Health benefit plans; renewal of nonconforming policies. (SB5012)

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Sen. George Barker (D-Alexandria) with support from co-patrons Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Mount Solon), and Sen. Dick Saslaw (D-Springfield)


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Passed House
Passed Senate
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Health benefit plans; renewal of nonconforming polices. Authorizes health carriers to offer to renew any health benefit plan that would otherwise be required to be canceled, discontinued, or terminated because it does not meet the requirements of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to the extent and under the terms that the appropriate federal authority has suspended enforcement of provisions of such Act. The measure has an emergency clause. Read the Bill »


09/18/2014: Awaiting a Vote in the Commerce and Labor Committee


09/18/2014Presented and ordered printed with emergency clause 14200549D
09/18/2014Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor


Bob Lowry writes:

I appreciate Senator Barker introducing this bill. I take pride in taking care of myself and I feel people like me should be rewarded and not put in with a group of individuals my age who may have all kinds of medical issues that may or may not be of their own doing. I had to qualify for my current plan and I continue to take care of myself and be a responsible citizen. If my plan is not extended it will nearly double from my current policy. This is crazy. This extension will not cost the state one dime so what is the hold up. It feels like I am in Russia or another foreign country that is mandating what I have to do with my own healthcare policy or pay a penalty. This is America, we should have the right to choose. I have not heard any information on when this bill will be heard, just sometime in October. This is a serious issue for me and 250,000 other Virginians. I again appreciate everything you are doing and I would appreciate any update.