Community energy programs; investor-owned electric utilities and electric cooperatives to establish. (HB1285)

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Del. Randy Minchew (R-Leesburg) with support from co-patrons Del. Betsy Carr (D-Richmond), Del. Kaye Kory (D-Falls Church), Del. Kathleen Murphy (D-McLean), Del. Rip Sullivan (D-Arlington), and Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D-Leesburg)


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Community energy programs. Authorizes investor-owned electric utilities and electric cooperatives to establish a community energy program with a community subscriber organization. Under a community energy program, community subscribers and community subscriber organizations may participate in community net energy metering with mutually agreed community subscriber payment rates and community subscriber credit rates. A community subscriber (i) acquires a subscription that entitles him to a proportional interest in a renewable energy generation facility and (ii) receives a credit on his electric utility bill based on the community subscriber credit rate multiplied by his share of the facility's output. Read the Bill »


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01/20/2016Presented and ordered printed 16104410D
01/20/2016Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor
01/26/2016Assigned C & L sub: Special Subcommittee on Energy
01/28/2016Impact statement from SCC (HB1285)
02/09/2016Subcommittee recommends continuing to 2017
02/11/2016Continued to 2017 in Commerce and Labor
12/01/2016Left in Commerce and Labor