Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; extends state recognition within the Commonwealth. (SJ42)

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Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) with support from co-patron Del. Dawn Adams (D-Richmond)


Passed Committee
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Recognition of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia. Extends state recognition to the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia within the Commonwealth. Read the Bill »


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01/09/2018Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18104132D
01/09/2018Referred to Committee on Rules
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02/13/2018Read second time and engrossed
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02/13/2018Agreed to by Senate by voice vote
02/19/2018Placed on Calendar
02/19/2018Referred to Committee on Rules
02/23/2018Assigned Rules sub: Subcommittee #2
02/27/2018Subcommittee recommends laying on the table (3-Y 2-N)
03/06/2018Left in Rules


J. Collins writes:

Here they are again, These people are not who they claim to be they are again claiming the heritage of other people for their attempt at recognition, why are they constantly hijacking the story and history of others and trying to distort facts for their own selfish gains. The Tomihitans who they claimed to be in the last bill were not Cherokee, they were proven to be Ohio Valley Siouan via studies done by siouan linguist Dr. Robert L. Rankin . Now here they are claiming to be Melungeon (they’re also Ohio Valley Siouan descendants see works of Dr. Robert K. Thomas and Dr. Richard A. Carlson) .. my question is how many more times are they going to flip flop on their claims of Ancestry?, how many more times are Virginia politians going to continue to humor this group of uninformed fakes?.

Please do not let this travesty of history preceded. These people do not deserve to be recognized especially not while trying to use other people’s heritage to do..

Kathy White writes:

The Cherokee never lived in Virginia, we did not even have hunting lands in Virginia, you need to take a good look at Cherokee History before you let another fake band of Cherokee invade another State.
Go ask one of the 3 Federal Nations our History and get it verified and documented from out Historians if you want the truth.
I am begging you please don't let this group of White people make a mockery of the Cherokee people....

Russ Drysdale writes:

Back in 2015 , SJ 292 same group , had already been tabled in committee by now . This bill SJ42 is a flim flam .

Gary writes:

You guys know nothing about history I can see. Your comments are far from correct and seem to have personal motives. I can assure anyone that wolfcreek Cherokee are real Cherokee people and to say Cherokee didn't reside in Virginia is insane.

I would also claim that above statements are deformation of character based on our heritage and facts.

Gary writes:

Real facts

Annette writes:

The Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe, Inc. of Virginia is already recognized by the Commonwealth and the public for their contributions in history, education, and archaeology. I am very encouraged that Virginia is now looking at the diversity, equity and inclusion of all of our Native American people. We look forward to the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe, Inc. of Virginia as they represent our Virginia Native American community this year at the 46th Annual National Conference on Ethnicity being hosted in Virginia for the first time. As these Virginia Cherokee people represent themselves in the history of their family and the history of Virginia, I am so glad that they will finally be recognized as the twelfth state recognized tribe. As Governor Ralph Northam said "Tomorrow can be better for people who too often face discrimination, harassment or violence because of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation." I hope our Virginia General Assembly will pass SJ42 "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." (Martin Luther King)

Gary writes:



Jeff writes:

Kind of weird how some feel so entitled and empowered to state wether someone's being is legit. History has been presented and the facts have already delivered as it comes to this tribe, some would say in more detail then many others who feel so empowered to deny such facts. It is a very sad day when others have a mindset of superiority over others to dismiss and deny the very presence, history surely shows us were that dangerous precedence leads. I think people should ask why is it so bad to recognize someone for being who they are and if it does take a long look inbthe mirror and ask who am I? Lived all over the country and world and have heard so many bad things about Va Native Americans esp on the west coast like there isn't any Native Americans here or they are black etc. It is very disgusting to hear then as it is now and definitely not true. Please don't be bigots and pollute facts with racially charged opions based on no substance other then hatred of someone just because they may not be like you. Our state is better then that and I hope all races and ethnicities can be respected without such charges made against them since the era of Plecker.

Kris writes:

I’m so proud of the Cherokee Nation of VA standing for their History and their Heritage. You are the original people of this Great country. Continue to stand strong and united against ignorance idiots. Who NO nothing. They only want to see their so called history most don’t know where they originally came from it certainly wasn’t the United States. But as Native people of this great country you do know who you our and where you come from America the land on true Native Americans. The only advice I could give ignorance is learn knowledge. Yours truly #Istand with you

J. Collins writes:

Okay, let’s talk about history shall we. Melungeon is not a term used for every mixed Appalachian community like some would have you believe.. It is a racial slur applied to only a select group of families that happen to have a community in south-western Virginia, there is tons of research into those families, very little of which is valid but take it from someone who is a Collins (one of those families denigrated with that racial slur), these people, these Wolf Creek nobodies are not our people. They are not from our communities, They don’t even know who we are.. . And they want state recognition?... Stop hijacking other families heritage in your attempts..

I can’t believe that Virginia is even considering this, I and others in our communities are extremely angry about this.. my Ancestors are rolling over in their graves at the thought of these people gaining recognition on the backs of our history.

Paul writes:

I support them in their efforts for recognition. So many tribes act dysfunctional and so self serving and only care about their own tribe when this mindset is of Europeans and colonialism. I would hope current tribes would band together and support as many tribes rebuilding their culture and heritage as possible. As an American Indian I am proud to stand with them on their journey. Regardless, you cannot now or never take away who they are as a group of native peoples, who have a deep connection to this land!

Gary writes:

For J.collins
Perhaps Mr.Collins you should come by the Tribal center and see for yourself.
I it so unwise to cast judgement upon people that you never met and surely by your unjustified words no nothing about this Tribe's history. It is zero benefits for a Tribe to be recognized by the state of Virginia and the sole purpose is to save what little history that is left for the original people.

It is absolutely no real motives to gain anything of any monetary value , only to save what little Native American culture possible before it's gone forever.

J. Collins writes:

For Gary,

First of all I do know who these people are and what they are all about.

Further more this is not a money issue, this is a truth issue your false and distorted “History” is the problem, although we can make it a money issue since you brought it up, That statement you just made about having state status brings zero monetary benefit is a flat out lie.

State recognition does bring monitary gain in the form of access to state and federal grants, also the ability to claim minority status for business tax purposes and the right to claim Arts and Crafts as Indian made under federal law. But you conveniently left that out..

You clearly think me a fool, but that’s your problem.

At the end of the day you people are not who you say you are, you are not from the community you falsely claim and never will be regardless..

I sincerely hope Virginia comes to their senses and tables this bill before this travesty of distorted and false history is sign of into law.

Jeff writes:

Ahhh pretty sure Native American is already a minority wether recognized as a tribe or not. Who is this guy? Lol! Unless he crawls into the womb and pulls Natives out it can't be undone, it's simply who one is racially even if you don't want to recognize the tribe or family it doesn't impact ones race. I wouldn't accept any blankets from this dude anytime soon lol!

T.R. writes:

These people are fakes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/640783452618175/permalink/1217699444926570/ or

They are appropriating many tribes histories to make one for themselves. Just because they have a 501c3 (which most organizations can get - not hard to do) and because the unsuspecting public doesn't know any better and invites them to speak and the press does articles on them - does not justify them as an ancestral tribe here in Virginia.

Don't give them State Recognition!

J. Collins writes:

Actually... Minority status based on being Native American is legally expressed as a person that is affiliated with a recognized tribe and in good standing with said tribe. You can claim Indian ancestry but unless you are part of a recognized tribe you can not claim minority status nor sell items as Indian Made. Y’all uninformed folks would know that if you opened a book once in a while.

Further more why would you make a graphic hyberbowelic statement about clawing babies from the womb, you sir are very sick. Further who said anything about blankets.

Let me make something very clear.. I support the recognition of valid historically marginalized tribes.

But I do not and can not support this group, they don’t even know who they are.. this bill is another attempt after there last one was proven to be totally inaccurate and here they are.. they’ve changed their story about who they are yet again. If this one doesn’t go through Mark my words they will introduce another bill claiming to be from some other group.

The point is Virginia needs to send a message that they won’t stand for this blatant disregard for actually facts and history.

These people distort the truth, please I beg you don’t let this pass!!!

Gary writes:

I'm sure you guys no nothing about wolf Creek, I'm also sure you guys are from the king William area. Wolf Creek has tons of proof of who they are and always will be who they are.
The only motives you guys could have is envy , jealousy or stupidity.
You are trying to tell people who they are and something tells me it's poor motives. I really hope you guys are not Native Americans ,it would make me a shame of your poor wisdom.

Gary writes:

All I can say to the people who are against real blood Cherokees on this board. They are

gayh go gi

J. Collins writes:

Firstly don’t know about the others who have spoken out but I’m not from the King William area. 2ndly why in the world would I be jealous of a bunch of lying history distorting thieves?.

As far as my background?.. I’ve done spelled that our for you a few post back, my motives are simple!.. these people are lying and stealing my family’s history to suit their own purposes..

And the claim they know who they are is bogus.. they are claiming a Melungeon connection and claiming Plecker’s wrong dying applies because of that so let’s take a look at Plecker’s list

This group claims to be from Price Mountain, Wolf Creek Mountain and Milam Ridge.. the only place list that appears on Plecker’s list is Roanoke Co. so let’s see what it looks like

“Roanoke County: Beverly. (See Washington)

Washington County: Beverly, Barlow, Thomas, Hughes, Lethcoe, Worley.”

Now let’s take a look at the Melungeon listing on Plecker’s list

“Lee and Smyth: Collins, Gibson (Gipson), Moore, Goins, Ramsey, Delph, Bunch, Freeman, Mise, Barlow, Bolden (Bolin), Mullins, Hawkins. — Chiefly Tennessee “Melungeons.”

Can we all see the issue here now?...

As for Gary.. if you’re going to name call in another language, ya might want to learn it first.. to which I have to say to you, you sir are nothing more than ᏂᎪᎳᎬᎾ ᎠᎴ ᎦᎪᎦ just like the rest of your group..

Gary writes:

Deal with this then.


Gary writes:

We work this out with facts and truth, you never met any of the wolf Creek people

Gary writes:

Keep your opinions to yourself ,that is all it is..wolf Creek has real solid details and history .
You surely will lose on evidence based facts.

You are arguing over people you never met or came by yourself to see the wolf Creek Cherokee museum or Tribal center. You truly would think differently if you did.

J. Collins writes:

Okay, your point?.

First of all for it to be Defamation and Slander it has to be a false statement, which isn’t an issue here because these people are the ones providing the false statement, misleading and defrauding the public.

Further more defamation and slander laws don’t extent to groups, businesses or non-profit organizations if that was the case any bad review or negative comment could be seen as liable.

Lastly, these types of case almost never see the light of day due to the 1st ammendment protecting freedom of speech..

Gary writes:

Ok, this weekend come by the wolf Creek Cherokee museum and Tribal center and see us .

Saturday 10.am to 5.pm
No hard feelings.
Come see us in person.
You will see.

Gary writes:

Haa I know law..

J. Collins writes:

Clearly I must of struck a nerve..

I don’t have to keep my opinions to myself.. you have no power over me. And if these documents of fact existed why was Wolf Creek denied under the last bill? Oh that’s right it was full of inaccurate information and was tabled due to that.. pretty much the same thing is going on here.

I have absolutely no desire to patronize a dishonest organization. So, I must decline that invite.

Regardless, I’m not here to argue with these people, because they can never be made to understand what they are doing is wrong.. I’m here to shine a light on the vast problems with this bill. These people have systematically searched for some way to push their agenda and are constantly taking the history of others and distorting it for their own selfish desires.

If Virginia let’s this go through I will lose all respect I have for the commonwealth

Gary writes:

Ok then. You are absolutely incorrect and posting false information about Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe. Good luck with your hate and inaccurate beliefs.

Gary writes:

Unless a full apology and a retraction is posted.

My last post

J. Collins writes:

Yea, good luck with that. Scare tactics will not work on me.

I have to wonder exactly why you find me so threatening..

But we are done here I voiced my thoughts.

You sir have a nice life.. I’ll be praying for you.

Jeff writes:

I couldn't hear that guy over the banjo he was playing lol! Nobody views such nonsense threatening instead plain stupid lol! Yee haw fire it up again tell me about the good ol days when family trees only had 2 branches and them Natives knew their place lol!

Paul writes:

Wow, being denied has nothing to do with what is right. To many times history has had to amend its actions. Which is most sad is the continuation of your argument centers around the addege of blood quatums. Why are we natives in the same category as dogs and horses. We are the true born of this great country and we need to stop using colonial mindsets to separate instead of build us up. We need to use this moment to rally and support as many tribes as we make up less, LESS than 1 percent of the entire United States population. We need more tribes and more of us to stand up and stand together to be not only tribes and support the continuing of our individual cultures yet support each other as one peoples of this great land of ours!!!

Gary writes:

Well said Paul..

Truly ,some of the Tribes that lack wisdom are 100 percent placing discrimination practices against other Tribes. I would think after years of discrimination applied towards them they would have more respect. The only think I can think of is maybe they are not real Natives themselves.

We are requesting under the Freedom of information act to get all copies of all involved in this discriminant actions.

Kathryn Forbes writes:

This group has nothing whatsoever to do with any real Cherokee. The Cherokee never had permanent settlements in Virginia. They didn't hide in the hills, wander off the Trail of Tears, leave their children with white strangers, or pass as white people. A half-hour on Ancestry will show that none of the ancestors of these Wolf Creek people are on any Cherokee roll or record even though there are records back to the early 1800's. There were at least seven comprehensive rolls of Cherokee east of the Mississippi taken after Removal. The Eastern Cherokee payment of 1907, on what is commonly called the Guion Miller Roll resulted in 90,000 people claiming to be Cherokee or Cherokee descendants. When the records were checked (and re-checked) only 30,000 turned out to be Cherokee, but the applications provide an extensive list of people who claimed to be Cherokee descendants.

As a citizen of Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma), a documented Jamestown descendant, and a Virginia resident I find it difficult - even impossible - to understand how a Commonwealth with a rich, documented history, and with real documented Indian tribes and descendants living here can accept these totally unsubstantiated claims. Fake tribes aren't just inappropriate, they are a form of cultural genocide: stealing our ancestors, our history, our rituals, and our pain.

Angi writes:

There is NO CHEROKEE Nation in VA. And your stealing our name. What this fake tribe is claiming is called Cultural Apportion. We as Cherokees have never lived in VA and we never even had hunting grounds in VA. All that the state of VA is doing is slowing culture vultures to steal our heritage and our cultures. If they were truest Cherokee they would be able to claim citizenship rights in the only 3 officially Recognized Cherokee Tribes. One in North Carolina the EBCI, the UKB in Oklahoma and the One and ONLY Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. You have no rights to claim our heritage and our names. VA needs to do better research into the real history of the Cherokees. If they only would contact one of the Offical and only 3 of the Recognized Cherokee Tribes to find out exactly that history they would know. That we were never in VA and there claims are nothing but false claims of Our Cherokee Heritage. And do not claim the Name of Cherokee nation Thats not your name. No real tribe will charge you a membership fee for a fake membership card. We do not charge our citizens for citizenship..... Disgruntled Cherokee Nation Citizen by blood.

Kurt West writes:

I am a Cherokee Nation Citizen, a documented descendant of Nancy Ward,Beloved Woman.I am a relation to Sir Thomas De La Warr West, a Governor of Virginia and many others from the line that served as Governor. I have done research for over 25 years and have never found any evidence of anyone coming from a Cherokee tribe in Virginia. As has been stated the very Western tip of Virginia was used as a hunting ground not a place where they lived. These people who are applying should also submit their lineage that should be verified by a licensed genealogist. I would also suggest that the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians be consulted and listened to. Of the many organizations that have been mentioned that support this group none are qualified as being knowledgeable or qualified to make that decision. Being Native American is one thing being Cherokee is another and especially from an area that the Cherokee never inhabited.......

Kathy White writes:

I will tell you what the Wolf Creek Cherokee are. Galonuhedv unegv tsalagi anilasdalv.....