SJ5082: Commending Greenbrier Learning Center.


Offered September 18, 2014
Commending Greenbrier Learning Center.

Patrons-- Ebbin, Favola and Howell; Delegates: Hope, Krupicka, Lopez and Sullivan

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center was founded in 1994 at the request of parents, teachers, and community members in south Arlington, and with support from the Arlington Community Foundation, to provide structured, afterschool enrichment programs to students; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center expands learning opportunities that help young people fulfill their potential through afterschool and summer learning programs, which support and connect families, schools, and communities; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center’s vision is that all children will have access to the support they need from their families, schools, and communities to enable them to succeed as learners and grow as citizens; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center provides a critical link across the three main aspects of a child’s daily experience: school, after school, and at home and in the community; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center fosters the academic achievement and social-emotional development of 80 upper-elementary school students through an intensive, daily afterschool and summer program; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center has expanded its services to reach over 500 public school students in their classrooms each week by partnering closely with five public schools in Arlington, where AmeriCorps members provide direct support to students as classroom aides, small group facilitators, one-on-one tutors, and more; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center leverages over 22,000 hours per year in community service to the Columbia Heights West and Pike Village Center neighborhoods through its AmeriCorps program; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center provides regular, topic-based workshops to parents to help them support their children’s education as well as develop their own skills and confidence; and

WHEREAS, today Greenbrier Learning Center achieves measurable results that give children every opportunity to succeed in school and beyond, with 92 percent of its students improving their reading instructional levels and nearly two thirds improving by two or more levels in 2013; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center has remained committed to serving Arlington’s most vulnerable communities and successfully expanded its impact in number of children and families served as well as in outstanding results achieved; and

WHEREAS, Greenbrier Learning Center proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend Greenbrier Learning Center for its tradition of providing high-quality services to children and families from low-income households on the occasion of its 20th anniversary; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the Senate prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to the Greenbrier Learning Center as an expression of the General Assembly’s appreciation for the center’s commitment to the residents of Arlington County and the Commonwealth.