Barbering, cosmetology, etc.; deregulates practice, abolishes Board of Barbers and Cosmetology. (HB892)

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Del. Michael Webert (R-Marshall) with support from co-patron Del. Dave LaRock (R-Loudoun)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
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Board for Barbers and Cosmetology; deregulation of barbering, cosmetology, nail care, waxing, tattooing, body piercing, and esthetics. Abolishes the Board for Barbers and Cosmetology and deregulates the practices of barbering, cosmetology, nail care, waxing, tattooing, body piercing, and esthetics. Read the Bill »


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01/09/2018Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18102154D
01/09/2018Referred to Committee on General Laws
01/19/2018Assigned GL sub: Subcommittee #1
01/25/2018Subcommittee recommends striking from docket (8-Y 0-N)
02/13/2018Left in General Laws


Kiana Ramos writes:

Have you any idea how many safety and sanitation laws are taught and tested for in order to have these licenses? You are putting the health and safety of the public at serious risk.

Carolyn Foyle writes:

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for 52 years an owner of a salon for 15 years! To see some of the diseases that clients bring into the salons and try to get by with us is outrageous! Some salon owners don’t give a hoot about cleanliness, state board don’t inspect for years, so they don’t clean at all! Your Asian nail salons don’t care who they pass diseases on to, causing people with knee and hip replacements to take high doses of meds! Blood disorders with tattoos, go ahead people take it away! Don’t whin when one of your children or grandchildren get contaminated with a disease! My motto is “ You can’t teach stupid!” That all you idiots are good for just doing stupid stuff not upholding laws!
Carolyn J. Foyle
5139 Dogwood Drive
Mount Jackson, VA 22842
Also licensed in Florida- ( I’m not stupid either!)

Cissy Wakters writes:

Please don’t pass this. They need regulations or people will end up with HIV and other diseases.
I would not even think about letting someone do anything to my hair without proper training
Thank You
Cissy Walters

Conner writes:

This bill has the potential to destroy legitimate professions. As an aspiring tattoo artist it would make it way easier for me to ply my trade and that is not what I want. There has to be some standard that the state calls for. Currently other states will respect and uphold a Virginia license because they know you had to earn it. So not only would this destroy the careers of people in their profession for years but they may not even be able to move to a different state if Virginia doesn’t have respectable licensing laws. Thank god none of these are my current occupation because I would have a heart attack thinking of all the work I put in to become a professional just to have the word professional lose its meaning in Virginia.

Allison writes:

Abolishing these licenses would be one of the biggest slaps in the face to all of the individuals who worked so hard to obtain their license, pay their school loans, and build their business. This would be allowing any Joe Shmoe to come in and use chemicals on someone's hair that they would have no idea what they're doing. Or they could put strong chemicals on someone's face and greatly damage their skin. And I can't even imagine how tattooing would go. Absolutely anything could happen if you do not have the proper training and schooling in one of these fields. Please be reasonable and rethink this. It could greatly change the beauty industry in Virginia in a very negative way.

Melissa Callahan writes:

Dear Chairperson,
Please vote against the deregulation of the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. I have been a practicing and licensed Cosmetologist for over a decade. I have spent thousands of hours in education so that I can understand the craft I practice. It is extremely important that anyone who practices Barbering or Cosmetology or Esthetics have an education and license regulation, to prevent injury and disease. Please consider the thousands of people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on education to set themselves apart from those who would prefer to practice without a license in their kitchen. Please consider the businesses that will be negatively effected if this industry was deregulated. As someone who has worked very hard to build a career in this industry, I have fought to defend this profession as it is sometimes looked down on and underestimated. People already do not respect this industry because they don’t know the education involved, they don’t know it is a license... please do not degrade this profession by allowing any unlicensed person to practice. As with any serious profession it should be required to have the training prior to the practice. You wouldn’t allow a lawyer, or a doctor to practice without a license, would you? Why would you consider allowing people who handle potentially harmful chemicals and who bring those chemicals in contact with consumers to conduct their business without a license. The science of hair is more complicated than applying color. It is helping people understand why the product they are using is causing an irritation. It is helping a balding man find the product to help regrow his hair. It is giving a fussy child their first haircut without cutting their ear off. It is understanding why that blonde hair turned green when the box said brown.

Please consider the importance of the license these professions hold and vote to keep licensing regulations.

A concerned Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Master Esthetician, Certified Makeup Artist, Certified Reiki Healer, USMC Veteran.

Madison Jenkins writes:

Taking away the liscensing of all of the above, is like taking that away from a mechanic, welder, CNA, any of those. Are you seriously considering letting people who physically touch people for a living, let alone with chemicals and sanitation at hand, just do it without any education? Starting to believe whoever agrees to abolish the licensing of these jobs, hasn’t had any education themselves as well. Stupid doesn’t even describe. DONT PASS THIS LAW.

signed a liscensed cosmetologist.

Becky Verbeten writes:

Please vote no on this deregulation. It is appalling to think that anyone wishing to try any of these regulated professions could experiment on human beings. There is a depth of knowledge regarding human anatomy, physiology, chemistry as well as sanitation of the workplace and product safety that cannot be absorbed from internet research, utube, or a ‘feeling’ that one has the talent naturally. Will these untrained workers be required to be heavily insured against the inevitable lawsuits resulting from this reckless action? The long term repercussions of hastily passing legislation such as this is unconscionable. Please listen to the trained professionals who are protesting this legislation and vote No.

Angie Cabell writes:

One of the main functions of government is public health and safety. Passing this bill completely ignores that core function! Don’t return to the dark ages, keep us safe!

Ellen godsey writes:

I have had several friends who have contracted skin infections and in one care HEP from tattooing due to lack of appropriate training. You can Not risk public safety by deregulating and already troubled industry!

Judith Craft writes:

I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1992 and a salon owner for last 13 years. This is ridiculous to abolish licensing. The potential to injure clients is extremely high. We are trained in chemicals that contacts skin and could potentially burn the skin until blisters form. The risk of injury in properly untrained individuals is too high. The risk of damage to the hair itself can be done from chemicals, heated tools and improper cutting tools. If you’ve never had your hair melt and break off at the scalp, believe me it’s not something you want to experience. Massage therapist fall under our license as well and having just anyone offer massage is a risk of inappropriate behavior and prostitution to be able to go on under anyone’s radar. These regulations and standards of our profession are necessary to support professionalism and safety of clients. Vote no to this matter.

Crystal Charnock writes:

What is the reason for the deregulation? Customers feel secure in seeing our licenses posted by the register. Our training and dedication to our crafts don't deserve to be watered down by deregulation.

As an elected official, do something that would actually benefit the community such as more inspectors for salons that are gross and not cleaning properly.

This is absurd.

Crystal Charnock

Rebecca writes:

This cannot be passed!!!! I love the business im in and if people who have no idea what they are doing start doing facials and chemical peels they will burn peoples faces off!!! Please don't let this pass!!!

A. Za writes:

There is no need to deregulate the board of Barbering/Cosmetology/Tattooing . This is waste of energy and thought. Deregulation of said Boards will cause spread of diseases, lowering of professional standards and therfore more diseases means more people in Free Clinics and use of tax payer money. A waste. Use this energy towards things that really need attention like free school lunch programs for underprivileged children, or cleaning up the local rivers and waterways, or homelessness in the area.

Madeleine writes:

Please do not let this happen! People could get serious infections and end up in critical conditions without the proper practice of being licensed. This is a awful idea imagine how many infections and diseases will spread. Please do not pass this!

Navid Abbassi writes:

Please vote no on deregulation - too many health risks involved here. Matter of public safety.

Nathaniel nock writes:

Im a licensed Barber instructor who has learned so so in the past 2 years from the training I've done about disease control im my field. These are things that shouldn't be taken away due to the safety of the public. Should a bill be passed so more shops are being checked to make sure shop owners and licensees are doing proper things? Yes it should.... I educate the community on proper hygiene as well as grooming and etc......things that may not be taught in some families homes and to deregulate the need to provide professional clean services shouldn't even be a discussion if you care for the people and not fame!!!!

Meredith Sellers writes:

Vote NO! These are regulations for our own safety and well-being! Vote no!

La' Ketha Prioleau writes:

I am against this level of deregulation. There are critical skills and knowledge of protocols that are imperative for a successful esthetician. There are many cases of facial disfiguration due to unlicensed practitioners. I have been an esthetician for approximately 2 years and a professional customer for the rest of my life. I appreciate the academic facet of this technical skill and with out it would have surely made several mistakes that would not only impact me but the public. This deregulation would put the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia at grave risk when if they have these services performed by someone who has not been trained by an accredited institution or testing and licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. I would anticipate the malpractice and litigation cases would increase significantly because of the introduced risk.

As an active duty service member, I understand the importance of training and have had to employ it not safety and survival. What would one do in an emergency if one is not trained?

These regulations are for the safety of both the practitioner and the client which may both be residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I would ask you consider appointing a diverse representation on this committee. I am willing to serve.

Karen writes:

Please vote against this bill! You'll be taking away the credentials so many of us have worked so hard for. Do you really want someone to be able to watch a YouTube video and then think they can provide these professional services?

Coreen writes:

This is absolutely preposterous! So many things could go wrong with haircuts and color done by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing! Chemical burns to start and scissors or razors.... and tattooing should definitely be regulated! There are needles involved that can cause diseases! COME ON!

Bobby Walker writes:

I am an aspiring barber/tonsorial artist; currently a student. And I've worked in different environments, and I have to say that I now understand WHY THERE IS A NEED for a license. I've seen the occurrences of when a barber was uneducated in the practice and the failures that ensued when they were unknowledgeable of what they were doing to a clients hair. The unhealthy risks that are taken and the "Guinea pig" customer who is entrusting said barbers are ridiculous! It would be best to be in the hands of someone who knows what to do when a razor cut or chemical process goes wrong. Tonsorial artists are similar to architects; and would you let someone who is not certified build meeting hall for you? If so...who do you turn to when the roof caves in and you find out the builders were not certified for the job? It's about safety and knowing how to properly administer beautification services! Punish those who choose to do it wrong, not those who are expending resources and putting their existence on the line to do it right!

Maria Comas writes:

On a professional tone, I am a recent graduate of cosmetology school. I have been licensed for more than 6 months now, and I cannot tell you the amount of potential harm that deregulating these professions will bring. Would you want your haircut with a side of HIV because somebody didn’t follow proper blood exposure procedures? Do you want to get lice from the last client’s 8 year old? How about a staph infection from someone not properly cleaning their tools? These are but a few examples of what will happen if these professions are deregulated.

On a personal note, I did not spend $20,000 plus on my education and career for it all to go to waste. Will I be reimbursed for the money I paid to DPOR for my license? How about my student loans forgiven? I won’t get that time spent or that money back.

This isn’t okay for any of us. Not for the professionals, not for the consumers, not for anybody. It absolutey shocks me that deregulation on these professions could even be consisered.

Amber writes:

Please do not pass this bill. It is not fair to everyone who has gone about it the right way and paid for the schooling, exam fees, and licensing fees. This is a big I mean BIG health risk. We are taught safety and sanitation is a big factor in our field to keep our clients happy and healthy. If you are not sanitary you will fail your boards. If you no not know the material such as osha, human anantomy, chemistry, electricity, sanitation, signs of diseases, infections, chemicals in products, proper matience and fist aid guides. If you pass this bill you will throw all that out the window. Everything that keeps the consumers safe. Because why hold licenses officals at a high standards but then let anyone donhair because they believed they are skilled. That is unfair and immoral. I could be skilled and a great hygienist. So why don't we.deregukate that so I don't have to pay for school or have a license so I can work as a huge study. Let's deregulate resturants. Let's take all that away. They are all the same thing. Dealing with the HEALTH AND SAFETY for consumers. You are asking for a boat load of lawsuits of people getting cut and infected. Burns. 3rd degree burns. People are going to get hurt and sick cause people who aren't trained are not going to care about the health and safety of others. They are going to think it's easy and quick money. And it's going to hurt business, people, and our economy. You will also make it harder to switch licenses im case someone move cause then their license will be no longer valid and you would hurt other states. Think of it consumers want professionals. What if they stop spending money in ba tomgo to regulated states. If you pass it will you refund every penny I paid for school exams and to get my license. That's not fair if we all had to pay almost 20000 grand plus more for you to take our license away. Please do not put us or the public at risk. We will be devestated in diesease and infections because no one will be regulation to make sure it's clean and sanitized or sterilized. You will make a grave mistake and regret it.

Karen writes:

I can only assume that Delegate Webert is introducing this bill in the belief that it will simplify government regulations, but in this instance, he appears to be disregarding the reason for the regulation. Basic health education for dealing with human bodies is not widely disseminated on YouTube, and I , for one, appreciate knowing that there are fundamental education requirements and oversight for practitioners in these areas.

If his thought is that current regulation is not effective, then perhaps the answer is to improve oversight rather than do away with it entirely.

This bill should not be passed.

Trasonya Crawford writes:

I am highly against this bill for many reasons. For starters it takes hours of training, and tons of education to be able to come in contact with the human body. I am currently a hair stylist and business owner, and I can not express to you how many time's I have seen, and still see client's with skin and scalp issue's, which some of these issue's are highly contagious and deadly. In order to keep ourselves safe and clean, we need to have the education and training to do so. If we allow uneducated and untrained individuals access, then we are opening a bigger problem than you can ever imagine. I strongly suggest giving this more thought.

Trasonya Crawford
Business Owner/ Master Stylist

Osaima Shaheen writes:

Totally against Deregulating.

Dot Major writes:

Why would anyone think this is a good idea? It is, first and foremost, opening the door to unhealthy environments! Hair dressers, stylists, barbers and others in this field, are trained to recognize all types of scalp/hair issues and the importance of cleanliness! Regulation is vital to everyone who enters a salon, barber shop and dry bar. I urge you: PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS PASS! Would you and yours want to enter an establishment NOT knowing whether the environment was healthy? Why would anyone want to move backward on a health issue???

Dot Major

Jodie Brook writes:

No. Absolutely not. That’s a bad idea for any of these professions. What’s their reason for thinking this would be better and safer or a good idea at all?

Andrea writes:

As an esthetician, I implore you to vote no on deregulation. You are in the process of destroying a profession and giving way to a chaotic new world of malpractice. Without proper licensure, spa operators would not be taught proper sanitation standards, safety protocols regarding potentially hazardous chemical, proper use and application of products, among other things. This leaves the public at risk for skin infections and injuries regarding chemical interactions with their skin or hair. Are we really going to become a society that supports uneducated people? this would be a massive setback that affects EVERYONE. Do you want to contract hiv, hepatitis, fungal infections from your esthetician or hair dresser? I don't think so. Vote no to deregulation.

Jennifer Delamar writes:

We take (at least) hundreds of hours of instruction to learn our specialized trade. In addition, we have to take classes and receive more education regularly to maintain our licenses.
Our specialties require knowledge of blood borne pathogens, how to prevent our clients from getting infection and much more than the non-licensed person would know. Deregulation is a huge disservice to these professions and to the public they (we) serve.
Deregulating in hospitals would be a cause for concern, correct? Well, some of the same concerns are present when you deregulate other professions such as the ones mentioned above. We are dealing with chemicals and we are aware of how to use them effectively. Conversely, people without knowledge of hair chemicals and chemical peels, for example, are a) unaware of the safety precautions taken before handling these substances, b) are unaware of the specific precautions and reasons to rule out clients with certain health problems and c) can create devastating damage with the procedures since they lack the in-depth training and testing required to handle sensitive material. Lack of knowledge through deregulation will result in a limitless amount of disasters.

Many of us took out loans and invested heavily, including our time, in the education that led to these professions. This is our livelihood. We would be robbed of the time we have spent learning and applying our trade when less knowledgeable people could begin performing services with no investment or background.

Instead of adding jobs, this is delegitimization of a substantial set of professions. The cosmetology, barbering and esthetic licensing should remain professional and earned through education and practical experience. No other people should perform these services, period.

Erica writes:

I'm a Master Esthetician and Cosmetologist. There is a reason licensure exists. Yes, it brings in money to the state; however, more importantly, the requirements to become licensed involve a statewide curriculum that teaches sanitation, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and the basics of electricity. These are definitely things that you need to understand before touching another human being with your hands, chemicals, or electrical equipment. Getting this information protects the consumer and the practitioner. Furthermore, licensing is often, if not always, required to obtain professional insurance because things do occasionally go wrong, the same way they do in the medical field, and most people need the financial protection because most people in this field aren't making millions of dollars. This bill was not thought through at all.

Tamara writes:

I'm an esthetician of 4 years. I had to be certify my field, by going to school/institution, passing my state boards in order to practice within the scope of my license. Which to deregulate would have individuals who would do anything to anyone without the knowledge and skill set to provide treatments to the consumer. Also, to deregulate esthetics, cosmetology/barbering, massage and nails, would be a Gross injustice to those who take the esthetics field seriously. We the esthetician/aesthetician, skincare specialist are the first line of defense in helping dermatologists, when we see there is something that is beyond our scope; for clients to get medical help and diagnosis of the condition(s).
And finally, to deregulate these fields would put the consumer(s) at risk for harm and injury, which is Grossly negligent on the State regulation Department.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck writes:

This bill poses a threat to the general public in several ways. I have always looked at Virginia for being and the "icon" for esthetic legislature and in particular the dual licensing that Virginia is so respected for. ANY form of deregulation places the cosmetology and esthetic profession in danger of continual saturation of "non-trained" and certainly not qualified individuals performing services on the general public. The statue of sanitation training, health and safety practices, bloodborne pathogen act and more are of no interest to financially driven "opportunists" who work out of their homes and worse. Perhaps if a government officials wife were to contract MRSA after a leg wax or a facial - it would exemplify the need for not only maintaining current standards but to impose additional fines on those who disregard ethics and public safety. If anything, the standards for the entire cosmetology profession need to be stricter. I am a master cosmetologist for 34 years, esthetician, esthetic instructor and naturopathic physician.

Beverly writes:

I am a licensed master esthetician. I own and have operated a laser and skin care business in Charlottesville, VA, for over 10 years now. You do not want to abolish or deregulate the Board of Cosmetology, first and foremost, for the safety of the general public. Blood born diseases are a serious issue in our business. High levels of sanitation and cleanliness are required. I run a professional business in a professional space, and I take the health and well being of my clients very seriously. I also generate revenue for the state of VA.

Let's set the professional bar HIGH in Virginia! Do not pass this nonsense.

Gernot Pomrenke writes:

This bill is a bad idea. It’s a public health hazard. I would like to hear Delegate Michael Webert (R-Marshall) reason for supporting or initiating HB892. I do not think he talked to any professionals in this field. One wonders if he is doing a personal favor for someone who could not get a position or open a business due to lack of training or education.

Cara writes:

What an astonishingly poor idea. This bill puts the health and safety of Virginians at risk. In the name of what? "Deregulation"? This bill needs to put down and quickly.

Dyon Williams writes:

This is a terrible idea. I have been a license barber for over 20 years .. It’s a must to have the required education and practice for this profession. To learn the ins and outs of the hair practices: sanitation, professionalism, and overall knowledge to practice Barbering /Cosmetology in a public environment. It is very vital to know this because you have people’s Lively hood and Health in Jeopardy.!! I am totally against this bill

robert legge writes:

Ever notice that when some deregulation is brought up, the only ones who speak up are those in the industry protecting their turf? Where are the consumers?

Anita Hill Moses writes:

This comes as a complete and total shock that this would even be a consideration. In addition to all of the other comments regarding sanitation and bacteria control, we are now dealing with hair loss in epidemic proportions. There are too many people who are looking at YouTube videos, Facebook post, Instagram videos, and thinking they can do anything anyway and use any type of product on a person's hair and scalo. In my Salon over 70% of our clients are dealing with traction alopecia which comes from weaving and braiding too tight and the improper application of color and relaxers. If cosmetology and barbering is deregulated, this is going to cause major issues across the board. I urge the board to please reconsider this proposal.

Cheroyl Mruphy writes:

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for 39 years. I have owned a Barber Cosmetology & Esthetics School for 24 years.I just can't believe that a person would want to deregulate this. I have a question to ask: HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED IN OUR BOOKS? The chapters on Chemical alone ,or the Disorder, Diseases. I have had these Kitchenticans in class and they tell of the horror stories because they just didn't know about the application of the chemicals. Don't pass this Bill.

Regina C Lundy, DPC writes:

I have been a cosmetologist and salon owner for almost 30 years. I pride myself on the fact that I stay current with the rules and regulations that govern my profession. I am a member of the oldest african american trade organization in the country (National Beauty Culturists, League, Inc) because of my compassion for this industry. There are three professions allowed to touch the human body, physician, mortician and cosmetician because of the health issues involved and life or death situations if contamination is transfered from one to another. I am also a medically challenged person who could be seriously injured or killed if proper regulations did not govern our practices from client to client. This deregulation is a very bad idea for the well being of the population. You think the flu killed this winter watch what happens when everybody begings to do their own thing without regulations. Im sure you yourself have services done. How would you feel if the impliments used on you were never cleaned or a chemical was used by a non licensed person with no training or your sons first hair cut was given with clippers that had been used on an aids client and not cleaned before being used on your son. How would you feel? THINK ON THESE THINGS BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!!!!!!!

Dr. A. Laverne Canada writes:

Iam the president of the Virginia State Beauticians Association Inc.

Not only do we work under a professional and sanitized enviroment we teach it.

we take our profession very seriously.We are very much dedicated to our clients (whichever

services they desire) to attend classes and seminars to stay abreast of the diseases and

medical situations we may encounter. We do not take our carefully chosen profession lightly

I PRAY that you would consider that sanitation and knowledge are both reguired in this situation. Remember you have families too.
Dr. A. Laverne Canada
president of the Virginia State Beauticians Association Inc.

Robert Randall writes:

First of all, do not abolish the board. Cleanliness is very important and I do NOT want anyone's diseases. Secondly, for those of you are bashing Asians, GROW UP, BECAUSE MINE AND WIFE'S (WHO IS KOREAN AMERICAN) BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP IS VERY CLEAN; TO INCLUDE OUR TOOLS.