SB269: Social Services, State Board of; amends requirements governing composition of membership.


Offered January 13, 2016
Prefiled January 7, 2016
A BILL to amend and reenact § 63.2-215 of the Code of Virginia, relating to State Board of Social Services; membership.
Patron-- Chafin

Referred to Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That § 63.2-215 of the Code of Virginia is amended and reenacted as follows:

§ 63.2-215. State Board of Social Services.

There shall be a State Board of Social Services consisting of 11 members appointed by the Governor. In making appointments, the Governor shall endeavor to select appointees of such qualifications and experience that the membership of the Board shall include persons suitably qualified to consider and act upon the various problems that the Board may be required to consider and act upon. The Board shall include a member from each of the social services regions of the state established by the Commissioner. At least one member of the Board shall be a licensed health care professional, one member and two members shall be a representative representatives of stand-alone licensed child care centers that meet the accountability standards of state recognized accreditation pursuant to § 22.1-19, and one member shall be a representative of religiously exempt regulated child care centers providers. The appointments shall be subject to confirmation by the General Assembly if in session and or, if not, then at its next succeeding session.

The members of the Board shall be appointed for four-year terms, except that appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired term.

No person shall be eligible to serve for or during more than two successive terms; however, any person appointed to fill a vacancy may be eligible for two additional successive terms after the term of the vacancy for which he was appointed has expired. Members of the Board may be suspended or removed by the Governor at his pleasure.

The Board shall select a chairman from its membership, and under rules adopted by itself may elect one of its members as vice-chairman. It shall elect one of its members as secretary.

The Board shall meet at such times as it deems appropriate and on call of the chairman when in his opinion meetings are expedient or necessary, provided that the Board meet at least six times each calendar year.

A majority of the current membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum for all purposes.

The main office of the Board shall be in the City of Richmond.