop pretending like a victim.

Pathetic, worthless nation ever.

????? writes:

Is the pronunciation of Korean insisting Tokai a language of what country? Does the person of the whole world understand it by pronunciation of Korean?
It is a false claim.

no more lies writes:

Korean, stop being selfish.
You can get nothing by twisting the truth.

Sea of Japan is Sea of Japan.

Hisae Sasaki writes:

"Sea of Japan" was natural in the world until it brought up that South Korea was strange.
It is drawn on the map in the world with Sea of Japan.
Since South Koreans do not want to accept truth, they go to the library in the world and stick the sticker of TOUKAI on a map.
If such something to say is accepted, the world will only get confused.

zeta writes:

International Hydrographic Organization is present.
IHO to determine the world standard a sea route name.

"East sea" is not a standard .
USA must also adopt the global standard.

keisuke nakano writes:

Think about it.
If Japanese islands do not exist in the sea area, the sea of Japan is the Pacific.
And the sea of Japan face the west coast of Japan not east.
So referring to the sea of Japan as the east sea is nonsense, and geographical harassment against Japan.
And Koreans are doing hate campaign against Japan all the time.
Koreans are psycho stalkers.
Please don't support them.

Kazuya writes:

We are very sorry for letting Americans eduction involved into such futile, ignoring historical truce, Korean's self-complacency assertion.

When Korean can't help denying the fact that almost old maps described as Japan Sea, they
sometimes insists this sea have been called as Korean sea.

No one can doubt, their assertion is lack of inconsequence, they only would like to vanish the existing of Japan.

Japanese has been makting effort to assist economy and culture of neighber Korea for long time, they were nothing worked.

Hope you to make a good and justice decision!

hero honolulu writes:

This is not a good idea for obvious reasons. It creates confusion
for those who use the sea. A simple change in name may explode tempers.
Also,it will politicize traditional maritime conventions by promoting
political issues for those who use the waterway for commerce
& live in the area. It was never called the east sea & Korea was not
even a country 200 yrs ago when the name of Sea of Japan was adopted.

This is not the only region where the use of a particular
name is contested but it will open a host of other seas &
islands that are currently under dispute. The most famous one
is the Falkland Islands controlled by the British & called
Malvinas by Argentina and a war was fought in 1982. Calling the
Sea of Japan under a different name may lead to an escaltion
of tension & a possiblity of armed conflict between Japan & Korea.

You must understand the naming of seas is a very sensitive issue
& Korea is using this particular event to promote its name in the
international community for political & economic goals.

hero honolulu writes:

Please remember that korea wants to call it east sea
because it illegally occupied the island of Takeshima
Island by force in 1952. They even had the nerves to
shot bullets at Japanese patrol vessels, but Japan could not
retaliate under heavy pressure from the US. Japan also did
not have any military since it was disbanded by the US
after WWII. Korea took advantage of this opportunity &
stole not only Takeshima Island but gangs of Koreans would
roam Japan & wreak havoc on defenseless Japanese. You can
check your history textbook to verify my claims.

Korea wants to legally claim the Takeshima Island by stating that
the Sea of Japan is really their backyard & the Takeshima belongs
to them.....of course, that is all false but the international
community does not know it.

Yoko Yuasa writes:


tsuno kobayashi writes:


jamawns writes:

Here, let me reconfirm world common sense below.

Japanese history is science based on fact and truth.
(It should be normal.)

Chinese history is politics made of propaganda based on forged evidences.
(You can find if you check Chinese statistics not only in present but also in past,
or you can buy Chinese stocks based on announced GDP in China.)

Korean history is fantasy made of fiction based on perjury crime and calumny crime.
(In 2007, 1544 prosecuted perjuries and 2171 prosecuted calumnies in Korea.
In 2007, 9 prosecuted perjuries and 10 prosecuted calumnies in Japan.
Koreans tend to justify lie when they help themselves and their family while Japanese tend to respect honesty. )

Samurai writes:

Koreans just hate anything to do with Japan.

It is due to their anti-Japanese education over the last many years.


As they have nothing proud of themselves in their history and way they lived, they need a target for which they can try to devalue and blame, so that they can create illusion which help them to feel superior.

Koreans ways of thinking, physiological patterns of anti-Japan is now their national constitution.

It appears that Koreans are all behaving like people with Borderline Personal Disorder, which is most hated by doctors in the field.

Samurai writes:

Sorry again,

know the fact that majority of people in the USA don't care about the name of that piece of ocean. But I ask you, You, wise people in the USA.

What do you think of people or countries in your region ask to change the name "Gulf of Mexico" into "Gulf of Florida". Good name isn't it? but do you really need to change the name? No.

What do you say if Spanish say let's call 'Atlantic Ocean' as 'West Sea'? It is irrational and that is what Koreans doing. Just because they hate Japan. It is because of their mental problems. Nothing to do with USA.

Sadly, unwise people in the USA are being used, manipulated or rather fooled by Koreans. Just pathetic. Wasting of your time and effort in the committee. Letting yourself and society down and we are laughing about you guys. Where is the pride of the people in the USA? Have you lost your sense of American justice and guts to say good id good and bad is bad?

from Australia

wader writes:

Here is sandwiched between the land east and west both geographically.
such Sea area are called "East Sea", it is irrational scientifically.

shinya iwata writes:


tatsuya higa writes:


tatsuya higa writes:


T.Sugimoto writes:


unnecessary “East sea”

Naohito suto writes:

Most are Japanese waters you are facing the "Sea of ​​Japan".
There is almost no sea on the east side of South Korea.
Display to the "East Sea" is abnormal.
It is the sea between China and Japan.
From any angle, it can not be said as "East Sea".
"East China Sea" a sea in the east of China, we are referred to as "South China Sea" a sea of the Philippines.
China also recognized.
The Korean Peninsula is the "Korea".
For the people of the small range, to the East Sea is faulty.

masayoshi endo writes:



Virginia should check all schools and public libraries because DIRTY Koreans erase the name of SEA OF JAPAN from the world map illegally.
It's CRIME. Arrest them all.
Believe or not, South Koreans have no sense of shame and common sense.
Be careful for Koreans' selfish crimes.

Hiroshi Takenaka writes:

If you imagine a map of East Asia in which Japan vanishes,
you can easily understand why the Sea of Japan is called "Sea of Japan".
The Japan island chain distinguishes "The Sea of Japan" from the Pacific Ocean.

As though Japan did not exist, could Koreans call the Pacific Ocean "The East sea"?

The name of "The Sea of Japan" has the legitimacy mentioned above.
The name of "The East Sea" is only a result of Koreans' hostility
against Japan and Japanese people.


It seems America is invaded by sneaky South Korean immigrants.
What are they doing in abroad?
1. Prostitution
2. Rape
3. Anti-Japan propaganda
4. Campus shooting , riots

John Kobayashi writes:


tokyo writes:

South Koreans are liars.
The strategy of threatening Japan and getting money

Seiki Mori writes:

Where is "East Sea"?
There is now no reason to change the name of the "Sea of Japan".
It is called "Sea of Japan" for a long time historically and traditionally by the worldwide countries.
Korea is the only country that insists on that name.
I dare say it is useless to argue over this issue.
It just makes confusions!

Kensuke Kazaoka writes:

Sea of Japan is historical name.



okutsu writes:

I can't understand why the name of the Sea of Japan should be changed,
which our ancestors and all of us have accustomed to.
Can we change the name of one country freely?

Maybe Koreans can do such things, because some of them who live in Japan are eager to throw away and change their own names into Japanese names willingly.

Katsunori Nawa writes:

There is No "East Sea" on earth, only "Sea of Japan" exists.

Keisuke Mori writes:

How simple to believe such a cheap story, they are !
They couldn't stop Gulf War singing justice.
It is a pity.

Taka writes:

History shows "Battle of the Japan sea", Japanese navy beat Russia Bultic fleet. Never exist east sea in the history.

Miwa writes:

This is so crazy. I'm disappointed about Virginia.
The big problem is if Korea want to change the name from see of Japan to east sea, they should talk to Japane first. Why they asked to US?
It doesnt make any sense....
I have to say they are acting like school girls.
Sea of Japan is never going to be changed.

Satomi writes:

Never heard "East Sea"
Korean hate Japan. It is because of their mental problems. Nothing to do with USA.

Benjamin Wagner writes:

The problem with this legislation, is the fact that the Sea Of Japan has the name "Sea of Japan" legally and officially through various legal charters.

Change international law first, if you want to do this.

kobayashi writes:

What is the reason to put another name for Japan sea?
Should we call east sea for pacific ocean as well?
Should we call Viagra for virginia ??? ;-p

I hope Korea will not make anymore tence between Japan.

Freddie writes:

I think the Gulf of Mexico should be called the Gulf of Florida. And Lake Ontario should be Lake York.

????? writes:


Ei.Yamada writes:

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan"
The Issue of the Name of the Sea of Japan

Hideyuki Arai writes:

This problem must be solved by Japan and Korea. I don't want to get American children involved.

The Republic of Korea is illegally occupying the island, Takeshima in Japan Sea. It is apparent that Takeshima is an inherent part of the territory of Japan.
The fact that the sea in this area has been under control of Japan since 18th centuries is just an inconvenient Truth for Korean. That is the reason why Korea is trying to change the name, Japan Sea.

Japan has been repeatedly proposed to the Korea that the dispute over the sovereignty of Takeshima be referred to the International Court of Justice. However, Korea continues refusing the proposal. Japan is seeking peaceful solutions.

k.murayama writes:


Emi writes:

Sea of Japan -the authentic history in our textbooks!

R.takahashi writes:


yuri writes:

Koreans' propaganda!

Korean tells a lie most all over the world

Sachi Writes writes:

The same name sea already exists. China calls East China Sea "East Sea". Right from the start, it doesn't need two names for one sea. The name of "Sea of Japan" has been used in all around the world. Korea has started complaining about the name from 1992. Before that, Korea had also used the name of Sea of Japan. Their story is so REDICULOUS. They just don't want to the name, "JAPAN".

Kazu writes:

South Korea should not lobby and buy politicians in US.
They should solve this kind of issue internationally or bilaterally.

bluebonnet writes:

Simply, it is "Sea of Japan " because Japan divides the sea from the Pacific Ocean.

Tetsuo.F writes:

Real name is SEA OF JAPAN only,not east sea.

Munehisa writes:

Good American citizens.
Don't get tricked by Korean propaganda!
Turn eyes to truth of right history and Korean selfish with courage!
I trust Americans.
You can get a right judgement.
God bless you.

Katsuyuki MATSUURA writes:

I realized that our Japan is THE suzerain.

no name writes:

Japanease sea is Japanease sea!
Brothers often have quite different. personalities from each other.
Japanease tradition:Silence is golden
South Koreans tradition:Claim is golden
Do you Knou that?

Please inquiry that about South Koreans Histry Text Book.
South Koreans believe that Jesus Christ is South Korean.
And,they claim to Vatican City State.
South Koreans has tradit .
Japan has not that.
japan learn about Claim is golden.
No claim,become guilty.

Keishi Kani writes:

Hello, American friends.

That is clearly "Sea of Japan".

Hiroko writes:

South Korea is carrying out illegal occupation of Japanese territory Takeshima.
Takeshima,the island (South Korea name Dokdo,English name Liancourt Rocks) is located in the Sea of Japan.If the Sea of Japan changes to the South Korea name, people in the world will also regard Takeshima as it being a South Korean territory.Therefore, South Koreans want to surely change a name.They tell a lie, in order to fulfill a wish.They do not have a guilty feeling to a lie.The State of Virginia must not participate in South Koreans' propaganda.Don't involve American children in South Koreans' lie and propaganda.

Akiko Kamishima writes:

Please check this.
Japanese sea has to be called Japanese sea.

??? writes:

It is a domestic issue in South Korea

Hiro from Tokyo writes:

This bill will just create more hate and perpetuates hate between Korea and Japan. Korean government repeatedly expressed that "the East Sea" is the only allowable name of the sea and co-naming is just an interim measure before Japan gives in to the sole use of "the East Sea".

One should think of the root cause of this animosity. Korean government teaches their children a false history that the sea is called "the Sea of Japan" because Japan annexed Korea. The reality is that the name of "the Sea of Japan" was established in English before Japan annexed Korea in 1910 or even before US Navy Commodore Perry opened Japan to the West in 1849.

Koreans argue that Korea could not raise an objection to the international organization when it determined the name "Sea of Japan" in 1929, but the name was already established in practice. Even if Koreans had raised an objection, the conclusion would not have changed.

Koreans should stop imprinting hate to their children by teaching untruth.

It is so unwise of Virginian legislature to perpetuate hate between Korea and Japan when facts can solve the hate.

Akihiko Watanabe writes:

日本海は、太平洋を日本列島が防波堤のように仕切ってできているから、日本海・・Sea of Japan

TI writes:

This is one of the anti-Japan activities of S Korea.
you should think why S Korea meddles in other countries education.
No country should be involved in such malicious activities.

Toru Sasaki writes:

There is no reason to change the name of "the Sea of Japan" now.
To the east of China, "Tokai" already exists!
It is the only country insisting on the east of Korea with "Tokai".
It just makes confusion!

masaru writes:

japansea is onlyone name from olddays

Chihiro Sato writes:

I am agaist naming Sea of Japan East Sea.
I guess it will be related with our teritory problem whether Takeshia, which Korean calls Dokdo, is Japanese or Korean. If an education commity of Virginia agrees to use a Korean name,east sea, this might encourage them to take Takeshima into a part of Korea. I have no idea why they are always trying to spread propagandas to forein countries... but maybe it's because people in non-Asia are not familiar with something about Asia. Since they don't know well about Asian history, it is quite easy to brainwash them and spread stories with bad aspects among them.
I feel even sorry for people in the U.S. to be got in trouble because of their beliefs. Your country is a Democratic Republic. it can be a perfect place for a country such as China and Korea to carry out their propagandas because ,as I said above, you are not familiar with our history. Some states have a great number of immigrants from Asia,and what the state goverments of them try to do is to work well for them. Yes, you guys are not doing anythig wrong even though you call Sea of Japan East Sea because a majority of people agree with the idea and it is also because the goverment is for the people. You, however, need to think what would be going in the future. Although only one state just agrees with the idea of use of a name, East Sea, your decision will surprise whole Asia. And need to know what possible problems occur. American decisions have much bigger influence than you expect. The idea might be a plot to get Takeshima. Guess you don't even know Korean textbooks are slammed over errors and bias... Would you like to make your state's education like Korean? If not, study our history and listen to lots of different opinions. You will find the best way.

H. Yamada writes:

South Koreans' assertion is based on the hatred to Japan.
The United States should not side with the act which exceeded South Koreans' degree.

Yosh Murakami writes:

South Korea fabricated the name of East Sea, only in order to insult Japan.
Even in Korea or Japan, nobody has called East Sea historically.
It is amusing to align with South Korea which had the intention which looks down upon Japan by making the sea in the west in Japan call East Sea.
It cannot be the sea which is never eastward also for the U.S.

Amy writes:

Interesting to see all these comments above. They are all Japanese nationals who live in Japan, who have been asked by a certain ultra-nationalist history professor Zenko "Nezu" Onagi to influence the legislation of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These folks who left comments above are anti-Korean, anti-Chinese, and anti-immigrant xenophobes who agitate to strip Korean immigrants of their human rights in Japan. Yes, even Japan has groups like that... hate is not an exclusive property of the U.S.!

I'm not sure why the Commonwealth legislature needs to mandate what publishing companies can or cannot put in their textbooks.

"East Sea" is a politically neutral descriptor, as the name does not mention any specific country. The sea is bounded by the Russian Federation, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea, and by the Empire of Japan. Four countries. No other countries than Japan are trying to name it "Korea Sea" or "Russian Far Eastern Sea."

Get over it, already. This is petty.

I hope American citizens resist this interference with OUR national sovereignty by these FOREIGNERS. After all, these Japanese far-right radicals want to deny civil rights to "their" foreigners (i.e. Koreans, Chinese, Americans, etc.), too.

sato.o writes:





aaa writes:

Koreans dominate the United States soon, because American is unintelligent.

Hiro from Tokyo writes:

Amy, you wrote, "These folks who left comments above are anti-Korean, anti-Chinese, and anti-immigrant xenophobes".
Oh, so we are all xenophobes?

You also wrote, "After all, these Japanese far-right radicals want to deny civil rights to "their" foreigners (i.e. Koreans, Chinese, Americans, etc.), too."
How can you say that?

"I hope American citizens resist this interference with OUR national sovereignty by these FOREIGNERS."
I agree. At the same time, I hope the American local government stops interfering with matters better dealt with directly between Korea and Japan.

Amy writes:

日本に在住している日本臣民は合衆国市民権なしに外国からアメリカ合衆国の内政主権と立法権を妨害するのはアメリカ合衆国では犯罪である。 上のほとんどの投稿は日本の極右人種差別国粋主義の反朝鮮反中華反移民の憎悪である。 普段日本人はアメリカの州立法院のことなど興味ない。 何故これまで多数の日本臣民は内政干渉するか。 日本の極右歴史教授小名木善行は彼の右翼の人気あるブログで日本の読者にバージニアの立法院に干渉するよう扇動している。

東海ドンへはEAST SEAであり、世界の東の端にある海という意味で、一つの国家の私有物でなく国際の海であるので名前も国際中立である。 これが日本だけ日本海と呼びたがるが朝鮮海、大韓民国海、極東ロシア海などとは誰も言わない。

我々アメリカ合衆国の人民は外国人日本の民主的に選ばれた州立法院に内政干渉を容認しない。 これらの日本民族主義者も日本では朝鮮人中華人あるいはその他の外国人の参政権反対するので。彼らは彼らの言動を棚に置く偽善者である。

Hiro from Tokyo writes:

Amy, you criticized the commenters here are XENOPHOBES. But then you wrote in Japanese that any comment by foreigners here is a crime because it is interference of legislation by FOREIGNERS, which sounds to me nothing but xenophobia.

Manabu Ninomiya writes:

If there opinions could go, Japan can name the areas of South Korea and China as LEoJa (Lands to East of Japan) in the same reason. And East China Sea (this is truely exists to east of Chaina) should be South-East Sea. Why does China make such a suggestion at the same time?
What they want is to rob profits and prouds of Japan and to threaten other countories nearby, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, by the fact stronger country Japan surrender to their power.
Please vote "no" not only for Japan but for calm or weaker countries. Japan is still a strong country and makes a voice against them. But for others, every astions are already difficult.

am writes:





アメリカの友人!! 助けてください。
男は強姦! 女は売春! いずれも世界トップレベルです!

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Takeshi Kawai writes:

Japanese people cannot put up with South Koreans' act of aggression any more.
Americans should have imaginative power for what if made its own country, you will think of such a thing.

Shiho T writes:

I am very dissappointed with the State I happen to live in.
Why on earth did you pass this bill?
Why does the name "Sea of Japan" have to be changed in the first place? Since when one state started to stick its nose in foreign affairs?

Ichi Nihonjin writes:

This bill is absolutely ridiculous!!
I liked the American people, but this bill is terrible.
Sea of Japan has been long used publicly at international level.
It is wrong to think that a country (Korea) can change any name of world map which has been long established even if they (Korean) don't like it. Please don't intervene this matter.

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Amy writes:

So, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, decency prevails. The committee successfully passed SB2 and now it heads to the Senate floor.

Read the text of the bill, will you, even though I don't expect the Japanese to understand English that well (their English education is notoriously bad):

1. § 1. That all textbooks approved by the Board of Education pursuant to § 22.1-238 of the Code of Virginia, when referring to the Sea of Japan, shall note that it is also referred to as the East Sea.
2. That the provisions of this act shall not affect any textbook approved by the Board of Education prior to July 1, 2014.

The key element of this bill is that the textbooks to be used in Virginia would note that the "Sea of Japan" is "also referred to as the East Sea." It does not mandate a re-write of textbooks or an erasure of the "Sea of Japan."

In a more practical sense, this bill would only require publishers to print something like "Sea of Japan (East Sea)."

Since this is a matter of international dispute, the Commonwealth of Virginia would be making a wise decision by not taking sides.

On the related note, the so-called independence of Japan did not follow the established procedure, nor did the U.S. return of the Liuqiu Islands to Japan. In either case there was a plebiscite (compare with the popular referenda held in the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, and the Marshall Islands on the matter of their status). The United States also potentially violated the Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution by allowing the Occupied Japan to retain monarchy and not instituting a republican government.

Carlos writes:

Never!! East Sea has not been formal name up to now, and should not from now on.
If 40,000,000 Korean will call the sea as "East Sea", how 120,000,000 Japanese will call it located in the north or the west?
In addition, if it should be called as "East Sea", why Korean would not call Yellow Sea as "West Sea"?
It is not fair.

Alice writes:

Why is that sea should be called "east of sea"?
From Russia, it is located in south. From U.S. and Virginia located in west.
From Australia and many south Asian countried, located in North.
Even from Northern Cnina, located in South.

Korean American live in U.S. From them, the sea is located in West.
The world and UN admit "Sea of Japan." You don't wait the time and budget to something
for children. Don't use the budget for Korean political Propaganda!!!!!!!!!!
As parents, we are very very upset.

love USA writes:

As a foreigner living in USA, I doubt this bill would provide benefits to Commonwealth of Virginia.

I know ancient Japanese called the body of water as "Hokkai (Hokukai?)” or "Keikai" a long time ago. Hokkai means "North Sea". Yes, Sea of Japan is located north from Japan. Then, who/when started to call the body of water as "Sea of Japan"? I do not know precise answer, however, at least in the middle of 19th century it was called as "Sea of Japan" by other countries such as Russia, China, many of European countries and USA. The Chart that Commodore Perry used also had the "Sea of Japan" label.

Senators must to notice that Korean government insists that Japan "forced" to change the name during Japanese colonial rule. It is totally against the history since Japanese Colonial rule started in 20th century.

In this situation, if VA general assembly decides to print both “Sea of Japan” and “East Sea” in parallel, Japanese consider that VA is on Korea side so that teach fake history to their students. (In this point, Amy is totally wrong…)

I do not think teaching fake history will provide benefits. For the bright future of Virginia students, I recommend not to print “East Sea” in this time.

At last, please let me write down one more… If senators studied about this issue, only a little bit, they could easily know that “East Sea” is just a local name only in Korea. How stupid to teach “Sea of Japan”, international common name, and “East Sea”, just a local name, as an equivalent. Do they really consider the future of Virginia? I am very sad to see this thing happened in Virginia, state provided amazing eight US presidents. I think I love USA much more than them…

Karen W writes:

I can't understand why the name of the Sea of Japan should be changed!!!

Hideyuki Takatori writes:

Sea of Japan is only "Sea of Japan!!"

Takashi Kojima writes:

Please Read "So Far From The Bamboo Grove"!

KAZ writes:

We are so fed up with Korean's propaganda. What do they want next ? Simply, I'm wondering why we need to change the name of 'sea of Japan' now? I don't see the point ... We, Japanese are not going to give Korea any more money, neither stupid and selfish Koreans' demands!

Sea of Japan has been called ' Sea of Japan' since 17th century. The name will stay the same and will never change! It will be continuing called ' Sea of Japan' until the end of world!

Kenji Owaki writes:

Stupid Bill. The East Sea is local call only used in Korea. If this is going well by the Korean Robby in investing to US congress members, US students will have to see all seas filled with many local calls. US citizens will be clever enough to learn so many local names in the globe map.

Nick writes:

Think not what Japan can do for USA, think what USA can do for Japan. This is a principle of Japan-US array. It seems that US is trying to enjoy playing a game in the area. If USA does not support Japan, Japan must stand up by ourselves.

Kita writes:

The official name should be relay on the IHO definition.

Ryoko writes:

The name Sea of Japan is the only internationally established name for the sea area concerned. Japan has strongly opposed the unfounded argument concerning the name Sea of Japan and has called for a better understanding of the issue and support for Japan's position from the international community in order to maintain the sole use of the name, Sea of Japan. Japan's position is shared by many international organizations, including the United Nations.

The International Hydrographic Organization, the international governing body for the naming bodies of water around the world, in 2012 recognized the term "Sea of Japan" as the only title for the sea.

Sea of Japan was named by Adam Johann von Krusenstern, Russian admiral and explorer, who led the first Russian circumnavigation of the globe, when he made a voyage to the east coast of Asia from 1803 to 1806.

Sea of Japan is nothing to do with "Invasion".

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masaru souma writes:

Japanese islands of which there is a [Sea of ​​Japan] What. Is an international common sense.
Japan but it is very far country the person of the United States.
Please look at the map.

There is no intention of pressing that to say Japan.

Against Japan, and the harassment, Korea is aimed at the solitude of the international community. City of Glendale [statue] is one of them.

Can I convince Once referred to as "white in the Pacific Ocean Tokai" if?

I believe in the good sense of your country.

Masa writes:

I worry that there are too much Korea’s propaganda based on biased or fabricated story. “Japan sea“ was called “North Sea” in Japan, long ago. Also Pacific Ocean was called “East Sea” and “South Sea.” If accept Koreans assertion, we would be confused.
Korea has also tried to change a birds name“Nipponia nippon." We never accept it.
Also we should study history of Japan and Korea based on statistical data and articles and literatures at that time to avoid influence of propaganda.

S. B writes:

Koreans always give a bribe(money) when they spread propaganda, sports judgment and election, almost everything! If Virginia accept this propaganda, people think you get money or votes.
Will you want to be a trigger of an international dispute?

Claire. S writes:

The East Sea is not the "Sea of Japan". The "East Sea" is the sea between Japan and China, which is also called the "East China Sea". The name is also used in Chinese books, textbooks and maps that are currently being used in China. So PLEASE stop confusing people.

Kobayashi writes:

Well... Now Korea want to change east sea to " east sea of KOREA "
You might know now what kind of people they are...
They are going to keep trying until get the name that they want and avoid name of Japan from world map. It's very sad.

Ringo writes:

Originally, Korean used the name "East Sea" to say just about the east coast area, not about the Sea of Japan. But Korean expanded the name to say about the Sea of Japan lately. If you would examine about it, I'm sure you could understand it.

Without studying the correct history, you shold not changed the name "Sea of Japan". Please consider the situation carefully and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law.

Stokes writes:

Please use our tax budget and time for children's real education.
NOT for Koreans' propaganda.

Japanese writes:

This Virginian bill will make matters just worse. Leaving the issue to Korea and Japan is a wise way to avoid "Judgment of Paris".

Korean Government repeatedly expressed "East Sea" is the only name of the sea and co-naming is just an interim measure before Japan agrees to the sole use of "East Sea". The headache for Virginians will continue forever.

The sea was never called "East Sea" in English. Koreans called it "Dong Hae", not "East Sea". It was called "Sea of Japan" in English even before Japan was introduced to the West by US Admiral Perry in 1849. Japan is not responsible for the English name and the annexation of Korea in 1910 is also irrelevant to the naming.

However, Koreans are against the name because of "hate education" in Korea. They teach their children a rewritten history that the sea is called Sea of Japan because Japan annexed Korea. Recently, Korean government started to say that they could not raise objection in 1929 when international organization determined the name of the sea. Even if they raised objection, the conclusion of the organization would not have changed because the name had been already established in English.

Japanese are against the name change because it will vindicate the "hate education", and just complicate the relationship of the two countries. Learning the true history and resolving the hate is the way to the true friendship between the two countries.

Mikan writes:

As Nietzsche says, ≪Ressentiment is a reassignment of the pain that accompanies a sense of one's own inferiority/failure onto an external scapegoat. The ego creates the illusion of an enemy, a cause that can be "blamed" for one's own inferiority/failure. Thus, one was thwarted not by a failure in oneself, but rather by an external "evil."≫
 Korean created evil Japan to affirm their history or to justify their sense of disdain.
Koreans take any opportunities to malign the reputation of Japan. They don't hasitate to tell a lie. They use every trick to achieve their aims. It's no ploblem if they love their country.

Japanese citizen writes:

Korean-americans are spreading propaganda for Korea. They're NOT American Citizens Any More.
Go back to Korea! I heard some Koreans claim "China Sea" should be "West Sea". How stupid they are! They think Korea is the center of the earth. Now Virginia will have a lot of requests to change names and pay tax for Korean's propaganda. They're trying to take over Virginia.

In Japan, Korean-Japanese take over mass media such as big news papers, almost all broadcasting industries, and Democratic party of Japan and even the Japan Teachers Union.

Many Koreans in Japan have committed very serious crimes, lots of cruel crimes. Do you know Korea is full of sexual crimes? In America, there were some terrible sexual crimes by Korean-americans too.

The more they spread Korean's propaganda, the more Koreans racial is disclosed.

Kay Parisson writes:

I wished to believe that US is a country of freedom, equality, fraternity.
I have learnt about US constitution, all the respect to the founding fathers of UNited States.

Whatever Korean said, or whatever japanese said, a goverment has to be
independent, fare, honest..just follow the US law.
This case, we have a international standard such as IHO definition.

Today Mr B declare his favorism to the media.
Please don't bring up your personal opinion to the politics!
Please remember what US stands for!

If you listen Opinion of Korean people, VA senate will work equally all the issue of the world?
Why do you stand up for Only Korean?
If you do this, It is more realistic that work with Native Americans to add the original US city
names on current US map. Don't you think so?

Mikan writes:

Korean society is full of Jingoism, in another word , patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy. Jingoism rise up to the surface as a country's advocation of the use of threats or actual force against peaceful relations, either economic or political, with other countries in order to safeguard what it perceives as its national interests. American Democracy should not be excessive bias in judging International problem by Korean lobbying activity which is extreme type of nationalism.

Mikasa Nagato writes:

Americans are used to the Koreans.
The Korean-American, that they do not swear allegiance to the United States.
So, Korean-Americans continue to deceive the United States.
Koreans are deceiving the United States by taking advantage of the fact there is no interest in the history of the East many Americans.

Please ignore all claims of Korean.
Koreans claim of prejudice to the national interests of the United States.
Justice of the Koreans, be utilized to trick stupid America.

S.K writes:

You regret Once through this bill.
It is made ​​through lobbying and gold act shameful Korean organization that demean other countries, but they, is there a country that has done such a thing ever?
Despicable acts like this I would not not allowed the United States as long as the say the country of freedom and equality would it be?
Please think seriously once again please.

Mikan writes:

I really don't understand why American local government can decide the name of the sea of Asia in a unilateral way
not knowing the correct history.

Korean people make a colony in Japan or in America. And the government of Korea puppeteer the local politics through the Korean citizen.

Thus the democracy of Virginia is of the Korean government, by the Korean people, for the Korean people.

Japanese writes:

The sea is called "Donghae" in Korean, "Ribenhai" in Chinese, "Yaponskoe More" in Russian, and "Nihonkai" in Japanese. Everything is just fine in the countries surrounding the sea. Why do you need 2 names ONLY in English?

Michio Iida writes:

I, most of japanese, am sick and tired of heraring this kinds of Korean propaganda,
what I can do is to my regret ignore it, cause I cant see any other good idea after
so many people tried to. Hopefully time would solve peacefully.

Kito writes:

What are you trying to do, Mr.USA?
In my eye, USA is being eaten away by a bunch of Chinese and Korean money and is losing own justice. Is this your so-called democracy? I don't think so. You are just being eaten away by the power of number and a bunch of foreign money, losing your road.

In fact, Korean is just under sinocentrism thought and just wants to bash Japan to satisfy their kinky and creeping mind. Comfort women and East Sea change, historical issue, etc... All of them are just their excuse.

I believe that all the people should know that... THIS IS RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST JAPANESE by their cooking up excuse! Please don't lend your hand for racism! It would be the shame of America.

Jun writes:

The Sea of Japan must be referred to as the Sea of Japan on any maps/publication. Period.

obasan writes:


Mun-Hee writes:

Japanese just dont like Korea as we have Jon Gosselin and Japan have Yoko Ono. She break up the Beatles which Americans love. Remember that when you remember Japan.

tk writes:

South Korea is a liar's country.
They demand money by fabrication and parasitism.

Tom writes:

If there isn't islands of Japan, The sea is just Pacific Ocean.
How simple is that?

Endo writes:

Korea wants to change the name because of their territorial ambition, including Takeshima island which is located in The Sea of Japan. To them, This is not an issue of whether the name is appropriate or not. There are many places in the world whose name sound unfair to the other side. Should we change all of them? Or even do, why only Koreans have the right to change the name of the sea which is already acknowledged Internationally? We the Japanese should stop their territorial ambition and shouldn't allow anything that may lead to the future conflict for the peace and security in Asia.

T.T writes:

Do you must change the name to why as determined by the international law of "Sea of ​​Japan". Incomprehensible. Please judge fairly.



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?? writes:

日本国はカリフォルニア州のzip codeであった。
売り裏で支那とWin Win関係を構築中である。現に
アメリカ市場にはあらゆる商品は90% Made in China。

Wajin writes:


Kaoru Shimizu writes:

So who gets all rich behind this propaganda anyway?
Anyway, there's no such thing as East Sea.
Enough said.

Chris Kuchma writes:

Read why I believe this sets an extremely bad legal precedent with my published op-ed "Drafting American school children in a diplomatic war" @

K.Nakamura writes:

I read the following report of the Richmond Times Dispatch about Mr. Marsden who is the sponsor of the Senate Bill 2.
“Sen. David W. Marsden, D-Fairfax, was the top recipient of lobbyist largesse, the bulk of his $11,499 coming from a $7,600 trip to Seoul, South Korea.”
It may be within the scope permitted by law, but after former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s gifts scandal I feel uncomfortable that expensive trip fee to Korea was borne directly by lobbyists.
Please don't use Education of children as a tool of politics.

anon writes:

looks like Waldo has lost interest (what a shocker). last post 6 months ago... waste of time website... put it out of its misery.

Jessica Arisumi writes:

Why change the name of Japanese sea to East Sea at this moment? Is it because the Korean immigrant population has increased in Virginia State?

Marie writes:

I'm very DISAPPOINTED with this Bill !

The SEA OF JAPAN is the only internationally established name for the sea area concerned. Even the United Nations supports this fact !

How would you feel if some people suddenly started to say,
“We want to call our state ‘New Korea’ because we don’t like the name ‘Virginia’”? Do you agree with such nonsense?
I think some people in Virginia went off the limit!

How can you educate your children in Virginia with such biased textbooks ?
Are you going to teach them that MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRUTH ?

Tammy writes:

Stop Korea's propaganda maneuvers! Don't confuse the world!