Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; General Assembly of Virginia to extend state recognition. (HJ76)

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Del. Riley Ingram (R-Hopewell)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate


Recognition of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia. Recognizes the existence of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia within the Commonwealth. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/07/2016Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/13/16 16101682D
01/07/2016Referred to Committee on Rules
02/11/2016Tabled in Rules


Sheila Firehair Stover writes:

These resolutions are fraudulent, a travesty. None of the persons involved in this newest attempt are Indian, did not live in the correct areas to have ancestral Indians/even associate with Indians. Being made aware of this latest attempt to be something they are not---we immediately pulled records, put the genealogy together with documentation. (can be seen publicly on Ancestry.com where they have been loaded in the past 2 weeks.) The available DNA on those who had the testing done shows Jewish, Barbadian, Portugese, (who would have brought in the Jews) European. No Indian haplo groups, markers, connecting lines. (as yet, there is no marker for race, nor are the "percentage" numbers accurate.

The Eastern Band has denounced this group--who are attempting to attach themselves to Chief Pathkiller. They can't even copy records correctly. Virginia already gave recognition to 3 groups who claim Indian, are a laughing stock far beyond the borders of Virginia.

These groups make up their histories, ceremonies, go into schools, who ever will pay them, proceed to teach a mish mash of Indian culture-- "sound" oh, so Indian.

This past week was heard, learned thru photos posted, the Wolf Creek group are digging for artifacts, asking any/all ages to tromp in, dig. THAT is illegal under Federal and State law. Where is the Virginia State Archaeologist in all this? Until WCC have passed criteria, proven their existance as Indians in your state back to a documented historic tribe ---are actual living, breathing descendants of that group--- been given status, they are not even allowed to own Indian artifacts past arrowheads and such.

Lest anyone think I have any vested interest in Virginia's Indians--I am from NY state, am Delaware, Minisink Band, a tribal genealogist, historian, have worked for 7 tribes as their recognition officer--- going for Federal Status via the BIA,--- consulted on paternal lines with Federal Tribes whose lineage/enrollment is via the maternal lines. Some of my family is Federal, some is state, some--just plain Indians, known as such.

At nearly 80 tears of age, I am still standing strong in the battling of culture theft, wannabees, land grabs, health, addiction issues, high infant mortality, poor education, high suicide rates among our young men, housing, job availability, prejudice, the mascot issue, freedom of religion under IFRA, protection of Indian children under the Indian Child Welfare Act--and coming soon, The hope of Presidential Clemency for Leonard Peltier. Where are all these pretenders when the chips are down, their knowledge, intelligence and support is needed? Sad to say, I'd wager the foregoing would draw a blank look in all their eyes.

Sewing on regalia, playing Indian. Is the state of Virgina really wanting to support this?

Gary price writes:

Reply to Sheila wirehair stove
Every word you wrote is a big lie.None of your statements are correct and you have 12 hours to retract these slanderous statements.

Gary Price writes:

Sheila FireHair Stover be sure to bring a hefty sum of monies with you to court because you will need it,if these lies are not retracted.Your ISP and name is all we need for that defamation lawsuit.

Sheila Firehair Stover writes:

Just discovered this----Haven't been served, and I'm right here---- See you in court, whenever. with all your documents, proofs, etc.